What do WeChat and Aliexpress have in common

In China, the two most famous Ma. One is Jack, the founder of Alibaba. Pony owns the world’s largest distributor of online games Tencent: talk about hits such as League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many others. And Pony Ma founded the WeChat super application, with which the Chinese communicate, pay for goods and services, play video games, order taxis and tables in restaurants.

Ponies and Jack Ma are constantly changing places on the list of the richest Chinese. In March last year, Pony was the first in the Forbes world ranking, Jack was the next. In November, Jack was in the lead, Pony followed him. On May 14, Forbes announced that Ma had again castled. And, according to estimates on June 28, Pony’s fortune is $ 54 billion, Jack’s is $ 43.3 billion.

Their companies perforce collide in one or the other market. While each is strong in its field. Pony Ma back in 2005 launched Aliexpress rival – Paipai.com. But according to Fast Company magazine, it never occupied more than 10% of the market in China. Jack Ma, in turn, repeatedly tried to enter the messenger market, but his Laiwang and DingTalk were not particularly successful.

The new Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen was designed by the American company NBBJ, among its customers – Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Samsung /Tencent

Horse surname

Pony Ma is no Pony, just like Jack Ma is no Jack. They took these names to make it easier to communicate with Western investors. The founder of Alibaba is known for his eccentric behavior: he sings on stage, challenges boxers to fight, holds massive weddings. But the English name chose unremarkable. The founder of Tencent is secretive, does not like publicity, but chose a middle name with humor. Last name Ma in Chinese means “horse”, and here Ma Huaten decided to become a Pony for foreigners.


Lera Kudryavtseva first showed the beautiful wife of her son

Lera Kudryavtseva a week ago flew away with her daughter Masha on the Black Sea coast. IN Adler TV presenter settled in a sanatorium. As it turned out, the company was made up of the star by her son, beautiful daughter-in-law Anastasia and grandson Leo.

Lera Kudryavtseva seven years happily married to hockey player Igor Makarov. is he 16 years younger than spouse. In August 2018, their daughter Maria was born. From her first marriage with the gentle May drummer, Lera has an adult son, Jean, who has been married for several years.

Sinul first allowed himself to take a picture. Jean

This spring blonde gave her son an expensive car for his 30th birthday. “I can afford it!” Said the presenter. And he gave her a grandson, whom he named Leo in honor of his grandfather – Pope Lera.

Kudryavtseva helped Jean not only find a good job – the guy works as a producer on television, but also bought an apartment. The young man received an economic education – he graduated from the University Plekhanova.

The beautiful daughter-in-law Anastasia is resting with the tele-diva.  Photo: Social networks

The beautiful daughter-in-law Anastasia is resting with the tele-diva.Photo: Social networks

Lera does not forget about her grandson. She doesn’t have a soul in a boy. Leo is only two months older than his aunt Masha – daughter Kudryavtseva.

By the way, the star adores the wife of his son. It first showed Anastasia. Relatives were sitting in a cafe by the sea. “My beloved beautiful daughter-in-law,” the TV presenter signed the frame.

Not much is known about Nastya. She is from a very wealthy family, was born in Moscow and is the same age as Jean.


“I am Baba Lera”: Kudryavtseva first showed her two-year-old grandson – the same age as her daughter

TV presenter at 49 years old is already a grandmother (details)


AvtoVAZ sales fell three times in April

According to the results of the first full month of work in the self-isolation mode, AvtoVAZ sales tripled – in April 10,055 new Lada cars were sold, the press office reported. At the same time, in March, according to the Association of European Businesses, AvtoVAZ sold 32,808 cars.

In April, Lada Granta became the most popular AvtoVAZ model – 3058 of such cars were sold in a month. In second place is Vesta (2913 cars sold). The passenger version of the Largus family closes the top three – 1268 cars of this model were sold in April.

Despite the decline in sales, the company notes that the automaker was able to maintain a leading position in the market. According to its own estimates, Lada occupies more than 20% of the Russian market of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Since mid-April, AvtoVAZ introduced online car sales, including remote assessment of trade-in, assistance in obtaining a loan, payment and delivery of a car on a tow truck.


how Nadezhda Babkina restores health after pneumonia

Nadezhda Babkina on May 9 will certainly perform Victory songs. This time thousands of spectators will not applaud her – we celebrate the main holiday in self-isolation mode. And Nadezhda Georgievna herself is recovering after a serious illness, therefore she saves herself – there will be concerts, but later. But “Victory Day” will certainly sound in the house of the national artist. We tell how Babkina regains her health after being discharged from the hospital.

