Travel ban announced by Scott Morrison

The advice to Australians not to travel abroad will become a travel ban, starting tomorrow.

Announcing a series of new measures and restrictions designed to curb the country’s coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced tonight that Australians would no longer be able to leave the country.

“Previously we received a warning not to travel for smart travelers in terms of all overseas travel, which will turn into a ban,” said Morrison.

“People shouldn’t be doing it right now, that’s the advice. Nobody should get on a plane and go abroad. We have clarified the point for some time.

“Management is being processed overnight. As soon as the direction is signed by the Minister of Health, it will come into force then and it will happen tomorrow. “

He said the directive includes exceptions that include people who provide aid to the Pacific, compassionate travel and essential business travel.

Morrison said the ban is needed because of a small number of Australians who challenge the council. He said he was impressed by how many Australians were still going overseas, even though the number had “shrunk dramatically”.

“The number of people and the number that are leaving Australia is now very, very low. However, I am struck by the fact that there are people who challenge that advice and try to go abroad for leisure travel, “said the Prime Minister.

“They can’t, because when they come home they put Australians at risk. I thought he would be fully respected and the Australians are good enough, but we have to put the agreements in place.”

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Morrison also had harsh words for Australians returning to the country who were breaking self-isolation rules.

“All those who are coming – and the numbers that are coming, are falling every day – all are required to isolate themselves from the public health order at the state level. They are required to do it. It’s the law, “he said.

“That’s where they have to go. That’s where they have to move immediately, don’t go through the shops, don’t go in and see a friend on the way home, don’t go for a walk in the park.

“Go straight home and isolate yourself for 14 days. This is the law. This is the greatest protection we have. This applies to every institution, every Australian, returning citizen or resident. “

Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer, echoes Morrison’s disappointment, calling for the return of Australians to “stay home”.

“Don’t go anywhere on the road from the airport or cruise ship or wherever you come,” said Professor Murphy.

“It is so important. The other important thing, if you are identified as a case contact and you are told by a state and public official, and you are told to isolate for 14 days, you must isolate. “

The professor. Murphy said some people were told they had tested positive for the virus, but they were still stopping at the supermarket or chemist on their way home.

“If you are isolating yourself because you are a positive case or you are a contact, go home and isolate yourself and respect these rules. This is a very, very important part of the control,” he said.


NRL shutdown: Coronavirus 2020; Shane Richardson, NRL 360, analysis, reaction, video, watching, player wages, latest updates

Shane Richardson made a passionate request to the NRL to “recalibrate” following his arrest amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rabbitoh general manager of South Sydney urged the competition leaders to work together with the clubs and players to “start again” when the league reopens.

Speaking NRL 360Richardson insisted that while the postponement questions everyone, this time away from the game it should be used wisely to ensure that the future of the sport is bright.

NRL 360: NRL clubs have a unified front. Paul Kent says it is far from it

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Richo: time to recalibrate

Richo: time to recalibrate


“My opinion is that what we have to do is change the way we think about the game in the future,” said Richardson.

“We had a real opportunity here to recalibrate the whole way we do it.

“When we last sat down and made decisions, when the players grabbed the money and the companies grabbed the money and there was nothing left and the reserves were expelled, we all knew it was unsustainable – but we still had made progress.

“There is no doubt that this great game will continue, for the same reason it went on after the Super League. Because the people in the canteens and managing all the terrains in Australia will continue.

“What we need to do now is to make some sensible decisions on how to recalibrate the game. What is our venue? How can we disperse (the money) and reduce the overhead and the ridiculous money that has been spent in the past year?


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Clubs that are under pressure

Clubs that are under pressure


“We need to have a complete vision of the game, not just the clubs. What are we doing with our paths? What are we doing with our developments at the headquarters? What are we doing to reduce costs and overheads?

“Because when we get to the new season we had a wonderful opportunity for this reason to recalibrate players’ wages, recalibrate the way clubs are operating, which is unsuccessful.

