Unqualified, SME Banpres Aid RM2,4 Million Will Be Attracted By The Government

BLITAR MEDIA – The government through the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UMKM) RI distributes Presidential Assistance (Banpres) UMKM IDR2.4 million.

Banpres UMKM This Rp2.4 million was launched based on the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia number 6 of 2020.

The assistance will be given to 3 million UMKM throughout Indonesia in the second batch which was opened from 13 October 2020 to 25 November 2020.

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This assistance was originally only targeted at 9.1 million UMKM, but now the quota help this is increased to 12 million UMKM.

Initially Banpres UMKM This Rp2.4 million registration is done via a special link, but the registration is currently closed.

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Banpres UMKM The first phase of IDR2.4 million has been carried out and the quota of recipients reaches 9 million people with the total funds released government IDR 21 trillion.

In this second stage, the quota for recipients is only 3 million micro-entrepreneurs with a total budget of IDR 7 trillion.


Well-being in body and soul

According to an investigation by the University of the Basque Country (Spain) on the effects of the pandemic, now there is greater uncertainty and concern about suffering from Covid-19 or losing loved ones; a decrease in confidence and optimism, especially in women and in people in poor employment situations; and an increase in irritability, again with a greater impact on women and the unemployed.

If we do not act now, in concert with research with vaccines and treatments, the post-pandemic outlook will be bleak for the mental health of millions of people.

And taking action, obviously, is not prescribing more antidepressants or anxiolytics, or building more psychiatric hospitals. Both actions are necessary to address some consequences; however, the idea is to be proactive and avoid them.

In response to the feeling of anxiety, according to the consulting firm Llorente y Cuenca (LLYC), there has been a rapid and broad change that goes from the “concept of wellness [bienestar], centered on the individual, al by wellbeing [bienestar integral], a more holistic vision that includes different people and sectors of our societies ”.

What does this mean? A call for the participation of the whole society in the benefits of well-being.

Wellbeing is defined as the state of satisfaction and tranquility that a person presents, thanks to their good physical and mental conditions.

“If societies and companies are unable to focus holistically on people’s well-being (including physical, emotional and spiritual health), it will be almost impossible to create safety nets that allow citizens to return to work and be productive ”, They explain from LLYC.

For this reason, I have always opted for wellness programs in all their aspects: emotional, physical, social and financial. This is what happens every November in the event “In Body and Soul”, which this year will be held in an online version, with more universal access, more experts and with the empowering and transforming energy of always.

To keep your balance in difficult times, “you have to grab the bull by the horns” and get going, as a popular saying reflects.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the pandemic has disrupted or paralyzed mental health services in 93% of countries. And if, as the WHO itself says, mental health is related to the promotion of well-being, the prevention of mental disorders and treatment, then let’s look for our own tools. Healthy living is much more than curing or protecting yourself from disease.



Exercise as therapy for people coping with multiple chronic conditions | Diseases

Exercise shows surprising power to treat people with multimorbidity and without the side effects of medications

Hundreds of millions of people of all ages all over the world live with two or more chronic diseases, commonly defined as multimorbidity. It has been proven that those who live with it have worse physical and mental health, a higher risk of being hospitalized and a higher risk of dying prematurely compared to people who only have a chronic condition.

Because the number of people living with multimorbidity is expected to increase in the future, finding better treatments is considered a important health priority. But despite the fact that multimorbidity is one of the main causes of disabilityResearch on treatments that target multiple conditions at once is still in its infancy. Few studies They have investigated treatment options and, unfortunately, the results of these studies often offer minimal improvements.

People with multimorbidity want treatments that improve their physical, mental, emotional and social health. Our research found that the exercise it can be an effective treatment for those living with multimorbidity, and it offers many of the improvements patients desire.

Currently, multimorbidity is controlled by treating each chronic condition separately with available medications. However, this may not reduce symptoms sufficiently and you can have many eadverse effects to health. Many people see multiple healthcare providers and end up taking various medications (often at least one for each condition), which carries a risk of side effects. This method can be uncomfortable and unsatisfactory for patients.

Exercise as medicine

Research has shown that exercise is a effective treatment for 26 terms chronic diseases, including osteoarthritis, depression, and type 2 diabetes. Research also shows that exercise could potentially prevent the development of 35 chronic conditions.

