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Without a euro from March 1st. Giorgia Meloni relaunches a video on Facebook Straight and backhand, the broadcast by Paolo Del Debbio on Rete4, which shows the anger and despair of the many Italians who have not yet had a euro of the layoffs despite the promises and proclamations ofINPS. From March 1st. “The INPS never answers in return they call the financial for the collection of the installment. I no longer sleep at night, I cry every day and I do the shopping with the calculator“says a woman.

Another worker says to write to INPS every day, always receiving the same automatic reply. “I have two children, one disabled in the center by center. Every day I have to decide who to feed the meat and who only the pasta. I would just like the politicians to put themselves in my shoes even one day.

“After promesse tradition by the government and ofINPS, still many Italians have been waiting for layoffs since March “, comments the leader of Fratelli d’Italia.” Mothers and fathers of families who do not know how to go on because of the delays of the state: here is real Italy behind the continuous lies of those who preferred the proclamations to the press, rather than helping the Italians who reached the end. Irresponsible “.

INPS does not pay: a million Italians still waiting for the cig

According to the tables obtained from The weather there would be approximately 77 thousand applications between the exempting CIG and the wage integration fund already received by INPS but still to be authorized. The tables are updated to 25 June and offer a sad verdict. In the most optimistic estimate there are at least 500 thousand people who still have not received a single euro because the applications have not been processed. To these must be added the applications authorized but for which payment has not yet been prepared. About 100 thousand. Adding the ordinary cash, not counted in the tables, and the million pending questions it is easily accessible.


Bonus Coronavirus, with the relaunch decree the risk remains long times. Cig, we aim to speed up

The devil is in the details and sometimes also in the implementing decrees. If the Revival decree with its 55 billion (which becomes 155 in terms of impact on the state budget) it is certainly one of the largest in the history of the country, it is also true that the speed of implementation will be an equally important yardstick to evaluate the measure. The precedent of Cura Italia is at least in chiaroscuro, with the initial chaos on the compensation for self-employed workers, the delays on layoffs in derogation and the long times in the provision of guaranteed loans, at least by a part of the banks.


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Italy and the rest / Bureaucracy, the ballast that affects the restart

For the next round of measures, there are a couple of factors that could play in favor: the government’s willingness to correct the malfunctions already registered, and the greater break-in of the administrative structures. But there are also many unknowns, because in various cases it is still a matter of creating procedures that do not currently exist. There should be no particular problems for the payment of the second installment of the 600 euro allowance (retroactively referred to April) to workers autonomous, professionals and collaborators: INPS will limit itself to replicating the previous payments, having acquired the data starting from the Iban. For the subsequent disbursement relating to May and increased to the sum of 1,000 euros, collaborators and professionals must however demonstrate the interruption of the activity or the reduction of income, while traders and craftsmen will no longer be entitled to the benefit because, as micro-enterprises , will go on to receive the partial recovery of losses by the Inland Revenue.

Precisely this new tool on paper should benefit from the advantages of the telematic procedures already tested in ordinary relations with the tax authorities, also with the help of accountants. And the speedy use of self-certifications, including those related to anti-mafia legislation, can contribute to speeding everything up. However, a measure will be required from the director of the Revenue Agency, once issued, the interested parties will have 60 days to proceed.

The political commitment of the Minister of Economy is to get this help in June. Again on the tax front, the cancellation of the June Irap installment should not require particular formalities from the taxpayers concerned, while it is already clear that the measures to support the capitalization of companies, which also include Invitalia and the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, will require various measures implemented and therefore will have a longer timeframe.

Among the various allowances, the emergency income and that destined for domestic workers and caregivers debut with this decree. In both cases, the application must be submitted to INPS, which must therefore define – with specific circulars – procedures and methods. The times will therefore not be immediate, even if Caf and patronati can be used, respectively.

There layoffs was the other sore point of the first package of anti-crisis measures. Together with the refinancing of the shock absorbers, simplification procedures have been included in the new law, ranging from the possibility of direct payment at the request of the employer to the advance of 40% by the Inps for the Cig in derogation. There would also be the idea of ​​relaunching the agreement with the banks which has not had great results so far: for this reason, a special guarantee fund is set up which, however, will hardly see the light soon since it requires consultation with the ABI and a decree del Mef, in concert with the Ministry of Labor, for which there are 60 days. Various ministerial decrees (as well as checks) are also required for the regularization procedure of foreign workers: here the risk is that the procedures go beyond the harvest season in agriculture.

