Liégeoise Stéphanie Clerbois (Secret Story) positive for coronavirus: “A horrible sensation”

It is a very sad news that, this Saturday, the Liégeoise Stéphanie Clerbois announced to her million subscribers on Instagram. After performing a test at the Liège University Hospital, the former Secret Story candidate was indeed reported positive for the coronavirus and, to say the least, is that she has seen better days.

“I must admit that I was expecting this a little”, she confessed, before explaining that she had “the breath a little cut off” and a huge headache: “I had the impression that my skull was shrinking, a horrible feeling, ”she explains on the social network. “Of course the aches and fever that go with it and there, now, I no longer have a sense of smell.”

If she claims to be “much” better, Stéphanie Clerbois is not 100% serene. She still has headaches and will have to be separated from her son for several days, quarantine requires.

Seven months pregnant, the young woman will be able to concentrate on her pregnancy. She should indeed give birth to a baby girl in two months.


Well-being in body and soul

According to an investigation by the University of the Basque Country (Spain) on the effects of the pandemic, now there is greater uncertainty and concern about suffering from Covid-19 or losing loved ones; a decrease in confidence and optimism, especially in women and in people in poor employment situations; and an increase in irritability, again with a greater impact on women and the unemployed.

If we do not act now, in concert with research with vaccines and treatments, the post-pandemic outlook will be bleak for the mental health of millions of people.

And taking action, obviously, is not prescribing more antidepressants or anxiolytics, or building more psychiatric hospitals. Both actions are necessary to address some consequences; however, the idea is to be proactive and avoid them.

In response to the feeling of anxiety, according to the consulting firm Llorente y Cuenca (LLYC), there has been a rapid and broad change that goes from the “concept of wellness [bienestar], centered on the individual, al by wellbeing [bienestar integral], a more holistic vision that includes different people and sectors of our societies ”.

What does this mean? A call for the participation of the whole society in the benefits of well-being.

Wellbeing is defined as the state of satisfaction and tranquility that a person presents, thanks to their good physical and mental conditions.

“If societies and companies are unable to focus holistically on people’s well-being (including physical, emotional and spiritual health), it will be almost impossible to create safety nets that allow citizens to return to work and be productive ”, They explain from LLYC.

For this reason, I have always opted for wellness programs in all their aspects: emotional, physical, social and financial. This is what happens every November in the event “In Body and Soul”, which this year will be held in an online version, with more universal access, more experts and with the empowering and transforming energy of always.

To keep your balance in difficult times, “you have to grab the bull by the horns” and get going, as a popular saying reflects.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the pandemic has disrupted or paralyzed mental health services in 93% of countries. And if, as the WHO itself says, mental health is related to the promotion of well-being, the prevention of mental disorders and treatment, then let’s look for our own tools. Healthy living is much more than curing or protecting yourself from disease.



Junior 2, Águilas 1: a dubious penalty saved the points

Wánder Mosquera Mena saved Junior. When time was dying and the Sharks only reached a tie with a taste of defeat against Águilas, the central referee sanctioned an action between Miguel Borja and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano as a penalty in the last second of play.

Just as it is protested at times when bad refereeing decisions harm the rojiblanco club, this time we must admit that the Cundinamarca whistle was wrong in their favor.

Borja, after eluding three defenders with his usual power, faced the goalkeeper and fell into the area. “Penalty!” The shark fans shouted immediately, very surely. That was the first impression, but in reality Bejarano went to the ball and did not commit an infraction. At least that showed the replay on television.

The determination of Borja to undertake the play and the failure of the referee, who did not have VAR and who was the victim of the same sensation of many of those who watched the game on television, rescued Junior.

The Cordovan attacker, who entered the second half for Michael Rangel, stopped at the white point and executed accurately to make the difference (2-1).

The victory was quite embollado by the confused and run-down game of the premises, that reserved to the majority of its eleven stellar thinking in the party of Tuesday against Independiente del Valle for the Copa Libertadores.

In that plan B, in which a rookie midfielder like Fabián Ángel was positioned as a defender, the Sharks managed to press, attack and create some offensive plays in the first half and put themselves ahead through a good goal from ‘ Cariaco ‘González.

