Here live those who dent the car most often

The road standard varies a lot. The car fleet can do the same. But did you think there is a big difference in how often we dent, based on where in the country we live?

That’s it actually. Southerners, for example, dents twice as often as northerners.

Two out of three of those who live in Agder, Telemark and Vestfold, say that they have dented their car. In northern Norway, only three out of ten say the same thing. It shows a survey Norstat has conducted for Frende Forsikring.

Costs a lot of money

In 2019, collisions with passenger cars in Norway cost as much as NOK 8.1 billion.

– One-off accidents are at the top and cost more than two billion for Norwegian insurance companies. We also see that rear-end collisions, collisions with parked cars and back injuries are high on the list and cost a lot of money, says Roger Ytre Hauge who is specialist manager of engines in Frende Forsikring

The insurance players in Norway received more than 400,000 claims on passenger cars in the country last year. The figures are taken from Finans Norge.

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– Put away your mobile

The head of Frende believes that many of these accidents could have been avoided with simple measures. Here are his top tips:

Calm down and breathe with your stomach.

Take care before you act in traffic, do not drive on the routine.

Do not get angry or stressed if you are late or you encounter an unforeseen queue.

When driving, just drive.

– Put away your mobile! The last point can not be emphasized enough by Ytre Hauge.

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Cause of fatalities

– Accidents are often caused by inattention, and all too often because the driver fiddles with his mobile phone or radio. It must be put away! If you have to do something, drive right to the side and stop completely, he says, in a press release.

UP manager Steven Hasseldal also believes that a lot is up to the drivers here:

– Bulk injuries we see most often when people are stressed. Try to stress down and do things away well in advance. Distraction related to a mobile phone or other equipment is believed to have been a contributing cause of 12 fatal accidents in 2018. Unfortunately, many people use the phone while driving, says the UP manager.

So many have dented in different parts of the country

  • Agder, Telemark and Vestfold (Sørlandet): 64 percent
  • Vestland and Rogaland (Vestlandet): 56 percent
  • Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal (Central Norway): 53 percent
  • Oslo: 45 percent
  • Inland and the bay (Eastern Norway): 45 percent
  • Nordland, Troms and Finnmark (Northern Norway): 30 percent

Source: Frende Forsikring

Stress and bulking

In the survey, Norstat also asked Norwegians if they were stressed or angry behind the wheel to see if there was any connection between stress and bulking.

– The result shows that southerners admittedly dig more behind the wheel than northerners, but it is more stressful both in Western Norway, in Central Norway, in Oslo and in Eastern Norway in general than in the far south. So there are other factors in addition that make it explode more often in the south, says Ytre Hauge.

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Hold on – now the Porsche Taycan is even faster

Porsche thundered into the electric car market with its Taycan towards the end of 2019. In Norway, more than 3,000 customers reserved the car – and now the deliveries are well underway.

Thanks to exemption from taxes and VAT, and that Taycan can also be described as relatively practical, it will ensure a huge sales growth for Porsche here at home.

But already from the 2021 model, there will be a fairly extensive sandwich list with upgrades.

It not only gets faster, which is sensational enough in itself – but also gets more equipment. Among other things, one thing we know many have wanted.

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But let’s just as well speed up first. Porsche customers are a little above average about acceleration and tenths of a second. And here they get some new and lower numbers to enjoy.

With the 2021 version of the Taycan Turbo S, 0-200 km / h is processed in just 9.6 seconds – 0.2 seconds faster than the current model. The quarter mile, which is an important distance in the USA, is delivered in 10.7 seconds. 0.1 second better than before.

Not so important, you might think? No, it must be so. But it is now the case that these figures say something about what capacity the car offers.

Test by Taycan: – I look in the mirror and think: What every day !?

(The case continues below)

Taycan will be a common sight on Norwegian roads, when all customers get their cars.

