without cars but with confusion

The low level of traffic in Calzada de Tlalpan allows Don Jesús to take a tab, since, he says, “I don’t even see people walking. It’s already 11:00 and I haven’t even sold a magazine, much less a newspaper. There they are, I’m not lying to you, ”he answers when asked if vehicular traffic has been like this all morning, before the new laws come into force. mobility restrictions that the governments of the capital of the country and the State of Mexico ordered.

What was experienced early on Calzada de Tlalpan was replicated in several primary roads of the City, after the program Today does not circulate evenly applies to all cars, regardless of whether the hologram is 0 or 00, which circulated daily until Wednesday.

Yesterday, the head of the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi), Andrés Lajous Loaeza, said that with the new provisions there were not around 860 thousand motor vehicles, which represent a fifth of the vehicle fleet in Mexico City.

However, the measure did not sit well with motorists, who questioned that if the idea is to reduce infections, forcing them to travel by public transport may be counterproductive, since there are more people there; just as it happened at the Garibaldi station, on Line 8 of the Metro, where people did not respect the healthy distance. They all crowded to enter or exit.

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“In the seasons people will accumulate twice as much. In addition, first they say that the mask is mandatory, one arrives at Meter and you ask the police why they don’t bring the masks and they answer that is not mandatory. It is total confusion! ”Don Silverio complains.

In total 39 stations do not operate Collective Transportation System Metro and they say they are part of 20% that did not provide the service, so people, annoyed, assured that they had to spend more on their trips, on average of 10 additional pesos.

At Metrobus or Light Rail There were people who saw with surprise the passing of the units without stopping, did not know about the new provisions and were forced to walk in annoyance.

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In the Mexican entity, in the municipalities of Toluca, Metepec and Zinacantepec, motorists, passengers and drivers ignored the restrictions.

Despite the fact that the agreement published by the Ministry of Mobility entered into force, where it stipulates that the use of mouthguards is mandatory for operators of the public passenger transport service, as well as the general public, almost nobody paid attention.

In the eastern area, Mexibus and Mexicable users, since yesterday, to those who do not use personal mouthguards from the operating companies, have been given one.

Alejandro Saldívar, president of the Board of Directors of Transmasivo, concessionaire of Line 1 that runs from Ciudad Azteca to Ojo de Agua, explained that they bought 100,000 mouthguards, with an investment of 750,000 pesos.

*** With information from Héctor Cruz, Salvador Corona, Eduardo Hernández, Kevin Ruiz and Claudia González


Do you have any medical specialty? Join the team serving Covid-19 at CDMX


The Government of Mexico City reiterated the invitation for specialist doctors and nurses join the team that serves the patients in the Covid-19 Health Emergency.

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Through the Ministry of Health the call was issued to:

  • Doctors and General Practitioners
  • Doctors and Medical Specialists in: Critical Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonology, Cardiology or Emergencies
  • Graduates and Graduates in Nursing (Critical Medicine in adults, pediatrics and neonates
  • Nursing Technicians and Technicians

The specialists will be incorporated by contract of up to three months to the Health services of Mexico City. The registration is online (https://sectei.cdmx.gob.mx/salud) and started on April 13, while the notification of results began on April 17.

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The personnel that joined will receive remuneration from the higher education institution where they work and will also receive remuneration according to the tabulation of the local Secretariat of Administration and Finance, as well as a stimulus and recognition of their performance.

It should be remembered that next Monday the Temporary Care Unit Covid-19 will be enabled in the Citibanamex Center, which requires the work of hundreds of specialists who will attend to convalescent patients and intermediate therapy.

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Discriminatory and illegal, Critical Medicine Resource Allocation Bioethics Guide: CNDH

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) described the Bioethical Guide for the Allocation of Critical Medicine Resources, prepared by members of the General Health Council, as discriminatory and illegal. covid-19.

“Although it is a draft document, as far as it has been said, it has many possibilities of being implemented due to the size of the demand that the pandemic will impose on our health services,” the agency stressed.

The text, he added, “justifies that the Mexican State does not guarantee effective access to health goods to all patients with covid-19, in this case to critical medicine resources.”