Recall that Nadezhda Georgievna was hospitalized with pneumonia, for almost a month we were worried about her health. The treatment required the introduction of an artist into a coma, Babkina coped, doctors saved the life of Nadezhda Georgievna – and now she is already at home. The situation was very serious. Nadezhda Babkina told about the course of the disease in Let They Talk, immediately after hospitalization and computed tomography of her lungs, she was transferred to intensive care:

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts working …” Later, the artist found out that at some point the situation became very serious: “The question was acute at the time the kidneys stopped working. Why? Details did not tell me. Probably it was scary, there were a lot of problems with me … “

Before discharge, CT showed that lung damage, according to the singer, decreased to 40%. Now Nadezhda Georgievna is not in a Moscow apartment, but in her country house in the suburbs. Therefore, she goes to special Lapino hospital for special physiotherapeutic procedures to restore lung function and rehabilitation. At discharge, the artist was prescribed home recovery (for 20 days): pills, injections – the artist tells her colleagues what she can do herself. Doctors ordered Babkin to do breathing exercises.

Nadezhda Georgievna says that the exercises are not easy, they are dizzy after them, but the artist is not lazy: she does it every day, because it’s important for the profession to restore the lungs as soon as possible. “Since we are singing, I have light accordions (squeezed – unclenched),” Babkina communicates with her colleagues and friends over the telephone — her voice is normal.

Nadezhda Babkina walks a lot – she lives in a country house (the singer was taken to the hospital from her Moscow apartment), and she came to rehab for fresh air outside Moscow. The actress is accompanied by a nurse Allochka – now the first assistant to Nadezhda Georgievna. “A beautiful little girl, Allochka, looked after me in the hospital, as though she was young, and hands like sledgehammers — I think all four will fall down. And she dragged me. From the bed to the toilet (I couldn’t walk). And – night is not night, she just lived with me, ”Babkina got used to her nurse. And Allochka went to her house – to help recover.

She goes to physiotherapy with her son, and Assistant Allochka is always nearby at home. Civilian husband Yevgeny Gor also raises spirits – he and his Hope have been 17 years old.

“He protects me, worships!” – the artist praises her Zhenya. There is something to praise – Gore kept the defense of journalists for a month: not a single interview or comment on Babkina’s health until she wrote out. Immediately after Nadezhda’s discharge, Eugene breathed a sigh of relief, and even cut himself off for joy! The precautions for self-isolation in this family are followed very strictly. Now Babkina even before washing her hands washes: he touches his face only with clean hands.

Nadezhda Babkina with common-law husband Eugene GorePhoto: Personal page of the hero of publication in social networks

The house has a special lamp that disinfects the air. The device for air disinfection in the rooms of Babkina was presented for an anniversary – even before the illness. Now come in handy! In March, Nadezhda Georgievna celebrated her 70th birthday; she is going to celebrate lavishly in the fall, when they are allowed to hold events. For the anniversary, the singer lost 23 kg in three and a half months: food was delivered to her ready diet. And in the hospital she dropped it again: I didn’t want to eat. Now she eats fully: as she began to recover she suddenly wanted sauerkraut.

Nadezhda Georgievna is not bored at home: the collective of her theater “Russian Song”, like all artists on self-isolation, but Babkina is engaged in current affairs, in touch with her employees. In the hospital, I didn’t communicate with anyone from friends: only with relatives, and when I got better, I watched TV. But now it receives calls and congratulations, we can say that with a second birth. Babkina says that she gave herself the command not to be afraid, to completely trust the doctors as soon as I entered the hospital: “When I looked in my eyes Shapovalenko Tatyana Vladimirov (the chief physician of the Medsi Design Bureau in Otradnoye – approx. Aut.) said that I believe you – my life is in your hands. ”

Recovery will not be quick – this artist understands, does not deny: no one knows yet – what consequences can be after an illness. But now there is more good news: according to the results of the analyzes, the doctors said that the immune system is restored.


Two million for treatment: Nadezhda Babkina will have a month of rehabilitation

The singer was in a private clinic (details)

“Almost 80% of the lungs were affected, there was an operation”: the first interview with Nadezhda Babkina after the illness

The actress told how Moscow doctors saved her (details)


Doctors compared mortality of COVID and other infections

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov interesting information about the situation with infectious diseases in the world was published on the social network. And in particular that rotavirus infection causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year in the world. Is the familiar and familiar rotavirus more dangerous than the coronavirus? “KP»Understands together with the immunologist, expert in public health and international health care, candidate of medical sciences Nikolay Kryuchkov.