Thank you to your general health effects, as the lowering blood pressure and the improved joint health Y cognitive function, exercise therapy can benefit a number of chronic diseases. It also has a lower risk of negative side effects compared to drug treatments. At the same time, exercise requires physical effort, and like drug treatments, the effects will lessen if you stop exercising.

Our recent research focused on how exercise therapy could benefit people with multiple chronic conditions.

We evaluated the effect of exercise therapy on the physical and mental health of people with at least two of the following chronic conditions: knee or hip osteoarthritis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, depression, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, and obstructive pulmonary disease chronicle. We found 23 studies that looked at adults ages 50 to 80.

The exercise therapy interventions used in the studies were partially supervised by a physical therapist or an exercise physiologist. Most lasted 12 weeks on average, and the exercise was performed two to three times a week, starting with a low intensity and progressing to a moderate to high intensity. The exercise therapies included were aquatic exercise, strength training, aerobic training, and tai chi.

The positive effects of exercise are only maintained if the person continues to exercise. (Pxhere / CCO)

Our research showed that lto exercise therapy improved quality of life and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. The benefits were greatest in younger patients and in patients who had greater symptoms of depression before starting exercise therapy. This highlights that people with severe depression, often deemed unfit for exercise due to the severity of the depression, can greatly benefit from exercise therapy.

Patients who participated in exercise therapy were also able to walk longer. Those who participated walked an average of 43 meters more than those who did not participate in the exercise interventions, more than six minutes. This improvement appears to be important to the patient and reduced his disability.

Exercise therapy also did not increase the risk of non-serious side effects, such as knee, arm or back pain, or falls and fatigue. What’s more, it reduced the risk of hospitalization, pneumonia, and extreme fatigue.

As such, exercise could be a safe and effective therapy rather than increasing the prescription of medications in people with multiple chronic conditions. The benefits were similar in all combinations of chronic conditions included in our study. However, these findings need to be confirmed in future trials to have a more definitive answer.

Together with patients and healthcare professionals, we are developing and testing an exercise therapy and self-management program in the project MOBILIZE. This trial will help us understand whether personalized exercise therapy and self-monitoring are effective for the management and treatment of multimorbidity.

Meanwhile, people with multimorbidity can improve their mental and physical health by exercising 2-3 times a week. Aerobic exercise, strength training, or a combination of both can promote similar health benefits, regardless of the conditions a person lives with. However, it is important that exercise therapy sessions are supervised and that the intensity of the session progresses based on the capabilities of the patient.

Alessio Bricca is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern Denmark and Soren T. Skou is a professor at the University of Southern Denmark. This article was first published by The Conversation.

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The last live video before being arrested and disappeared in China


The results are starting to be questioned, the rapid test is recognized by the Covid-19 handling task force only to reduce unnecessary travel rates, the government is preparing a more accurate replacement method

Facebook / Chici Rahmadhani

Circulating viral information about the PCR test and rapid test.

Gridhot.ID – There are currently two your which is used to detect positive corona patients.

One of which is rapid test which is considered to be your cheapest.

But accuracy your fast or rapid test in the screening (screening) of Covid-19 is now questionable.

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Regarding this, the Government is currently preparing a method of screening Covid-19 patients as a substitute for a rapid test.

This was conveyed by Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Wiku Adisasmito in a press statement via the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel, Thursday (25/9/2020).

Wiku emphasized that the rapid test is a screening method and not a diagnosis.

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“To date, rapid test is still used as a requirement in doing travel in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Communications, “explained Wiku.

She said, basically, rapid test used to press numbers travel which is not necessary.

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First phase of international flights will be on September 21

The return of the international flights will be next September 21, as confirmed this Thursday by the Minister of Transportation, Ángela María Orozco, within the framework of the beginning of a new cycle of air connectivity that also involves the start-up of air terminals in intermediate cities.

Even if biosecurity protocols to capitalize on return flights are not definedOrozco pointed out that the Ministry of Health would be publishing them soon. In this sense, the minister announced that the Government will demand as a requirement to enter the country the presentation of a negative PCR test for Covid-19, although the times of its taking are not yet specified.

This requirement is only in force at this time to travel to the island of San Andrés.

