The Russian Embassy reported the threats after the publication of the NYT on the Taliban :: Society :: RBC

Employees of Embassy of Russia in Washington and London began to receive threats after the publication of the New York Times (NYT) about the alleged announcement by Russia of a reward for the murder of the US military in Afghanistan. This was reported by the Russian Embassy in Washington on his Twitter page.

The Embassy called the charges in the article “baseless and anonymous.” The Embassy also attached to my post screenshots with threats. One of them is a link to the NYT article is accompanied by the caption “Let’s declare a “reward” for your diplomats.”

In this regard, the Embassy asked via Twitter to the New York Times with a call to stop creating fake news lead to dangers for life.

The NYT found out about the Russia-proposed reward to the Taliban for the murder of the US military

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In India per day from lightning strikes killed more than 100 people :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Ezra Acayan / Getty Images

Lightning caused the death of 107 people in the East and the North of India on June 25. About this newspaper The Times of India.

According to the publication, as a result of the discharges killed 83 residents of the Eastern state of Bihar, 24 people were killed in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Most of the victims caught thunderstorms during the field work. Despite the warnings of emergency services declared a heightened level of danger, the people did not escape from the weather in houses.

Prime Minister Narendra modi on Twitter expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. According to him, state governments will have relatives financial assistance.

20 June in the Park of Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” in the South of Moscow from a lightning strike injured a man and a woman. They were hospitalized.


The who has predicted 10 million infected COVID-19 in the world next week :: Society :: RBC

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world next week will exceed 10 million people. This was announced by Director General of the world health organization Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus. The recording of the briefing is available on the organization’s website.

According to him, currently living with the infection COVID-19 are more than 9.1 million people. Died more than 473 thousand.

As noted by Ghebreyesus, in the first month of the outbreak of coronavirus was reported about 10 thousand cases of infection with the virus and last month the number of cases, the virus has more than 4 million patients.

The head of the who has urged to do everything possible to combat coronavirus. According to Gebreyesus, it is first necessary to provide oxygen to all seriously ill patients.

Who approved the investigation on the pandemic COVID-19

In mid-may, the representative of the world health organization in Russia, Melita Vujnović said that after the first wave of coronavirus in the world may experience a second wave.

Vujnović noted that Russia accepted the whole complex of measures to curb the pandemic in the country, and strong epidemiological service was able to promptly take the necessary steps. However, she said that there is still a risk, therefore it is necessary to observe safety precautions.


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Source: JHU,
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overstay anti-virus

Source: JHU, Federal, and regional overstay anti-virus


in Lyon, the home Collomb in danger

Even before the second round of the municipal elections in lyon, the name of the defeated is known. To the helm of the city since 2001, Gérard Collomb, 73 years of age, will not be the first elected president of the metropolis of Lyon, the crown hoped for a long career in politics.

It was without counting on the power of the “green wave “. Arrived in the lead in eight districts out of nine, and the environmentalists and their new allies the socialists and dissenters are likely to delight the city. And they will defend their project to the scale of the metropolis of 1.4 million people, where the lists supporting Gérard Collomb arrived to a very disappointing fourth position.

The alliance right

Unable to find a common ground with David Kimelfeld, his runner-up party in solitaire, Gérard Collomb, has turned on its right to maintain its influence. On the 28th of may last, he withdrew from the race for the presidency of the metropolitan area, rubbing in front of the candidate of the Republicans (LR), François-Noël Buffet. In return, the candidate LR to the city hall of Lyon, Stephen White, has done the same for the benefit of the protégé of Gérard Collomb, the former gymnast Yann Cucherat, 40 years.

Pact faustian or relay switch faithful to the tradition of lyon ? “It is a choice that I do not understand, reacts Julien Ranc, the head of the list in the west riding, who has left Gerard Collomb for David Kimelfeld in the second round. There is a dimension freudian at work. The father refuses to be killed by the son. “ Like him, many elected officials stayed up until then, the faithful have refused to endorse the alliance with LR, which was decided in head-to-head with the president (LR) of the region Rhône-Alpes, Laurent Wauquiez, the enemy yesterday. “It is not possible to campaign with candidates who have agreed, in 1998, the votes of the national Front to hold on to the head of the region “, continues Julien Ranc, in reference to Stephen White.

