Top 5 tips for Renault Duster owners for a long ride without any problems

About the choice of oil, rust prevention and useful improvements.

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

“Duster” has gained a reputation as a reliable and passable crossover, although not without flaws. Our editorial board made the TOP 5 tips for Renault Duster owners.

Prevent chips and corrosion

The body is the most expensive part of the car, so you should pay special attention to it. In the reviews on, many owners note weak paintwork among the shortcomings of the Renault Duster. It’s easier not to wait for scratches and chips to appear, which later will begin to rust, but to protect the car in advance by pasting with special film the most vulnerable places: the edge of the hood, the edges of the doors and the trunk lid.

Also, foci of rust often appear on the chrome trim on the fifth door. Again, the armored film helps to prevent this – reliable care for the Renault Duster.

Avoid water

Another common complaint of “Dusterovodov” concerns moisture seeping through the joints between the roof and rear pillars in the trunk. “Life hack” specifically for such cases, shared a blogger from the channel “Go RASH” on YouTube. He sealed problem areas with a V-ribbed belt and sealant.

In heavy rain, water can get under the hood through the nozzles of the windshield washer, it is advisable to seal them as well, otherwise the moisture will reach the candle wells.

Fighting mud

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

The next tip that should be used immediately after buying a Renault Duster is to install seals on the hood cover so that dirt does not enter the engine compartment. Among the minuses of the French crossover, thresholds that are not covered by doors are also often featured. Because of this design, it’s hard not to get your pants dirty when landing.

However, among automotive accessories, you can look at the thresholds of “Clean pants”, which solve this problem. It will not be superfluous to purchase larger mudguards, since the standard ones do not protect the lower part of the car well from dirt.

Choose engine oil

It is no secret that regular replacement of oil in the engine is the key to a long ride without problems. For many owners, the selection of oil turns into a headache. Experts of the “Driving” portal advise pouring gasoline Renault Duster 5W40-5W50 in the summer, and 0W30-0W40 in the winter.

It is worth remembering that the brand and cost of oil are not as important as the regularity of the procedure and the maintenance of the Renault Duster. It is especially important to change the oil more often in difficult operating conditions.

Extend the life of the checkpoint

Photo: Renault Duster, source: Renault

For a manual gearbox, Renault does not at all provide for the replacement of gear oil. You can listen to advice only to those who do not plan to travel longer than the warranty period. At the same time, the manual transmission will “say thank you” for changing the oil every 60,000 km.

For the “machine”, the replacement intervals will be approximately the same. The manufacturer recommends for automatic transmission Elf Renaultmatic D3 Syn oil for a long ride without problems. It is also worth updating the oil in the angular gearbox after 30 thousand km and in the rear gearbox – by 60 thousand km.


What do WeChat and Aliexpress have in common

In China, the two most famous Ma. One is Jack, the founder of Alibaba. Pony owns the world’s largest distributor of online games Tencent: talk about hits such as League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many others. And Pony Ma founded the WeChat super application, with which the Chinese communicate, pay for goods and services, play video games, order taxis and tables in restaurants.

Ponies and Jack Ma are constantly changing places on the list of the richest Chinese. In March last year, Pony was the first in the Forbes world ranking, Jack was the next. In November, Jack was in the lead, Pony followed him. On May 14, Forbes announced that Ma had again castled. And, according to estimates on June 28, Pony’s fortune is $ 54 billion, Jack’s is $ 43.3 billion.

Their companies perforce collide in one or the other market. While each is strong in its field. Pony Ma back in 2005 launched Aliexpress rival – But according to Fast Company magazine, it never occupied more than 10% of the market in China. Jack Ma, in turn, repeatedly tried to enter the messenger market, but his Laiwang and DingTalk were not particularly successful.

The new Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen was designed by the American company NBBJ, among its customers – Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Samsung /Tencent

Horse surname

Pony Ma is no Pony, just like Jack Ma is no Jack. They took these names to make it easier to communicate with Western investors. The founder of Alibaba is known for his eccentric behavior: he sings on stage, challenges boxers to fight, holds massive weddings. But the English name chose unremarkable. The founder of Tencent is secretive, does not like publicity, but chose a middle name with humor. Last name Ma in Chinese means “horse”, and here Ma Huaten decided to become a Pony for foreigners.


Reopening of places of worship in Great Britain

It took a long time to come, but the resumption of religious services in England has finally been set to July 4. The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, has confirmed on Tuesday 23 June his plan déconfinement providing for the next reopening of places of worship, as well as other places of the public space such as bars, restaurants, or theatres.

