Guaidó insists a national emergency government to overcome the coronavirus in Venezuela




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The Acting President, Juan Guaidó, insisted this Thursday that Venezuela It needs the national emergency government to comply to immediately respond to the coronavirus pandemic in which, according to figures from the Chavista regime, more than 300 people have been infected and ten have lost their lives, since the first reports in March. “The main functions of the national emergency government are: to attend to the complex humanitarian emergency, to re-institutionalize the country so that it leads us to truly free presidential elections, and to build confidence again in Venezuela,” he said.

Last month, The United States proposed the creation of an emergency Government in the South American country that includes the participation of all the political and social sectors of the country. But the condition for the formation of that Council of State is that it would not count with the participation of Guaidó or Nicolás Maduro. “Both Maduro and Guaidó must step aside, so that members elected in the National Assembly on both sides can create a Council of State to serve as a transitional government, which organizes free and fair presidential elections,” he said at the time, Elliott Abrams, in charge of the State Department for Venezuela. However, Maduro was the first to reject it.

At the “Covid-19, a pandemic in a crisis” Forum, organized by the Washington-based think tank Atlantic Council, Guaidó also expressed his concern about the decision that many Venezuelans have taken to break the quarantine in search of food and stock up. “It cannot be that today Venezuelans decide between pandemic and famine. Today (Thursday) there were hunger protests in three states of the nation. People came out, despite the quarantine, because they are starving.

Insufficient test

In the telematic interview with the Atlantic Council, the opposition leader once again addressed the Maduro government on the real numbers of positives in the country. “We dismissed those numbers (311 cases confirmed yesterday). Unfortunately we have to prepare for a probable rebound in the country. In this sense, he assured that according to the information he manages, “the number of tests carried out in Venezuela is the lowest in Latin America.”

Likewise, Guaidó, who is recognized by more than fifty countries as interim president of Venezuela, assured that one of the challenges regarding humanitarian aid that he organizes is being “blocked by the regime’s dictatorship and achieving a real space for humanitarian assistance needed not only because of the pandemic. ”

Since his Government, the also head of Parliament has received nine million dollars donation from the United States addressed to the United Nations system and $ 20 million of protected funds for multilaterals. “We are insisting very intensely with multilateral organizations to allow this aid to enter, which has already begun, not at the necessary level, to enter Venezuela.”


“This is the accusation number 12 made by Maduro against me”




Juan Guaidó (La Guaira, Venezuela) heeds this call amid a new escalation of political tension as a result of the US offer of a transition plan for Venezuela without Maduro or Guaidó, who has unleashed the “Bolivarian fury” of the Chavista leader against the opposition, and worried about the expansion of the coronavirus in the country. He comments that the quarantine decreed by the Government since last March 13 is carried out only in the sectors that have economic resources because they can respect it. Not so much so, in the popular sectors where it is more complex because they are people who live day by day in the informal economy.

The president in charge assures that “we are in a national emergency” and urges the formation of a transitional government. “An initial loan of 1,200 million dollars is needed to face the pandemic in our country,” but he admits that “nobody is going to lend money to a terrorist,” referring to Nicolás Maduro. Its committee of experts before the coronavirus predicts that in Venezuela they can be infected one million people by Covid-19, in a country where the health system collapsed more than five years ago due to the humanitarian crisis.

The plan that the United States presented a few days ago on the formation of a national emergency government in Venezuela is a proposal that the interim presidency raised?

The plan stems from a proposal we made in the talks in Norway. What is new is that the US presents how they would lift sanctions based on a transition proposal. And it is also part of the international work we have done on tours looking for options for political change in Venezuela. If we achieve the formation of the State Council, we install the national emergency government and elections will be called. The incentive is for those who still support the dictator, they will have their personal sanctions lifted: members of the Constituent Assembly, members of the National Electoral Council and other officials who join the process.

Maduro rejected the US proposal. because he considers it to be foreign interference. Did you think he was going to accept that departure?

I don’t have a terrorist in good faith. I had no expectations whatsoever, that’s why we’re pushing. I repeat, the great incentive is not for Maduro, we know that he wants to continue usurping power, it is for those around him who feel that they can be part of the emergency government. Maduro is today indicated by the US justice, but previously there was a report of a violation of human rights.

The roadmap consists of 13 points and two guarantees that guarantee the participation of the military high command and the governors and mayors during the transition period. Is this an incentive for them to join in forcing Maduro out?

We are seeking to displace it rather than force its exit. We have a coalition of international allies larger than that of World War II for the cause of freedom and democracy in our country. Today we propose concrete options and pushed by the pandemic and the humanitarian emergency.

Who could form the Council of State to which the Plan refers?

It is easier to say who would not be part: those who have signs of terrorism, drug trafficking, and the violation of human rights in the country. And the profiles are necessarily political or social leaders who represent important sectors because it is a transition, the functions of the executive would be delegated to the Council of State until the holding of presidential elections.

And what about Maduro?

The best thing is for Maduro to accept the offer of the international community and step aside. The decision to stay or to go to another country will be seen with the internal pressure that we make and will depend on how toxic it is or not for its environment. Maduro is like the Covid-19, everything he touches infects him, the healthiest for his environment is to isolate him, quarantine him to attend to the humanitarian emergency. The unfortunate thing is that he made that decision, due to his mistakes and his pride. He is an absolute coward for not taking responsibility.

