Gref reported the theft of $ 2 thousand from him by cyber fraudsters :: Finances :: RBC

Herman Gref

(Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”)

The head of Sberbank German Gref once became a victim of cyber fraud and lost $ 2 thousand after a trip abroad. He said this in an interview with TASS.

“I already worked at Sberbank and was on a trip to Africa or Latin America, I don’t remember exactly. I paid with a card, and it was discredited, ”Gref said. He added that after returning to Moscow, he began to receive transaction messages, they began to withdraw $ 500 at a time from the card.

“We have not yet created blocking systems based on artificial intelligence. They managed to withdraw $ 2,000 from me when he phoned the bank and blocked the card, ”he said.

Gref reported cases of fraud involving Sberbank employees

Herman Gref

In April, RBC wrote that Sberbank has developed a draft plan of action to reduce cybercrime, which will include measures to combat fraud against citizens and businesses using social engineering and malware. This proposal was mentioned in the materials on updating the action plans of the project “Information Security” (part of the national program “Digital Economy”).


Mortada Mansour was prevented from appearing in the Zamalek channel – Al Riyadi – Arab stadiums

Egyptian media company officials decided to prevent Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour from appearing on the Zamalek channel, as no interference was made across the channel owned by the club due to the unjustified and continuous exchange of time, and in a strong reaction to what is happening with Zamalek the past period, including the refusal to resume The league The club president made an important decision, as the official website of Zamalek stated that the club president invited the members of the board of directors to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow, Sunday.

The club’s statement said: “Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek Club’s Board of Directors, called for an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors on Sunday at 12 noon to take important decisions and get their opinion on an important and serious issue that affects the dignity of Zamalek Club and issued the appropriate decisions in response to an unprecedented farce.”

The past period has witnessed many positions and skirmishes between the two poles of the Egyptian soccer club Al-Ahly and Zamalek and reached the headquarters of the Egyptian parliament as well as the police stations, and the attempts made by some institutions to stop this intercourse have not succeeded.

According to what was published by “Cairo 24”, there is a decision to prevent the president of Zamalek club, Mortada Mansour, from making any interventions through the Zamalek channel in the coming days.

The website continued: “The decision to post Mortada Mansour’s program via the Zamalek screen was postponed indefinitely, due to his attack on the Egyptian media, and saying that the channel belongs to the Zamalek Club and not the Egyptians’ media, and Mortada did not appear through the Zamalek channel already in the Zamalkawi program, after that decision, The site that Mortada Mansour has made extensive contacts with Egyptian media officials and some organizations since yesterday until now, to discourage them from a decision to prevent him from appearing on the Zamalek channel screen.

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Kim Jong-UN has postponed the plan of military action against South Korea :: Policy :: RBC

Relations between the two countries deteriorated at the beginning of June, the DPRK blasted together with South Korea’s communications and threatened to send troops into the demilitarized zone

Kim Jong-UN

(Photo: AP)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone the plan for the implementation of military action against South Korea. He stated at the preliminary meeting of the Central military Committee of Labour party of Korea the seventh convocation, held in videoconference format.

As informs South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA), during the meeting they discussed the main projects of military policy, reports and resolutions that will be submitted to the fifth session of the Central military Committee. In addition, during the event, documents were reviewed, which reflect the “state action for further strengthening the military deterrent force of the country.”

The Kremlin urged the DPRK and South Korea to show restraint

Photo: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Image

The relations between the DPRK and South Korea deteriorated in early June. Pyongyang stated that North Korean defectors throw into the territory of propaganda leaflets, which are subject to sharp criticism of Kim Jong-UN and the North Korean regime. Pyongyang has insisted that Seoul has prevented the spread of propaganda. The newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote that the DPRK authorities will commit an act of vengeance and is going to take some serious action against South Korea.

The DPRK announced the severance of relations with South Korea

Kim Jong-UN


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

The arrest of chief rival Lukashenko, a new low in the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Moscow, the Durov has promised to provide a job Telegram to China and Iran, foreign stocks will leave on the Russian stock exchanges — main news in review RBC

In Belarus arrested the head of Babariko and his son

One of the potential participants in the presidential elections in Belarus Victor Babariko arrested. Previously he was charged. What it accused the former head of the BGB, is unknown.

  • As reported in the election headquarters of Babariko, the prosecution also presented his son Edward, he is arrested. As reported his girlfriend, a young man has been accused of tax evasion.
  • Both Babariko detained on 18 June. Prior to this, Belgazprombank (owned by “Gazprom” and Gazprombank), which Victor Babariko headed until may 2020, were searched. The businessman called the raids raiding and claimed that it is a campaign directed against him. Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August.

