Seven countries can already travel to Peru, but with tests and quarantines –

Since October 5, seven Latin American countries can already travel to Peru, although travelers will have to do tests and mandatory 14-day quarantines.

The countries that can travel to Peru are Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Passengers on board all flights must wear a face shield and mask and present a negative COVID test taken no more than 72 hours prior to travel to enter Peru. Travelers must also sign an affidavit agreeing to the country’s mandatory 14-day quarantine and confirm that they have no symptoms. Upon departure, travelers must also present a negative COVID test.

Although flights between the seven nations may be open, that does not mean they are open to everyone. As an example, only Chileans can travel to and from Chile.

Before going and making travel plans, it is important to note that Peru remains in a state of emergency, with curfews, the main attractions are closed (at the time of writing this note) and currently has the highest mortality rate due to COVID-19 from any Latin American nation.


These are the 10 leadership lessons that Steve Jobs leaves us

Steve Jobs was and continues to be one of the great figures in the corporate world, and his influence and example transcends the realm of technology

Steve Paul Jobs, such his full name, perhaps he never imagined the global impact that he generated by being a outstanding businessman of the computing world: he was the creator of sophisticated and easy-to-use products, founder of Apple, a world reference in its sector.

His different biographies put a thick emphasis on his character and the way he leads. Everyone recognizes him for having ideas visionarias, who made momentous contributions in the field of personal computers, cell phones and music in digital format.

Undoubtedly, like all great minds, it is loved and hated in the same proportion. Bill Gates, your competitor from MicrosoftHe once pointed out his admiration for the way of telling and creating empathy between the person (Jobs) and the products through their presentations; and many of those who worked alongside him at Apple in those years remember him as a true genius.

From his youth when creating Apple Jobs he began to show us the path of leadership

As a legacy, in addition to his products, he left ten practical leadership lessons that emerge from his business experience:

Focus: eliminate distractions

After he was fired from his own company, Steve Jobs returned and one of the first decisions he made was to cut projects and leave only the top four. He said “Let’s do four things and do them spectacularly well.”

Simplify everything

In today’s world, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Optimize resources and value the essential; leave the superfluous.

Take responsibility

If you lead, you are responsible for the entire process; so much so that Apple always created products that, in general, are not directly compatible with other brands; He argued that it was the only way to take full responsibility for the process, flow, operation, and experience of each user.

If you fall behind, take a leap forward

The computers Mac they did not bring CD recorders, which their competitor Microsoft with Windows yes it did. Jobs and team went ahead creating iTunes, a multi-device storage system that changed the music industry.

Think Products First, Before Profits

The origin of every great idea is the idea itself, and the money will come in addition. Steve said, “Focus on creating a great product, the benefits will follow.”

Focus Group so far

At one point, Jobs claimed that he felt a bit enslaved by product review groups. And then his famous phrase emerged: “People don’t know what they want, until you show it to them.” The human mind tends to immediately associate with its previous experience. Without disregarding market research, if you only stick to that you will be doing more of the same, that is, what people know.

Distort reality to tear down the impossible in your life

Once Jobs was with Woz (Stephen Gary Wozniak), co-founder of Apple, who was forced to break with something that seemed impossible: “Do you need 6 months to develop that? You can do it in 4 days!”. And Woz did it. This means that mental models and self-imposed limits are often the greatest impediments to leaders.

Until the last breath Steve Jobs left his mark on the business and technology world

Until the last breath Steve Jobs left his mark on the business and technology world

Stream permanently

Everything communicates and adds value, or not. In the case of Apple products, the experience is transmitted from the moment the consumer yearns to have your product; packaging – design pieces themselves – and even typefaces and graphic design – something that Jobs discovered almost by chance when he dropped out of systems studies at the Reeds University and he entered a calligraphy class, which ended up being another hallmark of his products: thousands of different letters versus a few that Microsoft offered.

Demand excellence as high as possible

Never less than that. While the concept of perfection that Jobs alluded to is not achieved on this physical plane, he made sure that products were not released until everything is checked and they have passed through all possible controls and tests.

Hire the best for your team

He simply admitted that every project he undertook would not have been successful without the team he had in each case. The key to being a leader is knowing how to surround yourself with people who are better than you, with more experience in certain fields, and let them shine.

And, to finish, one of his most famous phrases

“Stay hungry, stay foolish. Go for more. Question, Discover, Believe.”, Excerpt from the famous speech he delivered at the Stanford University Before the students who admired, perplexed, that thin man, weakened by his illness, and who transmitted to them what he did best: the passion to make his dream come true.


Ferrari Omologato, a Ferrari like no other

NEW – A name evoking the GTO, a rear hatch covered with louvers: Maranello’s latest bespoke creation offers a journey of nostalgia.


Even in the choice of appellation, the shadow of the famous Ferrari 250 GTO (O for Omologato) seems to have hovered over the design of the latest bespoke creation from the House of Maranello. From the 812 Superfast from which it borrows the platform and the V12, the Ferrari Omologato has kept only the windshield and headlamps. Everything else is new. This is what the informed European collector, at the origin of the order, wanted.


From the first sketches to the delivery of this unique berlinetta, two years have passed. The 250 GTO clearly inspired this unique berlinetta. The sloping and smooth front hood adopts two gills and a flattened oval grille that refer to those of the GTO of 1962. ‘a light car. The rear scrambles the cards. The louvers covering the large bezel suggest that the engine is installed at the rear. The two double lights of the 812 Superfast are replaced by a single equipment.


