Chinese censorship in the times of Corona

Dhe organization “Reporters Without Borders” has asked the Chinese government to allow criticism of their handling of the new corona virus. Managing Director Christian Mihr said that whoever praises the Chinese government’s action against the virus should also consider that the same government is silencing critical voices. Journalists who want to report independently disappear again […]

Bayer employee in China fired for quarantine violation

I.n China is doing well for Bayer. “Super job!”, A user of the short message service Weibo praises the German pharmaceutical company. “The next time I need something, I will buy your product,” writes another. And the Beijing police on their Weibo channel advise: “Do the same as Bayer.” In this case, doing it like […]

Official data from China indicate that a quarter of the new viruses came from elsewhere

About a quarter of China’s new confirmed cases and almost all those outside the epicenter of the Wuhan epidemic originated outside the country, according to official data. Most of these cases, including infections by Chinese citizens who have taken the virus abroad, occurred in the northwestern province of Gansu in China, among quarantined passengers who […]

Trade in and consumption of wild animals is prohibited

China has announced an immediate and “global” ban on the trade and consumption of wild animals, a widespread practice believed to be linked to the deadly coronavirus epidemic. The Covid-19 epidemic has killed over 2,500 people, largely in China, and has infected some 77,000 people in 29 countries since December last year, sparking fear of […]

Wang Xining grilled about China’s response to the coronavirus

The Chinese Embassy Minister in Australia, Wang Xining, denied that China was involved in a “cover-up” of the coronavirus extension and defended the brutal tactics used to control the disease, stating that they were also possible in Australia. China has blocked tens of millions of people and huge parts of the country in an attempt […]