Attack from the south: US decides to oust Gazprom from Turkey

Attack from the south: US decides to oust Gazprom from Turkey

Washington is ready to provide Ankara with “competitively priced LNG” to ease dependence on Russian gas. This was announced by former Senator David … RIA Novosti, 06/29/2020



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Turks always betray Russia. For some reason, the guarantor considers them partners …. We build gas pipelines at our own expense, then they refuse gas. We build them nuclear power plants at our own expense, it is not clear whether we will get money back …. We sell weapons to them on credit do not pay … Why are generous and stupid in choosing partners? but at home we raise the retirement age, prices for everything are constantly rising ….. Guarantor, ay?



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MOSCOW, Jun 29 – RIA Novosti, Maxim Rubchenko. Washington is ready to provide Ankara with “competitively priced LNG” to ease dependence on Russian gas. This was announced by former senator David Witter at the seminar of the Business Council of Turkey – USA “It’s time for the allies to become allies: the Turkish-American supply chain.” Together with Witter, America was represented at the summit by Senator Lindsay Graham, author of several anti-Russian bills.

An alternative to China

Faced with the prospect of a widespread economic crisis, Turkey decided to restore friendship with the United States. Ankara is positioning itself as an alternative to Beijing, Washington’s relations with it are getting worse every day.

On Thursday, the US Senate approved a bill called the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which provides for sanctions against Chinese officials involved in the Hong Kong National Security Act, as well as companies and banks affiliated with these officials.

A day earlier, the Pentagon published a list of twenty Chinese firms operating, in the opinion of the Americans, in the interests of the Chinese Defense Ministry. In particular, it includes China Mobile Communications Group, China Telecommunications Corp, aircraft manufacturer Aviation Industry Corp. Experts are sure that this is the first step to sanctions.

The trade war between China and the United States has already led to the restructuring of global supply chains, and a new aggravation of relations against the backdrop of the global crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic will only accelerate this process. What the Turks decided to use.

“Before the pandemic, China was at the heart of a single supply chain of the global economy. Now the situation is changing, and great opportunities are opening up for countries such as Turkey,” Fuat Oktay openly said.

June 15, 08:00

Gas bomb: scandal erupts in Ukraine over American LNG

Ankara has already devised a plan on how, with Washington’s support, to push China into Africa. “Joint Turkish-American enterprises on this continent can be an interesting part of rebuilding our economies after the pandemic,” said TAIK chairman Mehmet Ali Yaljindag. “We will not only help fragile economies, but also strike at Chinese expansion and strengthen ties with the United States.”

In addition, according to Yaljindag, Turkey is able to replace China in the supply of household appliances and auto parts to the US market. “This will allow the United States to diversify manufacturers and not depend on China, which the Trump administration is striving for,” he said.

Gas attack

However, the Americans are interested in friendship with Ankara, not only against China, but also against Russia. Therefore, at the Turkey-US Business Council seminar on Wednesday “It’s time for allies to become allies: Turkish-American Supply Chain” (TAIK) David Witter (former senator from Louisiana who focuses on the production of liquefied natural gas) and Lindsay Graham (author of several anti-Russian bills and the main lobbyist for the interests of American gas workers in Congress) proposed to the Turks a plan for cooperation in the gas sector, aimed at undermining the position of Gazprom.

Oil tanker off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico

June 13, 08:00

Nothing personal. How the US helped Russia win the oil war

It is simple: Turkey will start buying American LNG, will become a gas hub, will resell “freedom gas” to neighbors and earn a lot of money. In fact, this is the same thing that Washington had previously agreed with Warsaw.

But Turkey is not Poland. It is already a gas hub, it operates in deliveries of blue fuel from Russia and Azerbaijan in volumes that the Poles have never dreamed of, and Ankara is completely not interested in the fact that additional LNG from the USA will further bring down prices in the European market.

This can not be understood even in Washington. Therefore, experts are sure that the real goal of the Americans is to impose an agreement on Ankara providing for the possibility of tankers passing through the Bosphorus.