The interior treatment takes a trip back to the 1960s. Like those in racing cars and the 250 GTO, the leather and jeans fabric seats are electric blue, while the metal parts of the dashboard and the The arch housing the gearbox knobs mimic the crackle paintwork of sixties GTs.

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What are the keys to reactivating the sale of used cars

Another key to reactivate the market for used cars is the actuality of supply and demand. It is the ideal time to buy a car. The current oversupply allows those interested in buying to negotiate good discounts with dealers who are eager to sell so that there is stock rotation. This also allows it to be a better time to deliver the car as part of payment since a higher amount can be received. There is a need for sale and buyers can find very good options.

Used Cars 2.jpg

The current oversupply allows those interested in buying to negotiate good discounts with dealers.

Photo: Gentileza Gras Automotores

The low supply of 0km cars is another reason that should boost the sale of used cars. There are terminals and international brands that are out of stock and delivery times can exceed three months. In addition, automakers often cannot confirm final sales prices due to dollar movements.

To the greater circulation of people, the lack of supply of zero kilometer cars and the possibility of negotiating good discounts for the purchase of used cars, there is a recurring demand from the used sector: financing. Good financing would greatly facilitate the decision to buy a used car. Currently, in the market the financing options are almost nil or with fixed rates that exceed 50 interest points. In normal times, 50% of the value of a used is leveraged to some type of financing. This is key for our sector. Today this possibility does not exist given the high rates. Subsidized rates are needed to drive sales.

CEO & Co-founder of FAN Autos con Historia, a brand specialized in the commercialization of premium used cars.


three cars from one and the same owner set on fire in Bouvignes

Three cars belonging to the same owner caught fire this Sunday, around 1 am, rue Fétis, in Bouvignes (Dinant).

Since the cars belong to the same person, the Namur public prosecutor’s office has sent an expert on site to find out the origin of the incident and whether it is a criminal act or not. No injuries were recorded.

Firefighters from the Dinant barracks (Dinaphi zone) intervened on the spot. They quickly brought the fire under control.


Peugeot celebrates and introduces the first member of the PSE family

Elvio orellana

September 25th

The initials GTi have always been within the family Peugeot, the hallmark of models with a sporty temperament. However, from 2020, everything indicates that the most radical of the French house will be identified with the PSE insignia.

The first model unveiled with that banner will be the 508 PSE, a midsize sedan characterized by a sporty treatment and a new engine, not only for the brand but for the segment.


The trend of electric motors is reflected in this sports car that will be equipped not with one or two, but with three propellants: a 1.6-liter 200 HP turbo gasoline, which in turn will be complemented by two electric motors. Each of them will be located on the front and rear axles. They will be able to develop powers of 100 and 200 CV, respectively. In this way, the 508 PSE will be able to achieve a combined power of 400 hp.

This horsepower, according to the brand, will allow it to reach 100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 250 km / h thanks to the torque that will drive its four wheels.

Not much more data was revealed, only that its plug-in hybrid system will allow it to travel 50 kilometers in one hundred percent electric mode.

According to Jean-Phillipe Imparato, global CEO of Peugeot in the world, the 508 PSE will be the first member of a family of sports cars that will soon join the group.

If you want to relive the virtual celebration, you can see it in this link.

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Famous auto businessman Rick Case dies in Florida

MIAMI.- The well-known car salesman and philanthropist Rick Case, who became popular for his dealerships and various solidarity campaigns in the south of the Florida, died after “a short battle with aggressive cancer,” his family said in a statement.

Case, 77, was the CEO and founder of Rick Case Automotive Group, which this 2020 celebrated 59 years of operations.

The businessman died in Broward County surrounded by his family, according to the message released to the community by his wife Rita Case.

“Rick had the most amazing mind to solve problems. He set his goals so high that most couldn’t dream so big. His work ethic and passion for success was very intense and he was always chasing me to keep up. He always treated me as his equal and allowed me to share the focus of his success, ”said the widow.

He added: “Let there be no doubt, Rick created, built and operated his company with a single passion to be the greatest and the best. He spent hours every day learning about the latest information about the auto industry and I learned from him every day.

Rick Case Automotive Group has 16 dealerships in the state of Florida.

Through this company, the philanthropist recently made a donation of $ 50,000 to Feeding South Florida to help families in need of food during the pandemic.

Case leaves behind three children, Rick, Ryan and Raquel, and five grandchildren.


The collection of André Lurton dispersed

The Artcurial house is auctioning off, on September 27 in Gironde, the civilian and military vehicles of this great Bordeaux figure.

A Fisson 8HP 3 liters “Tonneau” from 1898 estimated between 120,000 and 200,000 euros.
A Fisson 8HP 3 liters “Tonneau” from 1898 estimated between 120,000 and 200,000 euros. Peter Singhof

Sales follow each other but do not resemble each other. Fifteen days after the dispersal of André Trigano’s automobiles, the Motorcars department of Artcurial sells the André Lurton collection. Deceased last year at age 94, this great Bordeaux figure, long president of the Syndicat viticole AOC Entre-Deux-Mers and administrator of the Interprofessional Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB), owner of Château Bonnet, in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers, had built a collection vehicles which certainly had neither the prestige nor the richness of that of Trigano but which recounted his personal journey.

Passionate about mechanics from a young age, André Lurton had for many years assembled vehicles revealing his story, that of his family and that of his wife, Elisabeth Garros. The Simca 6 reminded him of the car from his honeymoon in Chamonix. On the way back, the breakage of a shock absorber had forced them to wait two days on the banks of the Loire for the arrival of

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