After receiving the support of bondholders, Banco Hipotecario improves its exchange offer

On September 8, Banco Hipotecario had offered to pay $ 650 in Class 4 bonds for each $ 1,000 and $ 350 in cash for those who accepted it before September 21.

The improvement in the proposal comes after the recent regulations of the central bank (BCRA) to provide companies with the necessary dollars to cancel the debt contracted in recent years.

As detailed in the statement published by the CNV, the bank “currently cannot predict” the impact of the measures on the company’s ability to pay the outstanding principal of the old notes after the exchange.

This is because the restructuring of financial debts of companies with a monthly volume of more than a million dollars until March 2021 is one of the objectives pursued by the BCRA to reduce tensions on international reserves.

Last week, the monetary authority asked the nearly ten companies that have debt with monthly payment volumes greater than $ 1 million to initiate processes to postpone capital payments.

Although there are no higher maturities in October, Banco Hipotecario concentrates a good part of the US $ 600 million in payments faced by Argentine companies in November.

Other companies that will have to face payments in November are Cresud, for US $ 73 million, and IRSA, for US $ 182 million, followed by AES Energía, with US $ 22 million and Genneia, with US $ 51 million, according to a Moody’s survey.


Santander will offer basic financial services at the 4,675 Correos service points | Companies

The bank has closed more than 20,000 branches in the last decade, first as a result of the financial crisis, and now due to the low profitability of the business in these locations as a result of the advancement of digital channels in the sector and the need to save costs.

As a consequence, a part of the population, some 4,000 small municipalities, have been left without bank offices where they can carry out their operations or withdraw cash.

Faced with this problem, Banco Santander has taken another step to avoid financial exclusion without abandoning its branch closure plan.

It has signed an agreement with Correos to offer basic banking services throughout Spain through the 4,675 citizen service points of the public body (in addition to the 3,222 branches that the bank has) as of the first quarter of 2021.

After this signature, the entity will offer cash withdrawal and deposit services in the 2,393 post offices and its 2,282 rural service points, in addition, the postman can take money to any address in Spain. This option will be integrated into the bank’s application for those customers who already use it, the rest need a card from the financial institution and an identity document to carry out this operation from any Post Office.

This service, which is common in other countries such as the United Kingdom, will be free for bank customers at Post Offices located in towns where the entity does not have a physical presence, with a maximum of two operations per month.

In 75% of the municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants where the bank is not present there is a post office, which will allow the entity chaired by Ana Botín to reach 66% of the population that until now did not have a cash service in your municipality. Santander thus expands its basic financial services to 1,519 more municipalities.

Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Castilla y León will be the most benefited communities. Sant Fruitós de Bages and Bigues i Riells, in the province of Barcelona; Villalvilla, in Madrid; Iznájar and Adamuz, in Córdoba; El Saucejo and Tocina, in Seville; Cenes de la Vega, in Granada; San José del Valle, in Cádiz; Competa, in Malaga; Muskiz, in Vizcaya; Cañete, in Cuenca, and Redován, in Alicante, They will be the most benefited areas that will be able to take advantage of this initiative from next year.

It is not the first time that Correos has launched a service of this type in Spain. He has been doing it for years. Initially with the defunct Caja Postal, and later with Deutsche Bank, with whom he worked for 17 years (they signed the agreement in 1999), but in 2016 they decided to terminate the agreement by which Correos operated under the Bancorreos brand.

Since then, the firm integrated in SEPI has sought a financial partner. Of the more than 600,000 clients that the bank of German origin had in Spain at the time, about 100,000 corresponded to its alliance with Correos through post offices.

Last year Correo intensified the search for banking partners to develop this business again. Then he assured that “several banks” had contacted and had already contacted them.

The agreement was signed this Thursday by Juan Manuel Serrano, president of Correos, and Rami Aboukhair, CEO of Santander Spain. Juan Manuel Serrano recalled that with agreements such as the one signed today “Correos continues to offer its services to companies, institutions and administrations to promote and develop the activity of our network of offices, an asset that guarantees access to the public service to all, and contributes to territorial cohesion and the economic development of people and companies, both in urban areas and in rural areas of Spain ”.

