Aigars Grāvers offers a new song, calling his compatriots to “wake up”

The leader of the group “Jumprava” has sung a composition with the words of Indra Lodziņa, the music has been written and the song has been produced by Lotars Lodziņš, Jānis Kalve, Kārlis Indrišonoks, Arturs Palkevičs, Ingars Viļums and Aigars Grāvers himself.

According to the authors of the song, it “sounds relevant to our time and is like an invitation to the people of Latvia not to stand aside, but to think and share it in their social network profiles, expressing their thoughts and position”.

Combining several well-known Latvian music authors and producers, the song “Honor Case” was created with the idea that it could be performed by Aigars Grāvers. It was Graver and the group “Jumprava” who were once ideological revolutionaries who turned against the existing system. “I accepted the vibration that was offered to me. It was addressed and the idea moved me, I joined it. By participating in the song, I want to make people more aware of what they do on a daily basis, what they think, in order to understand the motivation of their actions. At this time to be, to live is in fact a great challenge, we are faced with great choices. A lot depends on each of our decisions and words – the future of children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, us and our loved ones. These changes will affect absolutely everyone. We are such a small nation, we must not be left any less. Soon we will have nothing to lose. If we look at this song very globally, then I can say that it invites us to think very carefully, to evaluate our actions, what we do, why we do them, ”reveals Gravers.

The songwriters “urge their compatriots not to be lazy and to see what’s going on around them.” And it takes a little driving force to “light up the spark of reason that leads us to the good.”

“Currently, there is such a strange feeling about the general situation in the country and in the world, it seems that people are intimidated and music no longer exists. I am actually ashamed of the musicians – my colleagues, because the feeling is that everyone is scared, closed, scared, even sold. There are none. With all this situation, I think the courage factor can be obtained directly through music. People need to wake up. We have fallen asleep since these awakening in these thirty years. You have to open your eyes and see what the reality is, ”urges Graver.

The authors of the song hope that the “Honorable Thing” will be able to unite the energy of the Latvian people and people will be able to express their position on the situation around them by sharing the composition on their social networks.

In social networks, the reaction to Graver’s new hit is twofold – some share the song and praise the musicians for expressing their attitude, others in the message expressed by the leader of “Jumprava” find connections with the opinion of some controversial politicians.

Actor Christian Karelin ironizes that Engraver is on the path of revolution.

But someone else equates this performance with the works of the scandalous musician Andris Kivičs.

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Comments on: Covid-19 due to Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital cancels scheduled surgeries

We, those who have already had scheduled surgeries and those who cannot appoint them together because they do not have access to examinations and consultations, do not accept the practice of the Institute of Traumatology, using the so-called cowpand pandemic, to stop and refuse medical care. Therefore, we cannot have an understanding of this.


Kazakevich: The game highlighted things that were not visible in previous games

It has already been reported that Latvia conceded to Malta with 0: 1 (0: 0) in the fourth game of the first group of UEFA Nations League D at the Daugava stadium.

“We lost the game in the 95th minute … We lacked patience in the game. In the second half we started to get nervous,” Kazakevičs said at the post-match press conference. “The previous match against the Faroe Islands took a lot of effort, so we weren’t the first freshness.”

“We chose to play very actively – to meet the opponent on the side of their field, which basically gave a lot of moments in the first half. In the second half there was no lack of freshness, there were not so many moments, so there was a lack of patience to play to the end.”

Kazakevičs did not hide that on Tuesday, the team that wanted more won the field, most likely, but the Latvian national team did not play in the middle of the field in the first half, which was sometimes used quite successfully by Malta.

“In such episodes, it is important to believe in yourself and play to the end, waiting for the moment. This time it was done by the opponents,” added Kazakevičs, who has not yet managed to celebrate victory in four matches at the helm of the Latvian national team.

After the previous game against the Faroe Islands, when the Latvian national team played a draw for the third time in a row, Kazakevičs pointed out that the performance of footballers is improving and the team is going in the right direction. The specialist did not deviate from these words even after the failure on Tuesday.

“I have my doubts about the direction … This game definitely highlighted things that were not visible in September and also in the first duels of this month,” Kazakevich said. “We couldn’t deal with the psychological pressure that was best seen in the second half, when footballers were tired.”