Bioethics Guide, which prioritizes young people over older adults, “is a project”

In a pronouncement, the CNDH considered that the established criteria are discriminatory towards older people, “and places them at a disadvantage in access to critical medicine resources, which violates their right to health, life and personal integrity “

“It is delicate” that the Guide did not consider the creation of an ethics committee that allows medical teams to “make decisions that involve human lives”, and that the criteria for “the triage team should be applied ‘ideally’, which does not guarantees the appropriate decision in the respect and guarantee of the human rights of the patients with Covid-19 ”, he added.

From a constitutional point of view, the CNDH classified the Guide as “illegal” by invading the jurisdiction of the Judicial Power of the Federation, “by establishing that in the terms of article 128 of the Law of Amparo, Regulatory of Articles 103 and 107 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, in the event that suspensions are requested by way of amparo regarding the decisions made in accordance with the Guide, they must be denied. ”

In this sense, he insisted that “the autonomy of the judges and magistrates is violated, who are the ones who have to study the matter, and decide on the granting of amparo, based on the constitutional block of human rights.”

However, the agency recognized that the Guide “is not binding, as it is a series of recommendations for workers in the health sector, and until now it has not been endorsed by all members of the General Health Council, so we are still in time to avoid its obligation and, therefore, its effects. ”

Likewise, he reiterated his concern “for the respect of the right to health of older people, which may be violated by following the proposal contained in the Bioethical Guide to Allocation of Critical Medicine Resources”, for which he urged the Council of General Health to attend to your observations.

In case of saturation, hospitals will give priority to young people over older adults

“The CNDH emphasizes the need for attention to the rights of older people in Mexico, who enjoy the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as other people, and that these rights, including the right not to be subjected to discrimination based on age or to any type of violence, they demand the dignity and equality, inherent to every human being ”, he pointed out.

Finally, he took advantage of the context to ask President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to sign and ratify the Inter-American Convention on the Protection of Human Rights of Older Persons, adopted on June 15, 2015 by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS ), which seeks to “promote, protect and ensure the recognition and full enjoyment and exercise under equal conditions of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of the elderly, in order to contribute to their full inclusion, integration and participation in society “



They are already preparing for the worst case scenario in eight states

With purchases of thousands of body bags, support for funeral expenses, opening of new crematoriums, expansion of cemeteries and even the excavation of a mass grave, at least eight states are ready for a catastrophic scenario due to the covid-19 crisis.

Baja California Sur, Mexico City, Durango, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and Veracruz have thus responded to the increase in deaths and infections.

In La Paz, BCS, the director of Panteones, Carmen Benítez, reported that a new crematorium will be opened and they are waiting for an oven – which they have just bought – to arrive next week.

Within days of entering the most critical stage, according to the estimation of the Ministry of Health, CdMx will publish in the official Gazette an aid protocol for funeral expenses, cremation and use of cemeteries.

The capital’s Ministry of Inclusion and Social Welfare reported that all that remains is to formalize collaboration agreements with funeral companies to provide the service.

In Durango, body bags have already been purchased, confirmed the state Secretary of Health, Sergio González, and commented that they already have a stock of ready-to-use material, “but hopefully it doesn’t come to that. You have to think about solving the issue. ”

The Official Branch of the Hidalgo government published the day before yesterday in its Official newspaper the call for public bidding for the acquisition of 1,760 bags for adult and children’s corpses.

These are 950 bags for adult bodies, made with odorant stabilizing plasticizing polyvinyl chloride resin, and 810 children’s bags with the same characteristics, in addition to another 42 biodegradable ones destined for hazardous waste and the same amount for infectious solid-biological waste from low density.

Another city council that is already preparing for the possibility of massive deaths from the pandemic is Querétaro, whose local Ministry of Public Services reported that it will make crypts available for victims of covid-19.

Once the council authorizes it, a thousand 24 places will be put up for sale that were built in the Cimatario Pantheon between November and December, as part of the maintenance work and expansion of spaces on the premises.

The authorities of Culiacán, Sinaloa, are looking for a land with at least a thousand spaces for those killed by the virus.

In Matamoros, Tamaulipas, a mass grave is enlisted to temporarily deposit corpses, in case the deaths from the coronavirus soar.

This week the excavation and preparation of graves began in the municipal pantheon of Santa Cruz, on the Matamoros-Reynosa highway.

