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Jim Harrison must go back to his grave: this year, he could not have teased trout in the rivers of the Morvan, near his friend Gérard Oberlé, writer ogre of knowledge and good things to drink and eat . All of this is the fault of this damn coronavirus that prohibits dipping the wire in water. However, we know a lot of chicks who recognize themselves through the words of Jim Harrison in A good day to die (ed. 10/18, 2003): “I was struck again by the way the fishery helped me to wipe out everything else, at least as long as I was in the river. For a few hours, all the problems – money, sex, alcohol, madness – disappeared in my concentration on the river, the places where the big trout were probably, the clear currents or in the swirls near the grassy shore , or behind the big rocks and pebbles that protruded from the surface of the water, forming pockets of water that always seemed to contain one or two fish. ”

Ass comb

Our old friend Bébert is one of those guys for whom life revolves around three pillars: the factory, the garden, fishing. Turner that he was Bébert. “OHQ” as we said for a highly skilled worker. At the workshop, he was entrusted with the machining of prototypes on his Ernault Somua lathe. You shouldn’t have risked touching his bike, which he burnt like a new penny. He was so proud of it that he didn’t understand anything when the takeover’s combs passed before him without a look or a word. It’s true what, almost forty banks to machine scrap for the same taulier, it deserved at least a bit of chat. He didn’t see anything coming either when the HRD told him that it was not going very much question backlog. It must be said that Bébert is not the kind of guy who gossips at the bistro after work. Him, it is the garden, the fishing which ventilates the mood. So when the big egg spoke “Production outsourcing” in Hungary and China, he simply put his tools in their large rag, emptied his closet in the locker room and then he went home to butter his potatoes. When his wife tumbled into the garden to unpack his chickweed, he simply shrugged, grumbling: “I was told I have enough quarters for retirement.”

Giant of Flanders

Sometimes he misses his turn, the smell of hot metal, the precision of a successful adjustment. But he doesn’t say anything because he always has something to take care of. The garden first: prepare the soil for the end of winter before the spring sowing: transplant, pick, pick, water, and then there is always a blade of grass to pull. You also have to take care of the hens, the rabbits (he is particularly proud of his giant of Flanders, a male), give a helping hand to his wife to hull the beans of the canned goods. Winter, Bébert “Do his wood” as he says in his communal affouage. He cuts, he splits oak, beech, foyard. Logs and quarters of 50 cm (it is precise as in the factory) for the Godin stove which heats a large part of their house. Bébert does everything himself. He never put the words “autarky”, “autonomy” in Scrabble. But the other day, he laughed softly when he heard on TV talking about “transition”, “living and consuming differently”. “I’ve always lived like this, that he thought, and my world will last long enough before I pass the gun to the left. “


And then there is fishing. This year, as usual, Bébert checked his gear in February. You have to see him polishing his rods, disassembling and checking his reels, mounting his lines, classifying his hooks and lures in his drawer box as tidy as that of his wife’s sewing. At dawn on March 14, he was happy as a kid, posted in one of his favorite fishing spots. To tell the truth, he doesn’t care a bit about the fish, especially since the farmed trout that has just been released is a bit like “duck fishing” at funfairs. Bébert especially likes “to take some fresh air” as he says, snack alone with his dog corniaud by scanning the river bed where he hopes to see a real trout, “A savage”. This year, Bébert came back from fishing with a nice … dandelion salad they ate with bacon and a poached egg. When containment landed like smallpox on the low clergy, Bébert sighed that he was “Too old for this kind of bullshit”. But the doctor phoned: with his emphysema (the fault in the scrap metal dust at the factory), he has to stay well sealed so as not to catch the coronavirus. As usual, he shrugged. he “Fuck the coronamachin” and then “Those joggers idiots”, they have the right to run in the countryside. So why shouldn’t he walk his dog along the river?

