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five cars in which the value for money gets honors



With a few years and kilometers apart, a used car can offer all kinds of extras for a price similar to a new one with basic equipment. Advantages even more noticeable in the high range.

When choosing a second-hand car, it is important to choose well the place where you are going to buy. That offers guarantees and reliability.

A specialized dealer is undoubtedly one of the best options. In this sense, Dursan Automotive, with more than 15 years in the market, we will know the doors and select for review five of his “fantastic cars” as exclusive within its wide range for all budgets and needs.


  1. BMW 550

    An appreciated and very exclusive vehicle, since BMW no longer manufactures it and can only be found in the used market. To stand out among all the extras that it includes, which has M Package: the BMW Sports finish in suspension, steering and engine. It also has permanent four-wheel drive as it is XDrive and sport change with steering wheel cams. Without a doubt, one of the best choices as far as BMW is concerned.

  2. Maybach

    Has it all. If it’s exclusive, this is the car. You can only find three in Spain and on occasion you can buy it for half of what a new one would cost. Among its many values, highlight its special finish, typical of the Mercedes S-Class, as well as the outstanding 4MAtic option (4-wheel drive).

    As a curiosity, its rear space can resemble that of traveling in Business in the best airline. A whole show.

  3. Lexus RX450

    We could not stop including the booming hybrids. In addition, this model that is difficult to find, has ‘head up display’, seven seats and with very few kilometers, is an excellent option.

  4. Range Rover Autobiography

    Exclusive proposal of the Land Rover brand, with an exceptional interior finish in luxury dark red leather. Part of the distinctive signs of a steering car, with 8-cylinder engine and 340 hp. In addition, it has features such as 4-wheel drive, and the Sport package. A great opportunity.

  5. Porsche Macan

    No more than 10 years in the market for this reference of the mythical brand, in Diesel version (the new models no longer make diesel). The sunroof, the parking sensors, the navigator and the traction control are just some of the features of this vehicle that also has a deductible VAT.

    All this deployment is part of Dursan’s way of working: more than 400 cars available in own stock, dealerships with own workshops, quality assurance, financing facilities from the dealership itself and old vehicle, if desired, as part of the payment . All this with specialized advisors for every need … The best route to the right success.


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