For his part, Rami Aboukhair said: “With this agreement we are taking another step in the financial inclusion of thousands of people who live in municipalities where the bank is not physically present and who, starting next year, will be able to complement digital banking with the deposit and withdrawal of money, in addition to the home delivery of cash anywhere in Spain through postmen. We continue working to offer our customers the best experience through all our channels; that’s why We have also recently improved our app, with the aim of making it more personal and with more capabilities in the new covid environment. “

Digital banking

54% of Santander customers who live in places where the bank has no presence so far are digital and thanks to this agreement they will be able to have basic and complementary financial services to digital banking.

Santander already has 5.1 million digital clients in Spain that connect more than 22 times a month to the bank’s app and website, which means that 65% of its active clients are digital clients. In fact, since the state of alarm was decreed, digital channels have been key to guaranteeing the bank’s normal operations.


MAJ ANALYSIS on the Xbox All Access: a real revolutionary offer, or a simple marketing argument?

The past few days have been eventful for Microsoft ! The firm of Redmond at first formalized the existence of the Xbox Series S, his second console next-gen, but she also and above all confirmed the price and release date of the Xbox Series X. At the same time, the American company has confirmed that his offer Xbox All Access would finally be launched in France.

Microsoft’s good idea is therefore to make something existing into a marketing tool, both for its consoles, but also and above all for its services.

This news unleashes passions: some see it as a stroke of genius to Microsoft, others a simple communication stunt that claims to reinvent the wheel. We have decided to offer you a summary article which therefore goes back to what the Xbox All Access, what it offers, its real cost, etc.

What does the Xbox All Access ?

  • The Xbox All Access is an “all-in” offer that includes a console and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The gamer pays a monthly fee ($ 24.99 / month for Xbox Series S, $ 32.99 / month for Xbox Series X) for two years, and at the end of that period, the console is theirs.

Xbox All Access : subscription or credit?

  • The Xbox All Access includes a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In fact, many people consider this offer to be a subscription. However, it is indeed a credit. This implies that the interested player will have to apply for credit from one of the brands offering the offer (in France, Fnac and Micromania). His professional situation and his income will be taken into account, as well as his expenses and other credits in progress.

How much does it cost ?

  • Depending on the console next-gen chosen, the prices are as follows: € 24.99 / month for the Xbox Series S, € 32.99 / month for the Xbox Series X. Here is a table to compare the offer to separate purchases:
Console price 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Total separate purchases Prix total Xbox All Access
Xbox Series S 299,99 € 311,76 € 611,75 € 599,76 €
Xbox Series X 499,99 € 811,75 € 791,76 €
  • Pour la Xbox Series S, the offer Xbox All Access is needed and even saves ten euros compared to separate purchases. Regarding the Xbox Series X, the economy climbs to 20 euros.

Is the offer really revolutionary?

  • Yes and no. No, because the fact of offering a loan for the purchase of a good is far from being a new idea. Many brands also offer to pay for purchases in several monthly installments, with higher or lower interest rates.
  • The fact of including an additional service in the credit offer is not completely innovative either; this possibility already exists in other fields, in particular the automobile, where certain dealers propose to integrate the maintenance costs of a vehicle in the credit.
  • Finally, the slogan “dive into the new generation from € 24.99 per month” is reminiscent of the catchphrases for car manufacturer advertisements, which highlight the possibility of driving a new vehicle from a certain monthly amount.
  • What can be considered revolutionary in this offer of Microsoft, it is simply the fact of offering such a possibility in the world of video games and giving it visibility with a name and an advertising campaign. Of course, it is already possible to get a console and pay for it in several installments at different resellers. But each brand has its offer, interest rates, conditions, etc. Here, Microsoft highlights a unique offer that can be found at each participating store. The only difference could be made at the level of the organization granting the credits (Cofidis for Micromania, CA Consumer Finance for Fnac): one company could have stricter or more flexible requirements than another as to the conditions for granting the loan.