The mayor of Xalapa, Veracruz, Hipólito Rodríguez, said that they are working on the expansion of cemeteries in case more spaces are required, as happens in the Bosques del Recuerdo pantheon. In addition, the Oaxaca government acquired 200 airtight bags for the victims for covid-19.



Over the next few days, the Secretaries of Health and the Interior will publish the criteria for the management of corpses and cremation will have to be eliminated during the health emergency in view of the reality of enforced disappearances that exist in Mexico.

The undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, assured that from the beginning of the talks the impossibility of applying cremation was identified, since there is a provision in the General Law of Victims that prevents it.

“It is inadmissible to consider cremation despite the fact that it is recommended in health terms, but it does not substantially affect the removal of this requirement in terms of protection against contagion,” he said.

He explained that the provisions establish that at all times there must be the possibility of searching for and identifying the disappeared; therefore, this guideline will be eliminated, despite the fact that it was contemplated in phase 1 and 2.

With information from: Margarita Rojas, Jorge Almazán, Leonardo Lugo, Édgar Rodríguez, Gilberto Lastra, Óscar Rodríguez, Jocelyn Estrada, Alejandro Reyes, Fanny Martínez, Estrella Álvarez, Salvador Arellano, Carolina Garza and Isabel Zamudio.


Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in CDMX exceed 1,300

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in CDMX exceed 1,300

Cut to April 12 of Covid-19 in Mexico City.


The Government of Mexico City reported that this April 12th the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the capital add thousand 328. Besides 56 people have died because of the virus.

In the cut this Sunday, shared through social networks, it was detailed that there are 1,332 suspected cases of the new coronavirus, while four 1,160 cases have been discarded.

Regarding the care that doctors have provided through the telephone service of Locatel as well as 51515 instant messaging, 256 thousand 167 people have been attended.

Of that total, 186 thousand 583 have completed the questionnaire from the implementation of the service to date. Suspicious cases already number 2,152.

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It was detailed that 260 people have been channeled to 911 and eight more have required transfer.

Finally, it was indicated that the local government has delivered two One thousand 816 medical kits.

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CDMX, the first entity in Mexico to exceed the thousand cases of Covid-19

The Mexico City It is the first entity in the Republic to exceed 1,000 positive cases of Covid-19 with one thousand 40 registered to this day.

With this number, an increase of 131 cases in 24 hours is reported, since 909 confirmed cases were reported yesterday.

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According to the report of the federal Secretary of Health, the Mexico City represents the 27% of the 3 thousand 844 positive cases registered in the country.
There is also a record of 2,188 suspected cases and 46 deaths.

Regarding the SMS 51515 service, the Government of the Mexico City reported that the number of users attended until yesterday was: 239 thousand 216; completed questionnaires 180 thousand 160; thousand 961 suspected cases; channeled to 911 were 250; six transferred and 2,613 kits delivered.


La Viga Fish and Seafood Market Closed for Covid-19


Due to health contingency, there is no more passage, gentlemen … there is no longer passage due to health contingency, ”was heard on the speakers.

Despite the health emergency in Mexico City due to Covid-19, hundreds of people from the capital went to the traditional market of La Viga this Holy Thursday morning to buy fish and shellfish in this major week.

The Ministry of Citizen Security reports: we are on health alert so citizens are invited to withdraw from the streets, “the audio sounded in the SSC patrols.

At the time that the authorities closed this area, at least in the place there would be 1,500 people, who did not respect the healthy distance, most did not carry mouth covers or clean their hands with antibacterial gel as established by the health rules.

There is a health contingency and obviously what we are avoiding are concentrations on public roads. The fact that we are here is to invite citizens to go home, to stay at home, so right now we are closing the entrances to prevent people from continuing to buy, “said Paola Aceves , of Civil Protection of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

Transit personnel from the SSC made cuts to the traffic from Fray Servando and Calzada de la Viga, Fray Servando y Circunvalación Ring and Calzada de la Viga and Lorenzo Bouturini.

The prepared food area was cordoned off with yellow ribbons with the legend “no passage”. In addition, it was guarded by personnel from the Health Protection Agency, while in the fresh fish market it closed its doors to control access and only groups of 10 to 10 people were allowed to pass through.

