The fire that scares the Ayvalık Şeytan Sofrası area!

The fire that started in Şeytan Sofrası location at 21.30 grew in a short time with the effect of the strong winds. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade teams intervened in the fire as well as the teams affiliated to the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

In the statement made by Balıkesir Governorship, “The fire that started in Badavut District of Balıkesir Province, Ayvalık District, Küçükköy Mahallesi, Badavut on Saturday at 20.30, spread to the forest area and caused it to spread by jumping due to the strong wind blowing.

The fire started in the lower part of the hilly area known as Şeytan Sofrası and progressed towards the coastline. It is estimated that about 80 hectares of forestland have been burned so far. The fire could be stopped without spreading to the settlements and dwellings in the region. There was no loss of life or injury in the fire, which was effectively intervened with many water-powered water-machines, work machines and personnel from the first moment. Extinguishing works are continuing, and partial control has been achieved. Since the wind does not lose its speed and changes direction from time to time, the studies are carried out with great care in order to control the fire from all aspects.

According to the first findings, information has been obtained that the fire started due to the rupture in the electricity transmission lines due to the effect of excessive wind at a point close to the forest area. ” It was said.

Many teams in the region continue their cooling efforts despite the strong winds. The fire was intervened with 60 sprinklers, 4 dozers and 300 fire fighters from Balıkesir and the surrounding provinces. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade teams intervened to the fire intensely with all their might.


Balıkesir Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz announced that the forest fire that occurred in Hakkıbey Peninsula was taken under control. Stating that the teams are in charge of their duties, Mayor Yılmaz said, “All necessary interventions are being made. Fortunately, the fire was under control. The loss of life and not being injured is our biggest consolation. We will initiate the necessary work to restore the damaged areas as soon as possible ”.


Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, announced in his post on his social media account that the fire in Ayvalık was completely taken under control.

Minister Pakdemirli used the following statements in his post:

“The fire in Ayvalık is completely under control with the effective response of our General Directorate of Forestry teams and the support of our Municipalities. Great efforts have been made to prevent any damage to the settlements in the fire, and this has also been achieved. Our teams continue to work on cooling. ” DHA- İHA


In Lesbos, the streets gradually emptied of thousands of homeless refugees

After a police operation carried out in the early morning, the streets and car parks near the ruins of the burnt camp of Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos, were gradually emptying on Thursday thousands of migrants who had been sleeping there for a week in the same room. asphalt, 5,000 of them having joined a new camp.

“We were free, and now we will be locked up again,” Mustafa, a Sudanese refugee, told AFP.

“If we don’t want to go to the camp, they will force us to do so,” added Abdul Sabu, an Afghan migrant. “We have to go, otherwise our asylum application will be rejected,” added his compatriot Fahim Sharifi.

Thousands of exiles, on the streets since the fire that destroyed the Moria mega-camp on the night of September 8-9, were roused from their sleep by the police at 7 a.m. to be driven to the new camp, “provisional” assure the authorities.

Police, present in force after blocking access to the area to Médecins Sans Frontières and the media, were walking around the tents, quietly, to empty the area of ​​its homeless, a journalist from the AFP.

Under an already strong sun and against a backdrop of children’s tears, the refugees calmly folded their blankets and carried their meager things, which had been saved from the flames, in bags.

Family by family, some with strollers others pulling crates, refugees still lined up in the afternoon outside the camp, hastily erected by the authorities and the UN after the fire.

“Migrants are transferred from the street to the new structure, from abandonment to care, from health risks to public health control”, welcomed the Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chryssohoïdis, present during of the police operation.

So far, 5,000 migrants have joined the new camp, 135 of whom have tested positive for the coronavirus, Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said Thursday afternoon.

It will take “a few days” to transfer the other 7,000 or so, the minister told media outside the camp.

Eight organizations deplored that in the new camp, no legal aid is provided to migrants, who have to re-apply for asylum and to do so through teleconference interviews.

“Neither asylum seekers nor legal support organizations have yet received information from the Greek authorities on this infrastructure,” the groups said in a joint statement.

The Moria camp, the largest in Europe, set up five years ago at the height of the migration crisis and criticized for its sordid conditions, was completely destroyed by the fire, premeditated according to the Greek authorities. Six young Afghan migrants were arrested, four of whom were indicted for “arson”.

– “Some go there, others resist” –

Many refugees have refused to settle in the new camp for fear of being trapped again for months awaiting a possible transfer to mainland Greece or another European country.

“Some go, others resist,” said Scotty Kelew, 29, who arrived from the Democratic Republic of Congo six months ago. “We are really puzzled, we do not know what to do,” he told AFP. He thinks that “sooner or later” he himself will have to go there but “for now”, he remains “outside the camp”.

For Mustafa, “it’s horrible” in the camp, “there is nothing, not enough food, toilets, no shower, there is not even a bed and no electricity available for the camp. ‘instant “.

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said Thursday that “conditions are better in the new camp compared to those in Moria”.

The objective of this new camp is to allow the refugees to “gradually leave the island for Athens” or “to be resettled elsewhere”, according to the representative in Greece of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece, Philippe Leclerc, who visited Lesbos.