Kazakevich pointed out that tense moments in the future will allow him to understand more clearly which footballers can be relied on at crucial moments. Kazakevich, on the other hand, does not think about resigning, because he believes in himself and the team.

“If you think I’m not doing well, I think differently. I think there are a lot of positive trends. There has been a lot of change in the team, and we’ve been clear with a large group of new players. Is it worth it? [turpināt darbu]? It is up to the football federation to decide, “there was a specialist.

The coach was also asked if another football player, who had not been given a chance before, could be invited to the national team in the future. Kazakevich emphasized that there are problems in some positions in the state unit, but did not name them specifically. He also stated that the selection criteria for entry into the national unit will not be changed.

“All three games showed that in some positions we need new faces,” Kazakevich revealed. “The players themselves need to improve their performance, and I believe they will.”

In October, Gļebs Kļuškins, a player of the Lithuanian team Marijampole “Sūduva”, and Daniels Ontužāns, who is at the disposal of “Bayern” in Munich, also helped the team. None of the footballers played in the test matches or in the League of Nations, but Kazakevich explained the reasons.

“The performance of each football player is evaluated during the training process. We watch how they compete with other players and accordingly we also choose the line-up for the game,” Kazakevičs explained the choice of the list of candidates. “In order for these players to be called to the national team again next time, they need to come stronger. Including Gleb.”

The coach had repeatedly pointed out that the attackers lacked confidence. According to Kazakevich, the help of a psychologist would not give the desired result, because each player must start with an analysis of his performance, but the coaches will continue to work on the team climate.

Kazakevich also indicated that another camp will probably be held in February to bring together the national team. The specialist pointed out that additional training will allow you to complete the preparation cycle better.

At the end of the press conference, the head coach of the Latvian national team pointed out that not all games are evaluated with a minus sign. He also has his own vision and vision that can only be realized in the long run.

In September, in the first group of the UEFA Nations D League, the Latvians played 0-0 with Andorra at home and fought 1: 1 with Malta. Another draw was recorded three days ago in Torshavn, where a draw was played again – 1: 1 with Faroese footballers.

Malta lost 2: 3 to the Faroe Islands in September and played 1: 1 against Latvia at home. Three days ago, Malta finished the game with Andorra in a draw.

Six days ago, both teams played in a friendly match. Latvia played 1: 1 with Montenegro in a heavy and wet field, but Malta beat Gibraltar at home 2: 0.

After three games, the Faroe Islands are leading the group with seven points, Malta has five points in four dues, Malta has scored three and Andorra has two points in three dues.

Without a 1: 1 draw in Malta, in September Latvia met in official battles with Malta in the 2012 European Championship qualification tournament, with Latvian footballers being 2: 0 superior in both games.

The overall balance is similar, Latvia has won three times in seven games, lost three and played in a draw once. The total goal balance is 8: 4 in favor of Latvia.

Among the candidates for the national team were 27 footballers, of whom Krister Tober, Daniel Ontuzhan and Eduard Tidenberg had no midfielders in the previous term. Due to Covid-19, the center defender Kaspars Dubra could not join the national team, and Igors Tarasovs, who was the only goalkeeper of the Latvian national team in the match in Podgorica, was called in his place.

After the disqualification of two games, Vladislav Gutkowski, one of the most productive players of the Polish championship, has returned to the rankings.

The Latvian national team in the FIFA rank is divided into 137th place, but the Maltese national unit occupies the 186th position.

The winner of the first group of the League of Nations D will secure a place in the C league of the next season or in the third level by force. The weakest national teams in the D league play.

The last games of the League of Nations are scheduled for November in Latvia.

