What are other countries doing to defend privacy?

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:04/06/2020 09: 42h save The proliferation of mobile applications on monitoring the Covid-19 coronavirus It has raised doubts about the privacy of these digital “vaccines” that are designed for the self-evaluation of citizens facing the decongestion of health services. In Asian countries such as South Korea, Singapore or China, where the first […]

“Spy” applications, a vaccine that invades privacy

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/06/2020 01: 33h save Related news The war against the Covid-19 coronavirus has changed the way of facing society’s problems. This invisible enemy that has plunged the planet into a deep health crisis does not yet appear to give way. Social distancing measures have been very efficient to reduce the pandemic. A […]

The best apps for exercising indoors at times of coronavirus

The exercise centers have been closed due to the health contingency, so it can be difficult to exercise for those people who get used to performing a daily routine. However, as in other situations seen during the coronavirus pandemic, technology has played an important role in making these difficult days a little more bearable. Lack […]

Whatsapp: how can you become an emoji

Whatsapp: how can you become an emoji | Pexels WhatsApp It is one of the most used platforms in the world, that is why there are constantly applications that can make it more entertaining, since last year the ‘memojis’ have gained popularity and today we will tell you how to make yours. Since last year […]

With the containment, the mobile applications industry is reaching new heights

Work, talk, entertainment … With nearly three billion people confined to their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic, smartphones have become even more essential. A study by App Annie, a specialist in the application market, allows us to put figures on the effects of confinement on our mobile consumption. As expected, the time spent each […]

Whatsapp and Facebook: How to make free video calls? It is possible

Whatsapp and Facebook: How to make free video calls? It is possible | SPECIAL WhatsApp and Facebook:How to make free video calls? It is possible. We are crossing an era in which socialization must be at a distance and this is well known by the giant of social networks, so it has made available to […]

patient tracking applications under debate

Successfully tested in Asia, they alert contact cases of people infected with Covid-19. But they ask ethical questions. Use on smartphone of TraceTogether, an application installed on a voluntary basis by 685,000 people in Singapore to control the dissemination of the Covid-19. CATHERINE LAI / AFP This could be one of the keys to the […]

Google | Tutorial | how to activate the human skeleton in 3D from your cell phone | How to active skeleton human body in smartphone | Augmented reality | Download | Download | Applications | AR | Apps | NNDA | NNRT Data

Updated on 04/02/2020 at 03:05 One of the most creative things to learn in quarantine and enjoy with your family. If you are already locked that everyone is taking photos with the more than 20 animals that you can activate using GoogleWell, now you have the opportunity to surprise more than one with a large-scale […]

WhatsApp | Trick | how to read your messages without opening the application | How to read messages without open app | Applications | Smartphone | Viral | Tutorial | Wasap | Widgets | Android | NNDA | NNRT Technology

Updated on 03/29/2020 at 23:10 One of the most curious things that exist on your smartphone. WhatsApp It is the application that many are using during quarantine in order not to leave home and avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Through video calls, anyone can communicate with their friends, coworkers, family, etc. Definitely, WhatsApp It […]