– Of course, in addition to COVID-19, there are many other dangerous diseases in the world and these are not necessarily infectious diseases. Let me remind you that mortality from cardiovascular diseases is in the first place, also high mortality is associated with oncological diseases, in particular, lung cancer, and, of course, infectious diseases are also often the cause of death. However, the threat of rotavirus infection today is greatly exaggerated, said Nikolai Kryuchkov.

How many people die from rotavirus?

According to pessimistic estimates provided by the World Health Organization, around the world in 2013, 215 thousand children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection. According to other data obtained in international studies, this is 122 thousand deaths in 2013.

– The situation since 2013 in terms of mortality from rotavirus infection has not changed much. I think here we can talk about 200 thousand deaths per year among children under five years of age. Half of the world’s deaths occur in five countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Angola and Congo– emphasizes the immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov. – In the media you can often find information that up to a third of deaths of children under five are caused by rotavirus. This is not true! The fact is that among all deaths of children under five years of age in the world, mortality from diarrhea accounts for about 8%, but among these 8% of deaths from diarrhea – from 25% to 30% are attributable to rotavirus. That is, it turns out about 200 thousand deaths of children under five years of age per year in the world, while more than 6 million children under five die in the world per year.

On the page of the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov on the social network, interesting information was published on the situation with infectious diseasesPhoto: Ivan PROKHOROV

Is rotavirus disease relevant for Russia?

If you consider Europeyy region to which Russia, then the figures for mortality from diarrhea are lower than in developing countries. Mortality from diarrhea among children under five in Europe is 4% – 5% of all childhood deaths. About a quarter of them are rotavirus.

In Russia, according to WHO estimates, in 2013, 52 children under the age of five died from rotavirus infection, which is 0.3% of all other deaths of children under five years of age. Rotavirus infection is not the most common cause of death among children, and even more so among adults (the latter rarely die from rotavirus, so all statistics are data on the death of children – approx. Ed.).

– Rotavirus is a problem primarily in poor countries with a warm climate. For Russia, this is also a problem, but to a much lesser extent, ”said Nikolai Kryuchkov, a doctor. – It is important to emphasize that effective and safe rotavirus vaccines exist.

The incidence of rotavirus infection after the introduction of vaccination has decreased many times. In Russia, universal vaccination against rotavirus is not carried out, but, despite this, mortality is low, given that it is clear how to help such patients. The main thing here is replenishment of lost fluid and symptomatic therapy. Given these two factors — the availability of a vaccine and the development of affordable treatment — mortality from rotavirus is very low even among children from zero to five years old, not to mention adults. Among adults, these are isolated cases.

Who is worse: rotavirus or coronavirus?

According to epidemiologists, mortality (taking into account the number of deaths from the number of episodes of the disease) of rotavirus infection in the world is from 0.05% to 0.09%. This is comparable to mortality from seasonal flu. Yes, in the poorest countries it can reach up to 2%. However, in this case, only moderate to severe episodes are taken into account, and not all cases of rotavirus infection.

“With coronavirus infection, according to my most optimistic forecasts, the mortality rate in the world will be 2%,” says Nikolay Kryuchkov. – Let me remind you that now the mortality rate from COVID-19 in Russia is about 4%. AT Germany – 3.5%, and this is one of the best examples in Europe. Of course, a lot depends on how the data are kept and analyzed, but even though there are probably unaccounted cases, the mortality from coronavirus infection is much higher than the mortality from rotavirus. And the epidemic of coronavirus infection is still far from over.

“It is also important to understand that we are having a coronavirus pandemic, and the situation with rotavirus is under control.” The number of deaths from coronavirus is now growing, due to the fact that there is an increase in cases of infection. The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%. Therefore, it is obvious that the situation with rotavirus is stable, and the coronavirus pandemic for us is not known how it will end. The coronavirus infection pandemic continues to grow, it is important to understand this, ”Nikolay Kryuchkov emphasized in a conversation with“ KP ”. – When we talk about the number of deaths from rotavirus, 200 thousand people a year around the world among children under five years of age are deaths that happened in a year! As we know, the coronavirus epidemic lasts about four months. This is significantly less than a year.

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8% Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is more than 5%, and in Russia today it is more than 8%Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

How many deaths from coronavirus infection will be in a year (given that, according to the data of May 3, 243,922 people died in the world – approx. Ed.)? Yes, there are other dangerous infections in the world, but many of them can be protected. This is Hepatitis B, and pneumococcal infection, tetanus, and so on. And Dr. Myasnikov rightly points out the need for widespread vaccination against the most dangerous and common infections. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines from COVID-19 yet, they will be ready by the spring of next year at best.