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20 billion job package, yes to the housekeeper bonus

More resources to help families, workers and businesses, with a package of over 20 billion for the job chapter, the extension of the blockade of layoffs for another three months and a bonus also for domestic workers is caregivers, from 400 to 600 euros: the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Nunzia Catalfo, assures the government’s commitment that “it is doing everything possible” to support “all categories” affected by the Covid emergency.


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It does so on the day of May 1st, which it dedicates “to the workers who allowed us to face the emergency”, because it is in the front line. The next decree will also see the light of day Emergency income as a temporary measure “for two or three months”, from 400 euros for a single to 800 euros for a family, which, explains the minister, it will be possible to add up to the Rem threshold with the citizenship income. A May Day marked by the pandemic and celebrated by the unions in a way that could only be unusual, without squares and demonstrations, nor marches. In TV and social format. But with a more than ever unique message.

Coronavirus Italy, bulletin: 28,236 dead, today 269 (down). Admissions and new positives decrease

«Work in safety: to build the future», the slogan chosen by CGIL, CISL and UIL, which focuses on the two levers from which to start again and which is accompanied by an appeal. “We must make the country safe, in health and economic security” and therefore “we need a great social pact,” says CISL secretary general Annamaria Furlan. It is necessary to build “a new development model”, underlines the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, according to whom “it is necessary already from next week to discuss the project to relaunch our country”. A line also supported by the number one of the Uil, Carmelo Barbagallo, which also calls for “a pact for the country and for Europe, between businesses and workers, which allows us, together, to revive our economy and our society ». An appeal also in view of phase two and the reopening: «We made a protocol for which we only work if there are security conditions. Today is the moment of responsibility », warns Landini.

Coronavirus, an American study: «Not fast times for the disappearance»

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Disney fired 70,000 people from its parks

The nearly 70,000 workers fired from Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort parks will have to depend as of this week on the state of Florida’s unemployment program, one of the lowest in the country and that will pay them only $ 275 per week for 12 weeks. .

To those 70,000 workers are added another 30,000 corresponding to the park that the company owns in California and which makes the entertainment giant the largest employer in the entire United States, an ANSA office reported.

Workers suspended by the Disney company will now have to rely on the much-criticized State Unemployment Assistance program, against which representatives of the Unite Here union pointed out that around 26,000 of those workers are members of the union group, and that, thanks to In an agreement with Disney before the layoffs, many more will automatically be enrolled in the unemployment program.

“Disney’s announcement that they have reached an Agreement with the State of Florida for cast members to automatically enroll in the Unemployment Assistance program is great news!” Unite Here said in a statement.

Thanks to this agreement, former Disney employees will not be forced to navigate a system that has been closed several times due to the high volume of unemployment applications that are submitted and that did not work at all during the weekend.

Suspending employees could save Disney around $ 500 million a month in wages as it tries to overcome the coronavirus crisis, The Financial Times reported.

The newspaper also reported that Disney President Bob Iger gave up part of his annual salary, and that Chief Executive Bob Chapek “will give up half” of his base salary.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on our world with countless suffering and loss, and has forced us all to make sacrifices,” the company reported in a public communication.


Air Canada announces layoff of 16,500 employees

Air Canada has announced the temporary dismissal of 16,500 employees as a consequence of the economic losses caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The executive director, Calin Rovinescu, explained that this is “an extremely painful decision”But they are obliged, he said, to carry out this high number of layoffs, since the company’s operations will be drastically reduced in the following days.

Drastic adjustments

The largest canadian airline, which has suspended most of its international routes and routes to the United States, will begin with the layoffs this Friday, which will affect 15,200 unionized workers and 1,300 and will last until May, according to the statement issued by the company, which has been echoed. the public chain CBC.

The announcement comes nearly a month after Air Canada’s flight attendants and stewardesses union announced that 5,149 workers would be temporarily laid off due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, Rovinescu and Chief Financial Officer Michael Rousseau have announced that they will give up 100 percent of their wages during the second quarter, while other top executives will stop collecting between 25 and 50 percent of their salaries and members of the board of directors 25 percent.

