“Amazing Stories” based on Steven Spielberg at Apple +

MSometimes you have to regret if something does not derail and breaks through the wooden house of the familiar with full force. We obviously can’t get enough of the flair of the decade of bad taste, the trend of remakes of eighties films continues unabated. A striking number of these remakes, think of “Ghostbusters” and […]

“Cyrille, farmer …”, a life for butter

Emmanuel Macron’s long-distance marathon at the Agricultural Show consisted essentially, between the usual falsely relaxed photo poses in the midst of muddy animals, to reassure a sector on edge between ecological conversion, agribashing and waves of suicides. The revelations of Mediapart on the remuneration of senior executives of the FNSEA, with the monthly sum of […]

Valentine’s Day: How do you become successful on Tinder?

S“Swiping” has been cultivated in the dating world for eight years: the dating app Tinder was launched in 2012, since then around 57 million people worldwide have registered, 20 billion “matches” took place. Today there are successful figures like 20 percent of all marriages that are said to have come about thanks to Tinder. Register, […]