Complaints will go to one place – Kommersant newspaper No. 112 (6833) from 06/29/2020

The Ministry of Communications proposed to make the public services portal a single window for complaints and appeals of citizens to authorities. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to process requests. The technology should also be used to verify the relevance of the responses to the initial requests, experts say. In their opinion, the public services audience can limit the possibility of criticism of government agencies, where only a little more than half of the country’s population have verified accounts.

It is proposed to make the public services portal a single electronic window for citizens’ appeals and complaints to the authorities, it follows from the bill (available to Kommersant), developed by the Ministry of Communications. Only a citizen registered in the unified system of identification and authentication (ESIA) of public services will be able to file a complaint or appeal.

144 million

visits to public services website recorded, according to SimilarWeb, in May

The portal will create a rubric of situations for referring requests, introducing automatic referral to an authorized body, receiving notifications about the progress of consideration, as well as structuring calls and using AI to process typical requests, follows from the explanatory note.

It will also be possible to file written appeals and complaints in multifunctional centers or by mail. The bill should come into force 180 days after publication, this time will be needed to adopt by-laws and finalize the public services portal.

According to the Ministry of Communications, every year citizens send at least 10 million letters, including complaints, statements and suggestions on various issues, to 250 thousand authorities at all levels.

About 65% of requests are already sent through forms on official websites or by e-mail, said Oleg Pak, the first deputy head of the Ministry of Communications. “This is often inconvenient – each time they are different sites, addresses, ways of filling in information – all this works extremely inefficiently. A citizen sends an appeal and does not know whether it was received or not, but to find out the fate of the appeal, you need to call the information phones, which are often busy or do not answer, ”he explains. The bill, according to the official, is aimed, inter alia, at solving these problems, as well as at increasing the efficiency of interaction between government agencies themselves when considering appeals.

This is not the only initiative of the Ministry of Communications to expand the functionality of the public services portal. As Kommersant reported on June 2, the ministry suggested that online aggregators of goods and services connect to ESIA on public services to identify users. The experiment should begin on July 1.

The current regulation, on the one hand, does not contain the necessary incentives to consider citizens’ appeals on the merits, and on the other hand, it allows using the mechanism for abuse, said Boris Edidin, member of the digital economy legal support committee of the Moscow branch of the Russian Bar Association. “There are frequent cases when high-level officials are forced to fend off planned provocations under the guise of mass and repeated appeals of citizens,” he says. Thanks to localization on a single platform and reliable identification of applicants, there will be more opportunities for evaluating and analyzing appeals, monitoring compliance with the review deadlines, and identifying mass problems, the expert believes.

But the problem of assessing the effectiveness of considering citizens ’appeals – how satisfied the applicant is with the results of interaction with the state agency, and the official is interested in resolving the issue on the merits – has not been resolved in the bill, Boris Edidin emphasizes.

Potentially, AI could analyze the relevance of the rules of law given in the responses of departments to the initial appeal of citizens, believes Nikolai Legkodimov, head of technological practice at KPMG in Russia and the CIS.

Another potential weak point of the single window system is reassignment routes, adds Mr. Legkodimov. “They should not violate the basic principle, when the complaint cannot be directed to the agency to which they complain. Control should be provided, which is also relevant for the manual process – the adjustable length of the chain and the transparency of the settlement process, ”he says, assuming that automated analytics should identify the problem areas.

In addition, the registration itself on the public services portal may become an administrative barrier in creating a “one-stop shop”, which will limit the possibility of criticism of state and municipal authorities, Mr. Yedidin warns. As of June, the number of citizens registered in ESIA was about 119 million people, and the number of verified accounts was 69.5 million (data from the Ministry of Economy) with a population of the Russian Federation in 2020 of 146.8 million people.

Julia Tishina


Fear in Apricena, armed with a knife, terrifies passers-by and residents: 40-year-old reported

Armed with a knife, he wanders the streets of Apricena, panicking residents and passers-by. It happened on the evening of last Tuesday, when the carabinieri received numerous reports from motorists and terrified pedestrians.

The patrol on duty immediately activated to identify the man who was walking around the city streets aggressively and armed with a knife. Without wasting a moment, the military has followed in his footsteps and, thanks to the detailed information provided by the witnesses, the military has identified him as a local 40-year-old, who was walking quietly with an open switchblade knife.

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The carabinieri managed to block and disarm him before he could indicate any reaction. Even more worrying was the fact that the military, from a personal search on the spot, found another switchblade knife, hidden in a pocket of his trousers. The two white weapons were immediately seized and the man reported in a state of freedom for the unjustified possession of weapons capable of offending.


Low complaints with considerable mileage

“State employee” happy resourcesto components and assemblies, but the sad body strength.