Also, an important difference between the course of rotavirus infection and coronavirus infection: hospitalization with rotavirus disease in developed countries is very rare. All necessary treatment conditions can be provided at home. With coronavirus, the patient often needs active therapy, which can only be provided in a specialized medical institution.


Dr. Myasnikov gives such statistics on mortality from infections (in the world for a year)

Measles (there is a vaccine) – 140 thousand deaths per year

Pneumococcus (there is a vaccine) – 2 -2.5 million deaths per year

Hepatitis B (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand deaths per year

Tetanus (there is a vaccine) – 89 thousand deaths per year

Cervical cancer (there is a vaccine) – 250 thousand deaths per year

Tuberculosis (there is a vaccine) – 1.5 million deaths per year

Influenza (there is a vaccine) – 650 thousand-1 million deaths per year

Coronavirus (no vaccine) – 244 thousand deaths from the beginning of the spread

Coronavirus: myths and reality.The farther the coronavirus, the more truth and speculation around it. We tried to deal with the main myths about the Covid-19 pandemic


Virologist Vitaliy Zverev: the coronavirus is now with us forever. Like the flu or the common cold

Academician of RAS, Head Vitaliy Zverev, Chair of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Sechenov University, commented on why the coronavirus should not be afraid (details)

Is it possible to get sick with coronavirus twice, is it transmitted through water, and how do you understand that you are asymptomatic?

We collected the most common questions of Russians and asked them to leading scientists (details)


Three lucky and three losers in early May

Someone was lucky in the first week of May, and someone would have to try.

The week from May 4 to 10 “put in place” 6 of the 12 Zodiacs – the astrologer identified three “lucky ones” and three “losers”. However, “Lucky” can not hold back their joy and happiness, and “losers” – to correct the situation.

In third place among those who are unlucky, are the twins. From the beginning of May, they will be “stuck” in the problems and difficulties that will be pursued at every turn. Good news: on May 7, the “bad luck streak” will end.

In second place – Virgin. They, too, will be overcome by difficulties and problems, but their situation is worse than that of the Gemini – they will not have the strength to fight them. But you can restore strength – you need to learn to “switch” from problems to something pleasant, give yourself a rest, find a reason for joy every day or create it.

In the first, most “unfortunate” place are the Lions. The “King of the Beasts” will fail his own character. Representatives of the sign will become irritable, conflicting, and especially May 7th – to the full moon. This can lead to quarrels with loved ones and even more nerves that will cause problems. Save from failures help control over your emotions.

And the happiest signs of the week there will also be three – and on the third place Fishes. They may fall in love, in addition, life will throw up joyful events. Caught up In second place stubborn Aries will be happy with their own condition – they will suddenly feel a surge of efficiency. And because of him, they will cope with previously postponed affairs, and they will also take a step to their dream. And first place Sagittarius takes – this week he has a peak of happiness and sexuality. They will “want” the sign, so it is possible to find love, or to add romance to an already established relationship.


A curtain! Member “Let’s get married” opened the “ins and outs” show

Apparently, there is no smell of any search for love there.

For more than 10 years, the program “Let’s get married!” Has been broadcast on Channel One. But if at the first stages the script of the show really resembled a search for love, then recently the situation is more like a farce. About a year ago, Garik Kharlamov began to show suspicious interest in the project, the public wondered for a long time what caused such close attention of the comedian. But the other day the picture became clear: the participant in the program revealed the “ins and outs” of what is happening.

The guest of the program, one of the contenders for the main character’s hand, bluntly stated that his surprise was “not standard”. Moreover, under this definition, the man clearly had in mind the “circus” performance, not typical of the show, in the form of dances with a tambourine and the like. Also, the participant seemed to have let it slip: “I would not want to go to the blog with Garik Kharlamov.” The comedian himself, of course, instantly reacted and posted the edited video on his Instagram, which once again confirms his amazing awareness of what is happening on the project.

There is reason to believe that the guest really wanted to try their luck on a date. However, he was apparently explained backstage that the essence of the program was a spectacle amid staged performances. In this case, the role of the Bulldog in the scheme becomes absolutely clear – the promotion of this “circus” for a certain fee. In other words, a curtain! Around only the struggle for ratings and the desire to please the mass audience. But before in such programs really people found their soul mate. By the way, it is possible that the “agreement” between Kharlamov and Channel One extends to the program “Live healthy!”.


