Heroes of the movie “Fast and Furious 9” will go into space, and now it’s a meme

The heroes of the movie “Fast and the Furious 9” will go into space, confirmed actress Michelle Rodriguez, and Twitter users responded with a barrage of jokes and criticism. The audience did not understand the intention of the creators of the picture, but in the memes they presented how it would look. However, whatever the filmmakers come up with, commentators are sure: it’s time to stop.

The first movie, Fast & Furious, starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, premiered in 2001 and received ten sequels. Two of them, Fast and Furious 9 and Fast and Furious 10, should be released in 2021 and 2022, respectively, with the latter, as reported media, promises to end the long-lived franchise. On September 10, actress Michelle Rodriguez, who plays in Letty Ortiz’s films, in the Jess Keigle show commented on rumors that the heroes will go into space in the ninth part.

How did you guys know about this? Michelle said. – See what’s going on? Damn, people start talking backstage. When a movie doesn’t come out and people forget about it, information leaks out. Nobody should have known about this!

At the same time, the star added that her heroine would not appear in space, and immediately changed the subject. But it was too late: journalists picked up the news, and she ended up receiving no less discussion on Twitter than the first trailer for “Dune” with a meme worm… After all, the commentators did not understand at all what the filmmakers were up to.

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But movie fans used to joke that in the new parts of the franchise the action will take place in space. Learning that trolling could become a reality, they uncovered old memes and stuck on new ones.

Artist BossLogic showed what a poster for a new painting might look like.

Meanwhile, there were more and more troll ideas about what would happen in the new Fast and the Furious.

There were suggestions for subsequent paintings.

But while some commentators joked enthusiastically, others quite seriously criticized the filmmakers – in their opinion, the franchise has not lived up to expectations for a long time, it looks ridiculous, and it’s time to stop.

Before jokes about the new Fast and the Furious flooded Twitter, the main topic of discussion for moviegoers was the trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves. Promo pictures with Robert Pattinson were sold to memes in which Bruce Wayne severely punishes people for the slightest wrongdoing and falls into “Twilight”. And the fans, intrigued by the mystery from the villain, deciphered it and learned that Batman’s adversary is no stranger to a sense of humor.


Robert Pattinson’s Batman hit Twilight in fan memes

The teaser trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson still made many social media users think of “Twilight.” Movie fans sculpt memes about how the British vampire actor became a superhero – and it’s a bit damn but popular crossover.

“Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, promising to show viewers a young Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), is due out in 2021, and on August 22, moviegoers finally received a teaser trailer for the film. An atmospheric video showing the murder, a cryptic message to the superhero (which, however, the audience quickly deciphered) and his meeting with Catwoman, instantly broke into memes.

Besides beating a gang member hard, users of social networks, for example, made a joke on a frame in which a Gotham man has black circles under his eyes.

Another reason for the memes was the fact that the promo came out very, very dark – literally.

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Found in the memes and the pathetic scene in which Pattinson’s hero answers the bully’s question.

But among all the abundance of various jokes on the trailer, a separate layer of memes stands out with the “Twilight” films, in which Pattinson played one of the main characters of Edward Cullen (a total of four films were published based on the books of Stephenie Meyer).

Twitter users love to joke about how Robert Pattinson hates his vampire past. and cannot get rid of it. I wonder what he would have said after seeing how Batman got a crossover with Twilight?

It even went as far as a fancam with trailer footage and a soundtrack from Twilight.

At the same time, the scene in which Bruce Wayne rescues a man from a racing car seemed very familiar to the fans of the saga – and was also reflected in memes.

Expect Robert Pattinson to save people from crashes anytime, anywhere: Twilight (2008) and Batman (2021).

Despite the fact that the last film in the saga was released eight years ago, fans continue to find interesting details in the pictures. For example, in the summer, social media users realized that one of the Cullen family carried with him to school rather strange (for both a vampire and a human) dinner.

Discoveries are found in the books of Stephenie Meyer. The TikTok user re-read the works and realized which word could be the favorite of the writer. He makes Edward giggle and the fans laugh.


Nazis: Wanted owner of a Rousseau painting stolen in World War II – Art and Theater – Culture

After 76 years of exile in Germany, a small painting by Nicolas Rousseau stolen in France under Nazi occupation is exhibited at the World Peace Center in Verdun (east), in the hope of finding its rightful owners or successors.

For about ten days, the oil on canvas of the French painter, student of the Barbizon School, has hung in the lobby of the World Center for Peace, Freedoms and Human Rights, visited by 60,000 visitors every year.

