Daughter Pugacheva undressed for candid shooting

Grandson Of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov for three years happily married. His wife Alena Krasnov is a rare beauty, what I am always convinced its followers of Instagram. Alena – model, often removed in photo shoots. Footage from the last shooting she decided to share on his page. The pictures were unexpectedly spicy: the 23-year-old wife Presnyakov posing in her panties, covering her Breasts a wide-brimmed hat.

– I am not given to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when on the scale of 6 kg during the quarantine – coyly said Alena.

Subscribers, however, no extra pounds in the pictures could not see: she looks slim, toned and very sexy. Beautiful photos of the couple appreciated and Nikita Presnyakov.

I nesoi directly to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when the scales -6 kg during the quarantine Thanks MoEI lubimoi @nastyaafed for such frames Which picture do you like best?

– Missed wife, of course – he wrote in the comments.

It is unknown whether saw Frank shooting the grandmother Nikita Alla, and what she said about spicy photo shoot Alena. “Alla is in shock,” just kidding followers. In the comments they throw a young wife Presnyakov compliments and I assure you that the photos look beautiful and brand does not matter.

– Life is a moment! While you are young and you have from God such beauty, let everyone look and envy! – said one of podeschi.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

During the quarantine, Nikita and Alena lived in the suburban house, owned by Pugacheva. However, no matter Presnyakov Jr. sat In may he released the video for new single “Shadow” (Nikita, recall, lead singer of the Multiverse). The Prime Minister was supported by his famous grandmother, boasting talents grandson in social networks.

Last year Nikita Presnyakov became the hero of the program Lera Kudryavtseva “The secret to a million” the musician told the presenter about his family life quite intimate things – for example, about the first sex with his future wife. Nikita was the first love of Alena, which ended legal marriage. Pair got married after four years of relationship.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Nikita started Dating Alena Krasnova, when she was only 17 years old, she was still in school. Presnyakov waited two years for the moment when his girlfriend is ready for an intimate relationship. For a young lover Nikita, who is older than Alena for six years, voluntarily refused to have sex – he believed that they all must happen at the moment when the girl herself is ready for it.

– In terms of sex I waited until she said ready. Two years we suffered, – told the grandson Pugacheva. – I have a very big will power and if I put some goal, I achieve it, – said Nikita. – We with Alena for the first time it happened-planned, carefully and romantic. Alena was very nervous!

We are already a month in the country in isolation And this is definitely something there

Alain initially doubted his feelings for Nikita. It seemed to her that they all happen too fast. Besides her troubled six-year age difference. Grandson of Alla Pugacheva and his future wife met, that is, neighborly: villas their families are located nearby, Alena from a wealthy family. Like Nikita, his beloved was a creative soul: I was fond of gymnastics, dancing in the Studio Alla Brass “Todes” and studied at a music school.

Nikita also explained why he was in no hurry to do Dolly parton’s great grandmother: according to the musician, they Alena in no hurry to have children, because while I want to stand up and live for yourself.


comparison with the Queen brought a young wife of Igor Nikolaev

Julia Proskuryakova more than ten years of happy marriage with Igor Nikolaev. The actress 22 years younger than the composer. She became his third wife. A big age difference does not bother them. Pair daughter Veronica. There is only one “but”. The young wife of the musician was exhausted from comparisons to Natasha Koroleva.

Igor Nikolaev has been married to Natasha Koroleva nine years. Children they have not got. In 2010, the composer married Julia Proskuryakova.

For many years, Julia hears the accusations in his addressrelated to the fact that it is supposedly not as good as Queen. To read such statements to any woman very offensive. No wonder the young wife Nikolaev such comparisons cause irritation and anger.

“Well, you wife is such a person.. so much shame why? No talent as a creative person… so Be on your place… We miss Igor – composer, with you he never wrote one hit. But he’s our Maestro, give dochu – this is cool. But half the country is capable of. But to be a Muse, as Natasha Koroleva… Not given to you, don’t, Yulia, to do what can not”, – wrote one of the fans.

If someone wants to dance

Proskuryakova these words struck a chord. She once again appealed to the public to stop the persecution. According to her, have it no more strength to read such – she feels enormous pressure.

“Can you give me a break, please! Leave me alone, Ah! I’m not Natasha, it will not and do not want to be. It has its own page to write. There are many nostalgic video, you can watch them as you want! I live my life. Live the way I want. Don’t need anybodies advice and estimates, true,” snapped pushed to the limit Proskuryakova.

