Apple arrives at its end-of-year event … without an iPhone

New iPad and iPad Air, Check; New Apple Watch series 6 and SE, check; the new service Apple One, check; And the iPhone? What happened? Did we run out of phone this year? Do we blame the pandemic? Could 2020 be worse? We will know that in the next few days.

According to the AP agency, Big analysts take it for granted that Apple will launch a phone this year. “The crucial part for Apple is maintaining the iPhone user base and selling them a ton of accessories like AirPods and getting services,” said Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. However, waiting for that debut next month due to the interruption in production caused by the coronavirus pandemic can be a long wait for the most fans, in the meantime we can take a look at what Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, next to all his team from Apple Park in California, presented during the most important annual event of the firm.

The iPad 8 and iPad Air

The most used tablet on the market now in its eighth edition maintains the same design as the previous one, but with an A12 Bionic chip that gives it much more power and performance to perform daily tasks; it is basic and very easy to use. In addition, it is compatible with various accessories of the brand such as the Apple Pencil 1 and makes it a good option if it is used for entertainment.

Definitely, the one that steals the show is the iPad Air. Cupertino bets strongly on this new tablet and did not skimp on adding several interesting elements; in fact, if you look closely, it may make you wonder if you are going to buy an iPad Pro. Its square-edged design evokes those with which iPhone 4, which Steve Jobs himself introduced in 2010, enchanted the world and returned to the fore with the Pro models. Air now comes with 5 new colors that make it extremely attractive, many would say very sexy.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


This new example can record in 4K and perform multiple functions in a much easier way, all this thanks to its A14 Bionic chip … Curiously, this iPad is very close to the qualities of the first generation 11-inch Pro that Apple no longer uses. commercializes, but that can be purchased in other specialized stores. The difference is that it comes with the A12Z Bionic Chip, and the 4 speakers with much more memory … which can work against the Air.

The storage capacity of the new version starts at 64GB and 250GB. It has a single 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel front camera for video calls. Another function is that it integrates the touch ID system in one of the upper buttons, thus saving space on the front screen and it is compatible with the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2, which makes it practically a desktop computer .

A watch that does everything

Each new version of the Apple Watch that has been released brings with it a myriad of functions that will leave anyone speechless. This time the changes come in the hardware, although the device maintains the shapes of the Series 5, its sensors and internal mechanism are what make it faster and smarter. Its main function, which is added to that of recording the heartbeat and heart rate, is to measure the levels of oxygen in the blood. This property can be very useful for those who suffer from some type of respiratory condition, it can even be a good ally if the user is convalescing from COVID-19 and has some type of sequel.


The new apple watch comes with more useful options.

The new apple watch comes with more useful options.


Apple also unveiled the SE (cheaper) version of this device that includes all the functions of the regular watch except the ECG (electrocardiogram) that comes in series 5 and 6. Both models, including series 4 and 5 contain the new Family Support system, which allows all members of the family to be connected under the same service plan. This function is useful because it can make it easier, for example, for the main user to know where the children are during their day or if an elderly adult needs help or to be attended in an emergency, since all these notifications will appear on their phone.

Fitness and other services

Since last year, Apple has announced several monthly subscription services that can be via streaming Apple + or the Arcade video game platform. Added to this proposal is now “Fitness”, where the subscriber will receive weekly trainings that can be viewed from their Apple devices. The experience improves when these exercises are monitored from the Apple Watch. The disciplines include yoga, cycling, jogging, and others.


Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.

Fitness will allow you to receive weekly workouts that can be viewed from your Apple devices.


All in one

However, Cupertino hinted at one of the new functions available at the end of the year in iOS 14 and that have been in testing for months. It is Apple One, where the subscriber will have access to all these Apple service platforms that comprise Music, Apple +, Arcade, iCloud, News and the new Fitness.

The Basic, Family and Premier plans come with several access configurations that integrate and range from $ 15 to $ 30 per package, not bad if you take into account how much the subscription cost is, if you have one or more of these services active.