But in the second half, the lack of understanding of this team became more evident, the absence of a creative midfielder like Sherman Cárdenas, who only entered with seven minutes remaining in the game (it must be because he will start on Tuesday) and everything is complicated. Much more after Obrian’s draw. There was no compass or ideas or clarity or imbalance. Already the hopes of winning were practically extinguished until the dubious penalty arrived and saved all three points.

Minute by minute

4. Quiet ball play in which the ball is surprisingly moved to Fabián Viáfara. The side takes a shot down and crossed that buzzes the goalkeeper’s right post.

23. Viáfara’s center, bad rejection and the ball remains for ‘Cariaco’ González, who finishes powerfully and goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano rejects.

32. Good play by Cristian Higuita, who sneaks into the area and defines with a shot from the side, which is narrowly missed.

33. GOAL Junior. Series of touches by Junior, Rangel gives it to Luis ‘Cariaco’ González and the Venezuelan, on the edge of the area, dispatches a shot above that exceeds the goalkeeper’s effort.

36. Daniel Moreno’s shot over the goal.

45. ‘Cariaco’ wastes a clear scoring opportunity. When he was about to finish with his right leg, he disarmed the ball with his left and the shot was totally deflected.

Second time

60. GOAL from Águilas. Deep pass from Marrugo to Jáder Obrian, who takes advantage of Jeison Angulo’s cold mark to surpass him in speed and define with an accurate shot against Viera.

68. Borja’s shot too high.

81. Carlos Bejarano saves almost in the line an attempt of Borja’s header that deviated in the humanity of a defender.

83. Bejarano shrinks well against Cetré, who built a good wall with Sandoval.

93. The referee sanctions a penalty for an alleged foul by goalkeeper Bejarano on Miguel Borja, which in reality did not exist

94. GOAL from Junior. Borja executed flush and to the left hand of the goalkeeper, who launched himself to the right.


the fans were breathless at the sight of the undressed singer Natalie

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty


Singer Natalia Rudina, known under the pseudonym Natalie, at 46, looks like a schoolgirl. A mother of many children can boast of a young face and a gorgeous figure. The other day, she decided to show the fans her toned figure, undressing in the frame.

Singer Natalie is actively blogging and shares with fans the secrets of youth and beauty. In one of the last pictures, the performer of the hit “The Wind blew from the Sea” appears in a spicy form. Of the clothes, she is wearing a large shell that covers her chest. “With my Russian mentality I say, I’m not for my age to be naked like that … The director does not think so,” she signed a spectacular shot.

The fans took their breath away from the sight of the undressed artist. Fans noted that Natalie looks very young. “Look better than many 17-year-old girls”, “God, what a beauty”, “The figure is brilliant! You are a real Russian beauty!”, “Gorgeous Natalie,” the fans reacted with delight.

Not so long ago, the singer told how she manages to stay young. “Recently I made a facial procedure using polydioxanone threads. They are used in operations on the heart and muscles. These threads dissolve in six weeks, and dense collagen is formed in their place. It keeps the facial muscles in good shape. The first three days after this fashionable procedure I looked as if I was very badly beaten. But then I became sharply younger and prettier! “, – the artist is quoted as saying 7 days.

But her experiments do not end there. “I use Botox regularly. And don’t forget about the injections with hyaluronic acid. I like that after these deep procedures the effect is immediately visible. But only serious procedures give a quick result, which I like. I did it and ran, “says the star of the 90s.

The vocalist has not eaten meat for over 20 years. “At some point it seemed to me that I was chewing paper, not meat. I stopped liking the taste, and it was hard to digest it. For breakfast I can eat yogurt or yogurt, adding raisins, flax seeds and oats, honey. I love eggs. For example, my lunch may consist of a leaf of lettuce and an egg. By the way, I learned to “feed” on aromas. It’s very simple: you close your eyes, inhale the smell of food, enjoy, imagine a dish that gives off such a scent. that you’ve already had lunch, “the celebrity boasts.