→ PORTRAIT. In the United Kingdom, Patrick Vallance and herd immunity

Closed since march 23, to deal with the epidemic of Covid-19, the places of worship of the United Kingdom had been allowed to reopen partially in mid-June, for the funeral ceremonies and prayers of the individual. While England plans to fully resume its religious activities on 4 July, Northern Ireland has advanced the date to June 29. Scotland and wales have not yet ruled.

Weddings allowed

The british prime minister explained that the places of worship, English would again be allowed to hold offices, but also weddings, limited to 30 persons, in compliance with the social distancing. The singing will be temporarily prohibited, in order not to spread the virus.

These severe restrictions, however, have not started the enthusiasm of the religious representatives in the country. ” It is great that we can soon bring us together again to worship in our churches “, welcomed the primate of the anglican Church and archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in a press release.

The most reverend Vincent Nichols, archbishop of Westminster and president of the bishops ‘Conference of England and Wales, also applauded the government’s decision, thanking” all those who have worked hard to get here, my fellow religious not least “. Last may, following the announcement of the plan of déconfinement british, the cardinal English was concerned on the BBC of the belated recovery of the offices in July :” We would like the government to show a little more sensitivity “he said.

A re-opening in stages

In an effort of appeasement, a working group was then established between the secretariat of State for Communities, the representatives of the six cults (Church of england, catholic Church, judaism, islam, hinduism, sikh) and the Faith Action network faith-based organizations and the community. On 15 June, the churches of the English had obtained the possibility of a partial reopening for prayers private. This decision was welcomed by cardinal Nichols as” a big step forward for the company “in the face of coronavirus.

If the christian clergy now appreciates the full recovery of the worship services on July 4, the religious leaders of jews and muslims show themselves to be more circumspect. The chief rabbi of the Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis,” warmly welcomes the new “but states that it will be” as cautious as necessary to protect our communities “after having already stated that the synagogues could reopen later than expected. The muslim Council of Britain has also announced that all the mosques could not receive the faithful from the July 4, due to the difficulties to apply the health rules during the prayer.


In Egypt, places of worship will re-open on the 27th of June

In Egypt, the places of worship will re-open from Saturday, June 27, announced the prime minister Moustafa Madbouli. This decision is part of a series of new measures taken Tuesday, June 23, by the authorities who, for the past few weeks, pushing for a gradual return to normal life in the context of the pandemic of the sars coronavirus.

In this country of over 100 million inhabitants, the government had, since the 25th of march, ordered the closure of schools and universities, places of worship, museums, and archaeological sites through April 15. A night-time curfew had also been imposed for two weeks, in order to contain the epidemic. But over the weeks, the curfew from 20 hours to 5 hours in the local level has been gradually reduced. As of 27 June, it will no longer be in force from midnight to 4 hours announced Moustafa Mabdouli, during a press conference on television.

Partial opening and under conditions

In addition to places of worship allowed to reopen Saturday, June 27, there are also cafes, restaurants, cinemas and cultural centers. For the time being, these establishments will reopen but only to 25 % of their capacity and will close at 22 hours, announced by the prime minister of egypt. The shops will stay open until 21 hours.

The mosques and the churches, including the re-opening had already been raised in may, will be able to open their doors in a week but “the prayers the principal will remain suspended “ the weekend, in order to avoid gatherings too large of a population for the masses of Sunday and the congregational prayers of Friday.

“We all have to live with the pandemic,”

Egypt has officially registered 58 141 persons infected with the virus of the Covid-19 to 23 June. Since the end of may, the authorities state of 700 to 1 700 new infections per day. However, the authorities have since taken measures gradual easing of restrictive measures taken to curb the spread of the virus in the country.

“We all have to live with the pandemic (…) We tried to find a balance between the opening up of the country and the maintenance of necessary sanitary “, assured, Tuesday 23 June, the prime minister, alluding to the easing of restrictions. “We have the ability to overcome this pandemic with the best possible result and a minimum of losses “, he added.


Coronavirus in Israel, the holy places of Jerusalem déconfinent

Of course, Jerusalem and its centuries-old history have seen others. But the outbreak of coronavirus remains for a long time engraved in the memory of its inhabitants and of the believers. At least those, Palestinian, Israeli or foreign inhabitants of the city three times holy, is permitted to pass the heavy gates of the old city. Because since the virus hits the planet, the jewish State was barricaded, closing its borders and its airport to keep the epidemic under control. Exceptional Situation, therefore, the consequences unseen to the three holy places within the walls.