Finally it gets …

More useful in everyday life, however, is that the 2021 model gets a head up display. We know this should come at a later date, but that it would happen so quickly is good news.

Porsche goes for a color display that is three-part, with one main field, and two smaller fields.

In a car that offers the performance Taycan does, it is smart to have equipment that helps you keep your eyes on the road as much as possible.

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Smart air suspension

With a stronger on-board charger, charging is also twice as fast. The new one is 22 kW, while the current one is 11 kW. This halves the charging time when using a standard electrical outlet.

If you use Porsche’s Ionity fast chargers, you will be able to charge without using a card or app. Charging starts automatically when the cable is connected to the car, and charges the car owner’s account.

The air suspension offers what is called a “Smartlift”, which means that the car can automatically rise in given situations, such as speed bumps and entry and exit of parking garages. This system will also adapt to driving on the motorway.

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(The case continues below)

Those who have already received their car can be happy that new services will be available wirelessly.  These can be both bought and rented.

Those who have already received their car can be happy that new services will be available wirelessly. These can be both bought and rented.

Wireless updates

Porsche will also offer several new services that can be downloaded wirelessly, which car owners can either buy or subscribe to over shorter periods. It can be Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PRIM), Power Steering Plus (PSP), active file holder or Porsche InnoDrive.

In the well-known Porsche style, it is also emphasized that Taycan’s launch control, which ensures the absolute fastest acceleration, can be used without worrying about the car being damaged by it.

Maybe just missing, do you think? Well, here it is common for the manufacturer to warn against doing this exercise too often, because there is such a large load on the engine, gearbox and the car in general.

Porsche, on the other hand, promises that you can do as much as you want in Taycan, without compromising the car’s reliability.

Finally, we include seven new color choices – and a new Carbon Sport design package.

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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo: The dream electric car is postponed – still not coming this year

Porsche’s first electric car, the Taycan, is a great success in Norway. More than 3,000 Norwegian customers had paid a deposit of NOK 20,000, well before the car was in the country. Now Porsche is well on its way to delivering cars, and Taycan has become a common sight on our roads.

This is the car that will give Porsche a historic sales record in Norway this year. For the first time, they are among the 20 best-selling car brands in this country.

According to the plan, Porsche was to follow it up fairly quickly with a larger and more practical version, called Cross Turismo.

Delays launch

In practice, this is the station wagon version of the Taycan. In this sense, a very attractive car for the Norwegian market. Where Taycan focuses on the sporty (and not in place), Cross Turismo is larger and more elevated.

Porsche has previously announced that the car would arrive this autumn. But now it is clear that it is exposed.

Porsche boss Oliver Blume now confirms that they will delay the launch of Cross Turismo. The reason is, among other things, that Taycan sells so well that they want to have full focus on it a little more. How long it will take for Cross Turismo to be here, Blume will not say anything concrete about, only that it will come “early in 2021”.

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Discovered it in Rygge

By the way, Taycan Cross Turismo has already been to Norway. Earlier this year, we in Broom received several cars from it, from readers who came across the car out on test. One of them was Mats-André Buraas.

He discovered a prototype of Taycan Cross Turismo on test, in Rygge.

– I drive a Tesla Model 3 myself, and supercharged my car on Rygge. Then I discovered both the Taycan and a new station wagon version. It was just as cool as I was hoping for. It looked like a slightly shorter version of the Panamera Sport Turismo. The car was elegant to look at, with nice lines. On the inside, I only managed to see that most of it was covered, Mats said at the time.

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Top speed: 312 km / h

According to Porsche, the top version of the Taycan Cross Turismo will reach 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, while the top speed will be achieved at 312 km / h. There are really respectable performances in a “practical” electric car.

The charging capacity will be the same as in Taycan. That is, the car supports 800 volts and a power of 350 kW.

Production will take place at Porsche’s new CO2-neutral factory in Zuffenhausen, where 1,200 people are employed. With the new Cross Turismo, another 300 new employees are expected.