Her top tip for losing weight is if you want to lose weight – reduce portions. She also eats seeds every day. “A small portion of sunflower seeds replaces a full snack for me. And sometimes lunch or dinner itself. By the way, I have other oddities. At eleven o’clock in the evening, when everyone goes to bed, I drink tomato juice, eat dried bread, processed cheese and garlic I have such a supper every night before going to bed, and I’m not getting better! “, Natalie summed up.


Anastasia Volochkova showed a string of “alcoholic” and publicly put in place Dan Borisov

Anastasia Volochkova and Dana Borisova long-standing conflict. Two blondes had a fight after the former TV presenter has accused the dancer of alcoholism and amoralke. In response to the dancer urged her opponent to answer.

Dana Borisova came face-to-face Anastasia Volochkova, which was accused of drunkenness. The ballerina denies that suffers from alcoholism. “What she’s accusing me? What I like to drink wine. What do you not drink wine? Sorry, what do you care what I do, I sleep with somebody that I realize. If the main task is to come every day to be on stage,” he said, as snapped, the actress in the new issue of the program “New Russian sensations”.

Dana just does not intend to retreat. “By the way, at this stage the legs were growing. It is explained to us in rehab. Female alcoholism, the third stageread the literature , specifically the woman begins to crawl” – not appeased with the scandalous attacks on television.

Volochkova also not born shita. “I’d love to see Dana Borisov after his cocaine, so she went out and did something physically feet, hands. Without cocaine, I think, will not. If she says this, that they used to lose weight,” he recalled ballerina revelation sworn friend.

Borisov admits that struggling with their addictions. “Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict, Yes, I’m an addict! But I’m honest, I speak about it openly. But I’ve dealt with a long time all these initial stages, and her daughter is not even in the beginning, it is in active use! That is her denial even saw but saw. Nastya, I have a lot in common. We share the same disease – alcoholism“- she said.

Anastasia most resent injustice. “I do not understand why people take the liberty to judge me, to appreciate and evaluate? Climb into my soul, into my glass, my plate, in my bed, in my house. I have a feeling that in my house lives the whole country. Everyone drink: one wine who – vodka is what everyone wants – it is the right of every human being. But after drinking you can’t come to the gym and doing cartwheels, pirouettes and to do what you love”, – is angry with the artist.

Volochkova believes that Borisov must answer for his slander. “When you’re talking shit, you have to answer! I can tell you my cat: chatter and … – no bags to roll”.

Dana retorted: “Away: Mat-peremat. Habalki included. You go drunk, beg, fall.”

However, the proposal Nastya took. “Anastasia, breathe!”, – demanded Dana. Volochkova complied with the request, and Borisov withdrew, driving away the smell. “Are you sober?”, – asked the presenter.

In response Volochkova assured that just worked eight hours on Pointe and offered the opponent the experiment. She sent Borisov through all the circles of hell ballet to the on your own Pointe shoes see how hard hangover “to be in the pack.”

The job – to do the splits – Dana failed miserably. And this is understandable. In this field Volochkova has no equal.

Drove Dan twine “alcoholic” in the air. Spinning, spinning. String “alcoholic”, and revolves a ball of gold” – Anastasia twirled in the dance, doing his trademark splits.

She said that for the year from it there were 40 performances of “the Dancer in the mirror of the circus.” “I do every day love. Wake up in bed with a loved one… to Blame I have nothing. Has no right! For the charges that she made, calling me, pouring dirt, she will answer in court”, – said the dancer.


Sobyanin: such a good feeling that we have reached the peak incidence of coronavirus

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that perhaps the capital has reached the peak of the incidence of coronavirus. According to him, the situation with COVID-19 has stabilized. However, he believes that Moscow has gone only a quarter of the way.

“The dynamics of the sick is known, it is published every day. And if you look day to day for the last days of 5, 6, 7, you get the feeling that the situation has stabilized. Every day 2.5-3 thousand sick. There is no such growth that today is 3, tomorrow is 5, then 6. There is such a good feeling that we have reached some threshold of incidence, at the peak, and only a decline awaits us, ”Mr. Sobyanin said on the air of the Russia 24 television channel (quote from RIA Novosti). The mayor believes that Moscow, at best, has gone a quarter of the way, and “there are still big challenges ahead.