The eco-friendly alternative to Kruzaku. What do we know about the Hongqi E115 SUV?

The first pictures of the Chinese news leaked to the network.

Recently, spies managed to shoot a new electric SUV Hongqi E115 during road tests in China. Apparently, the car looks exactly like a concept presented in 2019 at the Guangzhou Motor Show. What do we know about this car?

Hongqi E115 equipped with large grille, thin LED headlights and has an elongated roof line with sharp C-pillars. One of the notable differences between the production model and the concept is the body part behind the front wheels.

IN back of the serial SUV is identical to the prototype – lights of a similar shape, and between them is an LED strip. During the presentation of the Hongqi E115 concept, it was impossible to look into the cabin – the manufacturer darkened all the windows. Spy shots showed what to expect in the interior of the new product.

So car equipped touch screen infotainment system, digital dashboard, as well as a touchscreen climate control system. The center console and seats of the Chinese SUV are finished in Alcantara.

Hongqi E115 will be offered in the home market with two electric motors – one is located on the front axle and the other on the rear. The power of the first will be 215 horsepower at 350 Nm, and the second produces 295 “horses” and 420 Nm.

They will eat from lithium ion battery with a capacity of 92.4 kWh, which will provide up to 600 km of autonomous travel. Acceleration to the first “hundred” Chinese SUV makes for 4 seconds.

It is worth noting that the Hongqi E115 is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to the Kruzaku, but also a super-fast SUV with amazing dynamics. There is no information about the cost of the new product, but it is unlikely to be more expensive than the Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Julia Romanova

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Maria Poroshina showed her stretch

Maria Powder is a participant in the 11th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” People’s favorite pleases the audience with unusual images. She was already a glamorous diva of the 20s of the last century, and an oriental beauty, and even incendiary danced cha-cha-cha in bold mini and pantyhose in a net. This time, the mother of five children appeared on the floor in the image of a charming policeman.

Maria Poroshina and Evgenia Raeva enjoy wildly popular with the audience of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. The partner of the actress is a titled dancer and choreographer. Of course, without incidents on the floor is not complete. But stars cope with all difficulties for the sake of one goal – victory on the project.

Maria posted a series of photos on her blog. In the frame, she and her partner are captured during the performance of an incendiary number. Poroshina appeared as a policeman, and Raev – in the image of a biker.

Maria Poroshina fell during the show “Dancing with the Stars”

“Having fallen on the floor, I believe we did not fall before your eyes. We are preparing something interesting …”, the 46-year-old actress signed the pictures. In one of the photos she famously threw her foot at Eugene.

Stretching the star of the series “Always say” always “” made a splash. Fans were delighted with what they saw. They supported the star mom and daughters. Seraphim and Agrafena went live to express their admiration for Mom’s talent and convince the judges not to give her low scores.

“It was wonderful! I really liked how my mom suddenly threw her leg up. The stretch is good! Give her good marks … Mom is trying hard!”, One of the daughters said.

By the way, raher Poroshina admitted that very worried before agreeing to participate in the show. But she took up this challenge with her children. “I have five of them. All this is done for them and for their sake. Therefore, I went to dance. Not everything works out, but I tried,” said the actress. In a marriage with actor Ilya Drevnov, she gave birth to three daughters – Seraphim, Agrafen and Glafira. From the first husband of Gosha Kutsenko, she has a daughter, Polina. And in January 2020, the artist had the long-awaited son Andrei. She does not advertise the name of the boy’s father.

Maria Poroshina struck on the spot with her banner


In Moscow, they wrote out the first fine of 5 thousand rubles from the camera for driving without a pass

Moskvich Maxim Chirkov received a fine of 5 thousand rubles in the mail. in part 4 of Article 3.18.1 of the Administrative Code of Moscow for travel by car not included in the digital pass. Information about this appeared in the community “Blue buckets”.

The number of the resolution indicated in the scan is verified through the Autocode portal of the Moscow government: a violation was discovered on April 22 at 12:50 on the inside of the Third Transport Ring in the Spartakovskaya Square area. The fine was imposed by the Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate. Mr. Chirkov has already told Kommersant that he appealed the fine, because he had previously issued a digital pass and entered his car there.

Earlier, the city authorities said that between April 22-24 they identified 327 thousand cars without passes, SMS with warnings were sent to all car owners. Neither the Moscow City Hall nor the Department of Transport have yet announced the imposition of fines on specific violators.

Kommersant spoke about the system of an automatic system for fixing violators on the eve of its launch.

For more details, see Kommersant’s article “By the Law of the Stone Jungle”.