“If you recognize the landscape or have any information about this painting, we thank you for informing it”, is written next to the painting, which represents a person sitting on the banks of a river between large trees, a town in the distance under a sky cloudy.

(In photos: artworks depicting the coronavirus pandemic)

“We wanted it to be accessible to visitors immediately when they entered and free of charge,” explains the establishment’s director, Philippe Hansch, who went to Berlin to collect the work in early August.

“There is pride and emotion, a lot of happiness, but also a responsibility,” he confessed. More than its commercial value, the small untitled canvas by Nicolas Rousseau, painted in the 19th century and estimated at between 3,000 and 5,000 euros (3,500 and 5,900 dollars), has “inestimable historical value,” he stressed.

“The painting is a great symbol of Franco-German friendship and allows us to tell the story of the Second World War with a fresh look from the French side and the German side,” commented the director.

In the spring of 1944, Alfred Forner, a Luftwaffe (Air Force) noncommissioned officer, stationed in France, somewhere between Normandy and Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais), was commissioned to bring a painting to Berlin during a leave . When the NCO shows up at the indicated address, the building was in ruins.

“In a pragmatic way, he goes home, leaves the painting there and comes back to the front,” Hansch explained. He died in combat a few months later, in the summer of 1944.

The small painting -38 x 55 cm- hangs in the Berlin family room for 75 years.

A brave gesture

In January 2019, Alfred’s son, Peter Forner, contacted the French Embassy in Berlin: he wanted to return the painting and, above all, to find its owners. “Peter Forner had a health accident four or five years ago with a long stay in the hospital.

He made a list of things to do and among the first was to return the painting, “says Julien Acquatella of the Commission for the Compensation of Expoliation Victims (CIVS) in Berlin. Most of these victims are Jewish families.

“It was a very brave gesture and a natural act for him: this painting did not belong to his family. It was something that should weigh on his conscience,” added Acquatella.

(It may interest you: María Isabel Rueda mixes two utopian visions in her work)

The CIVS and the Mission of Investigation and Restitution of cultural property plundered between 1933 and 1945, which depends on the French Ministry of Culture, have sought since then, but in vain, to identify the owners or beneficiaries of the bucolic landscape.

“It is a very difficult case because the painting is not of great value, so it is not necessarily cataloged. It is a vast search field,” noted Acquatella, who nonetheless does not lose hope.

The exhibition of the painting, “an unpublished device”, according to him, aims to identify the owners, while fulfilling the last wish of Forner, who died last May at the age of 80: to present the work in a place that embodies the peace and Franco-German friendship so that it becomes an object of pedagogy.

An official restitution ceremony will be held in October at the World Peace Center, housed in a former episcopal palace. The work will then join an exhibition on the end of World War II, scheduled for the end of the year.

Other news of cultural interest:


Army diet .. He loses 5 kg in 3 days

Tell me – A new way to reduce weight has appeared on the scene recently, through the so-called “army diet.”

According to the Saudi newspaper, “Ajel”, this type of diet can lose you five kilograms of weight in just three days.

This diet relies on consuming a small amount of calories and eating chemically consistent nutrients that help their interaction to lose weight.

The details of the “Army Diet” came as follows.

First day

Breakfast: a cup of coffee or tea with caffeine, a slice of toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter and half a grapefruit, all of which contain 308 calories.

Lunch: another cup of coffee or tea, with a slice of toast, preferably whole wheat bread, and half a box of tuna, as this small meal contains only 139 calories.

Dinner: 100 grams of any type of meat, a cup of green beans, half a banana, a small apple, and a full cup of vanilla ice cream. This meal contains 619 calories.

No snacks allowed.

the second day

Breakfast: a piece of toast with an egg cooked as you wish, plus a banana. The price of this meal is not more than 223 calories.

Lunch: a boiled egg, 5 pieces of salted rusk and a cup of cottage cheese, and even if the cheese is full-fat, the calories will not exceed 340 calories.

Dinner: Half a cup of carrots, a full cup of cauliflower and 2 hot dogs, and you can also have a cup of vanilla-flavored ice cream, and this meal contains 630 calories.

the third day

Breakfast: a slice of cheddar cheese with 5 pieces of salted rusk and a small apple. This meal contains 232 calories.

Lunch: one slice of toast and an egg, and even if the egg was fried in oil, the meal would not exceed a total of 170 calories.

Dinner: half a banana, a full can of tuna and a cup of ice cream, for the meal contains 460 calories.

