Coronavirus, Hans Kristian Gaarder | One of Norway’s foremost conspiracy theorists tested positive for corona after his death – many are said to have attended his last event at Hadeland

Hans Kristian Gaarder (60), the man behind, a forum for conspiracy theories, is, as far as the newspapers AO and Oppland Arbeiderblad know, dead.

Oppland Arbeiderblad and Avisa Oslo know that a positive covid-19 test has been taken after his death.

Gaarder died on Tuesday in his home. He probably had symptoms of covid-19 for seven to ten days without seeking medical attention.

The 60-year-old died after a major event in the barn at his home, where many from Oslo participated. On Friday, the police will probably start investigating the event, with a view to uncovering whether there has been a breach of the infection control rules.

Tests unexpected deaths

The reason why a coronal test was taken is that it is done in all unexpected deaths during the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Gran Municipality posted this message on its website:

“On Tuesday, we were also notified of a covid-19 death. A man in his 60s, living in Gran, has died after being ill with coronavirus. He was not tested for coronavirus before he died, but it has been confirmed afterwards that he was infected with the virus. “

– This was a sad message to receive and our thoughts now go to the relatives. We are again reminded of how dangerous the virus can be and how important it is that we endure the strict measures for a while longer, municipal chief physician Are Løken is quoted in the press release.

It has been a great challenge for the infection control teams at Hadeland to find out who participated in the event. The reason is that very many, both close contacts and participants in the events, have been reluctant to cooperate with the authorities on infection detection.

The infection is spreading in several municipalities on Hadeland, and the flourishing is put in connection with the events at the 60-year-old’s home.

– The tracking work is demanding, especially in neighboring municipalities, says municipal chief physician Are Løken in Gran to the newspaper Hadeland.

Suspect he was taken by day

Supporters of the man in his 60s are diligently debating on social media what other than covid-19 may have caused his death.

Some of them point out that he was healthy as a fish before and during the event. Others claim he died of pneumonia. Still others suspect that he was simply taken by surprise.

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– Who will be the next? It is really sad that this is happening with so many awake and enlightened people, one of the man’s followers announced on Twitter on Thursday.

Compared to a cold

Gaarder himself has repeatedly claimed that the corona pandemic is fake.

On March 18, he posted this Twitter message:

– What could be the reason for the massive measures to prevent something that will be like a cold or mild flu?

On November 11, he published this tweet:

The good news is that the risk of being affected by a dangerous disease on “flat ground” (without PCR testing or vaccine in one form or another is included in the picture) is practically zero.

Facebook photos of the gathering

Another well-known conspiracy theorist, who gave a lecture during an event at his home, will have investigated whether radiation from the 5G network is the cause of his death.

– What one should now investigate is 5G networks and radiation in areas with high infection pressure, as there are studies that show correlation now globally, he claimed on his Facebook account on Thursday night.

On the one-year anniversary of the shutdown, Gaarder gave a lecture at his home.

In advance, he announced that the lecture and seminar was about the Norwegian authorities’ alleged corona lies and abuse of power.

On the Facebook page, there are also photos from previous gatherings at the man’s home, where the participants with a smile can be photographed side by side down a long table.

– Challenge to get the correct information

The municipal chief and the infection tracking team in Gran believe there has been at least one event with the now deceased man before the weekend. There may have been a meeting on both Friday 26 March and Saturday 27 March. But you are not sure.

– It is a challenge that it is difficult to get correct information from close contacts. In part, the facts we have later verified are concealed, says Løken to the newspaper Hadeland.

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Løken encourages the participants to test themselves.

– Yes, they should definitely test themselves. We do not know who they are. There are probably visitors from other parts of Eastern Norway.

As far as AO and Oppland Arbeiderblad know, pictures have been taken of all the cars parked by the barn. The registration numbers will be useful in the work of finding out who participated in the event.

Significant symptoms

The municipal chief informs Hadeland that the man must have had symptoms for a longer period.

– How long is it likely that he has been infected?

– He has probably been infected or been infected for seven to ten days. He must have had significant symptoms the week before the death, says Løken.

Municipal chief physician Løken tells the newspaper that Gran municipality will report the event to the police, but that they have not submitted the report yet.

Link to Jevnaker

The municipal chief physician in Jevnaker, Marthe Bergli, participates in the infection tracing work together with Gran.

– We believe that infection in four people is linked to the case in Gran. At first we thought it was another route of transmission, says Bergli to Ringerikes Blad.

According to the newspapers AO and Oppland Arbeiderblad, work is now underway to map whether an outbreak of infection at a nursing home in the region can be traced back to the event in the weekend before Easter.

Infection tracing work is rarely demanding:

– One thing is not to help us. Another thing is when people lie about the course of events, says Bergli.

– In what way do you think you have been seduced in the infection tracking work?

– We do not get information about who has been close contacts with whom, and in retrospect it turns out that we have received information that does not match. This means that we are unable to identify other close contacts, and risk uncontrolled wild infection, says Bergli.

She says that in this context it is related to people who deny that corona exists.

– On one level, I liked Gaarder

– He was involved in founding what for several years was by far the most important platform for conspiracy theories in Norway. He probably got it out to a much larger audience than before. He became a gathering point, says John Færseth to Avisa Oslo.

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He emphasizes that he is only aware of Gaarder’s death through AO and similar messages on social media on Thursday night.

He has for several years followed the conspiracy circles in Norway closely, and has published the book KonspiraNorge.

Nyhetsspeilet was founded in 2008, and Gaarder was involved from the very beginning.

Færseth adds that Nyhetsspeilet also had a dark side with a lot of gross anti-Semitism, even though Gaarder was not himself anti-Semitic or expressed such attitudes.

– I met him a few times, and on one level I liked Hans Gaarder. He seemed like a man who sincerely believed in the things he claimed, and was not concerned with money and fame. It was completely wild things, like that the Vatican was ruled by Satanists and that the US Air Force cooperated with extraterrestrial beings, says Færseth.

He describes it as tragic that a vaccine opponent who did not believe in corona, and believed that it was a conspiracy between the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry, has died of corona.

– According to local newspapers I have read, the recent event Gaarder may have been a source of infection that is extra difficult to trace because you do not get hold of those who were there.

Red politician responds

Red politician Eivor Evenrud, who sits on the city council in Oslo, and who was the party’s mayoral candidate in the last municipal election, sent out a Twitter message on Thursday night, where she writes, among other things:

– The man (60) who arranged is now dead with proven covid-19. Sad and tragic to die in a battle against something that is a characteristic enemy image. Others who participated in the “party” now refuse to provide close contacts. It makes me furious.

When AO contacted her late Thursday night, she was not available for comment.


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