For now, loyal consumers of Apple products are still waiting for the new iPhone


the fans were breathless at the sight of the undressed singer Natalie

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty


Singer Natalia Rudina, known under the pseudonym Natalie, at 46, looks like a schoolgirl. A mother of many children can boast of a young face and a gorgeous figure. The other day, she decided to show the fans her toned figure, undressing in the frame.

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty. In one of the last pictures, the performer of the hit “The Wind blew from the Sea” appears in a spicy form. Of the clothes, she is wearing a large shell that covers her chest. “With my Russian mentality I say, I’m not for my age to be naked like that … The director does not think so,” she signed a spectacular shot.

The fans took their breath away from the sight of the undressed artist. Fans noted that Natalie looks very young. “Look better than many 17-year-old girls”, “God, what a beauty”, “The figure is brilliant! You are a real Russian beauty!”, “Gorgeous Natalie,” the fans reacted with delight.

Not so long ago, the singer told how she manages to stay young. “Recently I made a facial procedure using polydioxanone threads. They are used in operations on the heart and muscles. These threads dissolve in six weeks, and dense collagen is formed in their place. It keeps the facial muscles in good shape. The first three days after this fashionable procedure I looked as if I was very badly beaten. But then I became sharply younger and prettier! “, – the artist is quoted as saying 7 days.

But her experiments do not end there. “I use Botox regularly. And don’t forget about the injections with hyaluronic acid. I like that after these deep procedures the effect is immediately visible. But only serious procedures give a quick result, which I like. I did it and ran, “says the star of the 90s.

The vocalist has not eaten meat for over 20 years. “At some point it seemed to me that I was chewing paper, not meat. I stopped liking the taste, and it was hard to digest it. For breakfast I can eat yogurt or yogurt, adding raisins, flax seeds and oats, honey. I love eggs. For example, my lunch may consist of a leaf of lettuce and an egg. By the way, I learned to “feed” on aromas. It’s very simple: you close your eyes, inhale the smell of food, enjoy, imagine a dish that gives off such a scent. that you’ve already had lunch, “the celebrity boasts.

Her top tip for losing weight is if you want to lose weight – reduce portions. She also eats seeds every day. “A small portion of sunflower seeds replaces a full snack for me. And sometimes lunch or dinner itself. By the way, I have other oddities. At eleven o’clock in the evening, when everyone goes to bed, I drink tomato juice, eat dried bread, processed cheese and garlic I have such a supper every night before going to bed, and I’m not getting better! “, Natalie summed up.


Anastasia Volochkova took to the street in lingerie

Anastasia Volochkova knows how to shock the audience like no other. During self-isolation, the ballerina had a lot of free time, so she began to communicate more with fans. This time, the artist appeared in public underwear.

Anastasia Volochkova posted a video on the blog with words of gratitude to her longtime friend. For a more spectacular shot, the ballerina went into the courtyard of her estate. True, she did not dress. Fortunately, the street is warm enough, although it was raining.

In lingerie Volochkova posed at the glass tableon which stood a fruit bouquet. On top of the black lace bodysuit, the star threw a transparent handkerchief. In the hands of Anastasia held a pet – cat Lucky.

Flowers and pleasant surprises are always a joy!

“In any weather, flowers and pleasant surprises are always joy!”, The artist signed the video. And a few hours before that, she decided to have an impromptu New Year. She dressed up a Christmas tree in the yard and began to fry kebab.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia… Remaining in love and romance, “said the ballerina. And noted that she would definitely eat a piece of chicken.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia …

“Anastasia Volochkova and barbecue – this is probably very funny. But without a sense of humor these days can not do. And in general, everything in our life must be perceived with a positive. All of you good and happiness! “, Added the celebrity.

