Leones Negros will analyze continuing in the Expansion League after losing at TAS

Fall before the Mexican Soccer Federation at Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) It was a sharp blow to the head of the aspirations of the Black Lions for returning to the First Division. Now without the possibility of ascending and sentenced to the Expansion League, its president, Alberto Castellanos, accepted that they will assess and analyze whether or not it is convenient for them to continue with the sports project.

“It is an issue that does have to be evaluated internally, for us the reason for being in this category is because we have the opportunity to aspire to be in the Maximum Circuit, we believe that this team has all the attributes and conditions to be , we are going to continue fighting for it. But it is an issue, stay 6 years in this category, an Expansion League seems to me that it would be very complicated for us as an institution “, said the leader of the Black Lions, who together with Venados and Correcaminos must pay a million pesos for the costs of the litigation before the TAS.

“You could only assume it as a formative topic and taking advantage of the support that will be Mexican Soccer Federation, but really as an attraction for the fans of the university who always want to see this team return to the First Division, it will be a topic to ponder and it is a subject that will be discussed within the University of Guadalajara“.

The UdeG He was one of the teams that was looking for sports promotion in this 2020, but the decision of the leaders of the MX League changed their plans.

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“The fight we have given is because We cannot conceive of a Mexican League without a competition system where those who do the worst are not punished and those who do better are not rewarded, I will continue to fight it (promotion and demotion) in the instances that I can so that this can be reversed as soon as possible, even though the ruling says it is six years, but there has also been talk of a three-year period. Hopefully they will be convinced that to strengthen the quality of the show, there must be promotion and relegation ”, he mentioned.

Expansion League has lower level than Promotion

For Alberto Castellanos, the new Expansion League It started very irregular and with a lower level than the extinct Ascenso MX, although in Guard1anes 2020 the Lions are one of four teams that did not qualify for the Repechage.

“The truth is that it has had its pros and cons, on the one hand many young people have appeared that they could become important players for Mexican soccer, that maybe they didn’t have that possibility, but on the other hand it is evident that the League has lost spotlightsWe have lost important players for this League and we need to generate new figures ”, he accepted.

The level does not seem to me yet that it is the one we had in the Promotion League and that is finally not just my appreciation, the quality suddenly there are sparks, but still does not find a regularity “.

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