It is worth noting that Natasha Koroleva has repeatedly admitted that he is very much loved by Igor Nikolaev. According to the artist, the break with him has been tough on her. The couple lived together for ten years. Igor after parting with his beloved went to an apartment in Miamiand Natasha – the house in Krekshino. Two years later after a breakup with her first husband she married a second time. The chosen star became a stripper Sergei Glushko. In this marriage the singer gave birth to her only child, a son Arkhip.


Natasha Koroleva openly talked about their grief

Natasha Koroleva many years happily married to Sergey Glushko. The couple’s only son, Arkhipau. But I always dreamed about a second child. But it was not to be fulfilled. On the background of terrible stress, the actress lost the baby when I was in early pregnancy. It happened five years ago, but pain does not let go a star.

Natasha Koroleva tried for several years to give Tarzan a second child. In 2015, the singer got pregnant. However, at the same time a scandal erupted around an intimate photo pair. The Queen suffered a nervous breakdown and a miscarriage. The actress was on the third month and barely survived the terrible grief.

“Suicidal thoughts did not arise. I just laid the corpse on the bed, and my tears flowed. Found the strength to live by each therapist. I meditated, listened to music, contemplate beauty, not watching TV and not read the news. I went to beautiful places,” – said the star in a live YouTube show “Lux FM”.

She also noted that in such a situation of total grief is impossible to seek solace in the bottle. According to her, in the mountain people Megawati from what can do nothing.

“In any case, at this moment, when you realize that the world just collapsed, not to resort either to alcohol or to narcotic drugs. Even if you had the idea to pour yourself a drink – just forget it. People are easily hooked on the stuff, which then makes us bad people,” warns the actress.

Recall, Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko landed in a scandal in 2015. Intimate photos, which were sealed singer and a stripper, appeared in the public domain. Stars was even accused of distributing pornography. “My husband lost the phone, though, it seems to me that was stolen. Found this… these were images intended purely for our couple. To her bedroom I let not going, but here in it invaded by ugly, dirty. When my phone was stolen, began to blackmail us”, – shared secret artist live YouTube show “Empathy Manouche”. The star couple began to veer spiteful critics. Come down to the fact that the singer even proposed to deprive the title of honored artist for alleged corruption.


Meghan Markle: does the sad truth come to light? – “She insists …”

Meghan Markle: does the sad truth come to light? – “She insists …”

It will soon be time: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting children.

show description

Maybe the Megxit wasn’t the best idea after all. That thought is likely Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry and mother of Baby Archie, must have come now.

Has Meghan Markle the whole Megxit thing not thought through to the end? At least you could with the latest news about Meghan Markle and suspect Prince Harry of Great Britain. Because now it comes out: Meghan Markle is very scared.

Very afraid that she and Prince Harry will no longer be able to pay the cost of their lottery life. Meghan Markle therefore now has only one requirement.

Meghan Markle: Now the bitter truth comes to light!

When Meghan and Harry announced their resignation as senior royals, it was a request that they no longer be financially dependent on the British royal family and thus the Queen.

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One of the deals with the queen was to reimburse the renovation costs for Frogmore Cottage in Windsor Castle Park, where the couple lived in England.

Meghan Markle: horrified by costs

According to the British express An insider now told the National Enquirer that Meghan Markle was horrified by the financial pressure that she and Harry were now under. Therefore, she wanted as soon as possible for her husband to get a job.

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“These debts are a setback for their ambitious plan to become free billionaires,” the insider continued. “Meghan is horrified that her dreams of becoming a Hollywood queen could now be destroyed by this financial nightmare. And she insists that Harry act and master this crisis. “


This is Meghan Markle:

  • born in California in 1981
  • she became known through the series “Suits”
  • In 2018 she married Prince Harry
  • since then she is Duchess of Sussex
  • Her first son Archie was born in 2019
  • In 2020, the couple announced that they wanted to turn their backs on the crown
  • The small family is currently in quarantine in Canada due to the corona virus


Prince Harry too inexperienced in the job world

But: Prince Harry is not exactly experienced in the business world, which could limit the search for a job considerably, the insider believes.

“The big problem is that Harry has no extraordinary skills, never had a real job. He has no university degree or speaks a second language. He has only had military training so far. “

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The insider even goes so far in his statements that he could imagine that this crisis, which the couple is currently facing, could break their marriage.

In this case, Prince Harry would probably not only be at the very beginning of his life financially.