Against the ” bloc of the extreme left “

The outgoing mayor deems itself to be the continuation. In 2001, he recalls, his predecessor, the centrist Raymond Barre, had not campaigned against the socialist opposition as he was then. Especially, pounds-t-he from the alliance to the right would be the only way to take it on the “bloc of the extreme left” that ambitionnerait of the ” undo “button what he has put “twenty years to build “. The terminology is the same from one side to the other. The two sides believe that the election boils down to the confrontation of two “blocks “ antagonists, and promise “the revelation “ in case of victory of the opponent.

The decision-decline of Gérard Collomb had been sown since his appointment to the ministry of the interior. Party boss undisputed the second city of France, he returned in October 2018, weakened by his departure churned up by the government, in a city that does the waiting. The men who have replaced him have tasted the power. And its image is damaged place Beauvau. Doubting still have the necessary majority, Gérard Collomb had then renounced to take over the chairmanship of the metropolis, abandoning him to David Kimelfeld.

Battle of the heads, and rout of the first round

The venom of the division was instilled. The battle of the chefs that followed resulted in the defeat of the first round, and the alliance to the right. Result : after to have withdrawn his nomination to Gérard Collomb, and to have refused to David Kimelfeld, The Republic in market (LREM) has no candidate in the second agglomeration of France. This is another defeat for Gérard Collomb, who was personally invested to bring the nomination of Emmanuel Macron to the presidency of the Republic.

So far, his opponents as his political friends are wary. Model of the’ hypermaire ” deciding everything, Gérard Collomb is still struggling to wear the costume number two, campaigning in tandem with François-Noël Buffet. The “third round” in which the elected metropolitan shall appoint their president might have some surprises in store.


The number of recovered patients with the coronavirus in Moscow exceeded 134 thousand :: Society :: RBC

In the capital from the coronavirus recovered another 2115 people, said Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova, reports the operational headquarters.The total number of recovered patients with COVID-19 in Moscow has reached 134 549.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin suggested to keep the remote work in the capital “for some time”.

“If possible, we must save the coming weeks. Maybe even a month or two still further, as still there is still the risk of infection”, he said. According to him, this is especially important when the city comes “from Chavignol history.” Sobyanin believes that “the less people sit in the office, the better.”

The mayor noted that after removal of number of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus, the amount of movement in the city has increased significantly and is approximately 70% percent of the level that was before the pandemic. Sobyanin recalled the importance of observing safety precautions, including mask regime and social distance.


Danger on the catholic education in Lebanon

“A real threat to the educational system in Lebanon “, private schools, catholic “on the brink of closure “ : as of may 24, the maronite patriarch, cardinal Béchara Raï rang the alarm bells. The hour is serious for private education in Lebanon, while the country is troubled by an economic crisis devastating : rising unemployment, depreciation of the national currency backed by the dollar of nearly 200 % in the space of nine months. More than 50 % of the population went below the poverty threshold.

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In Lebanon, where the catholic schools are a bedrock of society, the parents have never compromised on the education of their children, passport to the future, a pledge of openness, of social diversity and religious and social progression. “We have made enormous sacrifices to ensure a solid education to our children, testament to Soha, a mother of three teenagers. But in the space of a few months, my husband was laid off, we had to resign ourselves to the register in the public. “

“Will we be able to continue to manage these schools with this crisis ? “

While the year has been disrupted both by the popular protests ongoing in Lebanon since October 17, and the pandemic of sars coronavirus-which has forced the closure of schools since the end of February, the pessimism is warranted. “We don’t know if we will be able to reopen in the fall “says, death in the soul, sister Afaf Abou Samra, director general of fee-paying schools of the congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Hearts, which manages 30 facilities and pay semi-free, welcoming a total of 29 000 students. “Will we be able to continue to manage these schools with this crisis ? The coffers are empty “, “she says. The congregation has already had to close one antenna semi-free-Choueir in Metn.

“We operate for five years without State subsidies, the parents of the region are not wealthy, they can no longer pay the tuition. We don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our teaching and see our teachers in unemployment “concerned sister Abu Samra. This situation, many of the 1,600 private schools, of which 320 semi-free, there are facing. In Lebanon, the private sector welcomes 70 % of the students (720 000), the public scolarisant 340 000 children in 1,300 schools of uneven quality. “80% of the catholic schools of Lebanon will be closing their doors next year, unless they receive a financial aid “warning , the father Boutros Azar, head of the general Secretariat of catholic education.

“Just 22 % of the school fees have been collected by the catholic schools for this school year “details-t-il, adding that “until march, 80 % of the teachers could be paid at 100 %, but since April, some schools can no longer ensure that 50 % of their salary, due to lack of funds “. On the side of the schools semi-free, the situation is even more alarming, since the faculty has not received salary for three to four months.