Big fario

So the other afternoon, after sowing an 18-day radish plank in the garden, he goes to the water’s edge while the boss goes shopping at Super-U. The dog knows the way alone, over there where the river bends under a large willow. This is where it hides “The memory”, thinks Bébert. A big fario that he spotted a handful of times when she came out of his hideout, a huge strain. Bébert admires him. She fucked all the fishermen in the area. He is afraid it will end up in a landing net. He never had the trophy virus. He would just like to feel it undulate between his fingers underwater like when he was fishing by hand, kid. Today, the wave is clear under a hot spring sun. Bébert leans against the stump under which he distinguishes a tapered shadow. It’s for sure, it’s her. So he plunges his arms into the water to try to catch Memère. But it is already far away when Bébert falls with all his weight into the river.

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“You are going to catch death”, she says Bébert’s wife as he dries himself with a rough towel. Once the anger of his mishap is over, he smiles and thinks he’s twelve years old this afternoon. Then he leaves in a huge laugh when he sees in the middle of his wife’s shopping a bag of smoked trout which she is carefully disinfecting with hydroalcoholic gel.

Noirmoutier beanie

Like all fish when smoked, trout love potatoes, especially when they are early, like those grown on the island of Noirmoutier. The star is the bonnotte but there is also the earlier sirtema, the iodea, the lady christ’l. Here is a recipe for “Bonnet apples in goat whipped cream and dill, strips of smoked trout and Siltimur pepper” that you can make with the potatoes available in these confined times.

You need 20 medium-sized underwear for six people; 2 slices of smoked trout cut into strips; 20 cl of very cold liquid cream; ½ fresh goat cheese log; 12 small sprigs of dill; 1 lime cut into quarters; Siltimur pepper or another if you can’t find it (black pepper, Espelette pepper …)

Wash and brush the potatoes then immerse them in a large pot of boiling salted water. Allow 10 minutes for cooking as soon as it boils again. Drain and keep warm. Whip the liquid cream with a mixer. In another bowl, whisk the goat cheese with the rinsed and finely chopped dill and stir in the cream. Whisk again and keep cool.

Arrange the bonnottes on each plate (about three per guest), cutting the top to make the flesh of the potato visible. Using a fluted piping bag or a spoon, arrange your cream.

Add one or two strips of trout, a sprig of dill and a wedge of lime. Give two mill turns with Siltimur pepper and it’s ready.

You can zest your lime in the whipped cream.

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Gobble Up Life Against the Covid-19: Joseph Viola Ham Endives

We didn’t really see him coming, all of us confined (almost all). However, there were indications: the beginning of spring ten days ago, the sky more and more clear, the time change last weekend … April is here. As the seasons do not wait for the end of confinement to succeed, the beginning of April also means that it is the last month – before, hopefully, their return in October – to eat chicory, or chicons as they are called in the North and in Belgium.

Among the recipes in video that the Lyon chef Joseph Viola (1), best worker in France in 2004, offers these days on Instagram, we salivated before its endives with ham. For two people, you need: 4 slices of white ham, 4 endives, about 150 grams of grated Gruyère cheese, a little lemon juice (not compulsory). And for the béchamel: 150 grams of liquid cream, 350 grams of milk, 40 grams of butter, 40 grams of flour, nutmeg, salt, pepper.

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Wash the endives and place them in a casserole dish, with a little water, just “the bottom [de la cocotte], says the cook. We tend to cook vegetables too much, we distort them. ” Add coarse salt and a knob of butter, cover. Cook for about twenty minutes. During this time, prepare the béchamel: melt the butter, without letting it color, add the flour, mix quickly off the heat and put back on the heat for a little minute, still without going to the coloring. Add half the cold milk, beat well so that the preparation is smooth. Salt, pepper, nutmeg. Add the rest of the milk and the cream, mix well over the heat so that the sauce thickens a little.

With the tip of a knife, check the cooking of the endives, cook for a few more minutes if necessary by adding a little lemon juice “So that the endives stay very white”, advises Joseph Viola. Add the endive broth to the béchamel, whisk. Add half of the cheese to the béchamel.

