Are we all going to have to wear a mask?

Will it soon be mandatory to wear a mask as soon as you leave your home? While the authorities have so far advocated that the use of masks should be reserved for caregivers, symptomatic and frail people, the discourse is changing significantly. LIVE – Coronavirus: Spain’s lowest balance sheet in ten days “We must be […]

Coronavirus, hospitals will have to triple their intensive care beds

How can France go from 5,000 to 14,000 resuscitation beds? This is one of the most crucial challenges posed by the Covid-19 epidemic. “This challenge obviously concerns hospitals in the Grand Est and Ile-de-France regions first. But all the rest of France also creates “reagency” beds wherever possible “, says Professor Erwan L’Her, head of […]

Guide to overcome the emotional impact of coronavirus | Happiness Lab Blog

The coronavirus has overtaken us all. We are faced with uncomfortable emotions, we are overwhelmed by fear, we are shocked to hear the toilets reporting on the situations they are experiencing, and it does not seem that things will improve in the short term. However, there is an unquestionable truth: everything happens. Coronavirus also. As […]

Pray for the authorities, says Pope – English

(ANSA) – Vatican City, March 12 – Pope Francis on Thursday he said that the faithful should pray for the authorities who “often hear each other alone and not understood “amid the emergence of the coronavirus. Speaking at mass in the residence of Casa Santa Marta inside the Vatican, Francis said “let’s continue to pray […]

“In Lebanon, optimism is an ethical duty”

La Croix The Weekly: Did you see coming the rejection, almost disgust, of a large part of the Lebanese population with regard to the political class? Charif Majdalani: Truth be told, no one saw this movement coming. A kind of pessimistic resignation reigned everywhere, accompanying the beginnings of an economic crisis. The day before October […]