“Like it or not, only four clubs are making a profit now. Here is a wonderful opportunity to take this game to the next level. Some people, including me, have to make some difficult decisions about how it should be.

“There is an opportunity to recalibrate the way we disperse our development, the way we disperse staff, the way clubs recalibrate their budgets, the payment of players – because from the beginning we knew we had given clubs too much money and players too. It has to change.

Like most companies, an emotional Richardson had to leave staff because of the virus outbreak – once he called it the “saddest two days of my life”.

“In the next 18 months, this game needs a minimum 25% cut across the board,” said Richardson.

“We have made cuts to the club at the moment and it has been one of the saddest two days of my life. I have to tell people to go home to their wives and tell them that there is no money for them until this game starts again They have mortgages and have to dress their children.

“All these things overnight, we had to tell difficult stories to that staff. I am also in the same situation, I was left without pay for two weeks.

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“It’s the tough decisions that the game has to make, but there are also tough decisions that players have to make. Recalibration has to be important, not just for this year, it has to be cross-cutting.

“The game can’t support wages from football departments, including Shane Richardson, and player payments too – it’s not a viable business model.

“Anyone who has sat down and watched it will tell you. We sat down four years ago and agreed that it was not a viable business model, but we capitulated. We made a decision based on pressure from clubs and players.

“This is the chance to start over and say” this is what we have to do and you guys have to participate. “The people behind the game received nothing in return.”


Coronavirus Melbourne: Victorians warned of life under the coronavirus blockade

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Victorian selfish parents have been lashed out for ignoring social removal after the start of the school holidays, while state coronavirus cases continue to grow.

The number of Victorian cases has increased by 56 overnight, with 411 people so far positive.

Schools have been closed from today, but for now the childcare facilities and kindergartens remain open.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews this morning said that these numbers would continue to rise if Victorians continued to “live their lives normally” and ignore the strict rules of social estrangement to stop the spread of the “deadly” virus.

“Cases keep growing,” he told Triple M.

“I can inform you that there will be up to 411 cases, or 56 new cases overnight and will continue to go back and forth, particularly if some people in the Victorian community don’t start taking it seriously.

“There are people out there who don’t distance themselves, who live their lives normally.

“They don’t respect the fact that this is fatal and if it continues to spread and people don’t do the right thing, then people will die.”

Yesterday a cyclist passed Flinders Street station. Image: Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images
media_cameraYesterday a cyclist passed Flinders Street station. Image: Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images

Mr. Andrews also affected parents who were still allowing play dates and social activities after school closed.

“Children can’t go to the mall, children can’t stay in the place of their mates,” he said.

Andrews has three children aged 13 to 18 and has claimed to be self-insulating.

“They are experiencing the best part of three weeks when they don’t see their friends, they don’t go to the Chadstone mall.

“They are not doing all the usual things … because there is nothing usually in this situation.”

It comes when Victorians are asked to cancel barbecues in the courtyard, think twice about traveling to the hairdresser and shop online while authorities try to strengthen the state’s unprecedented blockade.

The National Coronavirus Cabinet will meet tonight to consider a second phase of closings after pubs, clubs, gyms, cinemas and churches have all been forced to close for the first time in history Monday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Andrews have warned the community, warning that a wider arrest will come unless people respond to measures already in place to stop the rampant spread of the virus.

It comes as the Gold FM Breakfast show was not broadcast this morning due to a COVID-19 scare.

Conductor Christian O’Connell said the radio station suffered a blockage, preventing them from airing.

People toured the streets outside Centrelink Abbotsford on Monday.
media_cameraPeople toured the streets outside Centrelink Abbotsford on Monday.

“The station had to suffer a 24-hour emergency crown freeze,” he said on Twitter.

“Building evacuated and station stopped for 24 hours. The show will return tomorrow. “

He said the show that aired this morning was a “recorded special” that had been pre-recorded in the event of an evacuation.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that a NAB employee had falsified the results of coronavirus tests, causing hundreds of employees to be evacuated from Bourke St’s NAB office and fear of their own health.

