Doctors reject proposal to make validation of medical degrees more flexible – Health

The unions that group all the doctors in the country sent this Wednesday a letter to President Iván Duque in which strongly reject the possibility of making time and procedures more flexible for the validation of medical degrees and their specialties obtained abroad. On Tuesday night, in a transmission, President Iván Duque anticipated that the […]

Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden faced did not come from a distant front line. It came from the skies. It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the […]

The unknown Caucasus Republic of Arzach (formerly Nagorno-Karabakh)

Dear Excellency, Dear UN Secretary General Guterres! You will surely be surprised to receive a letter from me, of all people, especially when I am not a great letter writer. But unfortunately I don’t know your postal address, so this form of delivery is easier and cheaper for me. With this letter, I would like […]

Science, the doubts of an amputee ministry | Science

Spanish science has been in a crisis that seems to have no end for more than a decade. The public investigation system has lost more than 20,000 million euros since 2009. Although the economic recovery came years ago, laboratories have barely felt the improvements. Public investment in science is stagnant at levels similar to those […]