The US aid package could be late

Denver, New York, Washington Miranda Miller is one of the early victims of the corona crisis. Her job as a waitress in a brewery near Denver was immediately gone when the restaurants had to close. “I am still totally shocked,” says Miller, who is now looking for bargains in the Costco wholesale trade and is […]

Coronavirus: Estefan Enterprises guarantees its employees work through CVS Health

March 25, 2020 – 18:03 “We have all been faced with making very difficult and unfathomable decisions as we move through this crisis. Gloria and I are doing everything we can to find opportunities for our employees and we are very grateful to CVS Health for partnering with our companies,” said Emilio Stephanie MIAMI.-As the […]

Chaos, inconsistency Marks the launch of the Drive-thru Virus – NBC Los Angeles test

Drive-thru sites have been opened in the United States to make testing the new coronavirus faster and safer. But just like the rest of the United States’ response to the pandemic, the system has been characterized by inconsistencies, delays and shortcomings. Many people who have symptoms and a doctor’s order have waited hours or days […]

With public private partnership against the corona virus

Donald Trump The president announces a national emergency in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo: AP) new York The US President proclaims the national emergency and does it in a very American way: In order to present the billion-dollar aid and protective measures, he doesn’t just let the Coronavirus task force in front of […]

Italians produce protective masks 24 hours a day

Rome “FFP3” is in short supply in Italy. The protective mask, which filters 98 percent of the air we breathe and is certified with a European standard, has hardly been found since the outbreak of the corona virus. Not even the “FFP2” model, which filters 92 percent of the air we breathe, as the association […]

Dow Jones loses more than 1,000 points

new York The growing number of corona cases outside of China has also prompted US investors to withdraw from the stock market on a large scale. The Dow Jones Index of Standard Values ‚Äč‚Äčtemporarily lost more than 1000 points on Monday. An increase in corona diseases has been reported, particularly from Italy, South Korea and […]