Resuscitation drugs: “We fear a shortage of stocks”

Damien Roux, university professor and hospital practitioner of intensive resuscitation medicine, works in the medical and surgical resuscitation department of Louis-Mourier Hospital (AP-HP), located in Colombes, in the Hauts-de-Seine. As of last weekend, this doctor was responsible for reflecting – in collaboration with other colleagues from the Public Assistance taking care of Covid-19 patients – […]

Île-de-France rises to 2,000 intensive care beds

After Grand Est, Île-de-France is in the eye of the storm. The urgency faced with the flow of patients is to increase the number of intensive care beds: from 1,200 last weekend, it rose to 1,500 Thursday and must reach 2,000 this weekend, according to ARS Île-de- France, which coordinates the organization. A real race […]

Coronavirus: caregivers “head in hand”

For three days now, around 8 p.m., the confined French have been applauding them from their windows. These thanks and encouragement, to say the least welcome, undoubtedly put a balm on the hearts of hospital staff. The fact remains that at a time when the Covid-19 is deploying in France and mobilizing more and more […]

Olivier Véran: “We will not paralyze the economic and social life of the country”

Nineteen days that he is in government. Almost as much as he no longer shakes hands, go out “Very regularly” from his pocket his bottle of hydroalcoholic gel and maintains a safe distance with his interlocutors. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, is at the front, busy coordinating the response […]

Scriptwriters’ nudge

It is a discreet device, which little is known about. It is however essential to the genesis of many films. divine (Houda Benyamina), Look for the woman (Sou Abadi) or Bathers of Oberkampf Street (Julie Conte) are among dozens of projects that have received scriptwriting assistance from the Ile-de-France region. Two commissions, meeting several times […]

In Asnières, futsal wants to find a place in the sun

This Sunday, January 19, nearly 800 people line the spans of the Arena Teddy Riner, the new temple of the ACCS Futsal Club Paris VA 92, inaugurated in Asnières-sur-Seine in July. Young people from the neighborhood, and not so young, came to encourage their team against Nantes, the highlight of the 12e day of the […]