This is Prince Harry:

  • born September 15, 1984 in London
  • his full name is: Henry Charles Albert David
  • he is sixth in the British line of succession
  • in May 2018 Prince Harry married Meghan Markle
  • the two have a son in common: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
  • he was born on May 6, 2019 in London


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Changes in the palace: Queen affected

Great concern is currently also being felt in England in the British royal family. There was the first coronavirus case recently. Prince Charles had tested positive for the virus a few days ago, but is now probably healthy again.

Drastic measures were immediately taken at Buckingahm Palace. They concern Queen Elizabeth II and also her husband Prince Philip. After many years, the regent couple is taking a far-reaching step that will change their lives. Here is the whole story >>>


For the Sick, an agonizing wait for tests in Massachusetts – NBC Boston

Danni Aubain has cancer, so when she started feeling lousy late last month, she was particularly worried.

Aubain said the disease hit her like a ton of bricks. He had a 103-degree fever and a horrible, dry cough.

“I really couldn’t breathe,” he said, “and that’s scary for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.”

When seeking medical attention, Aubain said that both her oncologist and a Massachusetts General Hospital emergency room doctor pushed for her to be tested for COVID19, the new coronavirus disease that spreads worldwide.

But despite their recommendations, the response they got from state epidemiologists was that Aubain did not meet the test criteria.

“They called the Public Health Department and I was told that if I couldn’t name a person I knew had a positive test and that I hadn’t traveled outside the country, I couldn’t have been tested,” he said.

In response to NBC10 Boston’s questions, Mass. General said he cannot discuss the treatment of any patient.

But Aubain’s story is like so many others streamed to NBC10 Boston investigators in the past week by spectators across the state who have not been able to take a test. Many said they experienced symptoms of the disease, such as fever and shortness of breath. Like Aubain, some have also been seen by doctors who were convinced they need to be screened.

But with a shortage of test kits available in the state until the end of last week and with restrictive guidelines in place by the federal government, many said they were frustrated, scared and confused as to what to do next.

Federal officials are rapidly increasing the nation’s infrastructure to test COVID-19 this week after a series of missteps hampered the country’s ability to control the virus as it migrated from its epicenter in China to destinations around the world. As of Monday, there have been over 4,000 disease cases reported in the United States, which have so far seen over 70 deaths.

On Monday, health officials in Massachusetts announced that around 1,300 people were tested for the disease and 197 tested positive.

The state’s ability to test patients has increased significantly in the past few days when federal officials have granted Massachusetts clearance to begin testing the samples at the state’s public health laboratory, rather than sending them to a centralized, managed location. by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Federal officials also expanded their testing guidelines, offering doctors more discretion to order a test for the virus, and last week they shipped around 5,000 additional test kits to Massachusetts, easing local supply.

The CDC has also published new guidelines that allow doctors and nurses to subject a single nasal swab to tests, rather than a nasal swab and another sample from the patient’s throat. The change is expected to allow Massachusetts to double its testing capacity, bringing the number of tests conducted every day from 200 to 400, public health commissioner Monica Bharel said at a press conference on Sunday.

The Food and Drug Administration, which must approve the test sites, also granted permission at the end of last week to a couple of private companies – Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp – to begin testing samples collected from patients in Massachusetts. Massachusetts hospital labs are expected to launch their testing programs shortly.

“With more and more clinical labs in Massachusetts working to gain FDA approval, more online capabilities will also be available soon,” said Bharel on Sunday.

Federal officials say the United States is now on track to test thousands of patients a day for the virus after falling far behind other countries in its efforts to detect the virus.

Independent research cited by the CDC indicates that the United States had completed approximately 20,000 tests as of March 13. That number pales in comparison to the aggressive testing effort in South Korea, which has a much smaller population, but has tested around 15,000 people per day.

While the United States is ready to learn more about the extent of the pandemic soon, many in the Bay State who fear having contracted the disease say they believe the government has missed an important opportunity to help curb its spread.

“I have a couple of friends in my social circle who are experiencing flu-like symptoms and are just writing it as flu,” said Rita Czernewski, a Cantonese resident who had an unexplained illness a few weeks ago and was frustrated by her inability to get tested for the new coronavirus.

“We are just a little stuck,” he said. “The only thing we can do is just be careful.”


Coronavirus: Two confirmed cases in Lower Austria – couple had contact with married couple from Vienna – Coronavirus

A couple from Lower Austria are also infected with the corona virus.

A couple from Lower Austria are also infected with the corona virus.