The composition of the Latvian men’s football team for play with the Maltese national team:

goalkeepers – Pavel Steinbor (Belastock “Jagiellonia”, Poland), Robert Ozols (“Riga”), Davis Osh (Jurmala “Spartacus”);

defenders – Igors Tarasovs (Kuopio “Palloseura”, Finland), Elvis Stuglis, Ritvars Rugins (both – “Riga”), Roberts Savaļnieks (RFS), Mārcis Ošs (“Lugano”, Switzerland), Krišs Kārkliņš (“Valmiera”);

midfielders – Artūrs Zjuzins, Jānis Ikaunieks (both – RFS), Eduards Emsis (“Noah”, Armenia), Andrejs Cigaņiks (Luhansk “Zorja”, Ukraine), Vladislav Fyodorov (“Riga”), Alvis Jaunzems (“Valmiera”), Mārtiņš Ķigurs (“Liepāja”), Kristers Tobers (Gdansk “Lechia”, Poland), Daniels Ontužāns (Munich “Bayern”, Germany);

attackers – Vladislav Gutkowski (Czestochowa “Rakow”, Poland), Robert Uldrik (“Sion”, Switzerland), Dāvis Ikaunieks (“Mlada Boleslav”, Czech Republic), Raimonds Krollis (“Metta”).

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Listen – The Rolltones is releasing the first single from their upcoming album

The author of the lyrics of the song “Tears of Tears” is the poet Juris Būmeisters. His collection of poems “Juris Būmeisters. The author of the composition “Poetry” was presented to Valters Sprūdžs by a long-term musical colleague, the poet’s grandson Kārlis Būmeisters.

While reading the collection of poems, the trigger really liked the self-irony expressed by the poet, which can be seen in these lines of poetry. The poem says “I hate music, poetry – I can’t stand it”, which made me smile, although in general the poem is quite dark. I thought – if I wrote a song with such lyrics, then the ironic circle would be completely over, ”reveals Walter.

The song was recorded for the Latvian Association of Performers and Producers (LaIPA) scholarship for creating new music. She also made a text video by Kate Elpo. Pianist Ritvars Garoza has played the keyboard parts. The single was recorded in Mārtiņš Burkevics studio.

The band was formerly known as Flame & The Rolltones, but has now decided to simplify the name by shortening it to The Rolltones. As Uģis Eihvalds, the drummer of the group, laughs: “Also, we all call us rolls”. The voice of the group, Atis Zviedris, says: “I think the time when I was associated with the word“ Flame ”, which I use when participating in the TV show“ Talent Factory ”, is over. I’ve been using my name for a long time to release my new songs, which I perform as a solo artist, so I think it’s finally time to give up my old nicknames. However, if the long-term fans who have been with me too factory will want to call me “Flame”, definitely not angry about it. “

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Graudiņa and Kravčenoka will be allowed to participate in the European Beach Volleyball Championship

It was previously reported that due to Graudiņa’s positive Covid-19 test, she and Anastasia Kravčenoka will not be able to defend the title of European champion. The Covid-19 analyzes received on Friday turned out to be positive for Graudiņa, however, the next two were negative, thus giving the Latvian duo hope to play in the championship.

As explained by LVF board member and tournament director Kaspars Timermanis, in talks with the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), a decision was made on Thursday to allow the duo to participate in the European Beach Volleyball Championship, which will take place from 15 to 20 September. In Jurmala. The green light for the game will be given to the athletes in compliance with several safety regulations under the supervision of the Latvian Olympic Team (LOV) doctor Līga Cīrule.

Timermanis emphasizes that welcoming the SPKC is a reasonable solution for ensuring public health, while not denying Kravčenoka the opportunity to participate in the competition. “LVF is pleased to announce that our leading athletes will start in the tournament in the new week, and is doing everything possible to make the national event as safe as possible. face masks and disinfect hands, “says Timerman.

Last Friday, the LVF informed that the athlete’s partner Kravčenoka and their coach Andris Krūmiņš, who have also performed tests and have been closely related to Graudiņš in the training process, have negative Covid-19 analysis results. However, as these persons have been identified as direct contacts, they were also given two weeks’ self-isolation at that time.

LVF emphasizes that the safety of visitors and athletes is a priority of the European Beach Volleyball Championship. In order to avoid cases during the planned championship, a special Covid-19 risk prevention team has been established, which has been working with CEV representatives for more than a month to implement various measures and procedures and prevent potential risks. LVF also informs that players and spectators must take into account that the requirements will be very strict and will exceed the limits set by the state much more.

