The installed wind energy capacity in Latvia is the third smallest in the European Union

Andris Vanags, Head of the Latvian Wind Energy Association, says: “We are pleased to join the leading European wind organization, which represents the interests of industry, makes a serious contribution to the field of public education and the development of wind energy in general. This is especially important now, when overcoming the consequences of the crisis, the development of wind energy will ensure Latvia’s economic growth and the achievement of climate goals ”.

“We are pleased to admit the Latvian Wind Energy Association to the WindEurope membership. Latvia has great ambitions in the field of renewable energy production, committing to produce at least 50% of electricity from renewable resources by 2030. Wind will also make a significant contribution, increasing production capacity from 66 MW to 800 MW in ten years. It will also allow Latvians to reap the employment and social benefits of wind power generation: the sector currently employs 300,000 people across Europe and invests an average of € 25 billion a year, ”says Giles Dickson, WindEurope CEO. .

Diksons also notes the importance of state policy in the development of renewable energy: “We hope to work closely with the Latvian Wind Energy Association and the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia Jānis Vitenbergs, working on a policy that would promote the full use of wind energy potential.”

Latvia currently has the third smallest installed wind energy capacity in the European Union (66 MW), ahead of only Slovenia and Slovakia. In Lithuania, wind energy capacity is eight times higher than in Latvia (548 MW), but in Estonia – almost five times higher (320 MW). * It should be reminded that the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030. It is planned to install 800 MW of wind energy capacity in Latvia by. In Europe, the total wind power capacity reached 205 GW last year. In 2019, new wind farms with a capacity of 15.4 GW were established in Europe (13.2 GW in the European Union).

“In order to achieve the set goals, a lot of work needs to be done in Latvia in the next decade. The political will and the breaking of myths in society are important for this. While we avoid the unknown and fear, wind has long been a full-fledged source of energy across Europe, providing 15% of all electricity consumed. And it is important to get rid of the ghosts of the past – wind is a renewable energy that can competitively enter the market, ”emphasizes A. Vanags.

The Wind Energy Association has been operating since 2006, and its goal is to promote the use of wind energy in Latvia by participating in the regulation of the industry and the environment, as well as to promote public awareness and understanding of renewable energy sources, especially wind energy.

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Wizz Air announces new base in Larnaca

Today’s announcement comes at the same time as Wizz Air’s flights, which will be subject to enhanced security measures.

The airline recently announced a number of enhanced hygiene measures to ensure the health and safety of customers and crew.

The new arrangements will require both flight attendants and passengers to wear a face mask throughout the flight, and flight attendants will also be required to wear gloves.

Now all airline planes will be additionally disinfected with antiviral solution every night.

Disinfectant wipes will be provided to each passenger after boarding.

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The popular music festival “Weekend Baltic” has come to an sad end


“Riga” adds a Brazilian striker

The 28-year-old footballer can play on both sides of the field in the front line, as well as in the position below the center striker.

Early in his career as a professional footballer, Dariu played for the Brazilian teams Flamengo and Marilia, but in 2014 moved to Portugal’s second strongest championship club, Trofense, where he played 41 games, scored three goals and made one assertion.

After that, for three seasons in a row, Dariu played in the club “Kapaz” of the highest league of Azerbaijan. In these three seasons, Dariu scored a total of 11 goals, but then moved to one of the leading clubs in Azerbaijan “Neftci”.

In the 2018/2019 season, Dariu played 14 games for Neftci, scored three goals and went on to South Korea’s strongest championship club, Daegu, where he was short-lived and took three matches on the court.

In the 2019/2020 season, Dariu played for Neftci again, played 17 games and scored one goal. In total, Dariu has played 77 games, scored 15 goals and scored eight assists in the Premier League of Azerbaijan.

With Neftci, Dariu also played in the UEFA European League qualifiers, making it particularly successful last season, scoring three goals in six games and giving away three assists.

The next match of the “Riga” team is scheduled for Saturday against the guests against “Valmiera”.

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The Polish champion team is interested in Latvian striker Robert Uldrikis

The information is placed in the guessing section, indicating that the market price of the Latvian attacker is currently about 900 thousand euros.

The agreement with the Swiss club Uldriķis is until June 30, 2022.