Note Anastasia at the time of self-isolation secluded in a three-story mansion with her loverwho has been hiding from everyone for more than a year. It is known about the man that he is handsome and has never been married. Nola and Rustam help manage the household. By the way, Lola is also a personal dancer stylist, about which she herself has repeatedly said.


Girl Cristiano Naked Appetizing Buttocks

Although someone suspects Cristiano Ronaldo that he is not interested in women, but looking at the appetizing figure of his girlfriend, it immediately becomes clear what she hooked the footballer with. Georgina posted on Instagram a photo that did not leave indifferent any of her subscribers. In the picture, the 26-year-old model demonstrates luxurious forms, turning her back to the camera. Ronaldo’s girlfriend bared the lush buttocks, which Kim Kardashian herself would probably envy.

Actually, Georgina just hung up her clothes when someone (maybe Krish himself) took a picture of her. At that moment, she was wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt and thong. The frame turned out so spectacular that the girl decided to post it on Instagram. Judging by the caption for the photo, she did yoga in the fresh air, and after class decided to hang leggings for drying. And lit up with a bare booty.

In just a few hours, the picture gained 2.5 million likes. Fans in the comments write how lucky Ronaldo is and call Georgina’s mouth-watering rear “football player’s favorite balls”.

Pa os al aire @aloyoga

Ronaldo and his girlfriend self-isolated in Portuguese Madeira – the native island of Cristiano. The mansion is located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, from its terrace a gorgeous view of the sea surface opens. Everyone would be quarantined in such beauty – fans probably think, looking at the athlete’s everyday life, which Georgina willingly shares on her Instagram. During self-isolation couple it doesn’t go anywhere, so the athlete’s girlfriend even cuts it herself: in the video she showed how cleverly she wields a machine, putting Krish’s head in order.

By the way, the millionaire footballer made a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus. Cristiano gave his hotels to hospitals where patients with Covid-19 are accommodated for free. At the same time, Ronaldo himself pays the salary to the doctors and staff of these hospitals. Cristiano became the owner of hotels in 2016. While its network includes three hotels under the guise of Pestana CR7 in MadridMadeira and Lisbon.

Buenos am rosos d as

Italian StarJuventus“And his model girlfriend raise four children. The youngest daughter Alana Cristiano was presented by Georgina. The other three children were born from surrogate mothers. It was this fact that at one time made fans suspect that the athlete is indifferent to the weaker sex. But the appearance in his life of Georgina put an end to these gossip. With the former saleswoman of the Madrid Gucci boutique, the athlete began to appear in public in the fall of 2016. Prior to this, from 2010 to 2015, Cristiano met with the Russian model Irina Sheik.


Nadezhda Babkina appeared in public after a serious illness

Nadezhda Babkina has been at home for 24 hours. The 70-year-old singer was discharged from the hospital, where she spent a month, on the eve of May Day. Nadezhda Georgievna decided to record a video for her fans, first introduced to the public after a serious illness.

Nadezhda Babkina left the hospital on April 30. The queen of Russian song was met by beloved Eugene Gore. Now the singer is at home, in a circle of relatives. All this time, while doctors fought for the artist’s life, the public sent health rays to their favorite. Ordinary Russians, friends of the star, as well as colleagues in show business did not hide that they prayed for Babkin.

The celebrity decided to appear before the public a few hours after discharge. She recorded a video in which she thanked everyone and called on to take care of herself and loved ones. Seems to be, Babkina not yet fully recovered from a serious illness. In the frame, she sits in an armchair. She is wearing a burgundy tracksuit.

“My dears, I am so glad that I can communicate with you and say the most sincere words of gratitude. Yes, I have passed the test. I don’t want to pass this to anyone. But who knows where this infection is and where it is attached to. You don’t have to find out “You just need to clearly follow the rules that were invented for us. My good ones, let’s take care of each other, understand, compassion and sympathy. The test is very difficult and difficult,” the vocalist addressed the subscribers.