Cancellation of the pilgrimages : “It is to be expected, as christians are leaving the holy Land “

The esplanade of the mosques first. Ever since the reign of the crusaders, the courtyard, the Al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock had been denied access. 2020 was, therefore, almost for the first time, the Waqf, the muslim authority of jordan, in charge of the management of the sites since Saladin having ordered a full closure last march. Without any possible derogation. Ramadan including.

Strict instructions

“I went to pray at the small mosque of my neighbourhood, listening to the muezzin on YouTube “, tells the story of Fathi Jabari, who lives in the suburbs of Jerusalem. For thirty years he has a shop in the old city, her not-of-door is merely moved to the Via Dolorosa in one of the arteries that goes from the Damascus gate to the depths of the old city. Its new gift shop, pottery in Hebron and kefieh colorful, facing the souks des cotonniers, one of the inputs of the esplanade. When I’m working, I’m going to pray every day. Spend time in Al-Aqsa, it is vital for me ! Moreover, in normal times, for the month of Ramadan, I took the habit of renting an apartment in the old town. “

The pandemic of Covid-19 revives wrangling over the status of Jerusalem

Also, when the esplanade has re-opened its doors on the last Sunday of may, he admits coyly “crying with emotion “. Since, the instructions related to the Covid-19 continue to apply : wearing a mask recommended for, and observance of safety distances. “Prior to reopening, we have sterilized the gardens and the mosques “explains his side Omar Kaswani, the director of Al-Aqsa mosque.

Avoid crowding too important

A few minutes from the store of Fathi Jabari, the Wailing wall has, himself, never been quite deserted, and the restrictions imposed to the faithful, the prohibition of kissing the stones of the wall, in particular, linear measures imposed on the population by the israeli ministry of health. Today, large tarps white subdivide the space to avoid crowding too much. It is scorching hot, but wearing a mask is also imposed, which does not seem to disturb John, London-based immigrant in Israel for the past six years : “I am not the most practising, but I am happy to be able to continue to come here regularly in spite of the virus. “

In the christian quarter, the streets are empty, and souvenir stores and icons of any kind do not have all reopened. The lack of pilgrims is made here especially to feel. On the parvis of the Holy Sepulchre, Olga, israeli Russian-speaking christian, like many immigrants from the former soviet Union, walking a not in a hurry, a handful of candles to hand. It was a moment that I was not coming. Finally, it is nice to gather at the church, with so little of the world. “

In the holy Land, the christians will pray, ” that the israeli officials change their mentality “

“You can no longer see the Holy Sepulchre closed doors “

Inside, 50 people maximum are allowed to enter, greeted at the entrance by a bottle of hydroalcoholic gel. My uncle, 82-year-old was denied entry twice in a row “, ensures Hani Boullata, a palestinian orthodox christian. If the containment has not been easy, especially during the Easter celebrations that it has followed through Skype, it ensures that you have the opportunity to “considering his way of living and its relation to the other “.

Father Ibrahim Shomali, chancellor of the latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has lived through the period “a certain return to the domestic church” with serenity “. But, he continues, “we have also seen how people have need of the eucharist. “ Him who hopes never to see the Holy Sepulchre closed doors “ has only one fear : the closure of sacred places has been decided by the civil authorities, we are afraid of a growing influence of their own on the spiritual. “ Anyway, the vespers have taken over on June 10.


The Covid-19 in Israel and in the palestinian Territories

In Israel, more than 18 000 people have been sick of the coronavirus, the vast majority of which is now cured ; 299 deaths have been reported.

In the palestinian Territories, five deaths and 661 cases of Covid-19 have so far been recorded, 180 of which are in East Jerusalem, 70 in the Gaza strip and 411 in the west bank.

2 months : this is the period, from 25 march to 27 may, during which the church of the Holy Sepulchre has been completely closed to the public in order to avoid any spread of the coronavirus.

70 days : for the first time since the days of the crusaders, the esplanade of the mosques were closed during the whole month of Ramadan. Its doors have re-opened after the Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of fasting.

At the Wailing wallthe authorities preferred to regulate drastically the comings and goings rather than completely close the places.


state of the places of a planet in danger

The man has eaten the Earth

Tuesday, 9 June at 22: 25 on Arte.

At a time when the economy is growing gradually, this documentary by Jean-Robert Viallet (The death of the work, Students : the future of credit…) stresses the responsibility of men in the destruction of the planet. After a shock is also important for the established order, because of the health crisis, he warns us against the risk of a return to “normal” which would be detrimental to the future of the human species.