Butter a baking dish, pour a few spoons of béchamel in the bottom. Wrap the endives in slices of ham, place them in the dish. Pour the rest of the béchamel on top – “It must be abundant and cover the ham well” – and grated cheese. The, “You have to be generous”. Bake for ten minutes, until the cheese gratin and the béchamel begins to bubble.

(1) Daniel and Denise, 156 rue de Créqui, Lyon IIIe, 8 rue Cuirre, Lyon IVe, and 36 rue Tramassac, Lyon Ve.

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The benefits of moisturizers | Chronicle

Moisturizers are great allies of both women and some men who seek to maintain their image. Because just as people protect their body with healthy meals, exercise and proper water consumption, the skin also needs to be the same care, especially in summer when the sun begins to complicate the matter. Therefore, the moisturizer container is something that can never be missing in the travel bag, on the light table or in the bathroom. Here are several benefits:

1-Water retention: The moisturizer provides the skin with substances capable of capturing water and retaining it inside the cells, preventing the loss of fluid. It happens that the human body is composed of approximately 75% water. The application of this product causes the body to recover a part of the fluid that is lost daily by the same metabolic activity, which favors the entry of external aggressors that leave the skin fragile and irritable.

2-Protection barrier: This product creates a protective barrier that prevents the accumulation of dead cells, debris or dust particles preventing proper skin respiration. The moisturizer then allows the cells to develop in a better environment.

3-Against early aging: The use of moisturizer protects the dermis from early aging and skin cancer. One of the main enemies are the sun’s rays, which destroy the collagen fibers, since without them, the skin will look with spots, wrinkles and sagging.

4-You’ll look better: The properties of some moisturizers also help control the brightness and oiliness of the skin. These are the products with a tinting effect, which have formulas that can control the production of sebum in the skin.

5-Avoid dryness: The use of moisturizer should be something that is part of the daily routine so that it has the necessary effects and maintain the desired skin. Therefore, a constant application will prevent dry skin, the appearance of scaling and impurities. Of course, you have to be constant in use

6-Improves the look: Facial moisturizers maintain skin moisture and add nutrients to revitalize and regenerate tissues. When the skin is dry, wrinkles are visible. Some creams may contain caffeine or vitamin C. These components can give a revitalizing and energizing touch to avoid a tired expression.

7-With a good makeup it looks more: Specialists recommend that, before starting any makeup session, the application of moisturizer on the face is essential. After leaving the skin clean and fresh with a toning lotion, it is important to moisturize it so that the makeup stays intact for a longer time and also, to be protected from external aggressions.


10 creams ‘low-cost’ to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35) | Showcase

Since we started treating the skin in adolescence, we never stopped. We must get to work more than ever when the 25 arrive – because prevention is better than cure – but the truth is that until we reach thirty we do not get serious in terms of skin care. Sometimes not even that. That is why the 40’s (which are now the new 30) is the decade in which we are most concerned about creating our facial routine and get our bedside creams.

The reality is that, if we have led a healthy lifestyle over the years, the signs of aging will not be noticeable so much when we reach this age. However, there are skin problems that at 40 already worry us: wrinkles, spots, dehydration, sagging and lack of luminosity, above others. The good news is that cosmetics is our best ally to combat these factors and daily care is the best trick. And there is still more: “The main anti-aging assets with scientifically proven efficacy are very cheap, so the price normally responds to other market factors and not to their effectiveness, ”confirms the Spanish Academy of Dermatology. So you have no excuse: here are 10 creams that you can buy in Amazon and that they will conquer your bag in 3,2,1 …

Day creams

When the appearance of wrinkles and the need to hydrate the skin are already assumed, the lack of luminosity to go out every day radiant to the street is what most worries women after 40. The best solution? Vitamin C, which rejuvenates the face in a few moments, and always (but always, always) sunscreen.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser SPF 20