On the night of Saturday, a couple from the Korneuburg district tested positive for the coronavirus. The family had contact with the previously confirmed Viennese family, which is currently being treated in the SMZ Süd.

In Lower Austria, two people were infected with the corona virus. As the deputy governor Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP) announced on Saturday morning, a couple from the Korneuburg district tested positive on Saturday night. These are the first confirmed cases in the state.

Two confirmed coronavirus cases in Lower Austria

According to Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ), State Health Councilor, the woman is in the Emperor Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna. The man, who was also infected, showed “mild symptoms”. He had “received a notification of domestic quarantine and is staying at home in the Korneuburg district in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s decree.” The couple’s children are healthy.

The couple had contact with the Viennese family

The family from the Korneuburg district had contact with the Viennese family that is already being treated at the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, according to the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government – in this case there are positive tests with a man, a woman and the couple’s son. The contact persons who are informed by the health authority are currently being clarified.

Four teachers and 23 students in quarantine until March 11

The young son of the two Viennese had presented the first coronavirus case related to Lower Austria on Friday afternoon. He attended the Archiepiscopal High School in Hollabrunn. Four teachers and 23 students born between 2003 and 2005 are in quarantine until March 11th.

Until then, those affected may
do not leave your own living area. If symptoms occur, the
 To notify the district government as a health authority.

 This case was announced on Saturday that the first notices were still pending
 were delivered to Saturday at night. So far in this
Connected tests were negative.

In total, more than 200 suspected cases were not confirmed in the state. In case of doubt, the health hotline 1450 should be contacted, the state medical directorate once again stated.


Anthony Davis leads the LeBron-Less Lakers for the seventh consecutive victory – NBC Los Angeles

With LeBron James put aside, Anthony Davis knew he had to do a little more – everyone had to do a little more to fix it.

Davis scored 23 points and six rebounds in three quarters and the Los Angeles Lakers won their seventh game in a row and the NBA 18 in a row on the road against the Western Conference, beating the Golden State Warriors 116-86 plagued by injuries 116-86 without King James.

It meant taking better care of the ball in the second half and bringing energy to both ends.

“LeBron, when he’s out, is taking a lot of the things we do, so it’s up to all of us to make sure we fill in those gaps, and I think we did it tonight,” Davis said.

Rajon Rondo started in James’s place and contributed 12 points and six assists, while Los Angeles turned him into a 40-17 third quarter defeat. James sat outside due to recurring pain in his problematic left groin.

Davis fired 6 by 13, made 10 of the 12 free throws and also had a couple of blocked and stolen shots for the Lakers, whose 12 bills in the first half allowed the Warriors to keep him close. Kyle Kuzma added 18 points from the bench.

Rookie Eric Paschall scored 23 points off the bench for his eleventh 20-point game and Jordan Poole had 16 in the Warriors’ eighth consecutive defeat both overall and at home in the new Chase Center. Poole limped with 5:44 remaining in the third after rolling his right ankle, then returned after registering it, but briefly left Golden State with eight players available, two of them with 10-day contracts.

Golden State guard Ky Bowman came down with 1:11 to play and was helped.

The return of the Golden State striker Draymond Green from an absence of two games with a bruise in his right pelvic area was short: he was sent off 5:45 before the interval in his second technician just 11 seconds from his first at 5:56 am.

Golden State also lost Andrew Wiggins, a late scratch with spasms in the upper back. The Warriors resisted early but were unable to stay with the Lakers as they did in Los Angeles’ 125-120 victory here on February 8.

And if it couldn’t get any worse for the home team, beloved super-sub Lakers Alex Caruso drew the late MVP delays as the arena emptied quickly.

This losing streak is taking place on Warriors.

“We have to win a game,” said coach Steve Kerr. “We need to win a game every now and then to feel better about things. We are in a bad stretch right now. It’s hard.”


James had already been banned on Wednesday and coach Frank Vogel said that after the game a decision on James’s status would come Saturday morning before a game in Memphis that night.

“I’m just dealing with a little pain. There are still two days to go, “said Vogel.

James, who lost 27 games last season while breastfeeding the tender groin that injured Christmas Day 2018 at the Golden State, scored 40 points in Tuesday’s home season against Zion Williamson and the pelicans.

Kerr can see James as an example of a superstar taking him to a new level after a full offseason given that the Lakers star had played in eight consecutive NBA finals before last year.

Golden State has reached five consecutive finals, but not this season – so players like Stephen Curry, Green and Klay Thompson can benefit from prolonged rest.