Who is this offer for?

  • The Xbox All Access is intended for players who want one of the consoles and have a real interest in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If this service of Microsoft does not interest them, if they do not play online or if they are not tempted by the xCloud, the program immediately becomes less interesting since it imposes the XGPU. For example, if a player is satisfied with the Xbox Game Pass classic, the offer Xbox All Access will cost him € 60 more than separate purchases for the Xbox Series S (€ 599.76 in All Access against € 539.75 in separate purchases). For the Series X, the difference is around 50 euros (€ 791.76 in All Access against 739.75 € in separate purchases).

Xbox Series X S family hardware comparaison (1)


As said above, Microsoft is not the first to offer the possibility of payment in monthly installments in the field of video games, several brands already have similar offers. But where the latter generally had little visibility, Microsoft decided to create an “all-in” offer, to give it a name and to promote it on a large scale. The good idea of Microsoft is therefore to turn something existing into a marketing tool, both for its consoles, but also and above all for its services.

As we calculated, the offer is interesting for both the Xbox Series S (10 euros savings) and the Series X (20 euros savings). The condition for the offer to be really interesting is of course to have an interest in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The player who is content with Xbox Game Pass classic, or Xbox Live Gold alone, will have less interest in turning to this service.

The program is sold as an “ all-in ”, so it makes sense that Microsoft put everything in it. Some will regret not having flexibility, being able to “customize” the offer with a different subscription. For these, as explained above, it is always possible to inquire with different resellers to see the possibilities of monthly payments, and to take the subscription that suits them on the side.

As a reminder, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be available from November 10. You can already register sure Amazon to be notified of the opening of pre-orders on September 22.

Update : Microsoft formalized the price of € 32.99 for the Xbox All Access with the Xbox Series X, we’ve adjusted the article and our calculations accordingly.



Nightingale was very popular everywhere for several years. “She is currently in the process of purchasing the documentary from the German television MDR,” confirmed Aha! former long-term manager Karla Gotta for the German – speaking countries Wolfgang Kaminski (67). According to him, there will now be a translation into German and subsequent documentary dubbing of the film from the director’s workshop Olga Špátová (36).

Trailer for the documentary Karel about the life of Karel Gott:

According to our information, both television in German-speaking countries and stations from Russia and Poland want to include the broadcasting of a documentary about the last year of Slavík’s life in the most watched evening time. However, this will not happen until the end of the year, when the screening of the documentary in Czech and Slovak cinemas will end according to the preliminary plan. It is not clear how much Ivan is selling the documentary for. According to an earlier finding, the budget for its shooting was about 600 thousand crowns. It can be assumed that the Karel Gott Agency, managed by the widow of Český slavík, will sell the broadcasting rights for about a quarter of a million crowns.

Two hours with Karl
The document is 127 minutes long, ie two hours and seven minutes. “The first cut was over seven hours,” said Špátová, who was sorry to throw away a number of unique shots.

The first shots from the film KAREL: An unusually intimate look at Gott


“I was too young to understand”

For his first birthday, Matthew received a bottle of 18 year old Macallan single malt whiskey: “I thought it was a quirky little gift because I was a little too young to understand. But I had received strict instructions ”.

But his father knew that the bottles would increase in value over the years: “I thought it would be interesting to buy a bottle every year and that he ends up with 18 bottles of 18 year old whiskey for his. 18th birthday, ”Father Pete told the BBC.

Today, the 28-year-old Englishman from Tauton has just put his 28 bottles on sale for a sum of… 53,000 dollars! The man is going to use the money to buy a house.

The 60 year old Macallan single malt has been described as the “holy grail of whiskey” by auction house Mark Littler, as the Insider notes.