In 19 fights, the Latvian has scored the opponents’ goal twice this season, but he has scored one goal in three matches of the Swiss Cup.

Sion is currently in ninth place in 29 matches with 29 points, while the last-place Xamax in Neuchatel has two points less in 32 battles.

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The couple, whose tragedy was followed by the whole world 4 years ago, was expecting a healthy baby

A frightened policeman threatens the people of Jūrmala

Property traders are calling for a freeze on cadastre


Covid-19 infection has been confirmed in another 22 Latvians

A total of 14,807 examinations have been performed in Latvia so far, the infection has been confirmed in 398 persons. 27 patients are hospitalized, including 24 with moderate disease, 3 with severe. already reported this morning that two Latvian soldiers were also infected with the disease caused by the new coronavirus Covid-19, which means that in total four cases of the disease have been confirmed in the National Armed Forces (NAF).

It was previously reported that two Allied soldiers had also contracted Covid-19. The condition of all patients is mild and hospitalization is not necessary.

A total of 14 healthcare workers have also been reported to be infected with the new coronavirus disease, Covid-19.

From March 13 to April 14, an emergency situation was declared in Latvia in connection with the Covid-19 virus, during which time a series of restrictive measures were imposed with the aim of limiting the spread of the virus.

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The story of Kiivitch’s wife Madara: “He will already wake up from that pink cloud”

Kivičs himself, when asked about the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship, tried to explain the situation to the magazine. “Well, imagine … If you haven’t loved me for a whole year or don’t want my closeness. Gadu! Well what to do? Need to live on? And if there is a difference of opinion on every issue that is outside the children. For every question… ”dissatisfaction in married life is expressed by the musician.

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“On a trip to Norway last summer, we went with the idea that the time spent together might give a spark to our relationship,” explains the musician. “You know, it’s like you can already live.” You can raise two children together with a very good friend. In principle, you can live like that, but I can’t live like that, ”says Kiivičs thoughtfully, who last week openly went out in public with his new girlfriend Lieni Skulmi – at the big concert” My friend Mārtiņš Freimanis “.

Madara’s story

Madara also agreed to reveal the nuances of the dissolution of the marriage to the magazine “Kas Jauns”. She talks reluctantly about married life and relationships, it is felt that this is a difficult time for the musician’s spouse and she suffers most from her husband’s betrayal and disrespect.

“I wouldn’t want to go down to the level of lies and ‘teens’ until then. The man will “wake up from that pink cloud”. We haven’t even really talked about each other’s problems, we haven’t saved the relationship, because there wasn’t even really anything to save, ”says Madara. She admits that until recently, Andris was satisfied with everything that happened in the family. “Everything was good at the beginning of the summer, as evidenced by Andris’ very frequent videos, pictures and comments about a nice family life. And it is not true that there has been a crisis in the family for years or other reasons for its breakdown, ”says Kivičs’ wife.

What, then, was the cause of the relationship crisis? “Unfortunately, something happened to him during the last six months. I don’t know what it was and is … I feel sorry for her, because one day she will wake up to a clear consciousness and realize that all good has disappeared. “

I was one of the few people who supported him even when everyone said he was an idiot. But if I don’t appreciate all the good, I can’t do anything there.

“I’m thinking about myself and the girls right now. Andris gave me a lot, but he also took a lot away. I won’t be deprived of my respect,” says Madara, who is most hurt by the disrespect from her husband, which is currently felt in all his actions.

Kivičs hid the side steps with Skulmi

“I understand everything, a person can fall in love. But Andris has shown me a lot of disrespect. Of course, I won’t cry about it, because it’s not worth it. He will not get the idea either, because he has a different priority right now. It just seems hypocritical to me – people are divorced, there is a new passion, and then automatically everything that has been good is “knocked out” … “

Gentlemen don’t do that. What is happening now is such hypocrisy, such lies!

“Everything is done so that Liene is not guilty of breaking up the family. Most of what she says about divorce is a lie. What year when we had a broken relationship? It is clear that it is a couple of months. Don’t lie. You have to be honest – if you tell something, then tell the story as it really is, “Madara is outraged. She has a hunch that it is Skulme who is provoking Andrew to say such things to denigrate the couple’s marriage.