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Samanta Tīna harshly expresses Juta Valdmane’s love for street cats

As always, there will be no lack of bright events – both an unexpected surprise about lost apartment keys and a visit to the sauna, which will be crowned with quite spicy scenes.

Those who have been to Georgia will agree – this country stands out with stray cat and dog colonies, which will be found in the streets of Tbilisi in the vast majority this time as well. This fact will not go unnoticed by fitness beauty Juta Valdmane, who, despite the fact that cats live on the street and are without a specific owner to take care of them, will not be able to control their love for four-legged burglars. She will hurry to pet and take every cat she finds on her way, earning the criticism of singer Samantina Tina.

“Well, like all the ladies – cat cat! But I keep watching that she takes those cats from the street in her hands, puts them on her face. I have nothing against cats, but it’s so unhygienic. Let these cats live, but you don’t have to take them in your hands – who knows, maybe they have fleas, worms. You do not know – he lives on the street and eats from musoriem,Samantha Tina will express her opinion in the latest series “Four on Suitcases”.

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The Dutch government also supports the euthanasia of very young children

Dutch health minister Hugo de Jonge said at a government meeting that the rules needed to be changed to help “a small group of terminally ill children who agonize hopelessly and with unbearable pain”.

At present, this group of children in the Netherlands may be granted palliative care or, in accordance with the rules in force, may be deprived of food, thus speeding up their death. Any other action by a doctor to speed up the termination of a child’s life may be a criminal offense.

According to research, legalizing the euthanasia of such young children could lead to the separation of five to ten children each year who have no hope of improving their health.

In order to be able to perform euthanasia, the patient must have an incurable disease and suffer unbearable pain. There must also be at least two doctors who agree to perform the procedure.

At present, children over the age of 12 can voluntarily leave the Netherlands through euthanasia. In addition to the consent of the untreated patient, parental consent is required. It is also legal in the Netherlands to euthanize terminally ill babies up to 1 year of age with parental consent.

The Minister of Health points out that the current laws should not be changed, but doctors should be released from criminal liability for performing a confirmed einatasia on a child at this age.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide have been legal in the Netherlands since 2002, and a few months later legalized in neighboring Belgium. Both countries were the first in the world to legalize this practice, albeit under very strict conditions. Last year, 6,361 people in the Netherlands died in this way, which is just over 4% of all deaths in the country.

Related news

A 17-year-old Noah died in the Netherlands following a request for euthanasia, who was raped as a child and was unable to survive

Jane, an terminally ill Estonian, died in euthanasia

The first case in history: euthanasia is accused – the patient did not want to die

In 2014, Belgium became the first country to allow voluntary euthanasia of children with parental consent if they are terminally ill and in pain. This procedure was performed for the first time for two children in 2016 and 2017. One was 9 years old and the other 11 years old.

Shortly afterwards, the Netherlands introduced the same rules for euthanasia for children over 12 years of age.

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Normunds Sējējs joins hockey club “Liepāja”

The sower will join the team of club coaches.

“We are strengthening the coaching corps and adding another experienced coach and hockey personality Normunds Sējējs,” Andrejs Žukovs, co-founder and chairman of the board of Liepāja, writes on the Twitter website on Monday.

He is convinced that “it will be a great contribution not only to the club, but to the whole hockey movement in Liepaja”.

In the 2020/2021 season, the team has trained to play under the leadership of Guntis Pujāts, assisted by Reinis Repšs and Kārlis Liepiņš.

The sower Riga “Dinamo” started playing in the season that ended in the spring of 1988 with the club’s only medals won in the USSR championship – silver. His account in the USSR’s top league before the collapse of the USSR in three seasons was 112 games with two (0 + 2) performance points.

He later played in Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Latvia. He played in the Latvian national team every year from the spring of 1993, when the national team entered Group B of the World Championship, until 2001, later appearing intermittently in the national team championships.

As an assistant coach, Sējējs started his coaching career in the 2004/2005 season, when he was combined with playing in the ranks of the hockey club “Riga 2000”. In the summer of 2008, he became the general manager of the newly established Continental Hockey League (KHL) club Riga “Dinamo”, in this position until the 2015/2016 season with a break in the 2012/2013 season, which he spent in two Czech clubs – KHL club in Prague “Lev” and Prague “Sparta”.