It should be noted that PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction) They are those that allow to detect a fragment of genetic material of a pathogen. This test is being used to confirm or rule out cases of patients with Covid-19, but it has also been used to detect other types of infectious diseases.

Additionally, the minister indicated that Additional adjustments are being evaluated in relation to the lines and procedures in Migración Colombia.

Routes. As revealed by the minister, the institution has classified possible countries with air connection into four groups, according to the disposition to materialize the route based on the requirements of the pandemic. In this way, among the countries with the possibility of immediate connection are United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Turkey.

In the next category, the countries with the possibility of connection this month oen October, there are Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Spain, France, the Netherlands, Cuba, Canada, Argentina and Germany are in the third group of countries whose air connectivity is linked to special conditions, while the possibilities with Costa Rica or Paraguay are ruled out, for the moment.

First flight. Even if the first gradual phase would begin on September 21e, the first commercial international flights will leave Cartagena on Friday the 19th to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, “Understanding that this is a city that depends on tourist activity,” said the minister. The low-cost airlines, the American Spirit and the Colombian Viva Air, will be in charge of the operation.

On the other hand, the director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, in a meeting with the Montería authorities, he confirmed the interest of the national government in establishing an international air route that connects the capital of the department of Córdoba with Panama City.


the masks sold in supermarkets such as Colruyt, Aldi, Carrefour… are they really effective? The top 5 in terms of quality

In order to enlighten consumers on the quality of masks sold in department stores, the DH has produced a top 5 based on the filtration capacity of these masks.

The first, at the top of the ranking, is the mask sold at Albert Heijn, the Dutch supermarket chain. It was HLN who tested the masks sold in this store, and it turns out that they are the best, since they allow a filtration of 86% of the particles. “The masks are tested by Triplex Precision Medical Devices Company and meet European standards. The information that we mention on the packaging reflects the results of tests carried out at the request of the supplier by an external and independent body ”, said Ann Maes, spokesperson for Albert Heijn.

In second position come the masks sold at Delhaize and Lidl, which offer 80% filtration. They have been tested according to the Centexbel ATP protocol. “Our disposable masks are tested according to European standards. Type 1 surgical masks are tested by an approved Belgian body, which has certified that they meet all standards, ”said Lidl spokesperson Julien Wathieu.

Third, the masks from Aldi. They allow 43% filtration of particles and are manufactured by the Chinese firm Jiangsu Lianyu Medical Equipment. Aldi clearly notes on the packaging of the masks that it is not a medical device or a means of personal protection. “These disposable masks are designed to prevent particles from being projected by the wearer and thus protect others. It’s not a way to protect yourself, ”explained Jason Sevestre, Aldi spokesperson.

In penultimate position come the masks sold at Colruyt, which can only filter 37% of particles. “Disposable masks are tested according to the ATP protocol by Centexbel. They meet the standard for surgical masks. These are high-quality, surgical-type masks which meet all the requirements of this type of product, ”says Silja Decock, spokesperson for Colruyt. Here too, the brand specifies all the same that these masks are not surgical but that they are comfort masks.

In last position come the masks from home Carrefour*, which allow 30% filtration of particles. They remain compliant with European standards but their filtration capacity is the lowest, according to the test carried out by HLN.

*Important clarification concerning the masks tested for this brand. “These are masks sold by a franchisee, which had its own supply chain”, indicates the brand in reaction to this comparison. Carrefour specifies and ensures that the masks sold and approved in its stores have a much higher reliability rate, reaching “95%”.

Most of the masks from Carrefour therefore meet the high quality standards.


They extend ‘pico y cédula’ until August 31 in Barranquilla

Barranquilla continues to advance towards a new stage in the economic reopening process. Within the framework of this process, the district mayor’s office announced that the measure of ‘peak and cedula’ with even and odd numbers is maintained for the departures that citizens must necessarily make.

As stated by the District, the current schedule will be in effect until August 31. In addition, she recalled that the schedules for the practice of individual physical activity for adults between 18 and 69 years old are maintained: between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. and between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Likewise, the district administration indicated that the restriction for the use of common spaces such as fields and games for children is maintained, despite the fact that the indicators in the city continue to register a constant improvement.

As stated by the District, the recovery rate is close to 85% and the ICU availability is 48%, while the average positivity rate is 14.3% during the last 7 days, that is, 16, 2 percentage points below the national average (30.5%).