In the light of the historical and political events, scientific discoveries and technical choices made deliberately by the decision-making powers, the film shows how the race to “progress” since the beginning of the industrialization in England of the XIXe century leads to a massive destruction and out of control of the planet, the point of entering a new geologic era : the anthropocene, or age of man. The voice, calm and even sweet, provides a critical review of the situation, while archives around the world enable to place events in their context.

“A thought unique of progress “

Some of the phrases shock inspire a deeper reflection, such as the following : “In mobilizing its scientific genius to kill the enemy, man has learned to kill the living in general. “ The words are illustrated with concrete examples and eloquent that help the overall understanding, among which the disappearance of the streetcars in the u.s. to meet the wishes of General Motors… More than a story, it is a “symbol of a thought unique of progress “ : it is for the company to conquer new markets, to the detriment of an ecological means of transport, collective, and practice. By exposing with precision and decline in an alarming situation, Jean-Robert Viallet called to the responsibility, of all and of each individual.


“I want to scream” – Manukyan burst into tears because of Buzova’s infidelity?

While the singer was flirting with Vorobyov, Dava could not find a place for himself.

For the first time in a long time, a serious conflict occurred between David Manukyan and Olga Buzova. This is indicated by the behavior of the blogger – his depressive phrases and tearful eyes. Will lovers be able to maintain a relationship?

On Instagram Stories, Dava posted a video in which he wrote in plain text about his terrible mood and seemed to even hinted that he no longer wanted to live. On the record, he walks on the roof with a very dull look, trying to find a place for himself. “Sometimes you want to scream, but you are silent,” he writes, adding, “Can I get out?” What … is going on in this world ..? ” Further in his microblog appeared a video on which he appears, showing a close-up of his face with tears in his eyes. Manukyan burst into tears because of Buzova’s infidelity?

There is every reason to think so. It is clear that during quarantine, the singer can not literally change the guy, however, he certainly would not like what she did for the sake of broadcasting with Alexander Vorobyov. So, Olga completed the task from the singer, where she stood in the shower on the camera and poured water over herself under his song. Moreover, not only joy was read on her face, but some kind of passion and desire to show herself sexual.

It is clear that this could finally spoil the mood of David, who, as it seems, is always positive. But in his additional Instagram account, he admitted that his mood was worse than ever.

It seems that he was so angry with his beloved that he had not approached her for several days now – this is evident from the lack of mutual Stories among the guys.


Away from the Diva! Pugacheva showed all her “love” for Galkin’s children

Quarantine with two children, apparently, is not easy for the singer.

A sunny day became an occasion for the Galkins to take a walk around the yard of their huge estate in the village of Gryazi. Someone was engaged in what, but it was Pugacheva who initiated Lisa and Harry to go to the yard away from the famous singer. It can hardly be considered that Pugacheva thus showed her “love” for Galkin’s children: upbringing is not easy and, apparently, the show business legend has long been tired of noisy entertainment.

The first who noticed the disappearance of children in the house was Maxim Galkin. A loving father went outside and began to look for Harry in the yard. To Maxim’s surprise, the boy climbed very high on the spruce planted by Maxim during the construction of the mansion.

“Well, it’s not for nothing that I planted a tree! We planted a tree, and now Garik sits on it! ” – Galkin said enthusiastically, while writing that he “allowed” to engage in the likes of Alla.

Naturally, it’s not natural for adults to risk the lives of their children. Usually, loving grandmothers forbid grandchildren to climb trees, abandoned places, beams, and other unreliable places, but judging by these words of Maxim, this is definitely not about Alla. We hope that everything was fine with Harry, and the showman made sure that the boy safely climbed down and did not hurt himself.

Where Lisa was at that moment is still a mystery. Maybe the girl found better entertainment than sitting in four walls with the domineering mother Alla.


Mirror artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, a 86-year-old Covid survivor

PORTRAIT – This Arte povera figure even gave an interview from his hospital bed in Biella, his hometown in Piedmont. Utopia always nailed to the body.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, a figure of Arte povera, is the patriarch of the Cittadellarte he founded in Biella, his hometown of Piedmont.
Michelangelo Pistoletto, a figure of Arte povera, is the patriarch of the Cittadellarte he founded in Biella, his hometown of Piedmont. Courtesy Gallery Continue

Who met Michelangelo Pistoletto, 87 on June 25, remains struck by the commanding force emanating from this Italian patriarch, one of the last great figures in the current of “Arte povera” (Poor Art).