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Crushes the competitors – can give a big boost in Norway

Suzuki has long and good traditions in Norway, but in recent years sales have far from been at their peak.

Now, however, comes a new and long-awaited model, which can really speed things up again. Across is the name of the newcomer, who had his world premiere in Norway this week.

The car is a rechargeable SUV – and is virtually identical to the new Toyota RAV4 plug in hybrid. Only the front and the logos distinguish them, otherwise everything else is the same.

Important collaboration

The reason is a collaboration between the two brands, which have ownership interests in each other. For Toyota, it is, among other things, about gaining better access to the Indian market.

Here, Suzuki is strong, with a market share of almost 50 percent. At the same time, the Indian market is growing strongly, and is about to become the third largest car market in the world.

For Suzuki’s part, the new Across will be very important for the European market. Not to mention here in Norway. We are talking about a rechargeable SUV, with class-leading electric range, 4×4 and not least a good equipment package.

The Norwegian Suzuki importer therefore has high expectations of the newcomer. The goal is to sell at least 800 cars this year.

Sales are already underway, and the first customers will receive their car next week.

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Here are some of the first copies in place outside the Ekeberg restaurant in Oslo. It was only possible to drive a little over an hour, so Broom will return with a full test of the car a little later this autumn.

Solid range

Across is thus completely identical to the RAV4 plug in hybrid, this also applies to the driveline.

Under the hood we find Toyota’s 2.5 liter petrol engine of 136 kW. This cooperates with two electric motors of 134 and 40 kW. Total power is a solid 306 hp. In fact, it makes the Across the most powerful, mass-produced model from Suzuki.

0-100 km / h is completed in 6 seconds blank.

More interesting is the electric range, which is stated to be 75 kilometers, measured by WLTP. That’s a lot thanks to the 18.1 kWh battery pack.

Broom has already tested the range of the Toyota edition. Here we achieved exactly 75 kilometers, without taking special account of the country road.

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Most people will feel comfortable behind the wheel here.  But if we are going to poke, we think the interior design itself may be a bit boring - as it is on RAV4.

Most people will feel comfortable behind the wheel here. But if we are going to poke, we think the interior design itself may be a bit boring – as it is on RAV4.

Comfortable and fast

Not surprisingly, the driving impressions are also completely identical on the two cars. Suzuki Across delivers good comfort, while the kick-off is surprisingly good.

You can choose between four different driving modes: EV mode, Auto EV / HV, HV mode and Charge. If you activate the former, you lock the car in electric mode – regardless of throttle.

At normal speeds, the push only from the electric motors is more than good enough.

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In front, Suzuki's designers have had to decide for themselves, otherwise the car is clinically similar to the RAV4.

In front, Suzuki’s designers have had to decide for themselves, otherwise the car is clinically similar to the RAV4.

Well equipped

Like the RAV4, the Across also comes with a lot of equipment. We are talking about collision protection with auto brake, adaptive cruise control, sign recognition, blind spot warning and lane change warning, among other things.

The luggage compartment is 500 liters.  It should hold for most people.

The luggage compartment is 500 liters. It should hold for most people.

For the first time on a Suzuki, you now also get an electric parking brake and electric tailgate with kick opening.

Inside, heated steering wheel, front window and both rows of seats are standard. The infotainment screen measures 9 inches and supports both Apple Carplay and Android auto.

Unlike the RAV4, Suzuki has not chosen to include the digital rearview mirror on its model. But Across has spare wheels as standard – something the RAV4 does not have. The catch is that the luggage compartment is 20 liters smaller, but this is only under the floor.

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With a huge grille and narrow LED lights, Suzuki wants a sporty appearance on the new flagship.  The car can be charged with a 3.6 kW on-board charger.

With a huge grille and narrow LED lights, Suzuki wants a sporty appearance on the new flagship. The car can be charged with a 3.6 kW on-board charger.