The former Venezuelan military man Clíver Alcalá Cordones related it to the purchase of arms in Colombia for an attempted coup against Maduro. Did you order the purchase of this weapons?

I do not know Clíver Alcalá and I have no information on what he says.

Did you ever speak personally with Alcalá? Did you ever offer to collaborate with the transitional government?

I have never spoken to him.

The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office summoned him in court this Thursday at 9:00 in the morning for allegedly trying to assassinate Maduro. Are you going to attend the summons made by Tarek William Saab?

I do not attend not because of the absurdity of what a person says, if not that man has no powers and is a usurper of the Prosecutor’s Office designated by the illegitimate Constituent. Furthermore, I have constitutional prerogatives for being the head of Parliament and president in charge of the country.

Venezuela could be the country most affected by the coronavirus as it has the weakest health system in the region. How do you project the spread of the virus?

My great concern is the spread of the coronavirus in the country. In total we have 84 respirators in public hospitals and approximately 126 in private clinics. If I am not mistaken, Spain must have more than 8,000 respirators throughout the health network. If the contagion rate is similar to that of Spain or Italy, which does not suggest that it could be different, we may have a complex situation in Venezuela. What we know is that the dictatorship has lied from the beginning with the contagion figures, they even use the virus to persecute, as they did with the journalist Darvison Rojas, who looked for him at his house because he was “infected”. That opacity is only going to aggravate the emergency. 11 days ago I had internal sources of a ministry that gave the figure of 200 infections. The communication minister, Jorge Rodríguez, recently spoke of the first dead man who reported symptoms since February 29 and they reported the first case on March 13. We do not know what week we are in and at any time there may be an outbreak without containment and without the ability to respond by the Government. Our technicians have developed a plan called José María Vargas where it includes the work to be done in the face of the pandemic.

Official figures say that there are 143 infections throughout the territory. Do you believe this data?

What we know is that the dictatorship has lied from the beginning with the contagion figures, they even use the virus to persecute, as they did with the journalist Darvison Rojas, who searched for him at his home and detained him for being supposedly “infected”. The opacity in the figures will only aggravate the emergency. 11 days ago, I obtained from internal sources of the Ministry that the official figure was 200 infections. The Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, spokesperson for the Bolivarian government crisis, announced the first dead man who reported symptoms since February 29 and they said that the first case was detected on March 13. We do not know what week we are in the epidemic and at any time there may be an outbreak without containment and without the Government’s ability to respond. Our technicians have developed a plan called José María Vargas where it includes the work to be done in the face of the pandemic.

Does the Maduro government underestimate the coronavirus?

The dictatorship does not care about people, it only cares about staying in Miraflores. They do not have the capacity or the sensitivity to deal with the pandemic.


Guaidó refuses to go to court after being accused of alleged attempted assassination



The Acting President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, rejected the request of the Public Ministry in which he requests that he appear next Thursday morning and declare for an alleged coup against Nicolás Maduro to which he has been linked. The opposition leader has suggested that the prosecution, which responds to the regime, charge the dozen of Chavistas, including Maduro and Diosdado Cabello, who have been accused this week by the United States of being involved in narco-terrorism and money laundering.

The Chavista prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, announced yesterday that the court order is related to the investigation of the “Operation Freedom” conspiracy revealed by Colombia, the retired Venezuelan general, Cliver Alcalá Cordones, to commit a “frictional assassination”, allegedly agreed with Guaidó and also with Leopoldo López. However, the opposition leader said he did not recognize Saab and said that the summons “does not make much sense when not even Saab has functions,” he said in an interview with EVTV digital channel last night.

Saab reported on Tuesday morning that Guaidó must report to his office after an arsenal of weapons was seized in Colombia and the Venezuelan ex-military man related this finding to an attempted coup, in an operation that Guaidó allegedly gave him. «direct instructions»To arm terrorist groups to« surgically eliminate previously identified targets »during an eventual coup. “That in colloquial language means murdering, killing, the head of state,” said Saab.

Maduro, for his part, has directly accused Leopoldo LópezLast week, he asked his chancellor to take the necessary steps with the Pedro Sánchez government to “take action on the matter” for “conspiring” from the Spanish embassy in Caracas. In addition, he has pointed out to Guaidó in a televised transmission and has told him that “Justice will come to you, even you will see me,” he said.


The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office summons to declare Guaidó for alleged coup

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, during an event held this Tuesday./AFP
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, during an event held this Tuesday. / AFP

The case is related to the case of retired general Clíver Alcalá who turned himself in to DEA last week.


The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office summoned opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Tuesday to appear before this body next Thursday to respond to the accusations of being “the protagonist of attempted coup and assassination against President Nicolás Maduro «.

“As part of last week’s initial investigation into an attempted coup and assassination, following the unveiling of an arsenal of war, we have issued a summons for one of those responsible to appear next Thursday in the Prosecutor’s Office, according to (the statements of ) Clíver Alcalá Cordones, ”prosecutor Tarek William Saab said in an intervention on public television.

Alcalá, whom the Executive calls a “traitor”, is a retired former military man who surrendered last week to agents of the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA) in Colombia, a day after the US government presented Narcoterrorism charges against the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and fourteen others responsible. AND