A special day cream with triple anti-aging action: corrects wrinkles, retexturizes the skin and reshapes the contours of the face. It achieves this thanks to Pro-Xylane, a molecule developed by the brand that acts very similar to hyaluronic acid and is found in a concentration of 3% in this product.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 14.95 at Amazon

Olay Total Effects 7in1 SPF 15

One of the most recognized cosmetics in the anti-aging sector. Combat the 7 signs of aging based on an exfoliation process that regenerates the skin and contains 400% more antioxidant multivitamin with B3, E and C.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 11.50 at Amazon

Nivea Q10 Power SPF 30

Coenzyme Q10 and creatine are the star ingredients of the Nivea anti-aging formulations line. They provide 24-hour hydration, stimulate collagen production and, of course, protect from the sun.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 8.16 on Amazon

Bella Aurora Hydra Rich Solution SPF 15

Intense and lasting hydration 24 hours thanks to a combination of antioxidant active ingredients that fight free radicals, stimulate the skin’s defenses and prevent the appearance of spots, redness and inflammation.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 13.37 at Amazon

Ceramide Lift & Firm SPF 30 by Elizabeth Arden

Formulated based on intensely moisturizing ceramides, this Elizabeth Arden cream restores the youth of the skin and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines that begin to emerge.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 49.95 at Amazon

Night creams

To treat the rest of the problems in a deep way, hyaluronic acid is vital – to hydrate and reduce sagging and blemishes – but you have to add assets that help the skin stay young. The best solution? The iconic retinol, which regenerates and reaffirms, stimulates the creation of collagen and works while we sleep.

Advanced Retinol Moisturizer by Kleem Organics

More than 3,300 user ratings guarantee the corrective and anti-imperfections power of this facial cream. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, green tea and jojoba oil, it contains 2.5% retinol to reduce the loss of firmness and luminosity of the skin. A plus: its packaging, which allows it to be dosed in a simple way without dirt entering the jar.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 16.97 at Amazon

Anti aging facial cream from Florence

The winner of 2020 is the cream version of the serum that was last year and became a bestseller. It is of vegan formulation and contains hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamin E and retinol: a combination that stimulates the natural production of collagen and rejuvenates the skin.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 17.90 at Amazon

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift LaserX3

The night edition of the L’Oréal proposal is formulated based on Asian scintilla and produces a super-moisturizing thin and non-greasy mask effect, ideal for applying at night and rebuilding the skin’s barrier function.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 14.79 at Amazon

Satin Naturel Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Another of the favorite brands of Amazon users – this was the winner in 2019 – is Satin Naturel. It is bio and contains pure hyaluronic acid, in addition to aloe vera and vitamin E. A foolproof trio against the signs of aging.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 17.97 at Amazon

Retinol Moisturizer from Mother Nature Cosmetics

Again the winning combination to combat premature aging of the skin-jojoba oil, vitamin E and retinol-, but this time also with argan oil, which provides a velvety texture, a delicate fragrance and long-term hydration.

10 creams 'low-cost' to use from 40 (and it seems that you have 35)

Buy for € 22.95 at Amazon

* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of February 23, 2020.

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‘Skin fasting’: this is the beauty trend that wants you to leave the moisturizer aside | Good Life

As far as cosmetic products are concerned, the world is divided into two classes of people. On the one hand, there are those that have the bathroom shelves full of soaps, cleansers, tonics, serums, masks and creams. Many creams: the day, the night, which reduces wrinkles, and – the star of skin care – moisturizing … On the other hand, there are those who barely use a little soap to clean at the end of the day, when they do not rinse with water alone. The latter could be included in the latest trend of beauty, It is known as skin fasting (“fasting of the skin”, in English), a trend in full swing that has illuminated numerous hashtags Y challenges On Instagram.