Michalis Chrysochoidis estimated that “half” of the exiles could leave Lesbos “by Christmas” and “the others by Easter”.

A complaint was filed locally Thursday against the new camp, arguing that it does not meet standards for protecting the environment and archaeological sites.


Shock: Elsa Serrano died charred when her apartment caught fire

A fire destroyed the apartment where the renowned apparel designer resided Elsa serrano. City Firefighters and Federal Police personnel found a Body of a charred woman who could not yet be identified, but the family has already confirmed the death of the designer. Many celebrities fired her in Twitter after knowing the tragic news.

While awaiting the results of the fingerprints, the journalist Javier Díaz assured the body is that of the famous dressmaker. At the same time, Paparazzi magazine reported that Belén Serrano, the designer’s daughter, confirmed her death with a message to a member of the production of the Cut and Dress cycle, where her mother participated earlier this year.

The dialogue on WhatsApp began at dawn, after learning about the tragic fire on the third floor of the building located in Maipú 86, in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires. “Mom passed away,” Belén answered at 1:18 in the morning, after being consulted about the designer’s situation. It was then that several celebrities began to fire her on social networks: Benito Fernández, Jose María Muscari and Laurita Fernández were the first to do so.


A video of the fire circulated on social networks in which the large flames that came out of the windows of the apartment are observed. When the neighbors noticed the black smoke and the strong smell of burning coming from the third floor, they made a complaint to 911. At the end of the night, the firefighters were still in the place carrying out the pertinent expert reports to determine the causes of the fire.

According to a publication by Infobae, a medical examiner determined the causes of death of the victim: burns in the upper parts and asphyxia.


Elsa Serrano reached the peak of her career in the 1990s when she dressed Zulema Yoma and Zulemita Menem, in the political environment, and Claudia Villafañe, Mirtha Legrand and Susana Giménez, among other personalities of the show.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina, the 73-year-old woman was sheltering in her home, the apartment that caught fire last night in the City of Buenos Aires.

The impact on networks


The French film “Mignonnes” created controversy in the United States

Published on :

In the United States, a French film arouses an outcry: “Cuties” or “Mignonnes”, by Maïmouna Doucouré, broadcast on Netflix. The director wanted to tell the difficult construction of a young girl, shared between her family and her desire to join a group of dancers expressing themselves in an unbridled manner. What to provoke the wrath of the ultra-conservatives across the Atlantic. Republican Senator Ted Cruz even seized the US Department of Justice.

In this program, it will also be about the non-standard forest fires still active in California and the resulting controversies. The issue of global warming is taking pride of place in the countryside.

Finally, we are less than seven weeks from the US presidential election. For the moment, Democratic candidate Joe Biden still leads the polls. The one that some described there is little as “too smooth” there any chance to win? We will ask our correspondent, Sonia Dridi. She devotes a book to him which comes out this week.


a cannabis plantation discovered after a fire

When the firefighters arrive on site, under the orders of Lieutenant Malanion and Sergeant George, they find a house totally on fire. The flames come out of the roof. The men of the fire start their intervention but realize that something is wrong: when they try to put out the fire, the flames grow bigger.

They then found, on the first floor and in the attic, an installation for planting cannabis. “There were no plants as such,” one explains on the floor. “It was still in the planning stage. We are also told that the fire was caused by an electrical problem.

It took them a good hour to put out the blaze. This morning, around 8:30 am, they were still there.

The Trieux police were also on site to establish a security perimeter. ORES has been requested to turn off the electricity and an expert is expected to attend.

A diversion of buses has been put in place by TEC.


Bird Paradise turned ‘to hell’

Samsun The fire control and cooling works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, Bafra Forest Management Chief, Samsun Provincial Gendarmerie Command and 19 Mayıs Municipality personnel continue at full speed. Fire Smoke and flames continue to rise from the land, even though it is over in some areas. Sprinklers and heavy equipment are interfering with the fire. It is hoped that the fire, which moves towards a water channel with the effect of the wind, will lose its effect in the following hours.


May 19 Mayor Osman Topaloğlu stated that 200 hectares of land had been affected by the fire so far. Topaloğlu said, “The exact time the fire started will be determined with later information. To us and the district governor at 12.00. news was given. We’ve been around since then. With the arrival of our latest work machine, we are currently trying to take control. The burning place is scrub and bushy area, but no matter what, this is a region where the habitat is very high, there are a lot of living species and ecological life is experienced too much. We are saddened at the point of living creatures that die because of it. Also, natural vegetation becomes like this in 20-30 years. We are sorry for this, but there has not been any loss of life, any damage to any house, no property damage until now. We are trying to take control of it. I hope we will take control of this by completing the cooling works before tonight, ”he said.

Bird Paradise turned 'to hell'



Kızılırmak Delta Bird ParadiseThe fire that broke out in the reed and scrub area was taken under control as a result of the firefighting teams. With the construction equipment, a line was created around the area where the fire was located and the spread of the flames was prevented.


