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Merkel said the desire to cooperate with Russia :: Policy :: RBC

Germany needs to establish a constructive dialogue with Russia, including because of the influence which Moscow has in Syria and Libya. About that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview with several European Newspapers, reports The Guardian.

“There are good reasons to continue a constructive dialogue with Russia. In countries such as Syria and Libya, the States that are in the vicinity of Europe, the strategic influence of Russia is huge. So I will continue to seek cooperation,” said Merkel.

Merkel said about the need to think about a world without US leadership

So the Chancellor has answered the question of how Germany treats coming from Russian threats in Eastern Europe. Merkel also said that “hybrid warfare and methods of destabilization are the model of Russia’s behavior.”

Earlier, the heads of member States of the EU agreed to extend economic sanctions against Russia by six months. According to the head of the European Council of Charles Michel, the restrictions will be in effect until the end of January 2021. He stated after the online summit, where the leaders of France and Germany informed the other heads of the EU, in relation to the Minsk agreements was not sufficient progress is being made.


The heirs of Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit against Netflix :: the company :: RBC

According to the lawsuit, copyrights are infringed as a result of “inconsistent use of the original author’s manner of Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes.” Also the family of the writer believes that “Enola Holmes” shown “attitude towards people and empathy” characteristic of the detective only works created after 1923.

The lawsuit against Netflix, movie company Legendary Pictures, publishers Penguin Random House writers Nancy Springer and Jack Thorne and Director Garry Bradbury.

As reported by the publication Deadline and CNN, the lawsuit was filed in Federal district court in new Mexico.

In may, the daughter of a Soviet and Russian writer Daniil Granin Marina Chernysheva-Granik announced that it will consider filing a lawsuit to the film’s “Blockade diary” Andrei Zaitsev for copyright infringement. Before that you need to check the reliability of the information about the violation, she said. While Zaitsev argues that informed Granik gave permission to use excerpts from the works of her father, “My Lieutenant.”


The Russian Embassy reported the threats after the publication of the NYT on the Taliban :: Society :: RBC

Previously, the newspaper published an article which stated that Russia had allegedly announced a reward to the Taliban for the murder of the US military and NATO in Afghanistan. The Embassy called the charges “fake news”

Photo: Ting Shen / Zuma / TASS

Employees of Embassy of Russia in Washington and London began to receive threats after the publication of the New York Times (NYT) about the alleged announcement by Russia of a reward for the murder of the US military in Afghanistan. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in Washington on his Twitter page.

The Embassy called the charges in the article “baseless and anonymous.” The Embassy also attached to my post screenshots with threats. One of them is a link to the NYT article is accompanied by the caption “Let’s declare a “reward” for your diplomats.”

In this regard, the Embassy asked via Twitter to the New York Times with a call to stop creating fake news lead to danger to life.

Separately, the Embassy addressed to the US authorities. “We demand U.S. authorities to take effective measures to ensure its obligations under the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations of 1961”, — stated in the message of the Embassy.

Article 29 of the Convention States that the person of a diplomatic agent (the head of the diplomatic mission or of a member of the diplomatic staff of the mission) is inviolable. “The receiving state shall treat him with due respect and shall take all appropriate measures to prevent any attack on his person, freedom or dignity”, — stated in the Convention.


Musk called Bezos a copycat due to the purchase of the startup’s drone machines :: Society :: RBC

The founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk called the “copycat” the CEO Amazon Jeff Bezos for the acquisition of the company Zoox developing unmanned vehicles. This Musk wrote on Twitter.

“Jeff Bezos is a copycat, haha,” wrote entrepreneur, revitol message Financial Times about buying a startup Zoox Amazon for $1.2 billion.

Sands advised the children to read the memories of Elon musk and classics

The company Tesla Elon musk releases electric cars with the system of electronic assistant for driver.

In 2016, Musk gave a forecast that in three years, that is, around 2019, most of the cars will be driving without a driver. Then he took two years to develop such cars a year — the adoption of regulatory documents.


Trump called mortality from COVID-19 in the United States one of the lowest in the world :: Policy :: RBC

Photo: Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

In the U.S. deaths from the coronavirus in the moment is one of the lowest in the world. This was written by an American President Donald trump on Twitter.

“Deaths from the coronavirus has decreased significantly. The mortality rate is one of the lowest in the world. Our economy will catch up and will not stop. “Coals” or flash will be extinguished as necessary!” he said.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic, has recorded 124 415 deaths from coronavirus infection. In new York, recorded the highest number of deaths — 31.3 thousand, in new Jersey — 14.8 thousand, the Massachusetts — 7.9 thousand

On the University website also published data that show that the highest mortality rate per 100 thousand population in the UK, where such a number of inhabitants 64.9 deaths. In second place is Spain — 60.6 deaths. The United States occupied the third place of 37.2 deaths per 100 thousand population.