The new flagship

Suzuki makes it easy for customers by offering the car in only one equipment variant. It can be compared to a well-equipped RAV4.

The first cars in Norway are so-called “First Edition” versions, which according to the importer include equipment worth NOK 45,000.

With the new Across, there is no doubt that Suzuki has a new and important flagship in the stable. With at least 800 sales in the last four months of the year, it is therefore clear for a solid sales boost for the brand in Norway.

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Here it rolls ashore – the car many Norwegians have been waiting for a long time

Now begins a whole new chapter in Volkswagen history. They are in fact launching their biggest offensive ever, not surprisingly it is about electric cars.

Billions have been invested in what will be a whole family of new, electric cars.

First out is the model called ID.3. Several thousand Norwegians have ordered it – and now it is just before they get their cars.

Early this morning, the first boatload with ID.3 docked at the quay in Norway. Over 700 copies of ID.3 1ST came to Møller Logistikk at Bekkelaget in Oslo.

Limited number

The first pre-orders will have their car delivered from a dealer from September and thus the launch of ID.3 1ST is in full swing.

Harald Edvarsen-Eibak is head of Volkswagen in Norway.

– This is a historic day for all of us who work with Volkswagen in Norway. Seeing the first ID.3 being driven by the boat today marks a milestone for electric mobility, says Harald Edvardsen-Eibak who is director of Volkswagen.

The launch model ID.3 1ST is produced in a limited number of a total of 37,000 copies. Very many have been sold, but it is still possible to secure a car with delivery in 2020.

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Here they are close-together, the very first copies of ID.3 coming to Norway.

Here they are close-together, the very first copies of ID.3 coming to Norway.

Starting at 351,000 kroner

– We have been offensive and secured many cars for Norwegian customers, says Edvardsen-Eibak.

The prices of the newcomer look like this: ID.3 1ST starts at 351,900 kroner. ID.3 1ST Plus costs from 404,000 kroner, while ID.3 1ST Max comes 452,200 kroner.

All of these have an official range of 420 kilometers. That number has already been thoroughly beaten in a test at home in Germany, where an ID.3 copy went a full 100 kilometers further, in a test.

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Morning atmosphere at Bekkelaget, now these cars will immediately pass on to Norwegian customers.

Morning atmosphere at Bekkelaget, now these cars will immediately pass on to Norwegian customers.

ID.4 is coming soon

ID.3 is otherwise the size of today’s Golf, but has more interior space. This is about taking advantage of the benefits of an electric car, among other things by having the large battery pack located at the bottom of the car.

ID. will, as mentioned, become a whole family of cars. The next one to come is the SUV ID.4. One copy of this is already on a quick trip in Norway. Here we are talking SUV in the family class, with the possibility of 4×4, roof box and towbar. The first Norwegian customers will get their cars before the New Year.

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BMW is recalling rechargeable models – the battery may be short-circuiting

BMW has recently launched several exciting rechargeable models, including the new 545e. Now, however, it is known that BMW is recalling several of these models. At the same time, they stop handing over customers of the cars in question.

It confirms BMW to German Auto Motor and Sport.

This comes shortly after Ford had to make a similar move on its new rechargeable SUV, the Kuga.

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The batteries may short circuit

The recall applies to rechargeable hybrids in the model series: X1, X2, X3, X5, 225xe Active Tourer, 5-Series, 7-Series, and Mini Countryman.

According to BMW, the reason is that a welded joint on some of the high-voltage batteries has not been leveled. In the worst case, it can lead to a short circuit.

Therefore, the owners of the cars in question are asked not to charge the cars externally. Furthermore, they receive a summons to have the car inspected at a workshop.

No accidents have been reported so far due to this. There should also be a relatively low number of cars affected by the fault.

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(The case continues below)

Until the fault is rectified, BMW asks customers not to charge the car.

Few cars in Norway

German Auto Motor und Sport writes that the problem concerns 4,460 copies globally. In Norway, about twenty cars must have been delivered. These customers are contacted by BMW.

