Scientists: the approach of senile dementia can be recognized

The experts explained the difference between forgetfulness and the senile marasmus, which began to develop. If you lose the first signs of dementia, you can develop within three to five years. Scientists have come to an unexpected conclusion during the recent investigation. It turns out that the approach of senile dementia can easily be recognized. […]

He obtained the first image of the Bennu asteroid

This super-resolution image of the Bennu asteroid was created with eight photographs taken by NASIR OSIRIS-REx on October 29, 2018, at a distance of approximately 205 kilometers. The ship moved when shooting images from a PolyCam camera, while Bennu rotated 1.2 degrees for almost a minute between the first and the last images. The team […]

Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift

October 1, 2018 at 1:17 Mutual Approach: Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift A Pungsan dog, one year old, given by South Korean President Moon Jae In in North Korea. Photo: AFP / HANDOUT Seoul The signs of a thaw are increasing in the division of the Korean Peninsula. Now […]

“Nibiru is near”: Circle black sinister in the Canadian sky with fear

Approaching Earth, Planet X leaves traces of its presence, according to ufologists. For several months, the issue of approaching our dead planet Nibiru has acquired unprecedented relevance. It is caused by the fact that numerous experts who interpret the message of the ancient Sumerians have come to the conclusion that in a short space of […]

In Moscow, one can observe the convergence of the moon with Mars and Saturn

The natural satellite of the earth will rise above the horizon immediately after sunset Growing up in the sky, the moon will illuminate Saturn and Mars perfectly. Photography: REUTERS Change text size: AA The neighbors of Moscow will be able to see until September 20 in the sky, Mars and Saturn, which approaches the growing […]

Secrets of the Week: An historical approach to the Guicobini-Ziner accident on Earth

The comet (21P – Giacobini / Zener) arrives on Monday (September 10) to the nearest point of the Earth, the nearest distance in 72 years. The astronomical association in Jeddah said that the comet would be only 58 million kilometers from Earth, and it would be easy to see through small telescopes and binoculars, and […]

Scientists: to live longer, you need to distribute meals in a 10-hour interval

MARATHON OF FOODS Scientists at the Salk Institute (California) first disappeared from the genes responsible for keeping the circadian rhythms at experimental mice. These rhythms in turn affect other genes of the organism, distributing what should be activated during the day (for example, the "genes" responsible for digestion) and how to work hard at night […]