Mr. Sobyanin also said that now more than half of the hospital beds in the capital are occupied by coronavirus infected – about 17 thousand. According to him, these are patients whose condition is assessed as moderate, severe or especially severe. “These are not some invented people who were going to lie down,” the mayor said.

On the fight against coronavirus in Moscow, in Kommersant’s article, “Quarantine went on holiday.”


1799: Jeanne-Geneviève Labrosse combines the female parachute

Every week with RetroNews, the BNF press site, back on a sports story as told by the press of the time. This Saturday, the story of the first female parachute jump, in October 1799.

It’s not easy for a man and a woman in 1799 to get laid. In the proper sense of the term. André-Jacques Garnerin and a young citizen notice this. No question for the “central office”, the Paris police, to allow two people of the opposite sex to jointly reach the first sky aboard a balloon. No matter the reputation of André-Jacques Garnerin. He is the “balloonist of public holidays”, the one who offers the barges a moment of excitement tinged with funk by offering them a little balloon ride. He is also, and above all, the first man to have made a parachute jump in history. It was October 22, 1797 (1er Brumaire, year VI of the republican calendar) above the Parc Monceau (in Paris).

Garnerin is as obstinate as daredevil. He challenges the police decision and wins, as stated the Universal Chronicle June 15, 1798. “Citizen Garnerin announces that the defense which had been made to him to rise in the air, with a person of another sex, has just been lifted by the department of the Seine […]. The letter from the central administration to citizen Garnerin reads as follows: “Citizen, according to the complaint you addressed against the decree of the central office, which prohibits you from traveling in an aerostat with a young citizen, we consulted the Minister of the Interior and that of the general police, who both agree with our opinion, and think that it is no more scandal to see two people of different sexes rise together in the air, only to see them get into the same car, and that besides we can not prevent a woman of full age from doing in this respect what we allow men, and to give by rising in the airs a proof of both confidence in the processes and fearlessness […]. “” Garnerin explains to the newspaper that during the flight, he will not only be accompanied by a young citizen “With an extreme joy to see the day of the journey approaching”, but also animals, which will be dropped hanging on a parachute.

“The great aerostatic experiments continue, written the Gazette November 7, 1798, and women who no longer need men in this respect, will make observations on their own which they have not yet been aware of. “ The next daring are the citizens Henry and Labrosse, “Students in ballooning of citizen Garnerin”. “They will take an air balloon trip on the 20th of this month to the Garden of Apollo […]. They will make meteorological observations and various interesting experiences; when they reach an elevation of 300 toises [soit environ 600 mètres, une toise équivalant à 1,949 mètre, ndlr] they will launch a Garnerin-style parachute. ”

Following this first exclusively female flight, the Universal Chronicle November 17, 1798 proposes the “Report from citizens Henry and Labrosse on their air travel”. “We will not repeat here what the first air navigators described delightful sensations which one tastes while leaving the ground ground, and of the ecstasy which inspire the beauty and the grandeur of the picture of nature, tell the intrepid. We will say that we were penetrated by it, that we gave ourselves over entirely, until a very cold cold awoke us from our distraction. So we waved the tricolor, always signal of triumph and victory! Citizen Labrosse wrote a post containing these words: “Our fate is pleasant, we are without fear and without worry.” We tied him to the neck of a turtledove that we locked in a cage and we made him descend with a parachute that we had built, according to the method of Citizen Garnerin; our message has arrived safely. ”

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We don’t stop Jeanne Labrosse. The Courier of shows September 30, 1799, announces a “Extraordinary experience”. “Today, parachute descent of the citizen Labrosse (between 2 and 4 hours). It will rise up to 1,200 meters: from this immense height it will separate from its aerostat, and descend to the ground. “