“Looking at LeBron, he looks refreshed, he seems recharged. The idea of ​​eight consecutive finals is crazy when you think of five here and what has been done and how our players have felt last year and the injuries they have hit, “said Kerr. “When everything is said and done, I think our kids should feel refreshed, refreshed and ready to go by next year’s training camp. I hope so. LeBron is also LeBron. It built differently than most people. “


Lakers: The Lakers have won their first three games with one left on April 7 in Los Angeles. This marks their first win in the season series against Golden State since they went 3-1 in the 2012-13 season and the first time the Lakers have won both games on the Warriors home floor since they swept all four started in 2011-12. … Los Angeles improved overall 18-1 from the Staples Center against the West, having lost its forerunner “road” on October 22 against the Clippers at the Staples Center. The Lakers have won their fourth consecutive road game to improve to 24-5 in the season.

Warriors: The Warriors used its 29th different lineup, most in one season from a franchise record 49 in 2009-10. … Golden State is planning an update on Saturday about Curry’s status, which has long targeted Sunday’s home game against the Magicians as a return date from a broken left hand – and if it does, it will have lost 56 games since when he hurt himself against Soli on 30 October. … The Warriors went down to 7-23 at home and 5-16 against the West. … Golden State had won 12 of their previous 14 home games against the Lakers. … The Warriors signed G Mychal Mulder with a 10 day contract.


Lakers: At Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night looking for a 4-0 season before a quick turnaround to play Sunday in New Orleans. The Lakers are 8-0 this season when they play consecutive days on the road.

Warriors: to the Phoenix Suns on Saturday after losing their last in the desert, 112-106 on February 12. This marks the start of the team’s seventh back-to-back set this season.


Johnson threatens the future of au pairs

Jon Ander Sánchez went from ‘au pair’ last year to the United Kingdom to improve his English. He stayed at a family home in London, took care of his three children and three days a week he went to an academy. «He made the work of ‘au pair’ compatible with another job as a waiter in an Italian restaurant. In total, I earned about 1,430 euros a month, ”he calculates. Like Jon Ander, hundreds of Spaniards travel to the United Kingdom every year in search of work and to improve their level of English, a migratory flow that Brexit has left in the air.

Boris Johnson’s government presented its point immigration plan. This is a proposal of what would be its future relationship with the European Union once the transitional period ends and Brexit becomes effective, in 2021. From that date and according to the plan of the British Executive, it will only admit in its territory to qualified immigrants who arrive in the country with a contract whose salary exceeds 30,800 euros a year.

“Immigration was one of the star themes in the campaign in favor of Brexit and this plan is the culmination of its main argument to leave the EU,” explains Joserramón Bengoetxea, professor of European Law at the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU). This point migration control aims to stop low-skilled workers. «The United Kingdom is one of the preferred destinations for workers in the service sector: catering, hospitality, waiters … From 2021, its entry will depend on domestic demand». That is, if the English do not want to carry out these works they should look for people who do want to perform them.

Great labor demand

The case of the ‘au pair’ is somewhat special. “It is not a job because there is no contract as such. It is more an invitation. Maybe they are offered the opportunity to apply for a temporary residence permit, ”observes Bengoetxea. An opportunity to learn the language, which some also use as trampoline to achieve a stable job and settle in the country.

This is the case of Daniel García, a young man from Salamanca who lived with an English family in London last year and now works in a multinational that offers worldwide marketing solutions. «In just one week you can find a job as a waiter, a cleaner, looking after children … Also, when you go to a bar, a restaurant or go to the side of a work, you see that they are all foreigners. I do not believe that the immigration plan will come into force because the country’s own labor structure will not allow it, ”he argues.

The interests of the British Government collide with those of the companies, which take advantage of the cheap labor that the immigrants suppose. Whole sectors such as construction and hospitality are supported by foreigners. The president of the association of British farmers and ranchers already announced that in 2021 70,000 temporary workers will be needed in the United Kingdom, while the Government wants to grant visas to only 10,000. “The migration plan could translate into an increase in clandestine jobs, which would leave employees unprotected,” says Bengoetxea.

As for qualified workers – doctors, nurses, researchers – their entrance is, for the moment, assured. Moreover, the Spaniards who work for the British Health Service warn that the system would collapse without health personnel from the EU. According to a report by The Health Foundation, the United Kingdom needed to fill 100,000 vacancies in early 2019, from doctors to nursing assistants. “If they want native qualified professionals, they should be trained,” says the expert; and that can hardly be achieved before 2021.