Former boss of Seuil publishing, Michel Chodkiewicz is dead

He was a singular man in the publishing world. The former boss of Editions du Seuil, Michel Chodkiewicz, a specialist in Sufism to which he had converted, died Thursday, April 2 at the age of 90, said the publishing house. He was its director between 1979 and 1989. The man had climbed all levels of […]

“The Wasp Eater”, the ghost of Kerala

The Wasp Eater from Anita Nair Translated from English (India) by Patricia Barbe-Girault Albin Michel, 346 p., € 20.90 “The Wasp Eater”, by Anita Nair, translated from English (India) by Patricia Barbe-Girault / Albin Michel Zoological researcher and young writer whose writings evoking the female desire “Ruthless scientist the branch of conventions”, Sreelakshmi committed suicide […]

“When I hit you”, writing or survival

When i hit you by Meena Kandasamy, translated from English (India) by Myriam Bellehigue Actes Sud, 256 p., 22 € “When I hit you” by Meena Kandasamy, translated from English (India) by Myriam Bellehigue / South Acts Taming misfortune by writing, diverting it to make it the raw material of a story: that is the […]

Manual against discouragement in the rural Church

The audacity of the Gospel, a bishop in the heart of rural France by Mgr Jean-Philippe Nault Artège, 144 p., 14 € What are the questions, the stakes or the pitfalls of a bishop of rural France? In a very personal tone, Mgr Jean-Philippe Nault, 54, bishop of Digne since January 2015, responds with a […]

the five approaches of Daniel Treiber

Frank Lloyd Wright, five approaches by Daniel Treiber Brackets, 320 p., 34 € “A temple of the spirit”. This is how Hilla Rebey, curator of the Guggenheim Foundation, imagines the famous New York museum built by Frank Lloyd Wright: a vertical place, between heaven and earth, whose gentle ramps create an organic and contemplative whole. […]

The most bizarre, blessed and iconic moments of TikTok celebrity

From Miley Cyrus in the washing machine to Britney Spears who does … Britney Spears, we select some of the best celebrity TikToks It was only a matter of time before Hollywood joined the TikTok ad campaign. The video platform, which skyrocketed for mainstream recognition last year, hosts fun dance challenges, strange trends, fake videos […]

Novelist Jean-Luc Seigle dies

His death was announced by its publisher, Flammarion. Jean-Luc Seigle, born in 1955 in Puy-de-Dôme, was struck down at 64 by a heart attack while working on a very ambitious autobiographical project that everyone was impatiently waiting for. Also screenwriter, notably in 1998, of the film The conveyors are waiting, by Benoît Mariage, and a […]

Alain Rouquié: “The call of the Americas”

Alain Rouquié, President of the House of Latin America, former French Ambassador to Brazil, specialist in the political regimes of the continent, author of “L’appel des Amériques” at Le Seuil. .

De Gaulle, back to basics

General’s Love Dictionary by Denis Tillinac Plon, 460 p., 25 € They followed de Gaulle by Sébastien Albertelli Perrin-Ministère des Armées, 536 p., 25 € De Gaulle. Portrait of a soldier in politics by Jean-Paul Cointet Perrin, 378 p., 23 € At the time of 50e death anniversary and at 130e of Charles de Gaulle’s […]