During the remaining four days of the week, all kinds of food can be eaten before the ball is repeated, provided that the total daily meals do not exceed 1500 calories.


There are already more people recovered than those with active COVID-19 pictures

After modifying the way in which it counts discharges for COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of the Nation added more than 60 thousand cases to this category yesterday. In this way, 70 percent of the infections confirmed so far in the country came to be considered as recovered cases of the disease.

During the epidemiological report on COVID-19 that the Ministry of Health provides every morning, the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Alejandro Costa, reported yesterday that the total number of people who stopped being infected are 170,109: 61,867 more than in the previous report. This growth in patients who were discharged permanently affected the numbers of people with ongoing infection: while on Saturday there were 129,046 active pictures, yesterday they were reduced to 71,784.

“The discharges that we usually call ‘recovered’ and that are reported through the National Health Surveillance System have two channels of information and notification to the community. One of them is the discharges of hospitalized patients, which are reported by each of the institutions and communicated at the population level. Then we have outpatients, mild cases, which the system automatically reports discharge ten days after the date of onset of symptoms, “explained Costa.

“The epidemiology team has reviewed the databases at the national level and in those cases in which the dates of onset of symptoms were not determined in the National Health Surveillance System, the date of notification of the cases was taken and The same period of ten days was used, in mild cases, to notify them as in discharge condition. This means that as of today (yesterday), we report as recovered 61,867, 170,109 in total, which represents 70.04% of confirmed cases, “the Health official explained.


Another 84 people died and 4,688 were diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday in Argentina, bringing the death to 4,606 and 246,499 infected since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported today. 80.56% of the last confirmed infections correspond to the City and the province of Buenos Aires, according to the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

In this context, the health portfolio detailed that 1,565 are interned in intensive care units, with a percentage of occupancy of adult beds of 56.8% in the country and 66.7% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

The evening report stated that 50 men died, 33 residents in the province of Buenos Aires; 14 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in the province of Córdoba; 1 in the province of Mendoza and 1 in the province of Santa Fe; and 34 women; 24 in the province of Buenos Aires; 7 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in the province of La Rioja and 2 in Córdoba.

Of the total infected, 1,131 (0.5%) are imported, 65,737 (26.7%) close contacts of confirmed cases, 139,746 (56.7%) cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation.

Yesterday 2,904 cases were registered in the province of Buenos Aires; in the City of Buenos Aires, 873; Chaco, 66; Chubut, 21; in Córdoba, 205; in Corrientes, 6; Entre Ríos, 77; in Formosa, 1; Jujuy, 73; in La Rioja, 3; in Mendoza, 108; in Misiones, 3; Neuquén, 29; in Río Negro, 62; in Salta, 46; in San Luis, 1; Santa Cruz, 41; in Santa Fe, 87; in Santiago del Estero, 20; Tierra del Fuego, 37 and in Tucumán 26.

The total accumulated by district indicates that the province of Buenos Aires adds 151,264 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 70,056; Catamarca, 62; Chaco, 4,069; Chubut, 348; Cordoba, 3,512; Corrientes, 213; Entre Ríos, 1,164; Formosa, 83; Jujuy, 3,427; La Pampa, 178; La Rioja, 516; Mendoza, 2,150; Missions, 52; Neuquen, 1,465; Río Negro, 2,903; Jump, 585; San Juan, 22; San Luis, 34; Santa Cruz, 748; Santa Fe, 2,136; Santiago del Estero, 134; Tierra del Fuego, 986, and Tucumán, 392.


La Plata yesterday registered a new death and another 125 confirmed infections of coronavirus, with which there are already 69 deaths and 4,956 cases in the City. This was indicated last night by the official report of the Municipality, and the Situation Room of the Ministry of Health of the Province in its latest update.

70% of the confirmed cases in the country were considered recovered

Of the total number of cases registered so far in La Plata, 1,788 remain active and 3,099 were discharged; while there are another 1,368 under investigation. Regarding the deceased, the official statistics indicate that the majority of them (24.6%) were between 60 and 69 years old, followed by the bands between 80 and 89 years (23.1%), and between 70 and 79 years ( 18.8%) and those over 90 years of age (17.3%).

For its part, the Municipality of Berisso reported 6 new confirmed cases of coronavirus yesterday, thus reaching a total of 709. Of these, 248 are active, 444 were discharged and 17 died. The new infections registered yesterday in Berisso correspond to five women (two of them, 62 and 82 years old, are hospitalized) and a man.

On the Ensenada side, the Municipality reported 4 new infections last night, thus adding a total of 366 confirmed: 116 active, 243 recovered and 7 deceased.