Carlos Villagrán confesses the millionaire job offer that Pablo Escobar made him: ” My body froze, I did not expect such a thing ” – Ten

Carlos Villagrán, Mexican actor who gave life to the character of ‘Quico’ in the Chavo del 8, revealed a few days ago in an interview with the chain America TV Argentina, which in the eighties was approached by people from Medellin Cartel when he was in Colombia for a work tour.

Quico, the childhood idol of Brazilian Neymar

According to account Villagrán, They proposed a millionaire offer to him to entertain the party of the daughter of the cartel leader, Pablo Escobar.

” I was at the Tequendama hotel in Bogotá when the reception called me. They tell me that there were three people who wanted to talk to me and I thought they were journalists, ” begins the 76-year-old comedian.

“ They went up, we introduced ourselves, they had a portfolio in their hand, they opened it and took out a checkbook. They put it on a small table and opened it. They told me: ‘tomorrow is the birthday of our boss’s daughter and he wants you to act. Put in whatever number you want, up to $ 1 million. ‘ I was shocked. ”

Immediately, ‘Quico’ intuited who was making him the job offer, and upon learning that it was the famous drug trafficker, he chose to avoid the commitment by throwing a lie.

‘Popeye’ dies, one of the hitmen who worked for Pablo Escobar

” My body went cold. I did not expect such a thing. It occurred to me to tell them that I had a clause in which it said that I could not do anything other than what I came to do. They respected me, closed the checkbooks, said goodbye to me and left. I suppose it was Pablo Escobar’s people, ” he said. Villagrán.

Fear for his life

Finally, the Mexican recognized that after refusing to work for the leader of the Medellin CartelHe began to think that his life was in danger, so he decided to leave the Colombian lands.

“ Having refused, I was very scared. They took me and brought me to the hotel by different paths until about the third day I said: ‘I’m leaving because I’m terribly afraid.’ I thought they were going to shoot me for having refused and I preferred to return, ” he closed.


Free courses to train 100,000 programmers in Colombia | Economy

The National Government uncovered one of its letters on Wednesday to promote the massive development of programming training, Through which it seeks to expand employment and growth opportunities for Colombians and reduce the deficit of human talent in IT skills.

(ICT and Telecommunications pre and post pandemic).

This is Mission TIC 2022, which will be led by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MinTIC), developing a massive programming training strategy.

The ICT Mission 2022, which was presented by President Iván Duque and ICT Minister Karen Abudinen, will benefit 100,000 citizens in the next two years, who will develop specific skills related to information technology, especially in software development and programming.

Those chosen as beneficiaries of this program will learn different programming languages ​​and English. In addition, they will develop skills such as teamwork, perseverance and professional ethics, which will make it easier for them to perform optimally in the world of work, whether through an enterprise or a job in an organization.

(This year, 220 companies will be able to benefit from a new ICT program).

“With Mission TIC 2022 we began to mark a transformative milestone forever in our country. This is the great bet for a new generation of Colombians. We are proposing to train 100,000 programmers by 2022, who will have the ability to participate in projects of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Robotics and also integrated management of relational databases. ; all linked to a digital economy process that is growing exponentially in the world. With this mission, Colombia is making the greatest transformation of human training for the country to lead the process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America”, Said President Iván Duque (See full speech below).

For her part, Minister Karen Abudinen highlighted that: “We are changing lives with the strategic use of technologies. We continue working continuously so that connectivity brings more opportunities to Colombians. President Duque, you entrusted me with the task of building, with the private sector and entrepreneurs, a programming training program to reach 100,000 Colombian citizens. With this initiative, unprecedented in the country, we are opening doors for our young people and, in general, Colombians to access the training of the skills that are already required. We will meet that goal in two years. We are in the race of opportunities and that is why we have called this program Mission TIC 2022 “.

The call will be open from this August 19, until the 28 of the same month. Those interested can consult more information and access the requirements at or on the MinTIC web portal calls section and at


• Registration open from August 19 to 28, 2020.
• The data validation will be carried out between August 28 and 31 to establish the list of those summoned to the entrance test, which will take place between September 2 and 4.
• The 2,500 people who meet the requirements and have the best score will be part of the pilot for the training, from September 14 to December 20, 2020
• 2,500 people will benefit from the pilot test.
• People who cannot access this first stage of training during 2020, in 2021 can make their presentation to the second stage with the start of training in April 2021.
• The third and final phase of the project will be in 2022 and will benefit 47,500 people.