LADA Granta 2013. Photo: Wroom

Making a choice in favor of the popular in the Russian market, the LADA Granta, the motorist gets mixed machine, I’m sure the owner of the “public sector” 2013. On the resource Wroom “grantwood” told about the negative experience, and recommended to spend money on a foreign car with mileage. However, portal users are sure no reason to call “Grant’s” unreliablebecause of serious problems with it at least.

Disadvantages of LADA Granta

The main claim of the motorist to the car, where you overcome 170 thousand km, was the destruction of the body:

“Began to crack at 150 thousand km in places of fastening of the Cup wheel to the side members, while the car in the accident was not” — said the owner, to match words with pictures of the cracks.

Listing other shortcomings, the owner of the car said: “it looks like a disposable”. A lot of questions on the “crickets” in the cabin, stained seats, “flying away” with thresholds paintwork, deflected by 30 thousand km carpet, budget plastic, which is “a conventional low pressure polyethylene”, covered with scratches, the glass on the mileage 10-20 thousand miles, “whine” of the cable box.

It is noted that the 8-valve 87-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, which is still installed on the restyled “Grants” in addition to a pair of 16-valve assemblies 98 and 106 HP, not even enough for overtaking trucks on the highway:

“You never know overtake a truck or not, clothed with the engine connecting rod and piston group weak and hungry”.

The Advantages Of The “Grants”

The advantages of the purchase of LADA Granta the owner took its price (today, “Grant” costs 466-649 thousand rubles in 7 trim levels and 17 modifications), as well as trouble-free first 10 thousand km of mileage.

However, the owners of “Grant” at Wroom are confident that the power of the motor “more than enough, than not.” Noticed that complaints from the owner to serious damage of components and assemblies was not:

“Reliable, it turns out, the car in addition to cracks, scratches and scuffs no complaints with considerable mileage”.

Economical engine, but the stiff suspension: the Main features of the Volkswagen Polo V

On the subject

Economical engine, but the stiff suspension: the Main features of the Volkswagen Polo V

2020-06-21 13:14:49

It is also noted that the manufacturer in the instruction manual indicates that the estimated life of the machine is 110 thousand kmso the claim baseless, and the “Grant” reliable. To avoid problems we recommend to change every 3-4 years or when the mileage up to 80 thousand km.

“Foreign car b/y in this respect would collapse, and Grant a whole”, — concluded the motorists.

LADA Granta 2013. Photo: Wroom

Budget sedan LADA Granta for many months, despite General market decline, remains the sales leader in Russia that is confirmed by the statistics of the resource AutoVercity, and also noted in the report of the AEB (Association of European Businesses).


Complaints and Covid : the epidemic detestable

– Say, grandpa, that wants to say what “complaint” ?

The time is on the balance sheet and it’s just the beginning.

There were the sick, the patients admitted in the intensive care unit, the healed, the dead, etc, The compatibility is now another facet of the epidemic, not more encouraging : the complaints in court.

The mayors and to the Prime minister

It is as if we caught up the lost time. For more than two months, like many other activities in the country, the Justice has lived in apnea. Apart from the emergencies to deal with, nothing that the courts are closed, and thousands and thousands of hearings to be returned. Weaned individuals French give the impression of wanting to make up for lost time by multiplying the procedures around the Covid 19.

The virus – scientists around the world are on to something – remains largely elusive. It would be illusory to believe that it will let catch up now by the judges. Lack of ability to take on the coronavirus itself, the plaintiffs seek, therefore, all those who have had to deal with the problem : the mayors of our municipalities, institutions and persons who are elderly and dependent, and of course also the ministers, including the first one of them.

Families, unions, assos

They are blamed their unpreparedness – but, in all conscience, who could boast today of having been prepared to the event ? They are accused of mismanagement and even of ” lies of State “. At the end of the month of march, one or the other have been the subject of complaints of endangerment, the non-assistance in danger, or involuntary homicide. More than 60 complaints against the government were filed in the Court of Justice of the Republic. A fifty against senior officials. The complaints emanate from individuals, families, associations, trade unions or even of inmates. Doctors there are also : more than 600 have filed a complaint against the minister of Health.

In recent weeks, the school section is to turn on the hot seat : the collective of parents of pupils, but also the State, use to the judges to compel the communities that have not yet done so to reopen their schools. It is not, however, this time, on the same registry, it is not a matter to identify and prosecute a responsible for at any price.

A real poison

The agenda of the judges and clerks of the court, already sufficiently crowded, certainly did not need this epidemic of complaints. But the more serious question is of a different order. With the human drama that it has caused, the containment, has been made necessary, the impact of all this in the field of health such as the economy and the social life, the Covid 19 will be exacerbated tensions. This is that it pollutes today our relations. A real poison of our society would have been well in the past. Hunting the scapegoat, surely, is not a sign of good health.

What is the effect on vocations ?