“An existential crisis “

The origin of the problem, the non-payment by the State, for 2015-2016, grants allocated to schools semi-free, created by the religious orders and congregations in the 1950s at the request of the president of the Republic Camille Chamoun. “The increase in teachers’ salaries in the private imposed by the State for 2017 has increased the budget of the schools, while the economic crisis has completed the disaster “said the father, Azar.

“Almost 100 000 students will migrate to the public, except that public school can’t absorb this volume “foretelling the manager, who adds that “110 000 people (teachers and auxiliary staff) could find themselves without a job “. For the father, Azar, this economic crisis is also “an existential crisis, because the quality, the values of the teaching will deteriorate “. “We are facing a collapse of the educational sector, it is the responsibility of the State to take its responsibilities,”says Maya Geara Bardawil, legal advisor of the federation of committees of parents and private schools. Several bills are in the study, but in the meantime, the private education sector, under the presidency of Bishop Béchara Raï, has launched a last appeal to the requesting State, inter alia, the payment of grants outstanding.


A donation of € 200,000 from the Vatican

Moved by the situation of the Lebanese and the problems of catholic schools, pope Francis has decided to allocate, on 14 may, $ 200,000 to the apostolic nunciature. Help for finance 400 scholarships and that adds to the contribution from the emergency fund to the Congregation for the eastern Churches was granted in order to face the crisis related to the pandemic Covid-19. “A drop of water “ for some, a useful first step and generous on the part of the pope to others, because this envelope could be of benefit to the students enrolled in catholic schools semi-free.


state of the places of a planet in danger

The man has eaten the Earth

Tuesday, 9 June at 22: 25 on Arte.

At a time when the economy is growing gradually, this documentary by Jean-Robert Viallet (The death of the work, Students : the future of credit…) stresses the responsibility of men in the destruction of the planet. After a shock is also important for the established order, because of the health crisis, he warns us against the risk of a return to “normal” which would be detrimental to the future of the human species.

In the light of the historical and political events, scientific discoveries and technical choices made deliberately by the decision-making powers, the film shows how the race to “progress” since the beginning of the industrialization in England of the XIXe century leads to a massive destruction and out of control of the planet, the point of entering a new geologic era : the anthropocene, or age of man. The voice, calm and even sweet, provides a critical review of the situation, while archives around the world enable to place events in their context.

“A thought unique of progress “

Some of the phrases shock inspire a deeper reflection, such as the following : “In mobilizing its scientific genius to kill the enemy, man has learned to kill the living in general. “ The words are illustrated with concrete examples and eloquent that help the overall understanding, among which the disappearance of the streetcars in the u.s. to meet the wishes of General Motors… More than a story, it is a “symbol of a thought unique of progress “ : it is for the company to conquer new markets, to the detriment of an ecological means of transport, collective, and practice. By exposing with precision and decline in an alarming situation, Jean-Robert Viallet called to the responsibility, of all and of each individual.


“I trust school, they will not put our children at risk”

It is 7.57 am Aïcha and her son Elyas are the first to climb the slope to the Saint-Charles 1 public primary school, 3e Marseille district. On the sidewalk, neon pink lines indicate the spaces necessary for social distancing. But the first schoolchildren are few on Tuesday, May 12, when 443 of the 470 schools in the metropolitan area reopen. ” This morning, we welcome three classes: CP, CE1 and CM2. Or, normally, 81 students. We expected thirteen, they are only ten “, Enumerates Philippe Lucchesi, the director of this establishment classified in Network of priority education” more “(REP +).

“National education is ready to receive our children”

Aisha – a white and blue turban tied on her head and a beige mask – did not hesitate for a second to send her 10-year-old son to school. ” The state education welcomed the children of caregivers for two months. She is ready to receive ours. I trust the school, they will not endanger them! “, She assures. In his gray hoodie, Elyas, his son, admits ” a little stressed ” He is one of the four CM2s welcomed and does not appear to be frankly excited by this return. ” I would have preferred a little vacation “He laughs.

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He still rushes into the vast courtyard punctuated by Chinese mulberry trees, soon followed by Houssam, a student of CE1. ” I send him back to school to make sure he learns well. At home, it’s complicated to do class and homework. ”, concedes Said, the boy’s father. Who goes straight away to wash his hands at one of the school’s three water points, all equipped with liquid soap dispensers and antiseptic wipes.