During two seasons, starting with the 2015/2016 season, he was the general manager, assistant coach and coach of Dinamo, in the 2018/2019 season he played the role of assistant coach in the Youth Hockey League (MHL) club “Rīga”, but last season was the general manager of the Supreme Hockey League (VHL) Uzbek club Tashkent “Humo”.

“Liepāja” leads the tournament table with 12 points in eight duels. “Olimp” / “Venta 2002” follows with 11 points in seven games, but “Mogo” / LSPA closes the leading three with ten points, followed by “Zemgale” / LLU with the same number of points in six matches. Hockey school “Riga” has scored five points in eight games, “Prizmai” / IHS is less than two, while Daugavpils “Dinaburg” has been in four matches in four matches.

In the 2020/2021 season, OHL plays “Mogo” / LSPA, “Olimp” / “Venta 2002”, “Zemgale” / LLU, Hockey schools “Riga”, Daugavpils “Dinaburga”, “Prizma” / IHS and “Liepājas” teams.

Last season, eight teams played in the Latvian Super League, but in the 2020/21 season there will be one team less, because “Kurbads” will not play in the tournament.

The playoffs were not played last season, but “Olimp” was declared the winner of the local championship. The newcomer to the tournament won the decisive points after “Riga” did not come to the last match of the season with the “Kurbads” team.

With its success, the Olimp earned the OHL the opportunity to compete in the International Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Continental Cup, but the international competition was canceled.

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As a result of Sandra Bulloka’s film, people are thrown into a new stupor

People all over the world have started the new year with a new challenge, named after the thriller, in which the main role is played by actress Sandra Bulloka.

“Bird Box Challenge” challenges potential participants to close their eyes – just like the actress does in the film, and try to do completely mundane things. However, in the Internet environment, this has developed into a kind of competition: who will be able to do something riskier with their eyes closed. For example, driving without seeing anything.

In the film, the heroine of Bulloka closes her eyes to herself and her children, because the evil you see can lead to death. You have to learn to trust your feelings. In life, of course, no one is threatened by such a supernatural force, rather, riskers with their daring actions endanger the safety or even the life of others.

Punch on the forehead is just such a small thing, but if people start doing things that require vision … Seeing this madness taking over people, Netflix has spread an official announcement on Twitter, making it clear and unambiguous that that it does not support the Bird Box Challenge:

“I can’t believe I have to say it, but: please don’t hurt yourself in this Bird Box challenge game. We don’t know how it all started, and we appreciate love, but the Boy and the Girl have only one wish for 2019 so you don’t end up in the hospital because of this game. ”

In fact, actress Sandra Bulloka herself could educate the thirsty contenders for the challenge by telling how she felt when she had to film with her eyes closed. In a conversation with Yahoo Entertainment, the actress reveals that she has run countless times to an operator who has taken close-ups with a portable camera. “I flipped the camera a couple of times,” Bullock recalls. One of the collisions ended even with a bleeding wound.

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Nylon Mask no longer sees the benefits of Twitter and leaves the social network

Leaving Twitter will be a radical change for Moscow, who tweeted so freely that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused him last year of misleading investors on Twitter with false statements about plans to delist Tesla.

Tesla and Masks agreed in October last year, following an agreement with the SEC, to pay a total fine of $ 40 million, and Masks agreed to resign as chairman of the board of directors, which he will not be allowed to hold for at least three years. The mask retained the position of head of the company.

“I’m not sure about the benefits of Twitter,” Masks told more than 29 million followers on Friday, sending several tweets. “Reddit still looks good.”

“I’m disconnecting,” Masks said on the last tweet.

A man who helped rescue 12 boys from an underwater cave in Thailand last year has sued Masque in Los Angeles for defamation because Masks called him a “pedo boy” on Twitter after a public dispute with the British speleologist.

In an application to the court in October, the mask stated that he had no intention of accusing the man of pedophilia. Masks claimed that during his youth, this epithet was a widespread slogan in South Africa.

The trial is scheduled to begin on December 2.

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