On the eve of the first round of the municipal, we looked forward to more than 900,000 men and women appear on the lists. That nearly a million French are willing to give of their time and their skill to the public, this should actually reassure us. Not sure, however, that the complaints falling like at Gravelotte contribute to future vocations also many.

These complaints in cascade constitute a kind of an outbreak also. And not less formidable.

Yves Durand


Facebook launches option for video calls with up to 50 people without time limit – Telemundo Nueva Inglaterra

Facebook revealed that it is launching a tool called Messenger Rooms with which users will be able to make video calls with up to 50 people. This is the latest move by the social network ‘due to the popularity, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, of other applications such as its Zoom or Houseparty with similar group video contact capabilities.

The news was given this Friday by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg through Facebook Live.

Live with Mark Zuckerberg

Tune in here on April 24th at 11am PT, as Mark Zuckerberg goes live to share some new product updates we’ve been working on, to help everyone feel more connected with each other even while we’re apart.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, April 24, 2020

According to our sister station CNBC, the tool will be free will allow Facebook and Messenger users to create group video calls of up to 50 people at a time, increasing the current limit of the Messenger app from 8 people.

According to CNBC, the 50-person limit for Messenger Rooms will not be available immediately. Facebook users will see a lower limit at launch, but it will soon rise to 50 people, a company spokesperson told CNBC. The limit will vary for users at launch, the spokesperson said.

By comparison, Zoom allows up to 100 people to video chat for free for up to 40 minutes. Houseparty supports up to eight people.

Video calls in Messenger Rooms have no time limit and will include features like augmented reality filters that allow people to add masks to their faces. Video call hosts will also be able to block calls and delete users. Facebook and Messenger users can create Messenger rooms, and they can invite anyone to join, including people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Messenger Rooms will begin rolling out to users on Friday, and will expand to more regions in the coming weeks. “You can start and share video calls on Facebook through your wall, Groups and Events, so it is easy for people to visit it. We will soon add ways to create video call rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal too”, explained the social network.

WhatsApp also expands capacity

Facebook also announced that it is doubling the limit of people in WhatsApp video calls from four to eight people.

In addition, the company is introducing a video calling feature on Facebook Dating so that users of that service can have virtual dating.

Zoom improves your security

The video conferencing platform Zoom, which has achieved a sudden popularity success with the COVID-19 pandemic, announced this week an update to its software, where, it says, it has improved the encryption system to respond to criticism received for lack of security.

The San Jose, California-based firm explained in a statement that Zoom version 5.0 adds support for encryption with 256-bit AES encryption GCM, providing “increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. ”

The update available this week will also allow the account administrator to choose which regions of the data center their meetings and webinars use for real-time traffic at the account, group, or user level.

On the other hand, the company has grouped all the options related to security in the same icon, which is accessed through the menu bar of the digital meeting, the “waiting room” option has been activated by default and allows videoconference hosts report a user whose participation has not been allowed.

“I am proud to achieve this step in our 90 day plan, but this is only the beginning. We will earn the trust of our customers and bring them happiness with our firm goal of providing the safest platform, ”said Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan.

Zoom’s success and sudden growth as a result of the increase in teleworking and digital encounters following the confinement orders for the COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by many complaints about failures in communication security and little respect for the privacy of users.

One of the most common problems that its users are encountering is that Internet users who have not been invited appear by surprise in teleconferences, a phenomenon baptized as “zoombombing” and which has caused educational institutions, governments and companies to stop using the platform. and, in the case of Google, their employees have even been banned.


Quarantine: those who suffer gender violence are authorized to go out to report | Chronicle

Women or LGTTBI people alone or with their sons and daughters who leave their homes for the purpose of making criminal complaints regarding acts of violence or who are going to require help, assistance or protection due to the situation of violence they are transiting are excepted from the fulfillment of social, preventive and compulsory isolation for these reasons of “overwhelming force”.

This is established in Resolution 15/2020, published this Sunday in the Official Gazette, which clarifies that although Decree 297/2020 contemplated this possibility, “Through this regulation the disposition is clarified and protocolized with the security forces that are carrying out the traffic controls”.

“We understand that the issuance of this Resolution is important and pertinent, since it helps the Security Forces to know that the aforementioned situations correspond to cases of force majeure”, the resolution says in its recitals.

From the Ministry of Women, Genders and Diversity of the Nation (MMGyD) it was recalled that “Since the onset of the health emergency, various actions have been promoted to address situations of gender-based violence, especially during this period in which many LGBTI + women and people could find themselves in situations of isolation with their aggressor and require assistance “.

Among other measures, attention on Line 144 was reinforced and it was declared an indispensable service.