It was not until October 13, 1799 that Jeanne Labrosse became the first woman to perform a parachute jump. His mentor, André-Jacques Garnerin, confesses to Friend of Laws from the next day the emotion that this feat gave him. “Yesterday, the experiment with the balloon ascent and the parachute descent of Citizen Labrosse was a complete success; I’ve never seen anything so impressive. The courage, skill and presence of mind of this kind and interesting person is second to none. I will always be proud to have trained a student whose beginning in my art will mark an epoch in the history of the century. “ Especially as we understand that the attempt was the subject of serious controversy: “His triumph immortalizes him, continues Garnerin, it confuses wickedness, crushes the serpent which dictated against it the abominable pamphlet with which Paris has just been flooded. Never has the slanderous monster exercised its rage with such fury and daring; surely people’s magistrates will believe in their dignity to have the perpetrators searched for and punished. ” We disclose: Jeanne-Geneviève Labrosse and André-Jacques Garnerin will marry a little later.

Read also Maryse Bastié, a very high-flying career and life; 1915-1935: Alice Milliat, activist in women’s sport; Virginie Hériot, life and death of “Madame de la mer”.

The rest of the story belongs above all to Garnerin who multiplies the exploits aboard hot air balloons. In October 1803, he made the first long distance air journey, 300 km between Moscow and Polova in Russia. Four years later, in November 1807, he took off from Paris and flew amidst thunderstorms before running aground seven hours later and 395 kilometers further in a German forest. The balloon made the glory of André-Jacques Garnerin, it will cause his death, in the stupidest of ways, at 54 years old, on August 18, 1823 in Paris. On the site of a new balloon prototype, he was killed by the fall of a beam. Jeanne-Geneviève Labrosse, his widow, survived him for twenty-four years and died in 1847 at 72 years of age.

Gilles Dhers


Dany Laferrière’s exile to treasures

In the center of the cover of Exile is worth the trip sits a very colorful snail whose spiral is reminiscent of that of the belly of Ubu King of Jarry. The author does not take himself seriously and likes the ironic link between the gastropod and the trip. The following pages are colorful, full of intertwining of drawings and handwriting, and recall the original History of comic theater by André Degaine. The object is between comics and autobiographical narrative, a desire to show in images what words do not always say. Academician Dany Laferrière digs there a little more his find of the novel drawn after notably Self-portrait of Paris with cat, published in 2018. Perhaps out of a desire to renew itself, to return to the simple, the playful, the joyful, far from the uniform lines of the computer.

The crossing is worth reading. Whirling around the pure chronological narrative of his journey which he has already told elsewhere, Dany Laferrière mixes his readings, his friendships and his loves, his reflections on cinema and writing. It was the assassination in 1976 by the Macoute uncle of his friend Gasner Raymond, an intrepid 23-year-old journalist, who “Changed the color of the day and caused an unparalleled upheaval in [sa] life”. It is by “The fatal pivot on which fate turns its hinges of darkness and light” that the chapter is told telling of his hasty departure from Port-au-Prince (under the discreet protection of the god Legba). Like Gasner Raymond, he worked at the weekly the Little Saturday evening, under the deadly threat of the regime of Jean-Claude Duvalier. Only his mother then knows that he is flying out of the Caribbean and brings him a small suitcase of clothes and books at the airport.

Here he is in exile, settled in Montreal where a form of apprenticeship begins for the uprooted. In his little room on rue Saint-Denis, he built up a library made up entirely of exiles. Above the drawing of her figure lying on her bed at the bottom of the page, with her hands the sad Ovid, the names of Hugo, Nabokov, Mandelstam, Lezama Lima, Madame de Staël, Soljenitsyne, Borges, Mandela, Toussaint Louverture are piled up on slices of books. At each of these so different exiles, he gives a place at one time or another in this book, his Wikipedian notice to him. Because exile is the subject from start to finish. And rather than treating it in dramatic fashion, Dany Laferrière opted, in both form and content, for the generous cord. Leaving his country can be fruitful, he only wants to see its good sides. Nothing shows through in the odd jobs he had to do to earn his living, the discouragement that sometimes took him, breakups and dramatic events. Yes so little. Of his mother who stayed in the country and of her oleanders, she who has already experienced the departure of his father, the son presents a tender and modest image.