Other airlines in crisis

Air Canada It is not the only airline in the country that has had to take measures to deal with the economic crisis that has resulted from the pandemic, as the second largest, WestJet, has canceled all its routes until May 4 and announced a week ago which would fire about 7,000 employees

The other two Canadians, Air Transat and Porter AirlinesThey have also paralyzed all flights. Canada has so far recorded 7,310 cases of contagion, while 65 deaths have been reached. Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic, originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has caused more than 37,000 deaths and more than 777,000 infections.


The Government analyzes to prohibit companies from dismissal and suspension due to force majeure

At the economic cabinet meeting that the main swords of the Government are keeping today in Olivos, The request that yesterday the CGT made to the Ministry of Labor to prohibit dismissals and suspensions due to force majeure is analyzed. In companies.

The encounter occurs hours later of the speech in which Alberto Fernández confirmed the extension of the quarantine until April 13 and shortly after openly criticize Techint leader in report, Paolo Rocca, for having announced the dismissal of 150 people last Friday.

Executive sources consulted by The chronicler they recognized that se is under analysis the suspension of the two articles of the Labor Contract Law, 221 and 247.

First of those items henables worker suspensions under the concept of “by force” for a maximum period of 75 days within one year, and starting with the least old staff within the crew.

Look also

On Wednesday it will reopen a Letter at a discount and will release another letter that adjusts for CER plus a margin, also defined as a discount. The subscription can be made only in pesos, between 10 and 15.

At the same time, Article 247 establishes that in the event that the dismissal was ordered due to force majeure not attributable to the employer, with good reason, the worker shall have the right to receive compensation equivalent to half than expected for a usual case.

At the meeting in Olivos, the Ministers of Economy, Martín Guzmán, of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, of Labor, Claudio Moroni, the Head of the Cabinet Santiago Cafiero, and the heads of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce, and the AFIP, are present, Mercedes Marcó del Pont.


San Diego Unified is asking for more money for the transition to online learning – NBC 7 San Diego

California’s two largest school districts call on state aid in the wake of school closings that last longer than expected.

The San Diego Unified School District and Los Angeles Unified School District ask the state for an additional $ 500 per child in the state to help pay for the transition to full online learning.

In a letter to state officials, SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten and LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner also said they would like to form a task force.

“The combination of state policy makers and field professionals working side by side (obviously remotely) can be a reasonable approach in these usual times,” according to the letter.

SDUSD Trustee Richard Barrera said: “At present, we are saying here the support we need to get the rest of the school year online.”

Barrera said the state is anticipating a drastic drop in state revenue which could make the financial situation even more difficult for school districts that depend on state funding.

At that point, Barrera said that school districts need the federal government to take the initiative in preventing layoffs for those educating children.

The Council of the Great City Schools, which according to its website, “brings together 76 of the nation’s largest urban school districts,” sent a letter to the United States Congress, asking for federal dollars.

The Council urged legislators to include public schools in the incentive package considered.

“To avoid mass layoffs of people educating our children, we must be included in the federal stimulus package,” said Barrera, “and we must be included substantially.”

Read the full letters to Congress in the links below.


Big layoffs, huge hires, strong market swings

The rapid spread of coronavirus since it was first reported in China has caused unprecedented shock to the global economy.

Following are the business developments related to the epidemic as governments try to stabilize their economies, companies struggle to cope and millions of people face job losses and interruptions in the supply of goods and services.


AIRLINES: Airlines are failing to reduce capacity as fast as air travel is fading away as businesses and vacationers pull back on plans. Industry analysts are cutting their expectations even faster, with cuts of 40% or more the norm.

Air Canada is laying off over 5,000 flight attendants as the country’s largest airline cuts routes in falling demand. The layoffs will go into effect by April and affect approximately 60% of flight attendants. Air Canada says it will suspend most of its international and U.S. flights by March 31st.

GE aviation will reduce approximately 10% of its workforce in the United States. David Joyce, vice president of GE and CEO of GE Aviation, will give up half of his salary starting April 1st. General Electric’s aviation arm had previously announced a hiring freeze, the cancellation of an increase in salary, a drastic reduction in all non-essential expenses and a significant reduction in its contingent workforce.

The Canadian airline and travel company Transat AT Inc. has temporarily laid off about 70% of its workforce in Canada, or about 3,600 people.

The United Arab Emirates are suspending passenger transits through Dubai, the world’s busiest international airport, for two weeks to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The suspension of transit through Dubai, which connects Europe with Asia and Australia, will affect travelers from all over the world.