All the people come as a family to do their shopping, right now the operation has arrived and he wants us to retire as well as by magic. People are going to withdraw little by little and those of us who are selling are going to pick it up, this merchandise there are things that are sewn that heat up and we can burn ourselves if we don’t die from the famous virus someone is going to crash due to fear for running under pressure from the authorities, ”said José Santiago, one of the vendors.

And while the stalls are being uninstalled, around the perimeter of the La Viga Fish Market, merchants wonder what they will do now with all the merchandise they bought for the season, the most important of Lent.

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Identify 10 companies that laid off 12 thousand employees in CDMX


The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that they have identified 10 companies that laid off 12 thousand workers before the health emergency, and that they could take action against them, because it assures that a large part of its wealth has been obtained from Mexico City.

The layoffs were made before the formal declaration of the contingency, health emergency, that is, the companies speculated and cut their staff and left the job unemployed before the emergency, “said the head of government.

There are large companies that cut all the workers from one day to the next. Other businesses had 3,000 employees and kept 1,000.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion, Soledad Aragón Martínez, will require said companies to find out the causes of the payroll cut and, in case it is confirmed that it was due to the health emergency, they will be sanctioned and the names and names will be announced. .

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He also urged Jesús Padilla, leader of the Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Mexico City, to call on large companies not to fire the labor base.

I don’t want to fight either with Coparmex or with any businessman. What seems very unfair to me is that large companies that have a lot of economic resources have laid off workers in the first weeks of March, rather the president of Coparmex and all the chambers should be creating the conditions for this not to happen, “he said. .

He mentioned that they are looking for a scheme with the business chambers to support micro, small and medium-sized companies that comply with the exhortation not to fire the labor base, however there is still no definition in this regard.

He also noted that Around 388 policemen from the Ministry of Citizen Security were returned to their homes for having pre-existing and chronic-degenerative diseases, which makes them vulnerable to Covid-19.

In his opportunity, the Secretary of Health, Oliva López Arellano, mentioned that the use and installation of sanitation tunnels is inappropriate, since this can lead to a greater spread of infections. Given this, he calculated that by May 25 the most critical point of hospitalizations in intensive care could be reached.

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In addition, it was indicated that the face masks be used on streets and public transport. The mouth masks made by inmates of prisons could be freely distributed to the population.

Finally, Sheinbaum Pardo warned that the Photocivicas will continue to record high car speeds and fines will be collected in due course.

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Public transport users in CDMX must use cloth mouth covers

The Government of the Mexico City (CDMX) reported that as part of the strengthening of prevention measures in the face of the new coronavirus deployed in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico, users of the public transport in the capital they must carry fabric mouthpiece.

Oliva López, Secretary of Health of the CDMX, commented at a press conference:

The recommendation in the city will be the use of non-surgical, non-medical, but fabric cloths for public transport. “

Meanwhile, the head of government of the CDMX ruled out sanctions for those who do not follow this recommendation of the fabric mouthpiece; He stated that they will guarantee their availability in order to avoid further contagion from coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae). In his speech, he stated:

For now, it is a recommendation. We are working with the Ministry of Economic Development so that (the cloth mouth covers) can be available anywhere and see if we can make a first donation; We are working on it”.

Information campaign

According to the local Ministry of Health, this Thursday will begin in CDMX an information campaign to publicize how the fabric mouthpiece in public transport: “We will place informative capsules on the hygienic management of mouthguards”:

Because if they are not handled correctly, they can become sources of infection. It is important that they be made of cloth and washed; do not touch the part of the fabric but only the springs. After using it at home, public transportation, it should be thrown away or put in a bag. “

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Help us find Katia Michelle, disappeared in GAM


The Attorney General of Mexico City activated this Wednesday the Amber Alert to find the whereabouts of 16-year-old Katia Michelle Serrano Chávez disappeared in the Mayor of Gustavo A. Madero on April 6.

An urgent bulletin indicates that the minor was last seen in the Andador Miguel Tovar Mariscal street, CTM Atzacoalco colony, from which time his whereabouts are unknown.

How particular signs Katia Michelle was indicated to have a ring hole on the right side of the nose, two scars on the left side and a surgical scar on the left ear to facilitate its location.

The day of his disappearance wore Rebook brand black sports jacket, black pants and white sneakers.

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