Now the movement of gas carriers through the strait is prohibited, which does not allow Kiev and Sofia to acquire overseas LNG. If Ankara makes concessions, the situation will change dramatically: the Americans will be able to build terminals for receiving liquefied gas on the coast of all their satellites in the region – Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, providing a good market for manufacturers in Louisiana.

See who came

It is noteworthy that Witter and Graham introduced Louisiana Natural Gas Exports (LNGE) to the Turks as their main partner in gas projects. The very one with which the Ukrainian government at the end of May concluded a memorandum on purchases of 5.5 billion cubic meters of LNG per year for twenty years.

Work on the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

June 10, 08:00

Warsaw launched a tariff war against Gazprom

Even Naftogaz Ukrainy refused such cooperation, since, according to the head of the Ukrainian state-owned company Andriy Kobolev, “the check revealed several dozen signs that did not allow signing any contract with Louisiana Natural Gas Export.”

LNGE was founded less than two years ago in the US “internal offshore”, Delaware, and its real beneficiaries are unknown. For all the time the company has never made a profit, but managed to accumulate a tax debt of $ 340 thousand. Its executive director, Ben Blanchet, owns a site at the Abbeville gas field in Louisiana and is frantically looking for markets.

If Turkey’s intentions to integrate into global supply chains have a chance of success, then cooperation with Louisiana Natural Gas Export does not bode well. However, Ankara is not in a position to be capricious.

Oil derrick

May 13, 08:00

Dumping price: oil war destroys Saudi budget

The economy is in crisis, currency reserves are running out: Turkish state-owned banks sold $ 55 billion over five months of this year to slow down the lira, which has depreciated more than twice in three years. In May, the outflow of currency from the country exceeded the inflow by five billion dollars.

Turkey’s last chance to escape from economic collapse is to get into the US Federal Reserve assistance program. At the height of the crisis, the Fed opened unlimited credit lines to central banks in developing countries such as Mexico or Brazil. But Washington has so far refused Turkey “because of the high politicization of the Turkish Central Bank.” For the Americans to change their anger to mercy, Ankara will have to pay dearly.


Lukashenko said Moscow understands the situation with Gazprom Bank :: Politics :: RBC

According to the president, he was struck that during searches in the bank, law enforcement officers found that “in all the main cells there were flash drives, hard drives and mountains of documents” that store a “huge layer of information”. The Belarusian authorities, according to Lukashenko, learned about what was happening at the bank in December last year, and it was not possible to arrest Babariko earlier, since there was no evidence base. He also added that if “the Americans did not put pressure on the Latvian bank last year,” Belarus would hardly have received information about fraud.

Lukashenko’s main opponent detained in Minsk

On June 11, searches were held at the head office of the financial organization. Employees of the State Control Committee (KGK) of Belarus seized more than $ 4 million and securities worth more than $ 500 thousand, and also detained 15 people. KGC said that Babariko was involved in illegal activities that led to searches and criminal proceedings. The latter are instituted under Art. 235 (legalization of funds obtained by criminal means on an especially large scale) and Art. 243 of the Criminal Code (tax evasion on an especially large scale).

On June 18, Babariko was detained; he is suspected of influencing witnesses and concealing evidence of crimes, as well as participating in money laundering.

Ivan Tertel, Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus, said that “puppeteers” from Gazprom or “even higher” stand for Babariko. In response, the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov asked to argue this statement, recalling that the largest Russian companies are protected by the state.

Babariko himself called the raids a raid and claimed that it was a campaign directed directly against him.


salute from the cable-stayed bridge, hovering above the water Assol and space suits

The brightest evening of the country’s graduates ended, which the guys were looking forward to this year. So, as always, the Scarlet Sails Festival 2020 became a beautiful chord of the All-Russian holiday. This year it was both traditional and completely unusual at the same time. We tell you what the Scarlet Sails 2020 surprised.