– The probability of a short circuit in the high voltage battery is very low, but we naturally want to check these cars. Therefore, these customers will also be asked not to charge the car or use the car’s Sport mode / “manual gearing” (which generates charging in the battery), until we have examined the charging system of the high voltage battery. Such an investigation will take about 30 minutes, says communications director at BMW Norway, Marius Tegneby.

He adds that BMW will at the same time inspect cars that have been produced but not yet delivered to customers. This is done by the importer.

– The reason for this extra control is that a discrepancy has been revealed in the production of some battery cells in the period 13 March to 6 August. These are battery cells / modules used in the plug-in hybrids of the BMW 3 Series Sedan and Touring, X1, X2, X3, X5, 2 Series Active Tourer, 7 Series, 5 Series Sedan and Touring, as well as the MINI Countryman , says Tegneby, and points out that BMW Norway is not aware of any incidents or accidents related to this discrepancy.

– We strongly apologize for the challenges this brings to our customers. Our dealers are kept informed on an ongoing basis and we emphasize that the dealers cannot be charged for delayed deliveries to customers as a result of the control we are now to carry out, he concludes.

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New electric car gets record length – crushes Tesla

Already in September, it is ready for the launch of the brand new Lucid Air, an all-electric luxury sedan from the Silicon Valley-based car manufacturer.

The car was first shown in 2016, but now it is just before Lucid pulls the rug off the finished production model.

The American electric car manufacturer is investing heavily, and according to recent tests will crush Tesla in reach.

Lucid Motors has confirmed that their first electric car will have a range of 832 kilometers.

Beats Tesla and Mercedes

The range is measured according to the USA’s relatively conservative EPA standard. The actual tests have been performed and verified by the independent player FEV North America.

With a range of 832 kilometers, the newcomer Tesla Model S Long Range, which can boast the longest range today, of 610 kilometers.

Lucid Air will also surpass the upcoming Mercedes EQS, which will have around 700 kilometers, measured according to the WLTP standard.

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Lucid Air is one of many challengers to Tesla. Now the company announces that the news will be the fastest charging electric car on the market.

Charges 48 miles in 20 minutes

The upcoming luxury sedan, which will be priced slightly higher than the Tesla Model S, has its world premiere on September 9 this year.

Lucid focuses on high quality in the interior.

Lucid focuses on high quality in the interior.

Today, the company reveals more details about the exciting news. According to the manufacturer, Lucid Air will also be the fastest charging electric car on the market.

It’s a lot thanks to the car getting a 900 volt system. Lucid Air must be able to be charged with over 300 kW.

Furthermore, Lucid states that the car should be able to be charged 483 kilometers in just 20 minutes. The onboard charger supports 19.2 kW.

In addition to class-leading range and charging speed, the car should also deliver respectable performance. 0-60 mph (96 km / h) is promised in less than 2.5 seconds, while the top speed must be over 320 km / h.

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With a range of around 830 kilometers, this becomes a real range champion.  The car is scheduled to be produced in Arizona, starting in 2021.

With a range of around 830 kilometers, this becomes a real range champion. The car is scheduled to be produced in Arizona, starting in 2021.

Develops the technique internally

Lucid Air’s long range is a result of proprietary technology. In the work with the battery pack, Lucid has benefited from ten years of experience and millions of kilometers of test driving.

In addition, Lucid’s technology department Atieva has played a major role, as since 2018 they have delivered battery packs to the entire field of Formula E cars (the top class electric race cars). The result is a battery system that will provide high safety, performance and energy density, shaped around the car’s interior.

Peter Rawlinson is the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors.

Peter Rawlinson is the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors.

– A few years ago, we unveiled our alpha prototypes of Lucid Air and promised a range of more than 640 kilometers, which reflected our technology at the time. In the meantime, we have achieved a number of technical breakthroughs that have provided unparalleled energy efficiency, says Peter Rawlinson, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors.