Reading appears to be one of his great occupations. One of the origins of this passion comes from the memory of his grandfather reading at dawn, and from his broad smile when he saw the child who observed him at first terrorized. After his death, little Dany threw himself on the books. It seems that he never let them go. “I like this state. Read, sleep, and read again. This feeling of floating. It is perhaps at this precise moment, if we are not careful, that the style of a writer that we love chooses to penetrate you far enough in the mind to become yours. So I try to spot the slightest sound, to capture the most allusive noise. The rumor of life. Like a wild animal on the lookout in a dozing or rather waking forest. ” The young Haitian in his Quebec room converses with the authors, revives the debates between Baldwin and Faulkner, forges his critical spirit. He infuses his gallery of writers with a human and palpable presence. There are in his attendance texts from different circles, the exiles, the Blacks, that he pushes his friend Julie to discover (Césaire, Jacques Roumain, Senghor), she who criticizes him for not having women in his pantheon , and at the bottom of the heart the battered and brilliant Haitian poets. Exile is worth the trip begins with the announcement of the death of Jean-Claude Charles (1949-2008), “The one I felt closest to, by style of course”, his friend, met in 1986 after the departure of “Baby Doc”. But he also evokes Carl Brouard, who lived like a tramp, Magloire-Saint-Aude noticed by André Breton, Davertige, Frankétienne… Homage to Haitian literature, he who succeeded well beyond, and even entered the Academy French.

What is also striking is how easy it is to meet people, to bond, to discover places, with unassuming enthusiasm. Shortly after arriving in Montreal, “A cockroach evening”, he entered a jazz club, the Rising Sun, where Nina Simone sang on the tiny stage. Boss Doudou Boicel advises him to build a relationship with a girl while it’s summer to have a warm nest in winter. “Why don’t you write instead, huh? You have read enough like that … “ he said to her, and he lent her an old typewriter. “I always thought that to be a writer, it is not a question of knowing how to write but of being at the foot of a wall. This wall is winter, old man, he laughs, which awakens Nina Simone who was drowsy singing. ” This is how Dany Laferrière became a writer. He said. The anecdote goes well with its colorful and naive designs. His first title How to make love with a negro without getting tired published in 1985, a great success. But he doesn’t cover any of his previous books in that one.


Exile has therefore become a kaleidoscope of encounters and enrichments in contact with others, as with the Japanese Kero, a mysterious personality, a stylist fascinated by Van Dongen. Exile has also become a journey, to the United States, Brazil, Guyana (where he reads Guy Debord), etc. The episodes are riddled with sentences, poems, notes. In a “chapter” titled “The Secret Book”, Dany Laferrière says that when he arrives in a new city, to get an idea of ​​the type of society, he first goes to the cemetery and then to a bookstore. “No need to listen to official speeches, the cemetery is the book that reveals the hidden part of a city. And the bookstore is often like the cemetery: if you haven’t noticed many foreigners in the cemetery, you won’t find many at the bookstore either (I’m talking about the writers). ” The spiral of the snail unfolds like this, these are the memories of an epicurean, who also knows that exile made him a writer.

Frédérique Roussel

Dany Laferrière

Exile is worth the trip Grasset, 408 pp., € 28 (ebook: € 18.99).


Containment: but what yoga do you practice?

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he takes a few pictures of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, and vice versa.

Confinement requires, physical exercises at home have become the only solutions to keep in shape. Among these practices, yoga, given the limited resources it requires and its significant presence on broadcasting networks, has been extremely successful. Combined with the image of healthy and fulfilling exercise, this millennial activity of Indian origin has constantly evolved and changed over time and in societies. Which leads us to question: in this age of ultra performance and social networks, what type of yoga do we practice?

Goodbye the body

To reduce yoga to just physical activity would not be very fair. Behind this term, first, there is a spiritual discipline specific to Hindu philosophy. Although difficult to date, the most primitive forms of yoga would have appeared between the IIIe and the Ier millennium BC. But it was at the end of this period, under the rise of Brahmanism, that this philosophy developed by adopting a discourse. Indeed, yoga was first of all a form of renunciation of the world, “A voice of inner silence”, according to the work of the Indianist Michel Angot. The Brahmanization of yoga, in other words the association of speech with this initially silent experience, will give rise to a collection which is called Yoga-sutra. For Michel Angot, the main object of Hindu philosophy, especially through yoga, is the deliverance of the soul through the absence of suffering. It’s actually a “Suicide of the body”, in the sense that it is a question of putting bodily sensations at a distance, or even of extinguishing them in order to eliminate suffering and pain, and to “Put the mind to rest”.