At the same time, The USA Today reported that the number of cases of coronavirus in the United States continues to grow, and experts predict 180 thousand deaths by October. Thus, the Institute for health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington published on June 24, the model forecast from 159 to 213 497 715 deaths across the country.

In the US payments coronavirus has received over one million “dead souls”

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S. in the country on 23 June revealed 37 667 new cases COVID-19. This is the highest daily increase in incidence from April 22, when it was revealed 37 144 thousand cases.

USA ranks first in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic — 2 422 310 patients. In second place is Brazil (1 228 114 cases), the third — Russia (613 994 cases).

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i


The state Department said about the presence of Russian project “the separation” NATO :: Policy :: RBC

The United States believes that Russia has a project to split NATO. This idea is representative of the country’s arms control expressed in response to a tweet with the words Maria Zakharova on the destabilizing activity of NATO in the EU

Marshall Billingsley

(Photo: Hussein Malla / AP)

Russia is a “parallel project”, trying to divide NATO. About this in his Twitter wrote to the special representative of the U.S. arms control Marshall Billingsley.

This message he added to reticu post of the Russian foreign Ministry with the words of his official spokesman Maria Zakharova. “At the meeting in Vienna, Russia participated in the discussion of the destabilizing effects of military activity of NATO in Europe, emphasizing the end “mission on the exchange of nuclear weapons” and the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from European countries,” — said in a tweet the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Arguing about Moscow’s attempt to split NATO, Billingsley said that “this will not happen”. “Russia should concentrate on real things: secret extensions [оружия] China,” added the special representative of the United States.

The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China

Marshall Billingsley

Negotiations between Russia and USA on strategic stability and arms control was held in Vienna on 22 June. The Russian delegation was represented by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.


In Russia the day he died 154 cases COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

The total number of deaths in Russia reached 8.5 million were infected in the country for more than 606,8 thousand people

Photo: Valery sharifulin / TASS

The day in Russia from the coronavirus died 154 people, said operational headquarters. The total number of victims COVID-19 in the country increased to 8513.

In Moscow, which became the epicenter of mers, the day he died, 14 people. This figure was the lowest since mid-April. The same number of infected COVID-19 died in the capital on April 16. Since that day the number of deaths in Moscow grew and did not fall below 20 deaths.

Total in the country since the start of the pandemic infected 606,8 thousand. Of 229.5 thousand of them still being treated, 368,8 thousand cases have recovered.

How the amount recovered and died from the coronavirus in Russia

Recovered (new cases)

The dead (new cases)

Source: Federal and regional overstay anti-virus

Data for Russia i

At the same time, those who recovered from coronavirus, can expect serious health problems in the future, said British doctors. According to their study, 30% had been ill COVID-19 in the future, may develop pulmonary fibrosis — a disease in which the light forms scar tissue that leads to disruption of respiratory function. Also half of survivors may experience physical, cognitive and psychological impairments, and 10% of patients revealed an acute lesion of the heart.


In Washington state declared a compulsory wearing of masks :: Company :: RBC

Friday, June 26, all residents of Washington state will be required to use protective masks while in public areas. The corresponding mode was introduced by the Governor of the state Jay Margie reiger, according to the website of the Governor.

“As the resumption of economic activity and increase the number of people in public places it is imperative that we take additional steps to protect,” explained Margie reiger.

According to the Governor, the use of masks will be “one of the best ways to” protect against the spread of the epidemic of the coronavirus before the invention of vaccines or drugs against the disease.

Masks will be mandatory as indoors and outdoors.

Pandemic coronavirus. The most current at 24 June

According to current data of the Johns Hopkins University, in the USA the coronavirus has infected more than of 2.34 million people, including more than 647 thousand recovered, 121,2 thousand died. In Washington state, the disease was confirmed at 30 thousand people.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i


The death toll in the earthquake in Mexico has risen to four :: Society :: RBC

Because of the earthquake in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico has killed four people. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of public security and protection of citizens of Mexico. Earlier it was reported about one killed in the town of Crucecita.

“According to preliminary data, the result of the earthquake of magnitude 7.5 in the death of four people and minor damage to housing,” — said in the Ministry.

In addition, because of the aftershocks had damaged the hospital, several churches, as well as road and energy infrastructure.

Authorities reported one killed in the earthquake in Mexico

According to USGS, the earthquake occurred at 9 km from the town of El Koul in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. His focus lies at a depth of 33 km, National seismological service of Mexico said that the earthquake occurred at 23 km South from the Spa town of Crucecita.