– I am very pleased that we have thus achieved an estimated range of 832 km, and at the same time significantly reduced the battery pack. In this way, we have reduced the weight and cost of the vehicle and improved the passenger compartment. It is undeniably a feat for us as an EV technology company, says Rawlinson.

The car is expected on the market in 2021, and can now be reserved for NOK 8,900.

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One of Norway’s most expensive cars will double sales for Aston Martin

Last week, the very first Aston Martin DBX rolled onto Norwegian roads. It was a pre-production model, on English signs.

We in Broom got a completely exclusive test drive, which you can read more about here.

DBX is a very important model for the traditional British brand. This is their first SUV – and the goal is that it alone will increase sales by 7,000 cars a year. That means over half of the total.

In Norway, Aston Martin is a small brand. With around 10-15 cars sold a year. But here, too, expectations are high.

– We hope to double sales. Three have already been sold, and we plan to sell seven more over the next year, says sales manager at Aston Martin Norway, Carl Henrik Unelsrød.

(The case continues below)

VIDEO:New Aston Martin SUV offers luxury in buckets and buckets

Tough competition

The main competitor is nothing less than Bentley Bentayga. It will be coming very soon in a renewed edition.

Both of these SUVs cost around 3 million kroner – and both can be much more expensive, if you want tailoring from head to toe. Customers in this segment are happy to do so.

DBX will not slow down either. The engine was bought and delivered by AMG, which is responsible for the most powerful engines for Mercedes-Benz. In short, this is a 4-liter V8 with biturbo – which spits out 550 hp / 700 Nm.

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(The case continues below)

The luggage compartment is large – and even the hat shelf is upholstered in leather.

Lots of good sound

Thanks to the monster forces, 0-100 km / h is delivered in 4.3 seconds. And the soundscape is exactly as you would expect from an Aston Martin.

A small curiosity with this car, is that you avoid the petrol particle filter. This filter is basically an EU requirement for all new cars, which choke emissions and reduce noise. Without this filter, there will be extra noise – and many DBX owners will probably appreciate it.

The environmental aspect is probably not the most important argument for those who buy a DBX with a V8 petrol engine.

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The new SUV offers buckets and loads of luxury, hefty motorization - and a price tag that will be a deterrent for many.

The new SUV offers buckets and loads of luxury, hefty motorization – and a price tag that will be a deterrent for many.

Sporty to the bone

The powerful forces are supported by a design that is sporty. The lines are very reminiscent of the low and sporty coupes of Aston Martin. From the front, both lights and grille are clearly inspired by the rest of the model selection. The hood is perforated with marked grooves – which underpins the feeling of heavy motorization.

From behind, it has even more distinctiveness. The special design of the tailgate, with a kind of integrated spoiler, will make it easily recognizable.

The car also has a 48-volt system that will counteract heeling. DBX should not only look raw – it should also be able to drive almost like a sports car.

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(The case continues below)

The Hainese front is classic Aston Martin.  This will be among the most elegant and sporty SUVs on the market.

The Hainese front is classic Aston Martin. This will be among the most elegant and sporty SUVs on the market.

Brand new interior

Inside, important news has also arrived. Among other things, DBX gets completely new digital instruments that are multifunctional. The infotainment system, with the large screen on the dashboard, is also new. Here you have received sharing help from Mercedes – and that is good news.

The first Norwegian customers will get their cars already this autumn. This is good news for both the owners and the rest of us. There is no doubt that this is a car that decorates the traffic picture quite considerably.

Sales manager for Aston Martin in Norway, Carl Henrik Unelsrød has been waiting a long time for DBX - and believes the new SUV will ensure double sales in Norway.

Sales manager for Aston Martin in Norway, Carl Henrik Unelsrød has been waiting a long time for DBX – and believes the new SUV will ensure double sales in Norway.