Ondokuzmayıs Mayor Osman Topaloğlu said, “Of course, there was natural life and animals lived in the area where the fire was found. We are very sorry at this point. With the work done, the fire was prevented from spreading to nearby Galeriç Forests and houses. I hope it happened by accident. “About 2 thousand acres of land are destroyed, of course, our lungs burned here,” he said.


Russia. Krasnodar. A huge fire consumed an entire floor of the apartment block [Zobacz wideo]

A fire report in an eight-story apartment block in Krasnodar reached the fire brigade on Sunday around 2:15 local time. The first firefighters appeared on the scene after six minutes, but despite the immediate reaction, it was not possible to contain the spread of the fire.

Russia. Krasnodar. The fire consumed an entire floor

The fire consumed 88 apartments, i.e. the entire top floor of a large block of flats. The total area destroyed by the flames is 4,400 square meters. According to reports from local representatives of state authorities, the fire was accidentally ignited by one of the residents on the seventh floor. The fire then spread through the timber-framed attic to the entire eighth floor.

The fire-fighting operation ended at around 6.00 local time. 140 firefighters and over 40 fire trucks took part in it. About 300 residents were evacuated from the building and provided temporary shelter. Despite the enormous scale of damage in the fire, no one was hurt.

Prof. Krzysztof SImon on flu vaccines: we are delayed


Ryanair airline plans to lay off twice as many people as announced in Belgium, says Christian union

One hundred and six cabin crew members and 66 pilots are at risk of losing their jobs, Hans Elsen of Christian union CSC-ACV said on Sunday, after the company announced in July its intention to cut 80 jobs.

The reduction in staff would concern both Charleroi and Brussels airports.

Ryanair has reportedly suffered greater losses than expected due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

“That a company announces new job cuts in the middle of the dismissal procedure is unheard of,” said the union. “We are seeing the same scenario all over Europe, Ryanair is waving the specter of further layoffs to put downward pressure on wages and demand more flexibility.”

The union denounces an “opportunistic maneuver” by Irish society. “Ryanair has been less affected by the crisis than other airlines since it does not operate intercontinental flights.”

The company employs just over 500 people in Belgium, most of them at Charleroi airport.


Forest fire in Denizli spread to Burdur

Due to the dark weather, the intervention with helicopters was stopped. Regional Directorate of Forestry teams continue to intervene in the flames from the land. Opening roads with construction machines fire trying to be taken under control by surrounded. The tractor of Bülent Akar from the local community burned in flames. On the other hand, it was learned that the Regional Directorate of Forestry teams fired opposite fire to control the fire.


AFAD and Red Crescent teams were dispatched to the area because the fire was close to the settlement. AFAD and gendarmerie teams are waiting for the possibility of the wind changing direction and threatening Hayriye District. With the approach of the flames, 5 houses close to the fire were evacuated. Red Crescent to people working in the region eat and distributing drinks.


Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Pergola He came to the region by helicopter to examine the fire that broke out in the forest area in the district Hayriye District. Minister Pakdemirli, who received information from the authorities, examined the fire area from the air by helicopter. To Minister Pakdemirli Denizli Governor Ali Fuat Atik and Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan from AK Party were also accompanied.


Minister Pakdemirli made a statement to the press after his examination on the area where the fire continued. Ministers Pakdemirli that has continued feverishly to intervene in the fire, “At the moment we have burned at Turkey’s many points. Unfortunately in Sinop, both in Kastamonu, Usak both Taşköprü both Rod ‘t we are fighting with fire. Sinop Boyabat’ The fire in Uşak has also reached a certain point. We currently have serious fires in Kastamonu Taşköprü and Çubuk. Unfortunately, we said that meteorological conditions will work against us for this week. It is almost like kindling. Thank God, there have been days when we fought 40-45 fires daily. Thank God, we manage to put out the fires without further ado, “he said.

Forest fire in Denizli spread to Burdura


Providing information about the fire in Çardak district, Minister Pakdemirli said, “We have 49 sprinklers, 16 tankers, 2 first response vehicles, 7 helicopters, 5 dozers, 8 on the road. We intervene in this fire with 150 personnel. From the air, this fire is not a big fire. It is not a fire that we cannot control, which we cannot overcome. We just need to surround it. I hope we can say that if we surrounded the fire later at night with additional reinforcement vehicles, we could say that we got it under control. As far as we have seen, an area of ​​around 25 hectares seems to have been affected. There is not a very important problem in fire except. The wind seems in our favor for now. A very experienced team about fire is here. We will take care of this place very quickly, “he said.




Responding to a question about the allegations of sabotage in fires, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Although fires have increased a lot due to meteorological conditions, we think that there is an increase in intent. This issue is being questioned by our governorships in a multifaceted way. Our governorships share the findings with the press and the media.” .


Stating that the ongoing fire in Çardak is not a big fire, Pakdemirli said, “The fire is trapped in a canyon, the energy is high there. It is not a big fire in terms of size. We are fighting much bigger fires. The only important thing is to keep it. “It is not a fire that will force us excessively due to the conditions of the land. Because we have serious roads around the fire. Additional roads that need to be opened will be opened by dozers. The fire will be done accordingly.”