Neymar invited Macarena Gastaldo to go out before Peru vs Brazil in Lima for Qualifying at National Stadium – Magaly TV La Firme VIDEO

Tuesday night, Macarena Gastaldo was present in the program Magaly TV the firm and commented that in the previous Peru vs. Brazil, Playoff match that was played in the National Stadium of Lima, the star of PSG, Neymar, wanted to see her.

The model and influencer showed the conversation she had precisely with Neymar, who told him in detail the moments he spent in Lima during his stay prior to the clash against the ‘bicolor’, on October 13.

“I’m only staying today (Tuesday), tomorrow after the game we are leaving,” Neymar told Macarena, and, after an audio sent by her, the footballer replied: “No nothing, beautiful. I play tomorrow night. I wanted to see you”.

But the meeting never happened. It happens that Macarena took a screenshot of the conversation she had with Neymar and passed it on to a ‘close friends’, a group of close friends in Instagram.

However, Argentina did not count on one of the members of that group passing the capture to a close friend of Neymar, who later rebuked Macarena for what happened, and his communication was cut off.

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Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga 51 shows the death of Naruto Uzumaki Seventh Hokage Isshiki Otsutsuki Facebook United States Mexico Argentina

The arrival of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations al manga was the continuation of the life of the now, Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, having new stories with his son, the protagonist of the story made by Ukyō Kodachi.

Therefore, the aforementioned manga is a trend in Facebook and other social networks, since in the last installment, apparently Naruto will sacrifice himself to save his first-born and the Leaf Village.

And yes, what we will show you next contains a high degree of spoiler. Remember also that you can read the chapters completely in Spanish through Manga Plus, Shueisha’s official website.

In the most recent chapter, the battle between Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto against Isshiki continues, being one of the strongest enemies of the saga. Faced with this, the Seventh Hokage has a brief but deep conversation with Kurama (nine-tailed fox).

In this context, he points out that the only way to end the rival is by sacrificing himself and expelling all his power, since Konoha is in danger of being destroyed.

The chapter that is called “Sacrifice”, culminates with Naruto arriving at the place of combat, and showing his new power. Will it be the end of the Seventh Hokage? The truth is difficult to know and, for the moment, it only remains to wait until the next chapter, which is scheduled to premiere on November 20.

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Real Madrid. Luka Jovic faces trial for skipping confinement

Belgrade, Serbia /

The forward of the Real Madrid, Luka Jovic, could face a six-month prison sentence in his native Serbia for, allegedly, violating mandatory coronavirus self-isolation measuresprosecutors said Friday.

In March, the Spanish team allowed the forward to leave Madrid to spend time with his family, but local media reported that The 23-year-old was seen walking around Belgrade and drinking with fellow soccer players.

Justice of Serbia vs. Jovic

Serbian prosecutors are asking the court to jail Jovic for six months for “leaving his place of residence” despite the fact that he came from a “country with a high transmission of the virus.”

Under regulations at the time, he was asked to self-isolate for two weeks.

Prosecutors are taking the player’s case to court after refuse to pay 30,000 euros (about $ 35,000) for humanitarian purposes, a sum they suggested as compensation for the charges to be dropped.

At that time, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic lashed out at “footballers who come from abroad” for setting a bad example, as the Balkan country was in its first week of a state of emergency to combat the virus.

They have multi-million dollar contracts and they come here and they don’t isolate themselves. It’s something the authorities will deal with, “Brnabic said.

The forward claimed that he tested negative both in Spain and upon arrival in Serbia, adding that he had not received “clear instructions on how to behave in self-isolation.”


Zidane (again) under discussion at Real Madrid and also young R …

Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid … When things go well, he is celebrated. If it goes less well, it is time for another one. After two embarrassing defeats against Cadiz (0-1) and the B-team of Shakhtar Donetsk (2-3) the time has come again, three days before El Clásico. Zidane has to go outside. Eden Hazard still follows it from the infirmary.

Zidane on Wednesday committed sacrilege against corona-ravaged Shakhtar. He let Vinicius, Benzema, Kroos, … rest in view of Saturday’s prestige duel (4 p.m.) in Camp Nou against …


Twitter viral Two men metro patriotism Mexico They wanted to fight, but ended up imitating Don Ramón and Professor Jirafales – VIDEO viral TikTok MX united states social networks

Throughout the world it is not strange that two drivers argue with each other on public roads and that some of them go to the blows in front of everyone who is there, so this video in the social networks It would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for a curious detail.

With all the cars stopped near the station Metro PatriotismThese individuals who, apparently, had had a heated argument made the decision to hold on with a clean punch, although none of them were connected in the planned way.

During the entire “fight”, both were dedicated to jumping in their places as if they were boxers and the small blows were dodged or did not come to fruition, generating some laughter among users of social networks like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

The two men had to finish their job because the authorities realized what had happened and approached the scene. They both tried to pretend that nothing ever happened.

There were those who compared that fight with one that aired in Mexico in the series El Chavo del 8. We are not precisely referring to the fight that Don Ramón and Professor Jirafales tried to give in an episode of that comic production.