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Just launched in Norway – now Xpeng gets a real price cut

2020 is the year for new car brands to Norway. Some are already in place, while others are planning to launch in the autumn.

Xpeng launched the SUV G3 Smart in Iceland at the end of April. The response must have been very good.

Those who have ordered Xpeng now get good news. The importer now states that they are cutting the price of the car. As a result of changes in exchange rates, the price of Xpeng G3 will be reduced to NOK 358,000.

Gives the gain to the customers

– The currency situation is completely different now than when we launched in April, and we will pass on this gain to our customers. Everyone who has ordered G3 at the original price must also be compensated so that they receive the same benefit, says Espen Strømme, general manager at the importer Zero Emission Mobility AS.

NOK 358,000 applies to equipment level Smart. If you choose G3 Premium, the starting price is now NOK 379,000.

And this is no small price cut. When the model was launched, the prices were 398,000 for Smart – 419,000 kroner for Premium.

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(The case continues below)

VIDEO: It looks like an SUV, but it does not have four-wheel drive

Updated wirelessly

Premium has, among other things, a ventilated driver’s seat and the characteristic roof camera that can be controlled with hand movements. Both models have a range of 451 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement method. The cars also have extensive driving assistants.

– All cars are well equipped, including the advanced autopilot Xpilot 2.5. The cars will also receive upgrades through so-called OTA updates throughout the life of the car. G3 is a platform for the future, which means that you will always have an updated car with the latest features and improvements, says Strømme.

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(The case continues below)

XPeng has big plans in Norway, now their first model will also be more affordable.

Now being produced

Zero Emission Mobility AS has also announced a collaboration with MECA and NAF, which ensures that you are never far away from a certified workshop. Xpeng’s cars come with a comprehensive warranty program.

In September, Xpeng will also launch a brand new online car configurator, which allows you to design and order the car from your own living room.

– The first customer cars going to Norway are in production now, and will be sent from the factory in mid-September. Customers can expect to receive the cars during November, says Espen Strømme.

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The BMW driver pointed the finger – received a 75-fold fine

On German motorways, it is allowed to drive as fast as you want / dare / manage in some places. The Autobahn is widely known for its stretches without speed limits.

But it is still the case that there is actually a speed limit in most places, also on the Autobahn. And just like in Norway, many cameras have been set up to ensure that motorists adjust their speed.

The driver of the BMW X5 pictured at the top of this case was driving too fast. The 26-year-old was measured to be driving in the 81 km / h 70 zone in Kulmbach, southern Germany.

The violation is basically not that serious, and is usually punished with a fine of around 20 Euro. Yes, you read that right! There is a slightly different level of fines in Germany.

But then there was this picture, then. For the driver was clearly dissatisfied with being photographed – and managed to express that dissatisfaction. He simply points the finger at the long arm of the law.

We guess he regrets it now.

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From 20 to 1,500 Euro

The speeding offense took place in April, but it was recently taken up in court in Kulmbach. The local police were obviously not happy with the behavior of the speeding offender.

Long story short: The fine was increased from 20 to around 1,500 Euros! And not only that. The 26-year-old was also deprived of the right to drive a car for one month.

Even in Norway, this may seem strict.

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Great commitment

Here we can probably state that they wanted to set an example. And we guess both the BMW driver, and everyone who reads the case, think twice before doing something similar. Because it can sting properly on the scrotum.

The police have posted a picture and told what happened to theirs Facebook Fan Page. The reactions have been many. In a short time, around 1,000 comments have been received. Opinions are, not surprisingly, divided around the way the case was handled.

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Free speed-living dangerous

Meanwhile, the debate about free speed continues on some parts of the Autobahn. This has been up for political consideration a number of times, already.

But until now, the proposals to introduce a speed limit everywhere have been voted down.

Thus, selected parts of German highways are still one of very few places in the world, where you can legally drive just as fast as you want.

Just remember to follow the signs, when the free speed sections cease.

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