Venezuela: Washington’s plan

The United States is proposing elections in exchange for reduced sanctions. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. POOL New / via REUTERS US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presented a plan on Tuesday, March 31, “democratic adre for Venezuela” It is an agenda to get out of the political crisis that has plagued the country […]

Maduro offers Colombia Chinese equipment to combat the coronavirus

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, offered to Colombia the donation of two Chinese-made equipment for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus, which affects more than 900 people and claimed the lives of 16 others in that South American country. “We are going to do one thing: with the machines that are going to arrive from […]

Traditional Chinese medicine will be applied to patients with covid-19 in Venezuela

The Chinese government this week sent supplies and specialists to Venezuela and included an expert in traditional medicine as part of the aid program to deal with the coronavirus, said the executive vice president, who confirmed six new patients in the South American country, which has 135 reported cases. . Venezuela, in an economic crisis […]

Maduro insists that the US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that there is an alleged violent plan that is woven from “power” in Colombia and under orders from the United States, to attack Venezuela in the midst of the pandemic by COVID-19, which has registered 91 infected. “A terrorist nucleus that trains in Riohacha (Colombia), which is compiling […]

Coronavirus. Venezuela has medicine to treat Covid-19, says Maduro

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, assured, in the midst of the celebration of the “National Day of Doctors” in the country, last Tuesday, March 10, that his country already has a medicine to “attend to those patients who may have this issue (coronavirus) later”. What did he mean Mature was at interferon, a drug that, […]

Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Interferon alfa 2B: How Cuban medicine works that, according to Nicolás Maduro, will stop the coronavirus | Cuba | Venezuela News

“We need to shield the country, prepare ourselves and also have enough medicines for the people who are affected (by the coronavirus COVID-19)“assured the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro during an official act. “Cuba leads the way, at the forefront as always, with Interferón, created with Cuban medical technology” According to Maduro, the nearly 10,000 units […]

A fire complicates the future of parliamentary elections a bit more

A warehouse with 40,000 voting machines burns. The coexistence of two Assemblies slows down the formation of the National Electoral Council This year there are contemplated parliamentary elections in Venezuela, by constitutional mandate. But reaching them is a very complicated road. Time is progressing and the conditions for it to be a democratic process have […]

Lula questions Europe and the US for recognizing Guaidó as president

The former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva (2003-2011), he has defended the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro and assured that “Europe and the United States should not have recognized a faker who proclaimed himself president,” in relation to the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, of whom he has said that “should have been stopped”. “It […]

Maduro orders every Venezuelan to have six children

The Venezuelan president wants to offer courses on “Humanized Childbirth” on television and social networks and that is part of the school file «To give birth, then to give birth! All women, to have six children, all! Let the homeland grow », Maduro has said in national chain. It is the new episode of surrealism […]

Grande-Marlaska dodges the ‘Ábalos case’

Madrid Monday, two March 2020 – 12:58 The Interior Minister does not clarify whether his Department has responded to the court’s request on the protocols for action in the Schengen area Fernando Grande-Marlaska, during the presentation of the missing persons report.Emilio NaranjoEFE ‘Delcy case’. The judge orders to keep the tapes of the meeting between […]