In Moscow for the day revealed at least deaths from the virus since April

Over the past day in the capital died and another 20 people infected with the coronavirus, said operational headquarters. This is the lowest since April 16.


The German Ambassador called unacceptable threats of US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 :: Politics :: RBC

The Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir believes that the Europeans themselves should decide how to ensure its energy security. Earlier intention to impose new sanctions against the pipeline said the senators

Geza Andreas von Geir

(Photo: Nikita Markov)

Threat to the United States on the application of extraterritorial sanctions to block 2 project Nord Stream (“Northern stream-2”) is unacceptable. About it RBC said the Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir. “We Germans and Europeans are well able to decide for themselves how best to ensure its energy security. We do not accept outside pressure, through extraterritorial sanctions,” he said.

In early June, a group of senators in the U.S. Congress said that it had prepared the text of the bill on new US sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. According to the document, financial constraints may fall all vessels engaged in laying pipes for the project. The sanctions may relate to businesses, including companies insuring these vessels and their maintenance and the installation of special equipment. The sanctions prompted to enter retroactively, from December 2019. That the US imposed the first restrictions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”, their managers denied entry to the US, and US accounts have been blocked.

USA has prepared a draft law on new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

On Tuesday, the Chairman of the Commission of Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, called upon the German government to think about their actions in case the US decides to extend sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. In response, Ernst has proposed to introduce personal sanctions against senators — authors of the bill about the new restrictions and duties on coming from the States liquefied natural gas (LNG).


Patient positive Covid-19, block-admissions in Cardiac surgery

LECCE – Sneaky and creeping, while in his gait slower and slower, the Covid-19 continues to cause serious problems to the health care system. So much so that today, the department of Cardiosurgery of the hospital Vito Fazzi of Lecce, has undergone the block of the shelters. The reason, in fact, the new strain of coronavirus. It was detected the positivity of a patient. And now, it is necessary to provide for the sanitation department and other checks.

The decision to block comes directly from the medical director of the hospital, Giampiero Frassanito. The case is special, because it concerns a patient operated and hospitalized in the department that, several weeks ago, was found positive to the Covid-19, resulting, however, then cured. This will explain the official sources of the Asl Lecce, after several swabs with negative results and that so they had induced to enter the patient among the cases that had passed the infection.

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However, the man is now again produced a positive swab, and this before you are discharged from the hospital. According to official sources of the Asl, the health conditions of the patient are good, to the point that it presents the clinical symptoms characteristic of the infection. The department, however, has obviously been closed for prudence, for sanitation and to allow the screening of the personnel. The activity will resume at full capacity once completed these necessary steps.


National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine proposed Zelensky to extend sanctions against VKontakte :: Politics :: RBC

On May 15, Ukraine should expire sanctions against Russian Internet services that were introduced by Petro Poroshenko in 2017. National Security and Defense Council proposes to extend them

Photo: Sergey Konkov / TASS

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine submitted to the office of the President of the country a draft decree on the extension of sanctions against Russian Internet services and social networks, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. This is stated in the message of the NSDC on the page on Facebook.

“Based on the results of consideration by the majority of members of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, a decision on the application, cancellation and amendment of restrictive measures (sanctions) was adopted,” the report said.

Sanctions against a number of Russian companies, social networks and individuals were introduced in Ukraine in May 2017. The corresponding decree was signed by Petro Poroshenko, who then held the post of head of state. In addition to services, Yandex services were also sanctioned. As a result, they were blocked in the country. The validity of sanctions and, accordingly, blocking should expire on May 15, 2020. At the time of blocking, the VKontakte site was the third most popular in the country, second only to the search engines Google and YouTube, and Yandex shared fourth and fifth places, Odnoklassniki were in tenth.

According to SimilarWeb, in January 2017, Ukraine accounted for 17.6% of the total VKontakte traffic. As of May 2020, the share of traffic from Ukraine to VKontakte fell to 6.48%. At the same time, in Ukraine, the Russian social network remained in fourth place in terms of traffic among all sites, losing only Facebook from social networks. “Classmates” took ninth place. On the 12th place was the Ukrainian version of Yandex, and on the 14th was the Russian version. Portal dropped to 17th line.

Representatives of Mail.Ru Group, Yandex, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte declined to comment on RBC.


I bought the Volga – in the garage I was stuck for a long time: How problematic is the GAZ-24?

Rust, swollen chrome, carburetor repair, search for spare parts – buying a Volga is not for everyone.

