Accused of leading the Gezi Park revolt in Turkey acquitted | International

In an unexpected decision, a Turkish court on Tuesday decided to acquit those accused of “leading” the Gezi Park revolt, a wave of protests that shook Turkey in 2013, which had been charged with the crime of “attempting to overthrow the Government”. This decision supposed, in principle, the end of the ordeal for 16 defendants, […]

Sanders fights in South Carolina for the black vote that resisted him in 2016 | U.S

The overwhelming victory in the caucus from Nevada this past weekend seems to signal the arrival of the time of the all against Bernie Sanders in the overcrowded race for the Democratic nomination. The next stop of the primary elections will be on February 29 in southern South Carolina, where the senator enters uncertain waters […]

Transparency in the fashion industry triples since 2016 | Style

Fashion is gradually learning about human rights. The second most polluting industry on the planet is also one of the most difficult to publicize its supply chain. Excessive consumption is one of its big problems, something that has sponsored the boom of fast fashion. The April 2013 disaster of the Rana Plaza, a textile manufacturing […]