US embassy attacks Thuringian AfD chief Höcke

In a video excerpt, Höcke attacks internal critics of the “wing” of the party. He says literally: “Those who are unable to live the most important thing we have to do, namely the unity that they are gradually sweated out.” The US embassy responded via the short message service Twitter. She wrote that Höcke’s speech […]

How the memory of the Shoah prepares for the disappearance of its witnesses

On a black background, the poster for the new exhibition of the Shoah Memorial, The Voice of Witnesses, runs seven five-digit numbers. Next to it, a simple QR code and an injunction: “Let us listen to the“. These numbers were tattooed on the arms of Primo Levi, Simone Veil, Élie Wiesel, Imre Kertész, Marceline Loridan-Ivens, […]

Auschwitz: prisoner 173295 speaks | International

Raphaël Esrail rolls up his sleeves and shows his left forearm: the exact place where in February 1944, when he arrived on a cattle train to Auschwitz, the number 173295 was tattooed on him. In 1953, a friendly doctor erased it by burning it. Esrail wanted no more trace in his body of that past, […]