In the same vein as what happened on the Mexican streets, both characters from Roberto Gómez Bolaños’ program avoided hitting each other, although they were going to challenge each other so that one of them would land the first blow, which never came.

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Real Madrid not the favorites to win the Champions League? Very funny


There was an opinion that stated that Real Madrid not the favorite to win the Champions League this season. Inter Milan coach, Antonio Conte, laugh at it.

Madrid is the most successful team in Champions League. In total there are 13 trophies won with the last three titles coming in succession or four in the last seven seasons.

However, Real Madrid has seen a decline since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. In the last two editions, Los Blancos were eliminated in the last 16.

In the 2020/2021 Champions League, Madrid’s journey will not be easy. Zinedine Zidane’s team entered Group B with Shakhtar Donetsk, Inter Milan, and Borussia Moenchengladbach.

There are opinions that say it is difficult for Real Madrid to win the Champions League this season. The Los Blancos squad has also not changed. One of the opinions or judgments came from Jorge Valdano as a former Real Madrid player.

Conte does not understand the assessment that Madrid are not favorites. The Italian coach even laughed when he heard this assumption.

“I don’t know if we are considered the favorites in this group,” said Conte in the press conference ahead of Inter vs Gladbach, quoted by Marca.

“Real Madrid have important players who have won the Champions League several times. It makes me laugh when I hear that Real Madrid is not the favorite. Such evaluation must always be serious,” Conte insisted.

On the other hand, Conte don’t have a good experience in the Champions League. His furthest step as a coach is only up to the quarter-finals.

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Liga 1 Liga Movistar Liga 1: Complete fixture, how the national champion is defined and how many are relegated Alianza Lima Universitario Sporting Cristal

The last stage of the League 1 to meet the 2020 champion with Phase 2. The 20 teams will fight to reach an international quota and not be relegated to the second division.


Those who occupy the first place in both series will play a defining match to find out who is the winner of Phase 2. If University wins the tournament again, it will be declared automatically as national champion.

Will there be semi-finals to meet the national champion?

If the winners of Phase 1 and Phase 2 are different from the first two places in the accumulated table, semifinals and finals will be played, all back and forth.

Can there be only one semi-final?

Yes. In this case, if the University does not manage to win Phase 2, but remains first or second in the accumulated, they will go to the final waiting for a rival between the winner of Phase 2 and the other team with the highest score in the accumulated.

Can the winner of Phase 1 be left out of the national title dispute?

Yes. In the event that University is outside the first 9 of the accumulated, it will not contest the final.

Who qualify for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana?

The champion, and runner-up, will go directly to the Copa Libertadores Group stage, while the third and fourth place will be placed in the Pre-Libertadores. While from fifth to eighth place they will be in the South American Cup.

How many teams descend?

The clubs that occupy the last three positions of the accumulated table will be demoted and only one will rise in League 2. In 2021 the tournament will be played with 18 teams.


Date 1

  • UTC – Binational
  • Cienciano – S. Cristal
  • Cantolao – C. Stein
  • University – A. Grau
  • Alliance UDH – San Martín

Date 2

  • S. Cristal – C. Stein
  • Cienciano – UTC
  • Cantolao – A. Grau
  • San Martín – Binational
  • UDH Alliance – University

Date 3

  • Binational – UDH Alliance
  • University – Cienciano
  • C. Stein – San Martín
  • A. Grau – S. Cristal
  • UTC – Cantolao

Date 4

  • UTC – A. Grau
  • Cienciano – Binational
  • Cantolao – University
  • San Martín – S. Cristal
  • Alianza UDH – C. Stein

Date 5

  • S. Cristal – UDH Alliance
  • A. Grau – San Martín
  • C. Stein – Cienciano
  • University – UTC
  • Binational – Cantolao

Date 6

  • UTC – Alianza UDH
  • A. Grau – C. Stein
  • Cantolao – Cienciano
  • University – San Martín
  • Binational – S. Cristal

Date 7

  • S. Cristal – University
  • Cienciano – A. Grau
  • C. Stein – Binational
  • San Martín – UTC
  • Alliance UDH – Cantolao

Date 8

  • UTC – S. Cristal
  • Cienciano – UDH Alliance
  • Cantolao – San Martín
  • University – C. Stein
  • Binational – A. Grau

Date 9

  • S. Cristal – Cantolao
  • A. Grau – UDH Alliance
  • C. Stein – UTC
  • San Martin – Cienciano
  • Binational – University


Date 1

  • Cusco FC – Melgar
  • Mannucci – Vallejo
  • Sport Boys – Llacuabamba
  • Municipal – Huancayo
  • Alliance – Ayacucho FC

Date 2

  • Vallejo – Llacuabamba
  • Mannucci – Cusco FC
  • Sport Boys – Huancayo
  • Ayacucho FC – Melgar
  • Alliance – Municipal

Date 3

  • Melgar – Alliance
  • Municipal – Mannucci
  • Llacuabamba – Ayacucho FC
  • Huancayo – Vallejo
  • Cusco FC – Sport Boys