The low cost airline Eastar Jet became the first South Korean airline to close all flights as demand plummeted. The airline says it will temporarily suspend its domestic flights from Tuesday to April 25th.

RECHARGED: General Motors is exploring the production of fans in a facility in Kokomo, Indiana. The automaker said Monday that it is working 24/7 with Ventec Life Systems in Washington state to build more critical medical devices. GM spokesman Dan Flores said he cannot comment on how many more fans Ventec will make or how soon they will arrive. The GM statement did not say even when the Kokomo facility could be in operation. Supply chain experts say it will be difficult to reuse an automotive plant to build a smaller, independent product like fans. They say such a change could take months, but GM could do it faster. Shilpan Amin, the company’s vice president of purchasing, wrote in an email last Sunday to GM senior that GM has commitments from Ventec parts companies to supply 93% of the fan parts to GM. The company is developing plans for the remaining 28 parts, he said in the email.

Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga are the latest luxury fashion labels that accelerate the production of surgical masks to help fight COVID-19. The Kering group, owner of the labels, says that the French workshops that usually produce clothes for Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga will switch to the production masks. Kering said he will also purchase and import 3 million surgical masks from China for donation to the French health service. The world’s largest luxury group – Paris-based LVMH – also claimed to have reached an agreement with a Chinese industrial supplier to deliver 10 million masks to the French population.

CORPORATE FIREWALL: Airbus is canceling a planned dividend payment and is accumulating 15 billion euros ($ 16 billion) in new credits to give the European aviation giant more liquidity to overcome the crisis. Last week the aircraft manufacturer had closed several plants to adapt them to safer health conditions.

Apparel firm VF Corp. says it will reduce $ 1 billion from its revolving credit line.

Royal Dutch Shell will reduce its operating costs from $ 3 to $ 4 billion over the next 12 months to adapt to the virus outbreak crisis and plunge oil prices. The company is also lowering capital expenditures to a maximum of $ 20 billion, down from previous expectations of $ 25 billion.

HEAVY INDUSTRY: millions of people work at home. However, the heavy industrial sectors have stopped because the risk of infection, if operations continue, would be inevitable.

A large commercial group from the auto industry is telling Congress that 95% of the US auto assembly plants have been forced to shut down due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Automotive Innovation Alliance states in a letter obtained from the Associated Press that 42 of the 44 auto assembly plants in the United States have been closed since Friday. The letter states that 87% of assembly plants in North America have been shut down, including all seven in Canada and 60 out of 69 in Mexico. Analysts predict March sales will drop up to 40% from 2019 data. The association asks Congress for loans and loan guarantees for the companies concerned. It also requests that companies with more than 500 workers providing paid leave for employees get a tax deduction or a credit. Most US auto assembly workers are paid through closure, which in most cases is expected to last until late March and early April. The industry also wants Congress to postpone federal quarterly 2020 tax payments, begin a temporary tax holiday on wages, extend machinery expenditures, and delay the June 1 date of the USMCA trade pact, which replaces the North American free trade agreement.

Expecting a 60% drop in April bookings due to coronavirus travel restrictions, rental car giant Avis is cutting staff, reducing its fleet and pausing capital spending, among other actions. The company says it will also evaluate compensation expenses for senior employees, including executive leadership, as it seeks to save $ 400 million annually. Parsippany, New Jersey-based Avis Budget Group said it reached $ 1.1 billion in cash from equity in its vehicle fleet and estimated $ 750 million in revolving credits, giving it liquidity to operate “up to at the end of 2020 and beyond “.

Winnebago Industries has stopped production to protect workers from coronavirus exposure and to adjust production as the company’s demand for products is rapidly changing. Winnebago, which employs around 5,000 people, makes campers, travel trailers and boats under the brands Winnebago, Grand Design, Newmar and Chris-Craft. The Forest City, Iowa-based company has manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, Minnesota and Florida. The company said Monday that production will cease until at least April 12th. The basic benefits and earnings will continue for the first two weeks.

Ford Motor Co. has suspended production of vehicles and engines at the International Markets Group’s production sites in India, Vietnam, South Africa and Thailand. Suspensions started on Saturday and will continue for several weeks.

REAL ESTATE: to conserve capital, the Zillow Group has postponed the purchase of housing in the 24 markets in which it participates in this activity. Last week Zillow blocked open houses for houses in all markets.