The disease has changed Nadezhda Babkina

She noted that was able to get out thanks to folk love and prayers. “A terrible situation. But all the time I heard you call me, speak, support. I sincerely love you all, because my life is connected with you. I’m at home, recovering. I am grateful to the doctors who were always there,” added the artist. At the end of the appeal, she wished all health and sent a kiss.

Fans are very happy that their idol is finally at home. However, they note that the disease hit their pet hard.

“I’ve lost weight somehow. It seems that you’ve gotten very well,” “Do not be sick anymore. We were very worried about you!” , “Love you very much! “,” God, how poor I am, poor thing. Get better, please, “write excited followers.

Recall that Nadezhda Babkina was urgently hospitalized on April 1 in one of the capital’s clinics. The leader of the “Fashion sentence” was taken away from the apartment in the center Moscow in serious condition. Doctors diagnosed her with “bilateral pneumonia.” For a long time, the singer was in intensive care, she was introduced to a medical coma. After the singer regained consciousness, she ate through a special probe and breathed using a tracheostomy tube.


Oleksandr Usyk promises to take world heavyweight titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury Boxing news

The Ukrainian is the mandatory WBO challenger for Anthony Joshua

Last updated: 22/03/20 7:12


Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk rejected Dereck Chisora’s tactics ahead of the O2 clash

Oleksandr Usyk has promised to get world titles from Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as he attempts to break British heavyweight dominance.

The pound-for-pound Ukrainian star has set his sights on British duo Joshua and Fury, who hold all the belts in the world, but first prepares to take on Derek Chisora ​​at The O2 on May 23, live on Sky Sports Box Office, only in his second fight in the top division.

Usyk became the undisputed champion of the cruiser while winning the World Boxing Super Series and is not discouraged by the prospect of challenging the unified king Joshua, or the newly crowned WBC Fury champion.

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA 'super' IBF and WBO titles

Anthony Joshua holds the WBA ‘super’ IBF and WBO titles

“I work hard on it,” Usyk said, when asked about his goal of holding all the world’s heavyweight titles.

But the extremely talented southpaw didn’t have a preference for Joshua or Fury, replying: “I want to fight both.”

Joshua has already fielded a mandatory IBF title fight against Kubrat Pulev at Tottenham Hotspur stadium on June 20, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Fury expected to defend his WBC title in a third fight with Deontay Wilder, although Usyk is paying little attention to either champ.

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

New WBC champion Tyson Fury will face Deontay Wilder again

“The last thing I think about is who will fight who. No prediction,” said Usyk.

Usyk was installed as a mandatory WBO challenger for Joshua after going heavyweight, but was unwilling to sit back and wait for his title shot.

The 33-year-old suffered a bicep injury before his division debut against Chazz Witherspoon, a stoppage win in the seventh round, while he was recently hampered by an elbow problem and wants to hone his skills with Chisora’s fight.

“I have to stay active. I have to box,” he said. “If your vocation is passive, it is not good. If you stay active, it is very good. This is my active vocation.”

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Usyk defused any tension by asking for a selfie with Chisora

Promoter Eddie Hearn is ready to organize an undisputed heavyweight world title fight between Joshua and Fury before the end of the year, but Usyk’s team remains determined to challenge the Olympic gold medal teammate first.

“Right now, we have to win [against Chisora], then after the mandatory fight for the WBO must take place, “said Usyk manager Egis Klimas Sky Sports.

“I think Anthony wants this fight too. Good fighters want to fight good fighters. Anthony sees a great challenge in Oleksandr and wants to go there. Everyone says Oleksandr will give Anthony trouble, but Anthony believes otherwise, so he wants to prove that he is harder.

“In the UK it would make sense – it wouldn’t make sense to go to the United States with a boxer from the UK and one from Ukraine. UK fans know Usyk.”