Until recently, this handsome man with a medal profile, blue eyes, gentle Italian elegance, assertive speech and no sharing, was skiing in his mountains in northern Italy. The “Maestro” is currently being cared for at the Hospital in his hometown of Biella where, at the age of 86, he survived the coronavirus. A miracle.

The Cittadellarte Journal interviewed him, exclusively, from his hospital bed where his verve as a committed speaker and utopian remained intact. “The role of art in this pandemic is sensitivityHe thus said to his countrymen and to all the peoples of art.

Social renaissance after coronavirus

The artist highlights his personal experience and wonders how a social renaissance can emerge after the Coronavirus. What, according to him, is the key

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Trump puts immigration and pandemic at the service of his electoral campaign

During the second day of immigration uncertainty, given the unspoken announcement that Donald Trump launched on Twitter to suspend the issuance of green cards, attorney April Harris informed her distressed clients about the situation: “We were as stunned as you are, but don’t panic because this action reflects more a political maneuver than the implementation of a policy. “

Harris was right. The background shows that, even when the so-called executive order that was being drafted this Wednesday is signed, it will not be of great substance and will have a limited scope and application. “We hope that any such order will be disputed and potentially neutralized in court,” he said.

The anti-malaria drug that the White House promoted has turned out to increase the number of deaths from Covid-19.

For Trump, it is, in effect, a very valuable electoral weapon within a few months of playing for reelection. The president has thrown a bone at his bases, shaken by the greatest pandemic of the century and the economy in spin. The perfect breeding ground for someone who has always used fear and apocalyptic images in a campaign he launched attacking Mexicans and Muslims. Immigration has always been the scapegoat that justifies ‘America First’ nationalism.

“We want the unemployed in the United States to be first in line when the US reopens,” it announced Tuesday. “It would be unfair for the Americans fired by the virus to be replaced with new immigrant labor brought in from outside. We will not allow it.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

In reality, Trump will continue to authorize the entry of workers with visas, so his measure, of which no draft has yet been seen, will affect those who have long resided in the country. Tourism and temporary worker visas will not be touched, which ensures a minimum economic impact with the maximum media impact. The executive order “may not be legally enforceable,” the immigration attorney warned.

50,000 dead

The United States passed this Wednesday the 50,000 deaths from Covid-19 and exceeded 800,000 confirmed cases. What is worse. The antimalarial drug the President promoted as the seventh wonder of medicine has turned out to increase the number of deaths. And the director of the CDC, the federal infection control agency, has warned that a second wave of the pandemic may come much more devastating than the first this winter, coinciding with the flu virus that season. As in the great pandemic of the Spanish flu in 1918, the second wave could claim more lives than the first. And even without a vaccine.

The bailout fund, which has added another half trillion of debt to the economy, looks like another drop of water in the ocean. “And as soon as we have voted, we are already proclaiming that the next bailout will be the real solution!” Protested Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes in an interview with MNSBC, “but two rent receipts and two payrolls have already passed without people I have received help ».

Donald Trump is going to need to create many enemies and sacrifice many scapegoats to navigate this critical election year in his life. Immigrants prepare to serve him again as a piñata. “But believe me, it is not only the visa or green card holders who shudder with sadness,” concluded the veteran Manhattan law firm, who works with many Spaniards within walking distance of the Statue of Liberty. “Americans also shudder with sadness in all fields, endeavors and professions who know that their lives depend on your contributions,” he said.

UN warns of famine “of biblical proportions”

Our elders say with a shudder that they have never seen a pandemic like this in their entire lives, but the worst may yet to come. David Beasley, director of the World Food Fund, warned the UN Security Council on Wednesday that if the coronavirus crisis does not act immediately, it will add to those that already existed to bring to the world “famines of biblical proportions in a few months”.

“Resolution 2417 highlighted the need for early warning systems to detect,” he recalled. Well then, I’m here today to sound that alarm. Beasley thinks he doesn’t have time to beat around the bush. “There is a real danger that more people may starve to death from the economic impact of Covid-19 than from the virus itself,” he warned. According to his estimates, the coronavirus can put 130 million people on the brink of starvation by the end of the year, which would add to the 135 million already existing on the planet, bringing the total to 265 million people. “Our analysis is that 300,000 people can starve to death every day for three months, not including the cost of the coronavirus,” he said.

The disruption of international chains, the closure of factories, the shortage of goods, the cancellation of flights and transport of goods around the world, the damage to the economies and the foreseeable contraction of the contributions that countries make to humanitarian aid They are the recipe for a hunger pandemic that will remove more people than the virus itself, killing off the most vulnerable.