“They both know what they have done. It seems that Liene is forcing Andris to slander our relationship, including the relationship that Andris had before me. I have never done so and I will not do it. All this is already beneficial for Liene. Liene has no one to support her and her children. Well, she has found one, ”says Madara.

“I knew that something was going to happen to him and Lien. And it was not that he came honestly and told everything. It was not. I myself told him in a calm voice that I know everything about the relationship with Liene, about the specific facts, where and when they were together. Then it no longer makes sense to lie … Andris admitted. And he explained that he and Lien had to “spend more time together”, because then he couldn’t even really say what it was – whether it was falling in love or something else. They said that maybe we will be fine, ”says Kiiviča’s wife. Madara admits that Andrew has no way back to her: “I would never take a man back.”

What harsh and less harsh words Madara still dedicates to Andris, which he and his newcomer wish, and what the twists and turns of Kiivi’s love life over the years, read in this week’s magazine “Kas Jauns”!

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PHOTO: an intriguingly held “pop up” picnic gathers in joyful white dress

Picnic guests had a unique opportunity to be the first to enjoy the southern charm and atmosphere of this place, which allowed the participants to feel like in the south of Europe, without leaving the borders of Latvia.

The large area allowed the event to be organized in accordance with all the set restrictions – a separate table was provided for each company. Picnic groups larger than eight people were seated at separate tables at a set distance. Disinfectants were also available at the venue and guests were asked to keep a distance of two meters.

In the evening program, guests could enjoy not only a live music concert and a “silent disco”, but also many different activities and attractive photo tours.

The concept of a picnic is constant every year – the intrigue about its venue is preserved until the last moment. Only on the day of the event do dinner participants find out where they should arrive, dressed in white. Picnic participants bring snacks and everything they need to create a beautiful holiday feeling together.

The white pop-up picnic dinner first took place in 2015. They aim to create a special event that motivates friends and family to meet to forget about eternal haste for a moment and enjoy simple things together.

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“Daddy will do it!” Dzanardi’s son is convinced of the Paralympic champion’s recovery

The former F-1 driver and Paralympic champion, who was seriously injured in a June 19 traffic accident, was taken to a rehabilitation clinic on Tuesday after more than a month.

“Dad will do it, I’m sure. He’ll do it this time too. And one day we’ll talk about it. He’ll talk to me and also to my (future) children. I’m full of hope, and so is my mother,” Nicolo told Corriere della Sera “.

The 21-year-old said his father was unconscious and may not regain his sight.

“The important thing is whether we can contact him again. We have a very long way to go, but it is finally a way down the hill,” he said.

According to Nicolo, Dzanardi’s recovery “has happened much faster than we expected. But we shouldn’t be surprised – it’s Dad. This man’s energy is incredible, his strength is extraordinary.”

Last month, Giardini suffered severe brain and skull injuries during a hand bike race in Tuscany. He was operated on three times after the accident and was kept in an artificial coma until last week.

However, the 53-year-old Italian is known for never giving up.

He switched to paragliding, losing both legs in a 2001 racing accident in Germany, but then won four gold and two silver medals at the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games.

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The pits are transferred from the hospital to a specialized neurological rehabilitation center

Dzanardi, who had both legs amputated after a car accident two decades ago, suffered serious head injuries when he lost control of his hand bike during a road race in Tuscany on June 19 and crashed into an oncoming truck.

“After the sedation was stopped, his heart, breathing and metabolic conditions, as well as his general clinical and neurological condition, allowed the champion to be transferred to a specialized rehabilitation center,” Siena’s Santa Maria delle Scotte hospital said in a statement.

After the 2001 car accident on the Lausitzring in Germany, Dzanardi has become one of the best-known athletes in Paralympic sports.

In the early 1990s, he raced in the F-1 as part of the Jordan, Minardi and Lotus teams, but after moving to the CART Series in the United States, he became the Series Champion in 1997 and 1998.

Dzanardi returned to F-1 with the Williams team in 1999, but then went back to CART.

After an accident in a car race in 2001, six years later he turned to parasports.

In the last two Paralympic Games, the Italian has won four gold and two silver medals in a wheelchair, and also aimed at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. He is also a twelve-time world champion. Dzanardi

In 2010 he also won the Rome Marathon and the following year – the New York race.

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