Khaberni website: Elham Shaheen: Morsi asked to meet me

Tell me – Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen revealed that the director of the office of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi threatened her to agree to meet him, but she refused.

Shaheen said during a television interview, that she “decided to confront the battle with the terrorist Brotherhood on behalf of the artists.”

She added: “The Brotherhood fabricated pictures of her and put her face on scandalous photos, and it was later proven that they were rigged.”

She pointed out, “She obtained a historical ruling to close the (Al-Hafiz) channel for a period of 6 months, and a precedent took place for the first time in the history of Egypt, which is the closure of a channel by court ruling, after she filed more than one case on the channel for insulting her on the channel’s screen, pointing out that the broadcaster who had insulted her accompanied A number of veils on the channel’s screen showed her some forged images that were falsely claimed to be a professor at Al-Azhar, but Al-Azhar University sent to the court evidence that he was not a faculty member and was imprisoned during the Morsi era.

She stressed that “Mohamed Morsi tried to attract the artists and act with politeness with them, but it did not succeed, stressing that the director of Morsi’s office tried to contact her a lot to inform her of Morsi’s desire to meet her.”

She explained that the director of Morsi’s office threatened her, saying: “If we want we, we will answer you,” adding that she said to him, “If you talk to me again, he will report about you,” and his response would be, “You are reporting about who, O Madam, we are the state.”

She stated that she had told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi after the success of the June 30 revolution, that “she was about to commit suicide” at the time of Chancellor Adly Mansour taking over the country after the Brotherhood was overthrown, pointing out that the Egyptians dazzled the world on June 30.

Mohamed Morsi had assumed his duties on June 30, 2012, and he was removed from his position on June 30, 2013 after demonstrations invaded the country calling for his departure and imprisonment since the date of his isolation, until his death on June 17, 2019, after several charges were brought against him, including communications with Qatar, Hamas, and disclosure. National Security secrets during his presidency


Director Alexei Uchitel – about the new nudity of Christina Asmus: “I was amazed!”

Each has its own isolation. Someone got stuck in Bali, someone climbed away into the wilderness, someone does not leave the city apartment. And here Director Alexey Uchitel (“Walk”, “Land”, “Diary of his wife”) is completing work on a new painting – “47”, dedicated to the journey of Victor’s tomb Tsoi to the northern capital after deadly Accident in 1990.

In a conversation with the writer Alexander Tsypkin, based on the works of which the series is already being shot, the director remembered how he convinced Tsoi to star in his film and why


“When we shot“ Rock ”in 1986, none of that company knew me – neither Grebenshchikov nor Garkusha. Who knows who I am? The KGB or something else. AND [чтобы наладить контакт] I chose the most silent – Tsoi. And he said: “Listen, Victor, let me come with an operator, a camera to your boiler room, and we will sit with you for a shift – and he was on duty for two days – and we’ll shoot. Not a single question, I swear, I will. As it is, it is. Then you come – take a look. If you don’t like it, we’ll disperse. ” And these were the first frames of the stoker, which now often show. I saw a lot of things: different people came and drank, but I honestly restrained myself – I didn’t move anything, I didn’t say “come here”. Perhaps that’s why it turned out to make a film. And then they came to my native Leningrad documentary studio in the director’s room with the whole Kino group – they watched in silence, went out in silence. I think: Christmas trees, sticks, what is there? I say: “Vit, tell me! Did you like it or not? ” And in response there was one word: “Normal.” This word gave me a sharp pass to life. After that, no one asked who I am and what they eat me with. ”

Frame from the movie “Rock”


“When a terrible accident occurred (Viktor Tsoi crashed on August 15, 1990 after the collision of his Moskvich in the oncoming lane with the Ikarus bus, which was driven by Janis Fibigs, on the highway SlokaTalsi – Aut.) From material that was not included in the Rock, we mounted the picture “The Last Hero”, then I met the driver of Ikarus, who was driving, and spoke with the investigator. Then it settled down with me. When you go and don’t know who Tsoi is … and then life changes abruptly (the driver was found not guilty, but nevertheless became known throughout the USSR – Aut.). The story of our picture “47” begins with an accident, and then begins the journey of the bus with Tsoi’s coffin in Petersburg. A kind of roadflies. The one who is driving does not know who all these people close to Choi are (Ricochet performed by Ilya Del, wife Natalya Reasons performed by Paulina Andreeva etc.), but they don’t know what kind of driver it is.

