Al-Ittihad – Corona’s injuries in Argentina rose to 8,371

The Argentine Ministry of Health has reported 9 new deaths from the new Corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths to 382 since the start of the pandemic.

She added, that the number of injuries rose to 8,371 after counting 303 additional cases during the past 24 hours, while the total of injured people who recovered reached 2625.
The capital leads the regions of the country with the largest number of injuries with 3,342, followed by the province of Buenos Aires with 2761.


Union newspaper – Mercedes to resume production in Argentina

German Mercedes-Benz Motor Company has resumed production in Argentina after a hiatus of more than two months due to the Corona pandemic.

The company announced that it had resumed production, today, Tuesday, at its plant in Perry del Pino in the province of Buenos Aires, indicating that it will start operating with a single shift system.

The company prepared a protocol to public health rules to prevent the spread of the Corona virus among workers, and the protocol also included the transfer of workers to work by means of a transportation service of the company in addition to measuring workers’ temperatures regularly, and obligating all workers to wear masks and respect the social distance and regular disinfection of surfaces.

On March 20, Argentina imposed a widespread curfew and suspended many areas, and restrictions have been eased in some sectors recently.

The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Argentina reached 12 thousand and 628 cases so far, and the number of deaths reached 471 cases.

It is noteworthy that Mercedes has been active in Argentina since the beginning of the fifties, and works in its factory in Ferry del Pino 2500 people in the production of the Sprinter minivan, many cars, many models of light trucks and minibus chassis.