Can the Euro be saved?

EEurope has not faced such a threat as it has today since the Second World War: hundreds of thousands of people are infected with the corona virus, in Italy, Spain, Germany and elsewhere. There are already fears that the pandemic will endanger the European Monetary Union because the virus financially overwhelms some already weakened patients […]

Financial managers for the state of emergency are in demand like never before

Frankfurt For a good decade, they hardly had anything to do: Experts for the restructuring of companies in distress had become almost superfluous in most economic sectors in the golden economic times with loose credit terms and steady growth. One of the most experienced is Ralf Moldenhauer, senior partner at BCG. He believes that pragmatic […]

Financial markets: investors assess risks more precisely

New York Stock Exchange Wall Street is eagerly awaiting positive signals. (Photo: imago images / photothek) Frankfurt A gigantic crash, then a good day every now and then: Economists and investors are increasingly realizing that the corona crisis lasts longer and goes deeper than initially thought. On the other hand, central banks and governments are […]

Wall Street in plus – Boeing shares rise by more than 18 percent

Wall Street Traders on the trading floor. (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf Evidence of a political settlement in the dispute over the $ 2 trillion stimulus package gave US stock prices a boost on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial closed 11.4 percent firmer at 20,704.91 points. It was the biggest rise since 1933. Yesterday Monday it had […]

Donald Trump considers measures to be disproportionate

Dusseldorf, Washington As so often with Donald Trump, it all started with a tweet. On Sunday evening, just before midnight in the US East Coast, the President of the United States sent his message to the world in capital letters: “We cannot make the therapy worse than the problem itself.” In mid-March, Trump announced a […]

Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500: US exchanges close in the red

New York / Düsseldorf The US is increasingly at the center of the corona crisis. While the number of infections is increasing, the government and Congress have so far not been able to agree on a comprehensive package of measures to support the economy. New aid from the US Federal Reserve therefore fizzled out on […]

Rishi Sunak – the true UK crisis manager

British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) The 39-year-old finance minister is experiencing a meteoric rise in the corona crisis. (Photo: © No10 Crown Copyright / eyevine) London There seems to be no remedy for the corona crisis. The British Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak is feeling this these days. For the […]

The head of Deutsche Börse is to become the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank

Frankfurt The Deutsche Bank wants the CEO of the German stock exchange, Theodor Weimer, be elected to the Supervisory Board. Weimer is to replace Katherine Garrett-Cox, who will step down at the shareholders’ meeting, like Deutsche Bank with publication of their annual report announced. “With Theodor Weimer, who is to move into the supervisory board, […]

Central banks give Asian investors hope

Bangkok The intervention of the central banks and the hope for new economic stimulus programs are having an effect: on the stock exchanges in the Asia-Pacific region there is a cautious recovery at the end of the week. Almost all equity markets from Australia to Korea to China and Southeast Asia were trading at the […]