Microsoft refuses to face recognition to the police

On a background of protests against police violence in the United States, the juggernaut of computing, Microsoft is committed. Thus, in the absence of legislation, it said on Thursday, June 11, that it will deny u.s. law enforcement access to its facial recognition technology.

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“We don’t sell our facial recognition technology to police americans at the present time, and as long as there will be no federal legislation in the solid based on the rights of man, we will not sell this technology to the forces of the order “said Brad Smith, a top manager of Microsoft, during a round table organised by the Washington Post.

Beyond the use by the forces of the order, Microsoft plans to put in place mechanisms to assess the use made of this technology is controversial even outside of the forces of law and order, he added. “For the past two years, we have focused on the development and implementation of sound principles to help us in the use of facial recognition, and we have not ceased to seek governmental regulation, strong “insisted Brad Smith.

Amazon, IBM, Google, etc.

It is committed to working with other supporters of the legislation in this area and has indicated that Microsoft took advantage of the occasion “to strengthen the processes of examination of applications for our customers who wish to use this technology on a large scale “. Since the death of George Floyd, an African-American, was asphyxiated by a white policeman at the end of may in Minneapolis, businesses, and local and national authorities, are trying to respond to the pressure of the street and social networks.

Wednesday, June 10 already, Amazon has decided to ban the police to use its facial recognition software Rekognition for a year, to give Congress time to “to put in place appropriate rules “ use of the technology. On his side, on Monday 8 June, IBM had announced to suspend the sale of similar software identification and said he was “opposed to the use of any technology for the monitoring of mass, racial profiling, and violations of rights and freedoms, human basic “.

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The other juggernaut of artificial intelligence, Google, was also expressed on the subject in January. During a speech in Brussels, Sundar Pichai, the boss of the group, had explained that Google would not provide turn-key service of facial recognition so that rules and safeguards were not put in place by the authorities.


Amazon shut US police access to face recognition technology :: Business :: RBC

US police during the year will not be able to use technology of recognition of persons Rekognition Amazon. During this time, Congress should develop laws toughening rules of use of such technologies, demanded in the company

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Amazon has introduced a moratorium on police use U.S. technology face detection Amazon Rekognition. This is stated in the statement published in the company blog.

“We are introducing a one-year moratorium on police use of face recognition technology Amazon,” — said in a statement.

The government should develop more stringent rules regulating the use of face recognition technology, think Amazon.

“We hope that this one-year moratorium will give Congress enough time to develop appropriate rules, and we are ready to help if we are asked,” said the company.

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Amazon has introduced a moratorium on the use of face recognition technology by US police

Amazon announced that during the year police departments in the United States will not be able to use the developed software for facial recognition. According to the company, we are talking about the app Rekognition.

Amazon has reminded that has always stood for tougher government regulations governing the ethical use of face recognition technology. According to company representatives, the legislators in the U.S. Congress have demonstrated a willingness to adopt such measures, and the moratorium will give Congress “sufficient time for the introduction of the relevant rules”.

It is noted that Amazon allow you to use the Rekognition organizations that are engaged in search of children, rescue victims of trafficking and family reunification. In 2019, the mit experts have reported that the app does not allow with sufficient accuracy to recognize faces black.

Earlier, the White house said that US President Donald trump may take action for police reform after the death of the African-American George Floyd from the actions of the police during the detention.


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