On March 17, the NAB management was informed that a staff member who worked at the 700 Bourke St office had tested positive for COVID-19, at which point the staff were asked to work remotely and the office was cleaned in pandemic way.

Subsequently, it was determined by management that the test information provided by the employee was falsified.

In a note to NAB staff, it was noted that the hiring of the staff member had been interrupted.

“Reflecting on the gravity of the matter, the colleague will not return to the NAB,” said the note.

“We certainly regret the uncertainty that this has caused to our colleagues in 700 Bourke St, especially those who work closely with the colleague in question.

“Of course leaving the house was the right decision with the information that provided us with a precautionary measure to protect the health and well-being of everyone who works at 700 Bourke St.”

The headquarters of NAB Bourke St, which has been evacuated.
media_cameraThe headquarters of NAB Bourke St, which has been evacuated.


Tonight’s National Cabinet will also consider renter support and workforce and supply chain issues affecting the healthcare system.

Morrison said that coronavirus was an economic and public health crisis “once every 100 years”.

“For many, young and old, 2020 will be the most difficult year of our lives,” he said.

“We are a strong nation and a strong people, but in the coming months this will test us all like, at no time since the Second World War.”

Andrews yesterday detonated “selfish” Victorians for putting vulnerable people at risk by ignoring the request to stay 1.5m away from others to minimize the spread of the virus.

“There are many Victorians who act selfishly. If this continues, people will die, “he said.

“You won’t be able to go to the pub because the pub is closed. That doesn’t mean you can have all your mates at home and get the beers up.”

“Whether you want to call him a partner, or be a good Australian, or respect your civil duty, I don’t care what you call him, just do it.”

“If you don’t, then will people die and do you know who dies? The most vulnerable people in the Victorian community. Do the right thing, do the smart thing, do the decent thing.”

“If you don’t, you have every reason to believe that Victoria Police will catch you and you will be punished.”

The dean of St Paul's cathedral, Heather Patacca, is preparing to take online services. Image: Mark Stewart
media_cameraThe dean of St Paul’s cathedral, Heather Patacca, is preparing to take online services. Image: Mark Stewart

Fines of $ 20,000 for individuals and $ 100,000 for businesses are pending for those who have been caught breaking the new coronavirus rules – such as holding mass meetings or failing to isolate themselves after returning from abroad.

There will be random checks on the road, with 5000 policemen specially deployed by the Victoria police in a special coronavirus task force.

Disruptions are likely for many months due to the crisis as the number of reported cases continues to increase.

Andrews said he has no plans to follow Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory and to close state borders, but this could change if the threat to life increases.

School holidays are already in chaos, with families urged to download nonessential plans.

“The fact that more steps may be needed does not diminish the magnitude of a change: we have never done this before in any of our lives,” said Andrews.

But a Victorian Christian school snubbed state government directives, refusing to carry on the Easter school holidays and telling families that God is not surprised by the coronavirus pandemic.

And in the United Kingdom, the British public is allowed to leave their homes only to buy food, medicine or to do essential work, given that the country is completely blocked.


Doctors and nurses who endanger their lives to save their own ask the Victorians to stay home and obey the vital rules of social distancing of the coronavirus.

As the state is stuck due to concerns that the Victorians are not taking their responsibilities for isolation seriously, staff from the Royal Melbourne Hospital made a candid appeal which they hope will strike at home:

“We stayed at work for you. So stay home for us. “

Needed on the front lines in certain roles to put them in touch with COVID-19 in the coming weeks, medical staff don’t have the luxury of taking social removal measures to protect them.

But Mark Putland, director of emergency medicine for RMH, said that simply staying at home and limiting the spread of the infection is a matter of life or death – thousands of times – for ordinary Victorians.

“People can really save lives by doing this,” said Putland.

“We can do extraordinary things for a certain number of people, but there is a certain limit beyond which we can no longer help people if they all arrive at the same time.