US home sales rose 6.5% in February, their highest level in 13 years. But this was for contracts signed in December and January, with closings in February. The first report of a coronavirus infection in the United States occurred on January 21, and the economist expects a major slowdown in the upcoming relationship with sellers closing their homes to potential buyers.

The commercial real estate market is at risk of collapse, warns the founder of Colony Capital, as mortgages are under increasing pressure. Thomas Barrack said in a blog post that liquidity ran out when companies were hit by a temporary cash flow deficit and a rapid drop in revenue. “The US mortgage market is on the verge of collapse,” Barrack wrote.

RENTALS: The federal regulator of giant mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aims to provide tenant relief in tenants in multi-family buildings affected by the viral crisis. The Federal Housing Finance Agency says that Fannie and Freddie will offer owners of multi-family properties relief on their mortgages, provided that they suspend all evictions of renters who are unable to pay due to the impact of the virus. The two companies together guarantee about half of the US housing loan market. Last week they temporarily suspended foreclosures and evictions of borrowers in single-family homes whose mortgages they guarantee.

SUPERMARKETS: the wholesale club of B.J. he is the latest to offer hourly wages for workers who stock the shelves while others stay at home. The increase in hourly wages would continue until at least April 12th. Key executives and staff will receive a one-time bonus, ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,000. Walmart, Target and Amazon are among the other company’s wage increases. Walmart also offers one-time bonuses to its part-time and full-time workers every hour.

RECRUITMENT: The spread of the virus has created a serious disruption in the workplace, with companies likely to send workers home. However, other companies, largely those deemed essential during the outbreak, have hired some sort of hiring.

Dollar General will hire up to 50,000 workers by the end of April when people order to stay free from the shelves of the business chain and stock up on pantries. The dollar general said Monday that most jobs will be temporary, but some may be long-term.

Papa John’s is hiring up to 20,000 people with high pizza demand. The need for new workers is so great, the company said on Monday that interviews can turn into a punch on the same day. Domino has already announced further hires.

CVS Health also announced Monday that it is looking to fill 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary roles across the country. Positions include store co-workers, prescription drivers, distribution center employees, and customer / member support professionals. The company also offers bonuses for employees ranging from $ 150 to $ 500 to workers who need to be in its facilities.

THE STORES: H&M warned Monday that it may be necessary to permanently lay off workers as they struggle with the financial implications of the virus. The Swedish fast fashion company said 3,441 of its 5,062 stores worldwide are temporarily closed. The closures, aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, have had “a significant negative impact on sales so far in March,” the company said.

THE WAIT: Amazon is telling buyers that some items may take up to a month to be delivered as they handle a variety of online orders. The company said it is focusing on providing medical supplies, hand sanitizers, infant formula and other essential items for customers. Some top-selling books, for example, said they would be delivered in late April, much longer than two days or less than Amazon’s promised delivery times. The online retailer recently said it plans to hire 100,000 people in the United States to keep increasing orders as more people stay home and shop online.

ENERGY: the energy sector lost almost half of its overall value in March. Economic forecasts indicate a large reduction in the amount of energy that will be needed as national economies are on the sidelines.

Total announced on Monday that it is planning over $ 3 billion in organic capital expenditure cuts and suspending its $ 2 billion buyback program. The company is also planning savings of $ 800 million this year, up from the previously announced 300 million savings.

When the company announced its repurchase program, the oil was around $ 60 a barrel. After the coronavirus outbreak and the oil dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia, oil fell to just $ 24 a barrel.

GIG ECONOMY DISRUPTED: Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi asks the federal government to help self-employed workers as drivers and delivery workers on its platform, not just full-fledged employees. Khosrowshahi sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Monday. Uber has 1.3 million people working on its platform in the United States. Khosrowshahi claims to provide food to people at home and to provide essential transportation services. The company offered up to 14 days of financial assistance to drivers and delivery personnel who were diagnosed with Covid-19 or placed in quarantine.


Canada launches tax increase and tax deferrals for coronavirus reduction

OTTAWA – Canada has announced a package of tax incentives and tax deferral of almost 4% of its gross domestic product, marking an aggressive effort to contain the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic and lower oil prices.

Officials added Tuesday further financial aid is likely in sight, including direct aid for the tourism, airline and energy sectors, which are starting to lay off workers, suspend operations and scale back investment plans. . Canada asked people to work from home if possible and to abstain …