About 7-8 years ago, Sasha Gonorovsky (“The Land”, “From Five to Seven”) wrote the script, but we did not shoot. I thought that it was irrelevant, but interest in Tsoi is growing more and more every year. This is a mystery that no one will solve. With all due respect and Vysotskyand to Okudzhavaaccording to how often they sing, Choi overtook them. ”

In December, I starred in the full-length film Whaling. This is not horror)))), this is drama. I played the girl from the video chat Uuuf))) But I hasten to upset you, there were no naughty scenes. It’s even straight offensive. But there was my longest double in my career, which lasted 43 minutes. Studio: @ rockfilms.ru Production: Russia, Poland Gen. producer: Aleksey Uchitel Director and screenwriter: Philipp Yuryev Camera-man: Mikhail Khursevich, Yakov Mironchev Which image from the movie do you like more?


“At our Rock studio, we also shoot full-length debuts. One of my students Philip Yuriev seven years he wrote the script for the painting “Whalers”, which he then shot in Kamchatka. A stunning story will soon be shown at one of the major festivals, if it takes place. So, according to the plot, whalers are watching a computer showing a undressing girl [из секс-чата]. And this heroine was supposed to play Christina Asmus. She read the script, she liked it, agreed. Then the film “Text” comes out, this whole story takes place (after naked scenes with Ivan Yankovsky the actress’s husband, Harik Kharlamov, was sucked as a cuckold, in the end couple gets divorced and assures that the cinema has nothing to do with it – Auth.). And then an agent calls me and explains that Christina can’t act in our scene. I begged them to come to the studio, Asmus apologized for a long time that it would not work. Hoping for nothing, I turned on her 10 minutes of the film, she looked and said: “That’s it. Let’s. When to shoot? ” I asked again: “Are you not afraid that they will start rinsing again?” “This is my business,” she said firmly and starred wonderfully. I was amazed! ”


“This is not vulgarity, but real life”: Christina Asmus told how she decided on the bed scene in the new film

For the sake of the role in the 18+ tape, the actress first completely undressed on the screen and herself shot intimate shots on the phone (details)


Fans spotted underwear under the clothes of the presenter and was surprised

Under the tight-fitting outfit have seen something “unusual”

Fans spotted underwear under the clothes of the presenter was surprised. Photo: Instagram

To change the text size:

Fans spotted in pictures the British 49-year-old TV presenter Amanda Holden underwear and not a little surprised.

The thing is that the woman posted a picture on the page in Instagram in a very fitted top, under which was visible bra. It would seem that unusual, after all, this thing is in the wardrobe of almost every girl. It turned out that the presenter several times over the last week, appeared in public in tight dresses without it.

“Incredibly, she’s wearing a bra!” – wrote one of the fans. “Are you really wearing a bra or am I dreaming?” – ironically the other. Their surprise and jokes about the existence of lower Bel and use it fans have begun to Express in the comments to the pictures Holden.



the fans caught the spirit from a photo of Natalya Podolskaya in underwear

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married for ten years. They have a son Artemy. Not so long ago, celebrities have celebrated the first anniversary of boy – June 5 he was five years old. Looking for 38-year-old singer amazed – so beautiful she looks like. The actress impresses the audience with his youth and sense of style. Recently, the star published a blog recent photo that has caused quite a stir.

Natalia Podolskaya is incredibly beautiful. In a new photo she appeared with short hair. The hair color remained the same. Natalia for many years, prefers red shade. The singer posed in lingerie.

And if so ?

Fans of the idol Ghost caught. They began to discuss the sudden change in the image of a pet, and also her courage. Until recently, Podolsky allowed himself rare footage in mini bikini. But in revealing lingerie, perhaps never posed.

“Younger by 20 years”, “Fatal girl! “”That’s”attitude”had become only prettier”, “Motherhood obviously, you’ve decorated”, “Pretty woman”, “Crazy mom”, “Natasha! Stop doing that!”, – writing followers.

Recall Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov met in 2005 on the set of “the Great race”. The birth of a son Artemy they waited 10 years. The singer never hid how hard-won for them with her husband was their first child. They went to the Holy places in hopes of begging a baby God. And when the Topic came to light, the parents were overjoyed. Now Natalia and Vladimir fully immersed in taking care of the child. They often argue over how to raise the boy. According to singer, the husband allows too many child. “Dads – they are aliens, they have their own lawsand sometimes I have my eyes on the forehead climb from the fact that the husband allows the son. But on the other hand most importantly – the active participation of dads in child’s life. It is much worse when the father is like and like a baby” – summed up Podolsk.