On the doorstep, the director recalls the protocol to which the students will be subjected in class, in the courtyard and in the canteen … Lina, 6 years old, with pink glasses and matching barrettes, kisses her papa and lists the barrier gestures before take your place in the class queue, respecting the markings on the ground. “I wanted my daughter to find her social life again. It was important for her morale, there were times when she cracked “, underlines this municipal agent, convinced “By the seriousness of the team in place”.

“At school I will be able to learn better

At the other end of the country, the atmosphere is hardly different in educational establishments in Metz (Moselle), although the city is located in the red zone, in the Grand Est region, one of the most affected by the ‘epidemic. A few minutes before the doors open, the atmosphere is very studious in front of the Seille elementary school. Accompanied by their parents, some of whom are masked, the students arrive in droppers, a bit intimidated but visibly delighted to be there.

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A line has been drawn in front of the gate to mark the area beyond which parents should not go. All of them brought their children’s belongings in plastic bags, which will then be destroyed. Books and notebooks will then stay in the classroom. ” It was hard confinement. At school I will be able to learn better “Says Rosanna, 6, while Ilma, 10, says with a big smile:” Oh yes, I’m happy to come back!

Anne-Lise, mother of Charlotte and Gustave, agrees. ” My husband and I are both teleworking. Going to school at the same time was not easy, so we bring our children without hesitation. I also tell myself that it is a formative experience for children.

Some teachers only have two or three students “

However, this enthusiasm is not shared by all parents. On the grid, the director, Delphine Lebrun, made the count: of the 400 pupils in the school group, only 41 came in elementary school and 13 in kindergarten, which is half as much as those who had announced themselves. “Some teachers have only two or three students, and one has none! “, she emphasizes

At 8:30 a.m., the teachers began to call the students one by one, asking them to stand in single file, one meter away. In the corridors, then in the classrooms, everyone begins to familiarize themselves with the new environment and bend without reluctant to the new constraints.

In the end, it is the absence of friends that is felt hard. At CM2 recess, only three students look at each other in the whites of their eyes. ” It’s sad, huh? “, launches Gustave, determined to convince the others to return. In the opposite courtyard, a mistress animates a collective game. Laughter bursts out. The distance does not prevent having fun.


Johnson announced the relaxation of quarantine restrictions in Britain since May 13 :: Society :: RBC

Citizens will be able to play sports on the street an unlimited number of times, as well as meet with no more than one person. Also, until July, a relaxation of a number of other restrictions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

(Photo: Downing Street / AP)

The weakening of restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus will begin in the UK on May 13, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reports The Guardian.

From Wednesday, people will be able to play sports on the street more than once a day. In addition, the British will be allowed to meet with no more than one person on the street, subject to a two-meter distance.

The prime minister also announced that those who cannot work from home, for example, in construction, will be able to return to work. However, they should try not to use public transport and keep a distance with other people.

Johnson announced the possible opening of schools for young students (four to 11 years old) from June 1. However, this period is the earliest, when schools can open, it will depend on the opinion of teachers and the leadership of educational institutions.

Johnson Introduces New Coronavirus Danger Scale in UK


Coronavirus, 23% of travelers returning by car to North Naples are positive

twelve o’clockMay 4, 2020 – 5:25 pm

The sample checks carried out in the morning at the toll booth showed that 14 out of 60 people were positive for the rapid test. Now wait for the swab. But not all motorists can be stopped. No positive on trains

of F.N.

If the return from the North to Campania with the trains showed maximum safety and no risk of contagion, the real danger for the spread of Covid 19 represented by the mass exodus by car. Uncontrollable, unless you want to block the entire flow of vehicles that arrive at the Campania toll booths. And precisely from the sample checks on the highway, carried out by the police with rapid tests, worrying data emerged. At the Napoli Nord toll booth, as Tagad anticipated, the La7 broadcast conducted by Tiziana Panella, on the sample of 60 controlled travelers from Northern Italy, tested a positive result of just over 23%: 14 people. And even more worryingly, none of them were aware of having contracted the disease. Now we have to wait for the swab to understand if they have not been false positives. But still the alarming fact remains.

From the first train arriving in Naples from Milan, however, no infected travelers. Nobody had a temperature above 37.5 degrees and therefore no serological test was carried out – noted Olimpia Abbate, director of the Polfer compartment for Campania – we knew there would be an increase in travelers this morning but all got on or boarded the trains respecting the safety distance, following an order that will become a habit.

May 4, 2020 | 17:25