Royal Melbourne Hospital staff gather outside the main entrance to urge people to stay home. Image: David Caird
media_cameraRoyal Melbourne Hospital staff gather outside the main entrance to urge people to stay home. Image: David Caird

“We must ask everyone else not to put ourselves at risk anymore, not to make our work vain. We are here to do this job, but we need others to do their part too, so it is possible for us to do ours ”.

While efforts focus on building the capacity of state hospitals, dr. Putland said that great encouragement was taken from the results of nations such as Korea and Germany, where early spacing measures have been very effective in slowing down COVID-19.

“We are ahead of much of the world here in Victoria by taking these measures and keeping the state frozen before we actually had a Coronavirus death in Victoria.

“Many other places left him much later than that and therefore didn’t benefit from it.

“It gives us the only chance we have of making a difference on how much this disease affects our community.

“We are very grateful to have the privilege of being able to do something truly constructive and to be on the front line and try to fight this thing.

“But I don’t want other people to think that they can’t do something too – they can, just by sitting at home. By isolating themselves, they can make a really significant contribution.”

– Grant McArthur


The Melburnians are already queuing outside Centrelink offices across the city, attempting to access new stimulus payments.

Some people facing unemployment for the first time in their lives lined up more than four hours before the doors opened.

In Prahran, some are lined up from 4.30 in the morning when the doors don’t open until 8.30 in the morning.

It comes as the MyGov website crashed yesterday while over 95,000 jobless Australians attempted to apply for coronavirus income support.

People lined up outside a still open Centrelink office in Heidelberg. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
media_cameraPeople lined up outside a still open Centrelink office in Heidelberg. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
Centrelink's offices in Australia have been flooded with people trying to register for unemployment benefits following business closings. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
media_cameraCentrelink’s offices in Australia have been flooded with people trying to register for unemployment benefits following business closings. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles


Victoria courts will be shut down on Tuesday with an automatic three-month update to hundreds of listings.

In a statement to lawyers on Monday evening, chief magistrate Lisa Hannan said that all criminal hearings through state magistrates’ courts, with the exception of filing hearings, mentions for commissions and hearings for commissions, will be updated until to June 15th.

Defendants in court or on bail will no longer have to attend filing hearings, provided they are represented by a lawyer.

In civil matters, lawyers and stakeholders were asked not to participate in the court.

The disputed commission hearings and Koori judicial matters have already been suspended across the state.

Four practical instructions for lawyers have been posted on the court website.

The indications, which go into effect on Tuesday at 9 am, have been widely praised by lawyers as a reasonable step to protect users of the court.

Chief magistrate Hannan said the move was made due to health and safety concerns for COVID-19 and the need to reduce the number of people attending the court.

Learn more about Victoria’s partial closure.


A “passive gap gap” vaccine for COVID-19 will see the collection of antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered from the virus injected into vulnerable individuals.

It comes as losing your sense of smell emerged as one of the first signs of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Queensland are looking for 100 healthy volunteers to take part in clinical trials of a candidate vaccine for COVID-19 mid-year.

Melbourne’s Doherty Institute is working on a new COVID-19 rapid test which takes just 30 minutes to get an improvement over the three hours needed now.

Royal Melbourne Hospital's COVID-19 screening clinic, nurse ED Robyn Lindsay, has seen the number of people getting tested go down. Image: David Caird
media_cameraRoyal Melbourne Hospital’s COVID-19 screening clinic, nurse ED Robyn Lindsay, has seen the number of people getting tested go down. Image: David Caird


Victoria’s new blocking rules will change lives as we know it across the state.

From hairdressers to weddings, children’s birthday parties, and bike rides, we’ve asked the state government 50 questions about how Victorians face their lives during the coronavirus crisis.

We have compiled their responses, which assume that people are healthy and have not been abroad or in contact with any confirmed coronavirus cases.

Read the full list here.