Date 4

  • Cusco FC – Huancayo
  • Mannucci – Melgar
  • Sport Boys – Municipal
  • Ayacucho FC – Vallejo
  • Alliance – Llacuabamba

Date 5

  • Vallejo – Alliance
  • Huancayo – Ayacucho FC
  • Llacuabamba – Mannucci
  • Muncipal – Cusco FC
  • Melgar – Sport Boys

Date 6

  • Cusco FC – Alliance
  • Huancayo – Llacuabamba
  • Sport Boys – Mannucci
  • Municipal – Ayacucho FC
  • Melgar – Vallejo

Date 7

  • Vallejo – Municipal
  • Mannucci – Huancayo
  • Llacuabamba – Melgar
  • Ayacucho FC – Cusco
  • Alianza – Sport Boys

Date 8

  • Cusco – Vallejo
  • Mannucci – Alianza
  • Sport Boys – Ayacucho FC
  • Municipal – Llacuabamba
  • Melgar – Huancayo

Date 9

  • Vallejo – Sport Boys
  • Huancayo – Alliance
  • Llacuabamba – Cusco FC
  • Ayacucho FC – Mannucci
  • Melgar – Municipal

Shortly they will announce the official programming of the first day, both Group A and B. For now, League 1 will not yet be played on Sundays.


Photo 1: Photos: The nightmare that Sergio Ramos and all of Real Madrid experienced against Choco Lozano

The Honduran forward gave Cádiz the victory against Real Madrid for matchday 6 of the Spanish League.

Antony Choco Lozano raised the name of Honduras after he scored against Real Madrid and with his goal he gave Cádiz a historic victory. Look at the most curious images of the game. Photos AFP and EFE.


Bruno Fernandes began to look at Real Madrid and Barcelona


Bruno Fernandes continue to look brilliant together Manchester United. Now two Spanish giants, namely Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​are reportedly starting to glance at him.

Bruno Fernandes was brought off by Manchester United from Sporting CP in the winter transfer market for 55 million euros or the equivalent of Rp. 946 billion. The Portuguese player immediately tuned in!

Bruno Fernandes has played 27 times for the Red Devils in all competitions. He has also recorded 15 goals and 11 assists.

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United midfield general (Getty Images / Mike Hewitt)

Reporting from The Sun, reportedly Real Madrid and Barcelona started glancing at Bruno Fernandes. Moreover, he is still quite young, still 26 years old.

Bruno Fernandes is so charming as a ‘general’ in midfield. Can provide assists and score goals, especially creative enough to dismantle the opponent’s defense.

The two Spanish giants also need power in the second line. Toni Kross and Luka Modric on Real Madrid already over the head age of three.

Barcelona also still can’t find a commando in midfield like Xavi and Iniesta. To the extent, Lionel Messi has to play deeper.

Moreover, Bruno Fernandes was also rumored to be involved in a dispute with Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Including his own colleagues, especially when slaughtered Spurs 1-6 recently.

What did Solskjaer say?

“There is no commotion, everything is fine. The media are exaggerating and creating gaps,” he said.

Solskjaer himself needs Bruno Fernandes’ energy. The role of these players is irreplaceable.

“He can be a leader and always motivates his colleagues,” he said.

Bruno Fernandes still under contract Manchester United until the next 2025. If Real Madrid and Barcelona prepare big money, MU will be tempted or not?

Watch Video “Solskjaer Appoints Bruno Fernandes to be Manchester United Captain Against PSG
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The influence of Cristiano Ronaldo .. Zidane “failed” offensively with Real Madrid

Real Madrid suffer at the start of the current season in attack

Club faces Real Madrid An offensive crisis with coach Zinedine Zidane was clearly evident in the team’s defeat to Cadiz in the sixth round of the Spanish League.

Real Madrid lost for the first time in its history at home to Cadiz, with a clean goal, to collect 10 points in the 5 matches played so far in La Liga.

The Spanish newspaper “AS” reported that Real Madrid scored only 6 goals in the first 5 games they played, as it only scored in 3 matches against Real Betis, Real Valladolid and Levante, and failed to score against Real Sociedad and Qadesh.

Kadesh … the straw that broke Zidan’s camel’s back!

She pointed out that this start is the worst goalscoring for Real Madrid since the 2010-2011 season with Jose Mourinho, who scored 6 goals after 5 games as well, and the season ended with losing the Spanish League, leaving the Champions League semi-finals and achieving the King’s Cup title.

She explained that the royal club under Zidane’s leadership was affected a lot at the offensive level without Cristiano Ronaldo, in his first period he did not score in only 9 games out of 149 matches, with a failure rate of only 6%.

While in its second period since last season, the team did not score in 13 games out of 67, with a failure rate of 19%.

The newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid with Zidane is now scoring fewer goals than the number of points it collects. Last season, the Spanish League scored 87 points, scoring only 70 goals, and this season it has 10 points, scoring only 6 goals.

Also, since the completion of activity after the end of the Corona pandemic last May, Real Madrid has achieved 12 victories in 15 matches (drawn twice and lost once), including 8 confrontations with a difference of only one goal, which confirms the difficulty of scoring goals with Zidane in the current period.