In addition, new service channels of the Line were enabled to facilitate the communication of people in situations of violence in the event that they were isolated together with their aggressor: WhatsApp (+54) 11 2771 6463/11 2775 9047/11 2775 9048 / Mail email:

The use of the free application for cell phones was also encouraged, “complementary to Line 144, to receive support and advice in situations of gender-based violence”, the ministry reported in a statement.


Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna’s accountant ordered to deliver financial information – NBC Los Angeles

A judge on Tuesday ordered the accountant of three companies owned by the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter, who could prove if he lost money after canceling the ex-couple’s reality show, “Rob & Chyna”.

Los Angeles Supreme Court judge Randolph Hammock has granted a motion by lawyers for the Kardashian / Jenner families to force J. Walter Michael & Associates to comply with a defense summons to produce information regarding three companies owned by the actor Blac Chyna. In addition to the objection of Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, the judge said that the documents must also include tax returns.

The judge said he would delay the start of the trial scheduled for May 26 if necessary, if the defense is not satisfied they have all the documents they need from Chyna’s companies.

“I know your client is desperate just to have her day in court,” Hammock told Ciani. “He wants to get his justice against the Kardashian clan. ”

Chyna’s real name is Angela White and filed her lawsuit in November 2017. Her claims against Rob Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner include defamation and interference with potential economic benefits. Chyna claims that the four women falsely claimed to have physically abused Rob Kardashian while they were a couple.

In her lawsuit, Chyna claims to have suffered significant damage and that the scandal resulted in the cancellation of her reality show with her ex boyfriend by E! She claims that the network allegedly granted a second season of the show, but for false statements made against her, including the alleged comments from the four women accused of E! representatives in late 2016 and early 2017 that Chyna physically abused Rob Kardashian.

In their court documents supporting their motion, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorneys said that the accountants’ documents could show whether Chyna is sincere when she claims to have lost money in appearances and endorsements after the show’s cancellation. They asked for company records for Blac Chyna Inc., 88 Fin Inc. and Lashed LLC for the years 2014-19.

Ciani told the judge that she was trying to obtain the documents required by the defense from the accountant, who is based in Michigan, and that she had difficulty in doing so. He repeated his previous court statement that Chyna no longer claims damages in connection with that company.

However, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorney Todd Eagan has said he still wants to examine Lashed’s documents to see if the company has lost or made any money since the show ended. In his court documents, Eagan stated that the summons to the auditing firm was duly given to Walter Mosley, who performs unrelated legal activities for Chyna and is identified on the entity’s website as head of the Los Angeles office. Angeles.

Chyna, 31, and Rob Kardashian, 32, started dating in January 2016 and had a daughter, Dream, in November. They broke up in the summer of 2017 and
he sued Kardashian, his mother and three of his sisters in October of that year.

In July 2017, he used social media to publish images of Chyna’s naked breast, back and genitals. He also accused her of sleeping with another man in the “same bed where Chyna and I made our baby.” He later removed some of the photos.


Rob Kardashian replies after ex Blac Chyna claims to be “suicidal” and “not …

March 6, 2020, 11:40 am

Chyna says Rob's mental health is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Chyna says Rob’s mental health is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.


The ex-couple is involved in a fierce battle for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are still fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream, and things are getting hot.

In his latest filing in court, Chyna, 31, says that Rob, 32, is struggling with depression and has “problems leaving the house” and has sometimes talked about hurting himself.

Chyna, the real name is Angela Renée White, said Rob “tells me all the time he’s depressed, and on some occasions he said he wanted to commit suicide” in a statement to the Los Angeles family court in mid-February.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are currently fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream. (Pictured here in 2016.)

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are currently fighting for custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Dream. (Pictured here in 2016.).


“Of all the places where he says Dream goes during his custody period, Dream is going there with a nanny or family member because the respondent is too afraid to leave the house,” said Chyna.

He also claims that the ex-couple is still facing communication problems and they only saw each other “four times in person since the paternity trial” was instituted in October 2017.

Rob denied Chyna’s allegations in a statement filed in late February, due to his reluctance to come out in public because of the control he faced over his image.

Chyna says Rob's struggle with depression is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Chyna says Rob’s struggle with depression is affecting his ability to take care of Dream, 3.

Rob Kardashian / Twitter

“I deny having a problem with depression or leaving the house,” said Rob. “My family and I are public figures. There was a time when my paparazzi photo immediately led to incessant negative comments about my appearance.

He continued, “So yes, for a certain period of time, I didn’t want to undergo this; I’m not sure why anyone would.”

Rob previously filed court documents seeking Dream’s primary custody that Chyna snorted cocaine with strangers and had a $ 600 a day alcohol habit and taught Dream to imitate sexual positions.

She claims that Chyna is creating “an unsafe environment because of her unpredictable behavior” and claims that she makes “violent threats to the people in her home”. Chyna has denied the claims.


Kim Kardashian addresses plagiarism claims on the “copied” ZaZa song from the North West | Hollywood