“We continue to advance, but we cannot lower our guard. To the extent that this trend continues and we make gradual, safe and responsible reopening, we will recover the productive and social life of the city, ”said Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins.

New pilots

The District indicated that the Ministries of Health and the Interior authorized pilots for the practice of individual sports, as well as the operation of sports venues, gyms, cinemas and games of chance, which they will begin to review for future reopening.

In relation to the ‘Barranquilla Deportista’ plan, the practice of individual sports, nautical, tennis and athletics is contemplated, while the opening of gyms will be done with air exchange or effective ventilation.

The opening of sports fields and / or stages has been proposed in open spaces for the practice of permitted group sports, while the pilot of cinemas would be launched in open spaces (drive-in cinema).

Likewise, games of chance must comply with all capacity conditions including the review of central airs, correct air circulation and HEPA filters.

On the other hand, the national government gave endorsement to expand the pilot of restaurants, allowing their operation in terraces or closed places with air exchange or effective ventilation.

Pumarejo indicated that the construction of a plan to reactivate the tourism sector is underway in conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Presidential Council for Economic Affairs.

“We want to become pioneers in the reactivation of the tourism sector, focused on the potential of Barranquilla in the production chain of business and event tourism, in addition to attracting foreign investment with an export vocation, and thus be an example of resilience and good practices for resume the path of growth, “said the mayor.

Restaurant pilot balance

The district administration also delivered a positive balance on the start of the gastronomic sector pilot: the 30 restaurants registered between 40% and 80% of attendance, increased sales and a large number of reservations for this weekend.

He also explained that they have been working hand in hand with unions, businessmen and workers from other sectors to return to work in the safest way.

“We have been active in providing technical tools and support to the different activities and sectors in their reactivation process, through the District’s Entrepreneur Support Unit and with the validation and pedagogy visits of the biosafety protocols,” said the Secretary of Economic Development, Ricardo Plata Sarabia.


Venezuelan lawyer believes that Cape Verde will “revoke” delivery of Saab to the US.

Venezuela’s lawyer in Cape Verde, Arnaldo Silva, believes that the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) of this African country will “revoke” the decision of a lower court to authorize the extradition to the United States of the Colombian businessman Álex Saab, accused of being a front man for the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro.

In statements made to Efe, Silva was “convinced” that the STJ “has no choice but to revoke the sentence in favor of the extradition of Álex Saab”, issued on July 31 by the Barlavento Court of Appeal (TA) , based on the island of Saint Vincent, in the north of this West African island country.

Saab, 48, was arrested on June 12 when his plane stopped to refuel at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport on the northern island of Sal (the most important in Cape Verde), in response to a request from the United States. through Interpol for alleged money laundering offenses.

The Court of Appeal came to endorse with its decision of July the position already expressed previously by the Cape Verdean Government in favor of extradition, although Saab’s lawyers filed an appeal before the STJ last Friday.

Background that may favor Saab

Silva, who has powers granted by the Attorney General of the Republic of Venezuela to represent the interests of Caracas in Cape Verde in matters concerning the case, considered “various reasons” to wait for a ruling favorable to Saab.

“For now, the grounds for the TA’s ruling are practically non-existent, consisting of a simple reproduction of what the Americans put into the process,” the lawyer explained to Efe in Praia, Cape Verdean capital on the southern island of Santiago and headquarters of the STJ.

In his opinion, the Barlavento court “ignored all the efforts made by the defense and did not pronounce a word on the legal reasoning presented by it.”

Likewise, he continued, there are judgments on cases similar to Saab’s, such as that of an Iranian citizen and another Pakistani – “with the aggravation of much more serious charges” – claimed by the US and whose extradition was approved by the Leeward Court of Appeals ( Praia), but later rejected by the STJ in 2017.

“The STJ, with the same composition and the same judges as now, relied on the question of the penalties attributable to the accused in the country requesting the extradition, considering that there was no guarantee that these penalties were appropriate and adjusted to the practiced in Cape Verde for the same crimes, with the risk that both people would be sentenced to life imprisonment, “he recalled.

According to Silva, the 2017 sentence is applicable to the Saab case, so the STJ “is obliged to take that precedent into account and revoke the sentence of July 31 of the Barlavento TA, under pain of contradicting and discrediting itself.”