The idea of ​​not using creams was raised by the Japanese cosmetic products brand Mirai Clinical almost a decade ago Ironic, right? Maybe, even if we don’t rush. Based on the culture of “less is more”, something that many Japanese practice even in the decoration of their homes (you just need to see the fashion of the wabi-sabi, which consists of simplicity and simplicity), the experts of this company raised the benefits of spending a night a week without using cream. The argument for doing so is based on the fact that The skin has its own hydration mechanisms, which are interrupted by the use (and especially abuse) of cosmetic products. According to them, this weekly rest helps strengthen that function of our body.

Indeed, science confirms that healthy skin has the natural ability to maintain the moisture it needs. The epidermis, the outermost layer – the other two are the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in order from the outside to the inside – is responsible for preventing dehydration. It does so thanks to a type of lipids called polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the loss of natural hydration factor (NMF, for its acronym in English), which is a film formed by hydrolipidic acid and the secretions that are created in the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin and that keeps it hydrated.

The problem of creams is not in its compounds, but in that its use really slows the skin’s own gear to maintain hydration levels. Especially when we lie too much. “The practice says that if we apply a lot of hydration to the skin, it will not produce so much sebum to do it on its own. Although there have been no studies on fasting, it does make sense that it works because the skin is able to recover its capabilities,” explains Pedro Rodríguez Jiménez, dermatologist member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). But one night is not nearly enough to get it. “It takes two to three weeks without using anything to notice the effects“, says the expert. And during the first few days we may notice dryness.

The more offer, the more potingues for the skin

Cosmetic abuse day is real. Each time we care more to keep ourselves better. With turning on the TV, surfing the Internet or using social networks for a while it will be easy to run into advertisements or news about the best creams that we can use to alleviate the different problems that age, pollution, weather … And, on the other side of the screen, consumers willing to spend anything (dermatologists recommend not to pass the barrier of 30 euros) to keep their faces intact for at least another day. The data confirm it: in recent years the sector has not stopped growing, according to reports from the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa), which reveal that in 2018 a total of 1,280 million products were sold.

Although a greater offer does not automatically imply that we are going to use everything in the market nor can it be generalized, “it is true that there are many people who abuse cosmetics,” says Rodríguez Jiménez. In the consultations of the specialists they see it more and more. “People bring about twenty boats that do not know how to apply. We have too much offer and this leads them to throw too many things.” The problem is not only in quantity, but in what we use and in how. “We get cases of people who put different products with the same active ingredient and are doubling the amount they need“, says the expert. And it is counterproductive. When we pass we alter not only the skin’s protective mechanisms, but also its microbiota (which also helps it take care of itself) and we can cause consequences such as the one known as cosmetic acne – which comes to be to fill ourselves with granites for giving us extra cream—, to peel our faces or generate an outbreak of rosacea (redness). As if that were not enough, “this cream film attracts dirt – eye, not toxins – that clog pores” , clarifies the member of the AEDV. Attention, neither our body nor our skin needs a detox: if we accumulate toxic, what we need is to go to the doctor urgently.

Fasting is not for everyone

So you may have to open the bathroom closet and reduce the number of products we store in it, but not without first consulting an expert. Nothing to do to follow trends in social networks or meet challenges. We already know what science’s recommendation is in this regard: distrust. Only one in nine influencers Gives good health advice, according to a study from the University of Glasgow (Scotland). Although stopping throwing things at your face may seem simple and even harmless, the results will depend on our skin type. The expert only advised for those who do not have dermatological problems to be treated. While passing us can be a problem, falling short is also a problem when we suffer ailments. “If we eliminate what we use to eliminate conditions, they will reappear,” says the dermatologist.

For those who with their healthy skins decide to fast, this tendency can be worth them in many ways. “It can be used to test the cosmetics we were using one by one, select those that suit us and we like them, and discard those that don’t work for us or we don’t like them, “says Rodríguez Jiménez. Another option, says the expert,” if we notice that our skin is well hydrated without using anything, is to fast for life. “As long as everything goes well,” it is a matter of taste, “he concludes.

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