The main innovation of this year is the change of locationPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Well, firstly, the main innovation is the change of location. For several years in a row, a snow-white brig passes through the water area Not you along the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and right under the Palace Bridge. This year, another, no less picturesque place was chosen, with very recognizable sights. Petersburg – stadium “Gazprom-Arena “, Lakhta-center and cable-stayed bridge ZSD.

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country. Photo: Artem KILKIN

Access to all locations was closed due to the difficult epidemic situation both in the city and throughout the country.Photo: Artem KILKIN

The second innovation: live Petersburgers and visitors could not see all this beauty. And all because this year there are special requirements: because of the pandemic, access to the park is closed, it was also impossible to see from the water, since part of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland were blocked. GIMS boats and various services went around the water area and made sure that no one violated the ban. Law enforcement officers were also on duty on land: if they met people in a territory where there should not be anyone, they politely asked to leave the place and go home.

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast Photo: Artyom KILKIN

Everyone was politely asked to leave the coast.Photo: Artem KILKIN

And at home, by the way, everyone would have considered it in the best possible way: there was a live broadcast of a concert and a pyrotechnic show on the Internet and on TV. By the way, on the screen you can see what on the shore would definitely not be accessible to the eye. And all because along the Neva and the Gulf of Finland there were several scenes at once and on each of them there was an action.

The main stage was next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, it was also very unusual – as if soaring in the air, and with it the stars acting on it. Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Александрова.

The hosts of the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria Alexandrova Photo: Oleg GOLD

Leading the holiday were Ivan Urgant and Daria AlexandrovaPhoto: Oleg GOLD

Timur Rodriguez, Vera performed their hits Brezhnev, RASA group, Dima Bilan and Surganova. And there were surprises in the form of a show of pirates and drummers, yes, it is worth noting separately what costumes the artists had – just space ones. Be sure to watch Bilan’s performance if you missed. And also a salute, well, the passage itself of a sailboat!

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworks. Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

The cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was both a platform for light and a launch site for fireworksPhoto: Oleg GOLD

By the way, the pyrotechnic show lasted almost half an hour, hundreds of volleys were launched into the sky, the first cable-stayed bridge of the WHSD was used. It was both a platform for light, and for launching a salute.

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of Finland Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

But the highlight, of course, was the passage of a snow-white brig with Scarlet Sails along the Gulf of FinlandPhoto: Oleg GOLD

And at the end of the extravaganza, the romantic Assol soared above the water to meet her dream. By the way, this year the holiday was dedicated to the author of the fairy tale about Scarlet Sails Alexander Green – marks 140 years since his birthday.

If you missed the broadcast live, there is an opportunity to watch the best moments of the show.

Graduation Scarlet Sails in St. Petersburg ended with a grandiose salute.Alena CHICHIGINA


Lukashenko said that Russia understood why he “slammed” the bank of Gazprom

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on the television channel Belarus 1 that Russia understands the reasons why the ex-director of Belgazprombank (a subsidiary of Gazprom) Viktor Babariko, who claimed the post of president, was arrested in Belarus. “When we slammed this Gazprom bank, they understood everything,” said Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader emphasized that Belarus acts according to the law. Through this bank, 640 million dollars were laundered and transferred to Latvia. Americans in Latvia “covered” this bank. “And when I see millions and millions of dollars pumped out – it’s the money earned for us, then what should be my actions?” – asked Lukashenko a rhetorical question.

He talked about the searches in the bank. He was struck that in all the cells were documents and flash drives. Previously, Babariko could not be arrested due to the lack of evidence. Initially, information about fraud appeared in December. But it was impossible to act right away — evidence was needed. Moreover, if the Americans did not put pressure on the bank in Latvia, then in Minsk they might not have received information about transfers, the Belarusian president added.

It should be noted that earlier the Prosecutor General of Belarus stated about the threat to the national security of the republic arising from the actions of Babariko. Babariko has been charged, but under what article is still unknown.