“Well, I want to start by thanking Diana for her presence here today at the Casa de Nariño, because this is a space where we are marking history for our country. ICT Minister Karen Abudinen, thank you very much. Minister of Education, María Victoria Ángulo, thank you very much. Doctor Víctor Muñoz, Presidential Advisor for Digital Transformation and Economic Affairs. My regards to so many leaders in the technology sector who are virtually accompanying us today.

You have heard the underlying message: ‘ICT Mission 2022’. What does this mean? This means that today we begin to mark a transformative milestone for our country forever, and it is the great bet for a new generation of Colombians. We are aiming to train 100,000 programmers by 2022. One hundred thousand Colombians who will have the ability to participate in artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing, robotics and integrated database management projects. relational data. All linked to a digital economy process that is growing exponentially in the world.

We are talking about technologies for finance, which is known as Fintech. We are talking about technologies for health. We are talking about technologies for education. We are talking about technologies for entertainment, culture, the orange economy. We are talking about technologies for transportation. We are talking about technologies for security.

For this reason, the bet we are making today is that many young people, 100,000 young Colombians, by 2022, will have those skills so that they can be employed in the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

A great expert, Richard Haass, said a few weeks ago that we are witnessing, today in the midst of this pandemic, the greatest technological acceleration in history. He said: yes, the pandemic brings us health, social, and economic effects, but the concept of the word resilience also brings immense opportunities. Never has the world made so much progress in digital education, as it has in the last five months. Never has the world advanced so much in health technologies, as it has happened in the last five months, where telemedicine and home consultation have become a preponderant factor. Never before has there been so much progress in online payments, in electronic commerce, as we have seen in the last five months all over the planet.

That opportunity that is born today is the one that we want to materialize, Minister Karen and Minister María Victoria. And how do we want? First, as a team. This is a job in the public sector, but also in the private sector and academia, where we intend from the double degree in high school to start making transcendental changes, and in that the Sena is accompanying us, so that in these two years they are many young people who may have the option of graduating in one hand with a bachelor’s degree and in the other hand with the certification of being a programmer.

Of course, we hope that these skills will also be developed with companies that are producing technological transformations in our country. We have seen it with multi-service platforms, But we are also seeing it in other sectors, and these companies are not only going to contribute to the training of programmers but are also going to employ them.

So the great leap is that 100,000 young Colombians are left with the best skills to do multilanguage programming in technological terms, and make Colombia the country with the greatest acceleration in digital transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

That bet also brings with it another element. To the extent that we have the tax, logistical and operational conditions to attract foreign investment in the country, with this program we are filling what many considered a void. I was now looking at the intervention of my good friend Simón Borrero. Simón told me a few years ago: Iván, the issue we have in Colombia is not that investment does not want to arrive, investment wants to arrive in technology, they know the conditions we have, but we must take the great leap in the formation of human capital to take advantage of this space.

Today, with this ICT 2022 agenda, we are telling the world to invest in Colombia, that Colombia will become the regional hub for the entire fourth industrial revolution, and also with the message that we will have 100,000 young people with the best possible training to do the promoters of that fourth Industrial revolution in our country.

This does not come alone, because the bet we are making in the sector also implies the greatest leap in connectivity. That is the first task that Minister Karen Abudinen has today, and it is to fulfill the goal of our Development Plan, so that by 2022, in August 2022, we will have 70 percent of our country with high-speed internet. And also with 10,000 digital points in the national geography, which connect more families with the opportunities derived from technology and those that we also have with the possibility of offering goods and services digitally.

It is also accompanied by another very important measure, and that is: at 100,000 programmers, at 10,000 points, at that 70 percent connectivity, it is all the great convergence where we today have given the world a message in Colombia: everyone who comes to invest in companies, to found companies that have a technological and creative base, will not pay income tax for the next six years.