In its judgment of July 31, the TA assures that Saab will not incur “the death penalty or any other that may result in irreversible damage to the integrity of the person, that is, of a perpetual nature or of an indefinite duration” and that ” he will not be extradited to a third country. “

The ruling adds that the decision is also made on the principle of reciprocity, but recognizes that, due to the limitations imposed by its extradition and immigration laws, “the United States is not in a position to guarantee that same reciprocity.”

“I am convinced that the STJ will revoke the decision of the TA because that will be the most appropriate and appropriate result,” said Silva, calling the Barlavento court decision “very unfair”.

After the businessman’s arrest, Venezuela pointed out that Saab is a Venezuelan citizen and an “agent” of the Government, who was “in transit” in Cape Verde.

The defense maintains that “he had the right to personal inviolability as a special envoy from Venezuela.”

Last week, former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón, who is a member of Saab’s legal team, accused the US of “orchestrating” the extradition of the Colombian businessman for political and electoral reasons.

Alleged laundering of hundreds and millions of dollars

Saab’s name appeared in the press when former Venezuelan prosecutor Luisa Ortega accused him in 2017 of being one of Maduro’s front men.

Saab, born in Barranquilla (Colombia) and of Lebanese origin, is related to several companies, including Group Grand Limited (GGL), accused of supplying the Maduro regime with food and supplies for the government Local Committees of Supply and Production ( CLAP).

A US government official indicated in July 2019 that with the CLAPs, which are delivered to the poorest, the Colombian businessman and three of Maduro’s stepsons apparently profited from “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Washington also brought charges against Saab and its right-hand man, Álvaro Enrique Pulido, whom it accuses of laundering up to 350 million dollars allegedly defrauded through the exchange control system in Venezuela.

According to the United States, between November 2011 and September 2015, Saab and Pulido conspired with others to launder their illicit earnings and transfer them from Venezuela to US bank accounts, which is why Washington has jurisdiction in the case.


The remains of the governor’s council are transferred to the Sierra Nevada

A helicopter from the Aviation and Air Assault Division of the First Division of the National Army transferred the remains of the governor’s council José de los Santos Sauna Limaco to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who died from the coronavirus.

“The humanitarian support of the National Army consisted of mobilizing from Santa Marta to the Kogui community, in Pueblo Nuevo, the mortal remains of the indigenous governor, to be buried according to the cultural traditions of his community,” the authorities explained in a statement.

The coffin of the Kogui governor council and Legal Representative of the Gonawindua Tayrona organization was transported through the external load mode, or by external basket, a technique used by pilots who are experts in this type of transfer.

“It is important to specify that this transfer was carried out in compliance with the final disposal of corpses of deceased persons associated with COVID-19 of the health authorities, as well as the guaranteed biosafety and safe packaging conditions of the funeral service,” said the First Division.

In the document, the Army the death of the governor council Santos Sauna, and clarified that they are willing to provide humanitarian support to those who need it.

The death of the indigenous leader occurred on Thursday, August 6 at the El Prado Clinic in Santa Marta, where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit since Saturday, August 1 because of the coronavirus.

The District Health Secretariat explained the relatives of the governor’s council indicated that they did not have a positive person for COVID-19, however, in the month of July, when he already presented symptoms such as chills and fever, José de los Santos Sauna Limaco participated in several meetings with Mamos de la Sierra in the community of Pueblo Viejo and La Loma, municipality of Dibulla, La Guajira.

Faced with this situation, officials of the District Health Secretariat delivered 20 kits of personal protection elements, which contain latex gloves, gowns, overalls, N95 face masks, mono glasses, masks and a guide with instructions for their use, in order to protect the relatives of the deceased.

“The indigenous authorities were given self-care recommendations that they should implement during the process of final disposition of the body of José de los Santos Sauna Limaco, such as social distancing,” the authorities said.

Through his Twitter account, the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, lamented the departure of the indigenous leader.

“I deeply regret the death of the Governing Council Kogui José de los Santos Sauna, who was a great friend for many years. My solidarity for the peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on this sad day ”.

For its part, the Territorial Council of Indigenous Cabildos stressed that “his legacy for the protection of the heart of the world, unity and peace will remain forever.”