The media learned about the plans of Germany in case of sanctions against the “Nord stream 2” :: Society :: RBC

The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering a coordinated EU action, if the United States will impose new sanctions against the pipeline, according to Bloomberg. What retaliatory measures will be taken, has not yet been disclosed

Photo: Stefan Sauer / dpa

Germany is preparing retaliatory measures if the US imposes further sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, according to Bloomberg.

As reported, referring to the two German officials in the administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel are considering the probability to insist on coordinated action of the European Union in relation to possible sanctions. The Agency, citing the Ministry of economy of Germany, reports that the new sanctions will hit German and European companies, banks and public institutions. What a response considering the German authorities, is not specified.

Last week the Chairman of the Commission of the German Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst said the German government should consider their actions if the US sanctions will take effect. In response, he offered to call the American Ambassador in Germany, to impose personal sanctions against senators who prepared the draft law on restrictions against the “Nord stream — 2” and to impose duties on incoming US liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In the Bundestag made the sanctions in response to US measures against Nord Stream 2

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

Sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the United States approved in December 2019. Then the Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in pipe-laying of “Nord stream — 2” stopped working. The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that to complete the construction of the pipeline is possible on their own, and to do this, according to Minister of energy Alexander Novak, capable of ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” (left to lay 160 km of pipes). In 2016, it was in the operational management of OOO “Gazprom FLOT” (“daughter” company of “Gazprom”, which is also the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream AG 2).


Die Welt called the chances to finish construction of the “Nord stream 2” :: Policies :: RBC

“Academician of the Chersky” near the island of rügen

(Photo: Stefan Sauer / Global Look)

“Gazprom” (the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream 2) have the ability to complete the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, without fear of U.S. sanctions, writes Die Welt.

The newspaper notes that this became possible after the ship “Akademik Chersky”, previously owned by OOO “Gazprom fleet” became the property of the Samara thermal power asset Fund (STIF).

The only thing that can slow down construction, according to the newspaper, the ban on most works in the Baltic sea in July-August. At this time, said Die Welt, where spawning cod.

The owner is able to build Nord Stream 2 of the vessel became the Foundation from Samara

Material supplemented.


In the Bundestag, demanded Merkel to curtail the Nord Stream 2 for killing :: Policy :: RBC

Khangoshvili was shot in the Berlin district of Moabit in August 2019. In December, German prosecutors said that the killing was organized by Russian authorities or the structure of the Chechen Republic. As argued by the Agency that Moscow suspected him of involvement in the banned terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate”.

Russian Ambassador summoned to German foreign Ministry over the killing of Georgians in Berlin

A suspect in the murder khangoshvili was detained. As reported by the journalists of Bellingcat, The Insider and Spiegel, talking about the citizen of Russia Vadim Krasikov, who was in Germany with a fake passport in the name of Vadim Sokolov. On 18 June the Prosecutor General’s office of Germany advanced against Vadim K. (in documents, also referred to as Vadim S.) charges under two articles “Murder” and “Illegal possession of weapons”.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the allegations speculation. In December, President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the murder khangoshvili, called it “a tough and bloody man”, which was organized by one of the explosions in the Moscow metro.

Nord Stream 2 — “daughter” of “Gazprom”, which deals with the construction of “Nord stream-2”. The capacity of the pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters per year, the cost is estimated at €9.5 billion In the project, in addition to “Gazprom” invested companies from Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands: OMV, Wintershall Dea, Uniper, Shell and Engie.

In December last year, Washington imposed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”. Shortly thereafter, Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in laying pipes, stopped working. At that time, had to lay 160 km of pipeline. “Gazprom” plans to launch the “Nord stream-2” at the end of this year.


Minsk after the search put your Manager in the Bank, “Gazprom” :: Finance :: RBC

Photo: Natalia Fedosenko / TASS

Central Bank of Belarus has imposed temporary administration Belgazprombank. It was headed by the former head of the Bank Nadezhda Yermakova, says the report of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The Bank belongs to the Russian “Gazprom” and Gazprombank. His former Manager is Victor Babariko, who had previously announced his intention to run for President of Belarus. In an interview with RBC he called the detention of top managers of Belagroprombank on charges of money laundering and tax evasion raider capture of the state.

