Here’s what parents need to know

If you have a baby, you may be concerned that they catch the coronavirus, particularly after the media has reported on an Australian child being diagnosed. The good news is that so far, evidence shows that children never get seriously ill with coronavirus. And even if infected, they may have no symptoms. However, coronavirus could […]

What to buy in case of quarantine? – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – The concern on the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has dominated the headlines of the news as the outbreak continues to increase worldwide. The confirmed cases in the United States continue to increase and many are already preparing for the possibility of school and business closures, greater restrictions on trip and even […]

Formula 1, Renault bets on Esteban Ocon and… Alain Prost

Will Esteban Ocon be the first to succeed Alain Prost on the throne of the French world champions of Formula 1? Since the young Norman was hired for two seasons by Renault, this question has been agitating the paddock of Formula 1. Which has resumed its round with the tests common to all the teams […]

No, babies don’t need “baby milk”

Photo: Shutterstock Your baby may be ready to graduate with breast milk and / or infant formula. You may be wondering how to switch to cow milk—or some other type of “milk”. You may suddenly notice the cans in the aisle of the formula labeled, “Drinking Organic Milk Powder for Babies” or “Nutritional Drink for […]

An ink of gold and fundamental sugar to treat cancer | Science

Gold is a precious metal in every way. Its unique characteristics on a nanometric scale make this chemical element an exceptional weapon in medicine and, especially, against cancer. The ability of this metal to interact with biomolecules, the zero toxicity and its conductivity make it a great tool for diagnosing tumors, intervening them or for […]