Ball: «It takes common sense to know when you can demand and when you cannot»

Ball Jokin Altuna exercises at home on confinement days. Jokin Altuna | Aspe’s Manista The Amezketarra forward understands his company’s decision to apply an ERTE to baseball players and employees, and reflects on the exceptional nature of these weeks. JOSEBA LEZETA Thursday, April 2, 2020, 07:40 Jokin Altuna dreams of returning to the pediment as […]

They find a new marker that could predict severe cases of COVID-19

Snic Agency Madrid Updated:03/26/2020 14:55 save Related news 85% of critically ill patients with COVID-19 present lymphopenia, that is to say, a low number of defense cells, which is associated with a severe pneumonia. Now, a Spanish study proposes to use this as marker to predict which cases will be more serious and to be […]

eight common historical mistakes about the Middle Ages

César CerveraFOLLOW Updated:03/24/2020 01:35 save Related news The idea that the world was in complete darkness for a thousand years and suddenly, in the mid-15th century, a few Europeans flipped on the switch and the light came on is an interpretation invented by Protestant currents and then enlightened ones. The middle ages It was not […]

They find a mass grave with five possible executed by the Islamic State

Libyan authorities have announced the discovery of a mass grave in Sirte with the bodies of five people allegedly executed by the jihadist group Islamic State during the period in which they controlled the city. Libyan forces, backed by US air bombing, expelled the Islamic State of Sirte in December 2016, a coastal city they […]

Ten historical mistakes about Spain that (almost) everyone makes daily

César CerveraFOLLOW Updated:02/24/2020 10: 34h save Related news Errors, gazapos, topical and false beliefs crucially affect the vision of Spain’s past. Neither Isabel La Católica sold her jewels to buy the ships of Columbus, nor is the Crown of Aragon the same as the Kingdom of Aragon. Reality always surpasses fiction at the crossroads, but […]

eleven quarantined municipalities in Italy

On Sunday February 23, more than 50,000 Italians woke up in quarantine. The government of Giuseppe Conte published a legislative decree late Saturday evening, placing eleven communes in isolation. The first zone covers ten Lombard cities around the town of Codogno, the center of the epidemic, south of Milan. The second concerns the village Vo’Euganeo […]