Opponents Lukashenko says: “Intimidation is a small part of what is happening”

Victor Babariko

RBC sent a request to Gazprom.

Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont denied that the searches in the Bank and the detention of top managers is a political pressure on opponents of Alexander Lukashenko. “Withdrawn huge sums of money, securities, gold, paintings. 15 people were detained. And the person from whom you interviewed may not know that all of them give grateful evidences, including against him,” she said RBC.


Top-Manager of “daughters” of Gazprombank in Belarus was accused of stealing :: Policy :: RBC

June 11 at the head office of the BGB were searched. Employees of the state control Committee (SCC) of Belarus withdrew more than $4 million, and securities worth more than $500 thousand were detained 15 people — top managers, including Deputy head of Belgazprombank, as well as representatives of commercial structures (mostly former employees of the Bank). The Ministry also said that Babariko involved in illegal activities, which led to searches and criminal cases. Cases were opened under article 235 (legalization of funds obtained in a criminal way in especially large size) and article 243 of the criminal code (tax evasion in especially large size).

In the Bank, “Gazprom” came to searches on rival Lukashenko. The main thing

Gazprombank and Gazprom (companies owned in 49.8% of the shares in Belarusian Bank) said that on 11 June, the national Bank of Belarus illegally appointed acting Chairman of the Board of BGB, and also the acting Deputy Chairman, as Plenipotentiary members of the management Board of a financial institution was arrested. Russian company believes that these actions affect the rights and interests of the Russian shareholders of the Belarusian Bank, and the interests of customers and depositors.

According to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the test Bank was conducted in 2016. The nomination of Babariko to the elections scheduled for August 9, he connected with the inquiry: “Which was useful because I realized that to come to him and put on handcuffs”.

Opponents Lukashenko called raiding the searches in the “daughter” of “Gazprom”

Victor Babariko

Babariko in an interview with RBC has called the detention of top managers of BGB raids by the state. Process directed against him personally, he Babariko. Among the detainees there are and his friends who were accused of tax evasion because they have in custody has the money because they had deposited there his money, said Babariko. To refuse to participate in the presidential campaign he did not intend.


Top manager of Naftogaz announced a decision to fire him :: Business :: RBC

This thwarted the plans of those in Ukraine who were already prepared to “earn” on “direct deliveries” of Russian gas <...> Oligarchs and corrupt officials never liked the way we systematically reduce the space for corruption. But, as they say, when you fight corruption, it starts to fight you, ”Vitrenko added, complaining that“ effective professionals are “tolerated” only as long as they do not threaten the interests of the “bosses”.

Kobolev, according to Vitrenko, became a part of the power system, he is a “no” manager, and his failures as the head of Naftogaz discredit the reforms.

“And this only confirmed the results of 2019. If we subtract the results in the direction of our team’s work, then the rest of Naftogaz, where the boss is Kobolev, has losses, ”Vitrenko wrote.

“I and at least some key members of our team will leave Naftogaz soon. And Kobolev will remain the head of Naftogaz. That is why we are not sure that our business remains in good hands, ”he added.

RBC sent a request to Naftogaz Ukrainy.

A new gas transit contract between Russia and Ukraine was concluded at the end of 2019 for a period of five years, until the end of 2024. In early February 2020, Vitrenko estimated Naftogaz’s revenues from the conclusion of this contract in January as a third of all budget revenues in Ukraine for the same month.

Top manager of Naftogaz announced the delay in premiums for a deal with Russia

In addition, in February Vitrenko complained that he had not yet received the bonus due to him for winning the company’s dispute with Gazprom, as a result of which the Russian company paid the Ukrainian company $ 2.9 billion. Vitrenko called the refusal to pay the amount due unfair and disruptive trust in the authorities, declaring their intention to appeal to law enforcement agencies to protect their interests and bring those responsible for non-payment of bonuses to him.