Taylor Swift ‘s father hit by a tennis ball in the BTS video “The Man”: Watch | Fun


10 sporting goods to help you overcome coronavirus

Forecasts predict rain for most of next week. So just to summarize this little pickle that we have in our hands right now: we shouldn’t join the big meetings, or maybe even the little ones. We shouldn’t get on a plane or train. Shopping centers are contraindicated. And now it looks like we won’t be able to leave the house without getting wet.

Oh, and did you hear that there are no sporting events? I’m sorry, my emphasis may have been a little off. Let me say it again. THERE. WE ARE. NO. SPORTS. EVENTS.

If ever there was a week or a month (or a … no, we don’t go there) to curl up on the sofa and watch some NBA basketball or Giants spring training, or even some SportsCenter highlights , that’s all. But in one of the virus’ most cruel twists, there are no games that distract us.

Before you panic and do something extreme, like committing to spending quality time with your family, I would like to offer some tips for sports people: some movies, books, podcasts, etc. To scratch your sports itch (well, that looked disgusting) while the arena doors are closed.

Here are my 10 recreational tips. My rec.

WHEN HE WAS KING (documentary film): this film, which tells the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974, is probably my favorite sports document of all time. The setting scenes in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) are wild, from ecstatic topless dancers to semi-coherent wanderers by special guest James Brown. The framing of the boxing match is also fantastic, focusing on how Muhammad Ali managed to overcome a terrible situation. The most interesting thing, however, is to see George Foreman, a medium fat reduction pre-lean grill. Now he could be the cuddly uncle of the United States. By 1974, Foreman had not yet learned the fine arts of smiling and public speaking. The man was terrifying.

STEPHEN FLORIDA (book): Gabe Habash’s debut novel in 2017, like most literature, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He is profane and has elements of fantasy, and the main character is a real wacky one. But this rich profile of a college fighter in North Dakota is often hilarious and insightful. I read that Habash is unprecedented in wrestling. He must have done some serious research, because part of what attracted me is how he captured the sport’s obsessiveness and self-destruction.

ALL THE SMOKE (podcast): an interview-style pod hosted by former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes? Yes thanks. I thought it would be frank and fun. All smoking is both of these things, but much more. First of all, Barnes and Jackson have combined 28 years in the league and their reputation, say, keeping them real, gives them incredible access. Just from the new year, their guests have included Kobe Bryant (seriously, January 9th), Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Snoop Dogg. And the interviews are a real blast. What strikes me most is the way in which hosts are able to vary the tone, keep it clean with Curry and become vulgar with DeMarcus Cousins, without looking fake. Warning: don’t listen to this podcast if you don’t like hearing kids talk about getting high.

O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA (documentary series): this five-part, eight-hour series, produced by the group “30 for 30” at ESPN, left me breathless. Like anyone who lived in Los Angeles in 1994-95, I have clear memories of the white pursuit of the Bronco, the “crime of the century” and the trial that has affected everyone for months. But this production explained me a lot – both on O.J. Simpson and the cultural context in which he was arrested and tried. Puzzled about how an African-American majority jury might find Simpson guilty of two murders despite overwhelming evidence? Look at this and you will understand. Oh, and they have almost all the members to talk.


Whyte vs Povetkin: Dillian Whyte to fight Alexander Povetkin on May 2 live on Sky Sports Box Office | Boxing news

Last update: 03/03/20 15:17

Dillian Whyte risks his world title ambitions against Alexander Povetkin in Manchester on May 2, live at the Sky Sports box office.

The British heavyweight contender hones his skills with a showdown against former WBA champion of Russia as he waits for a mandatory title shot on the WBC belt, which is currently held by Tyson Fury.

Povetkin has already overpowered David Price and has beaten Hughie Fury on these shores to earn the respect of Whyte, who is promising another brutal battle following dramatic victories over Derek Chisora, Joseph Parker and Oscar Rivas.