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The real upheaval takes place only around the XIe century, with the appearance of a new form of yoga, called tantric, which proposes to unite with the divine. This results in the search for perfection by the full exploitation of human capacities, both physical and mental. From then on, the yoguist becomes quite something other than this ascetic figure, he is a performing body and resistant to pain. So in the XVIIIe century, yogists were even employed as soldiers against the British army, and sometimes recruited by the latter. They passed “Men of peace to men of war”, according to Michel Angot. Far from the more original Yoga Sutra exercises, which put forward the work of sound and speech much more than that of the body. In other words, the achievement of asanas, body postures, was only secondary.

Modern yoga

Breaking with the yoga of the origins, that spread all over the world and more particularly in Western societies rests on other cultural and social heritages than those of South Asia. French journalist Marie Kock, author of the book Yoga, a world story, returns at length to this diffusion through Western societies, which really began from the end of the XIXe at the instigation of master Swami Vivekananda. This last “First major exporter of Indian spirituality”, according to Michel Angot, participates amply in making yoga a tool of soft power for an Indian nation still under British supervision, but whose independence movement continues to grow. Regarding the practice itself, this yoga had to renounce part of its heritage to integrate other practices, such as different forms of gymnastics (Swedish in particular), and thus better correspond to the Western public.

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This is why yoga, by adapting and responding to the normative injunctions of its time, sees its practice mainly concentrated around bodily exercises, where the idea of ​​body conservation and the quest for eternal youth have definitively replaced this original posture of renouncing the world. The imperative of health and long life which undoubtedly places “The body at the center of interests” according to the philosopher Isabelle Queval, is fully found in the new forms of yoga, which social networks promote. This is how the increasingly large dissemination of spectacular physical prowess (especially on Instagram) tends on the one hand to reduce yoga to a performative approach (to surpass oneself all the time), but also to propagate a discriminating normativity ( neither too thin nor too big). In addition, as Marie Kock points out, this predominance of a juvenile vision of the body generates new forms of precariousness in the world of yoga teaching, with many practitioners constantly seeking an ever younger and influential teacher.

In these times of confinement, the promotion of yoga exercises is in full swing. It seems important to understand that current practices are far removed from yoga of the origins and that they respond to contemporary structural and ideological determinisms. To understand this is not to denigrate the yogas of today, but above all to get rid of this exotic representation (often used for promotion) and understand that this practice, as it is inscribed in our social universe, can be a means of understanding.

Seghir Lazri


Named the first three signs of the disease with the new coronavirus. – INFORMLINE

The new coronavirus COVID-19 is insidious in that it does not manifest itself immediately after infection. The first symptomatology can appear only three days after infection. Usually the patient begins to complain of pain or sore throat. After a short time shortness of breath appears – one of the key symptoms of coronavirus infection.

COVID-19, like all acute respiratory viral infections, causes severe pain in muscles and joints. In addition, the temperature may rise sharply. In general, as doctors say, the symptoms of the new Chinese coronavirus due to shortness of breath are more like bronchitis. But they do not always develop systematically, sometimes in a completely different order.

For example, with coronavirus, a dry cough can be observed, but without sputum. This was the case in most cases, but in several patients the sputum also receded, so this is not an indicator.

It is noteworthy that in children and people with a strong immune system, coronavirus is almost asymptomatic. Some may have a slight cold sensation. And this is the danger, since such people are hidden vectors of infection, which has already claimed the lives of 8 thousand people. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for the elderly – those who are 70 years old or more.

Note that coronavirus, like most types of acute respiratory viral infections, is transmitted by airborne droplets. However, this is not the only transmission route. It can be present in feces, as well as transmitted through various surfaces, including money. Therefore, it is so important to observe hygiene and adhere to the mask regimen.

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