The idea of ​​owning perhaps the most beautiful car in the USSR attracts many drivers. There are two ways to realize this desire: find already restored “Volga” or go to the secondary market to look for a pearl among the rusty ruins.
The second way is more difficult, but more economical. But before you join the ranks of the owners of such a rarity, it is important to know how problematic GAZ-24. Bought “Volga” – in the garage “stick around” for a long time?
Gorky Automobile Plant produced “twenty-fourth” from 1967 to 1992, which means the first “Volga” today is more than 50 years old. How much time will have to spend in the garage after purchase directly depends vehicle condition. Therefore, you should not rush and carefully examine each centimeter of the body.
Rust is the number one enemy for the GAZ-24. But no need to try to find a copy without a single “saffron milk cap”. After buying a car worth spending anti-corrosion treatment of problem areas. It will not be superfluous handle chrome parts special compounds.
Also worth choosing as complete as possible “Volga”, as finding the missing nameplate or interior element will not be easy. But you can not be afraid of unadjusted body gaps: it is not difficult to expose them.
Usually, “Volga” comes across in the market with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine producing 95 horsepower. This unit also received a derated version with a capacity of 85 “horses”.

Volgovskiy motors go 200 000-250 000 km. During overhaul the master replaces the cylinder-piston group, while cylinder block boring not required: inside the aluminum block are cast-iron sleeves. However, instead of repairing, many owners prefer to put a “live” factory-assembled motor.

With carburetors, it happens exactly the opposite, they are often restored, since a lot of low-quality units are offered on the market. True, the masters are ready to take up carb recoveryis getting smaller every year.
With spare parts for GAZ-24 the situation is ambiguous. The car was massive and was produced for a long time, but many parts managed to become a shortage. The owners of such “horses” also face the question of the advisability of installing the original part.
If there is no goal to do authentic instance for exhibitions, but I want to drive a car every day, it’s clear that putting 20-year oil seals is pointless. One more important task after the purchase of “Volga” – the replacement of oils in all units.

The transmission of the GAZ-24 is trouble-free, if you do not allow oil leakage. The brake system is considered capricious, albeit repairable. You need to be ready to completely sort out the brakes after buying a car.


USA approved the use of an Ebola drug for the treatment of coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

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Uneven reaction among Basque unions to the Guide to return to the pit

The Basque Government’s Guide for the return to the pit starting tomorrow of those companies – eminently, industry and construction – considered non-essential, revealed yesterday by DV, generated mixed reactions among the Basque unions, while the employers’ association, Confebask, chose not to speak out. Thus, that sort of ‘road map’ for the restart raised sharp criticism in both ELA and LAB, while CC OO and UGT, without being in any way complacent with the text coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and Justice, showed another very different profile.

Safety for workers is what marks this restart of activity, which, in any case, seems condemned to be very slow, progressive and quite different between sectors and even between companies.



hours in advance is the deadline with which Basque companies must notify the staff of their intention to reopen.

The essence of the Basque Government document, which in no case can prevent the opening of a company ‘a priori’, is that this step is always carried out with a prior agreement with the union.

ELA and LAB regret that the Executive “condemns” thousands of workers to resume activity despite the riskUGT believes that the guide is “a working base”, while CC OO calls for the holding of a general council in Osalan

Yesterday, LAB was already telegraphing his message when calling a press conference for today in which its leader, Garbiñe Aranburu, will analyze a guide designed, the plant explained, “to guarantee the interests of big capital.” A document, added the union, “whose main objective is not to take care of the health of the workers.”

ELA, for its part, directly accused the Basque Government of “condemning” thousands of workers to resume their occupations despite being “in danger” with it. The plant stressed yesterday, through a statement, that the Executive of Vitoria has issued a guide “without agreement with the unions” “in which there is no commitment to stop activity in the event of serious breaches”, and that “it has not put means to investigate and sanction them. The plant also criticized the lack of means of inspection to certify and guarantee an orderly and in good condition return.

For its part, the CC OO of the Basque Country stressed that the best way to face the “forced return to work” is the absolute guarantee of health, with which he warned that he will be “vigilant” regarding compliance with health conditions and worker safety. Regarding the guide, the union regretted that it had been built not from a tripartite body but by requesting contributions to the unions based on a text “son” of the council. That is why he demanded the prompt convocation of the Osalan general council.

The UGT general secretary in the Basque Country, Raúl Arzal, for his part, explained to this newspaper that the document of the Basque Government is “a working base” and that “the key will be the agreement in each company, in each center of job”. “The industries do not seek, in general, openings with a lot of activity but, rather, at idle, so that when it is possible to return normally and with all capacities,” he pointed out. “It is preferable that this is always done with agreement, and with the 48-hour advance notice that marks a guide, as is already happening in some companies, rather than later closings and shutdowns like those we have seen in some firms”, added.