Whyte reacts to Wilder’s defeat …

Whyte reacts to Wilder’s defeat …

Dillian Whyte’s live reaction to Wilder vs Fury 2

Dillian Whyte’s live reaction to Wilder vs Fury 2

“This is a big fight, Povetkin is an Olympic gold medal, he has a lot of experience, he is a former world champion and he only lost Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko,” Whyte said.

“He is still very dangerous, he gave AJ a lot of problems and then he beat Hughie Fury. I am not neglecting him at all, he will get back in shape, he is hard and very educated.

“You just have to look at his resume to see that he has always been regarded as one of the most fearsome punches in the heavyweight division with big KO wins over Marco Huck, Manuel Charr, Carlos Takam, Mariusz Wach and David Price. He showed in L Saudi Arabia that still has a lot in the tank and is still very dangerous, I have respect for him but I am at the maximum violence, animal instinct.

“I want to be the heavyweight world champion, so anywhere in the world it’s my lion’s den. If you aspire to become world champion, you should be able to fight anywhere. Manchester is a fantastic city with big fighting fans and I am looking forward to returning. “

Povetkin said: “I am happy to fight Whyte, it has been discussed for a long time but it has not happened for any reason. Dillian is a good strong boxer and will make an interesting fight. I am not talking about big announcements, I am about to win in the ring and the May 2 people will see a spectacular clash. “

Povetkin promoter Andrey Ryabinskiy, head of the World of Boxing, said: “I think all boxing fans can agree that we are ready for a great fight. Both stylistically and in terms of what is at stake in this fight makes it a spectacular and awaited event.

“Sure, we believe in Alexander, but we have to understand that Dillian Whyte is a tough, strong and ambitious opponent. He has come a long way to be in a championship fight. Many would wait for an easier opportunity, but he decided that he needs this. fights and demands respect. “

Povetkin fought Joshua at Wembley

Povetkin fought Joshua at Wembley

Povetkin brutally knocked out David Price

Povetkin brutally knocked out David Price

Promoter Eddie Hearn said: “This is a heavy and so important thriller for the division landscape. Dillian Whyte sits as a mandatory challenger for Tyson Fury and while the wait is frustrating, Dillian continues to fight high risk fights and is for this which is preferred by fans.

“The last time Dillian fought in this arena, we witnessed an all-time classic against Derek Chisora. We are planning a huge night in Manchester while Dillian Whyte continues to march towards a heavyweight world title shot. “

Adam Smith, Sky Sports head of boxing development, said: “Dillian Whyte guarantees a heavyweight drama and we are expecting another explosive bout against Alexander Povetkin.

“Whyte is a short distance from a world title, but he continues to take risks against dangerous rivals and we have already seen the threat of Povetkin, who has overwhelmed David Price and posed the first problems to Anthony Joshua.

“Dillian can prove himself one of the best in the world again and there may be a very special announcement in the next few days. Manchester May 2 should be a wonderful boxing night.”


REWIND: Mississippi State (19-10, 10-6 SEC) | State of Mississippi

Looking back: The Bulldogs scored in both games last week, defeating Alabama 80-73 on Tuesday at home and also winning in Missouri, 67-63.

Looking forward: MSU closes the regular season this week, playing Tuesday in South Carolina and Saturday against Ole Miss. Both games are scheduled for 5.30pm. starts on the SEC network.

Who shot: Tyson Carter scored 34 points, shooting 12 out of 19 from the field on the bench last week. Carter had 19 points against Alabama and led the state with 15 points in Missouri.

Who is not: The top seven players in the Bulldogs rotation are all playing well, but the Bulldogs don’t get much contribution beyond that.

NET Rankings Watch: The Bulldogs were 52nd in Sunday’s update of the NCAA NET rankings, up four points from last week.

Bottom line: The state of Mississippi remains on the bubble by entering the last week of the regular season. But despite winning twice last week, the Bulldogs actually abandoned ESPN staffologist Joe Lunardi from the “first four out” to the “next four”. MSU has to win – and may even need help – if she returns to dance this year.