What authorities missed with COVID-19

The Russian authorities took measures against the coronavirus, similar to those taken by other countries, but everything was completed with a delay and errors, and the epidemic could not be contained.

On Wednesday, May 6, Russia, as usual, became the second in the number of cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection detected per day: more than 10,500 people, in the USA – more than 19,000, third Brazil from 10500; Wednesday was already the fourth day when more than 10,000 people were identified in Russia. Authorities and semi-power commentators consider only Russians who violate forced self-isolation to be responsible for this data.


The six news you should know today, Wednesday April 22



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1. 43% of Sánchez’s followers on Twitter are false and from the last 90 days. They are around 20 years old. They are girls with a “top model” face. And they respond to names of American origin such as Mallory, Kaylee, Jacey or Arlene. There are thousands and they have in common having registered on Facebook in recent weeks with an exclusive activity: massively support the Government of Pedro Sánchez. Messages in Arabic are interspersed with propaganda retweets from Spanish ministers or accounts related to the PSOE and Podemos. They suddenly discovered their love for the Government in March after years of broadcasting soccer videos in French. Or they are Chinese users created last month with no other activity than clicking “like” messages in support of Spanish ministers during the coronavirus crisis. They are fake Twitter accounts. The most elaborate, also created in March 2020, with credible profiles, although without followers and with false identities, have come to the social network to advertise a single message for Sánchez at his worst moment of popularity: “You are the best president” .

2. The Mossos arrest the mayor of Badalona after skipping the confinement with symptoms of drunkenness. The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested the mayor of Badalona, ​​the socialist Àlex Pastor, after having escaped confinement. He was driving with symptoms of drunkenness in the center of the Catalan capital when a patrol stopped him, according to sources familiar with the facts, who have explained to ABC. The PSC has reacted quickly to these events and has decided to suspend Pastor from militancy and demand that he resign from all public positions, as reported in a statement. The PSC considers that “the facts known today are incompatible with socialist militancy and the exercise of any public office.”

3. Trump orders that permanent residence visas not be granted for 60 days. Donald Trump has ordered that no permanent visa for residence and work be granted in the United States. for a minimum space of 60 days to prevent foreigners from taking jobs during the greatest job destruction in almost a century. The measure, to be developed in a decree, affects so-called green cards, permanent visas. Temporary workers who usually enter Mexico and other American countries for the harvest are exempt. By freezing immigration, we will help put the unemployed in the US in the first line of work as the economy reopens. It would be unfair for Americans who have lost their jobs to the virus to be replaced by new immigrant workers who enter from abroad, “the president said at his daily press conference at the White House.

4. ERTEs are not paid, credit flows slowly and subsidies to domestic workers are delayed by one month. The “social shield” against the crisis that Pablo Iglesias and his Government repeat as a mantra, makes water. The second vice president said yesterday in the Senate that the measures put in place “are unprecedented” and that social rights must be “shielded” as the fourth pillar of the welfare state. And yesterday the Council of Ministers approved a new battery of new measures, although the collapse of the Administration and the bureaucratic tangle are preventing the application of the bulk of those that are already underway, which were approved after the decree of the state of alarm March 14.

5. Fear that hundreds of toilets have become infected by using defective masks. Nothing is very clear in the case of the defective masks that the Government sent to the Autonomous Communities to protect their toilets and then ordered to withdraw. The Ministry of Health does not know how to quantify the volume of equipment of poor quality that it delivered and in the Autonomous Communities they have not defined which professionals used them and, therefore, whether they could be infected. For this reason, regional executives are now focusing efforts on encapsulating the problem and limiting its effects through diagnostic tests on suspects and isolation for professionals who have most been exposed to the virus or have tested positive. In the midst of all this, the low professional drip is on the rise.

6. Sport asks the government for a fiscal revolution to overcome the crisis. The federations are publishing a future plan today, the draft of which ABC has had access to and with which they intend to help balance the sector and use it as a lever to boost the country’s economy after the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. The so-called “Plan for recovery and return to normalcy in Spanish sport” consists of 24 pages – plus the appendices – detailing three major blocks. In the first, an analysis is made of how the crisis may affect the sector; in the second, different recovery proposals are pointed out; and finally, the main lines are drawn for the return to normality of professional, federated and popular sport.


The Civil Guard recovers six funeral steles for sale online and in stores

The stelae recovered./
The stelae recovered.

Seven vendors, five of them Basque, have been accused of a crime of receiving archaeological assets of the Basque heritage