So Colombia today, with this agenda, with this Mission 2022, of 100,000 programmers, Colombia is making the largest transformation in human talent training so that our country leads the process of the fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America.

In this, the Ministry of Education also joins the Ministry of ICT, because from an early age we want to continue contributing to that sensitivity in learning, where the development of soft skills and analytical skills are the preamble of what the country will be like with the largest number of programmers trained in a national strategy. That is why today we mark a historic milestone.

To all the actors in the sector who are accompanying us: you know, better than anyone, that 100,000 programmers in two years is the greatest goal that a country in Latin America and the Caribbean has set for itself, so that it enters and leads the process of the fourth industrial revolution. This will allow us to not only expand the base of human capital for the companies that invest, but it will also be the great catalyst for digital entrepreneurship in our country.

So I am very pleased to share this with you, and this agenda is part of what we have called the Commitment to Colombia: how we are going to reactivate in the midst of these circumstances that are hitting the world and how we are going to open a new frontier of opportunities.

That is why, as we said on July 20, this training of 100,000 programmers, this commitment to the digital economy, those 17 megaprojects of the digital economy, are going to make Colombia a more admired place than it already is, for the steps that they are taking place in the fourth industrial revolution. Thank you very, very much ”.


Buy gaming equipment at x-com and take advantage of discounts up to 50%

Are you planning to equip your gaming stand with new equipment and accessories? In the x-com you will find everything you need in one place. This is where the Gaming Promotion has started, with over 300 discounted products. Check out the details below and take advantage of discounts, this time up to 50%.

Gaming promotion

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Summer installments in 15 minutes

Could you use a new smartphone with a good camera to capture holiday moments spent at the seaside on photos? Or maybe your equipment has just broken down and your budget does not provide for additional expenses? The offer of summer installments is waiting for you at x-com, in which the waiting time for decisions is only 15 minutes. How it’s working?

  1. You add selected products to the basket a total value from PLN 300 to PLN 5,000.
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  3. You fill out an installment application, after which you will automatically receive a decision.
  4. You will sign the contract with a verification transfer of PLN 1.

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Buy gaming equipment at x-com and take advantage of discounts up to 50%


Ashmore and two other hard funds accept the Government’s offer

Formal confirmation arrived at the promised time. At 8:50 AM yesterday, in Olivos and the Palacio de Hacienda, the news that was most expected was received. The AdHoc Argentine Bondholder Group (AdHoc group), issued its own official statement, confirming that it accepted the proposed restructuring of debt and congratulating the parties for the agreement reached. He also mentioned that the country would save some US $ 37,000 million “in the next 9 years (2020-2028)” and included a mime to the Argentina stating that with this agreement the country could return to the capital market. For its particular performance, the group clarified that it always defended the interests of investors of the money they handle, stating that in most cases they are retirees or future pensioners and, most importantly, it invites private holders of public securities issued under international legislation to join the proposal. The statement clarified, almost as a factor to convince those who have not yet signed the offer, that the country will have all the necessary legal defenses so that the alternative trials are not opened in the courts of the Second Southern District of Manhattan.


The Kremlin called the duck a publication on the collusion of Russia with the Taliban :: Politics :: RBC

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov regrets the publication by the American media of ducks about Russia’s ties with the Taliban and called the information contained therein a lie

Dmitry Peskov

(Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS)

The publication of American newspapers about the conspiracy of the militants of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) with the Russian authorities, who have offered rewards for the killing of US troops, is a lie. This was announced to reporters by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“Once again, we can regret that once respected and upscale world media in recent years have not disdained to publish ducks,” Peskov said.


A spokeswoman suggested focusing on statements by US President Donald Trump, who said that, according to US intelligence agencies, the publications were not reliable.

“Intelligence just told me that they did not consider this information reliable and therefore did not report it to me or the vice president [Майку Пенсу]”- said Trump.