Do you have a question we haven’t asked ourselves? Email it to


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were reportedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound has confirmed that the Games will be held at a later date, most likely in 2021.


Any Victorian who thinks to escape for a vacation to escape the coronavirus block can rethink.

Premier Daniel Andrews has issued a monotonous warning that traveling unnecessary means not traveling for holidays.

Stay home is the message. Or the community could face “a rather surprising tragedy,” he said.

And Lisa Neville, minister of police and emergency services, warned that roadblocks could be used to prevent people from ignoring the council.

Campsites and trailer parks were “highly contagious” when there were shared toilets and showers, Neville said.

“We are very careful about camping and caravan sites. There are potentially high risks for people who share showers and toilets etc.”

Yesterday, the campsites, including Walkerville Foreshore in Gippsland, were closed or closed, but the trailer parks with long-term and permanent occupants, most of them in independent cabins or caravans, were still open to the public.

Discovery Parks said that as a housing provider, its parks have been an essential service at a time of crisis.

Parks Victoria closed the lodging and camped in Tidal River at the Wilsons Promontory National Park on Sunday.

Parks Victoria closed the lodge and camped at Tidal River in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Image: James Lauritz
media_cameraParks Victoria closed the lodge and camped at Tidal River in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Image: James Lauritz

Further updates on access to other campsites in the state were expected in the coming days.

But Andrews said families shouldn’t be leaving now that the kids are on vacation.

“It’s going to be a very different school vacation,” Andrews said.

“And it must be. Because if we don’t start taking these things seriously, we’ll talk about a rather surprising tragedy. “

Travel warnings come when regional airline Rex says regional flights to Victoria will stop on April 6.

Rex operates services from Melbourne and Mildura in six locations in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

The fixed-wing fleet Ambulance Victoria, operated by the subsidiary Rex Pel-Air Aviation, will continue to operate.

Melbourne’s trains and trams and the V / Line network are still operating during normal hours.

Extra cleaning has been introduced and passengers have been urged to stagger travel times to help with social distances.

The Victorian parks operated by Discovery, Top Parks and Big 4 were still open for business, although many guests had returned home.

In a statement, Discovery Parks said that changing travel restrictions meant that some people needed to find accommodation.

“We also have caravan communities that are currently traveling and require a safe place to stay,” says the note.


The multi-billion dollar economic response package to the coronavirus received the final tick of approval in the House of Representatives around 11pm Monday evening.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that the economic measures, described as the most significant since wartime, were designed to build a bridge to recovery from the other side of the virus.

“We know that the economic situation has deteriorated over the days,” he said at a late night press conference in Parliament.

“The Australian people can be sure that their parliament has reached political division tonight.

“We face an enemy who has no flag and has no face.

“We must deploy every weapon in our arsenal to defeat it.”

The treasurer said he expected around one million Australians to receive the coronavirus supplement.

– Tamsin Rose


AFL players voluntarily offered a 50% cut, with immediate effect.

On one of the darkest days of footy, the 850 players in the game decided to halve their wages until May 31 – the restart date proposed by the competition.

If the 2020 season is abandoned, players will agree to even more drastic reductions in wages.

It came when entire football departments were eliminated under Fair Work provisions. Some will likely be fired in the coming days.


Wall Street fell on Monday (local time) when the U.S. Congress quarreled over a massive stimulus package as the Federal Reserve unveiled new emergency plans to revive the economy, even with the unlimited purchase of bonds.

The scale of the Federal Reserve’s moves has impressed investors, but in the first few minutes of trading the shares have still dropped as concerns continue to rise over the economic pain caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Central banks are doing everything they can to support the economy as other states and communities close, but investors also want to see the United States government do its part.


Footy fans will have to wait to see if registrations they paid for will be refunded after the AFL season has ended.

While AFL and clubs are facing the fallout from the already shortened season put on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, the league has yet to decide what to do with regards to enrollment.

In a statement, AFL said it was working last night.

“The main concern of AFL and the clubs is that members and supporters continue to take the relevant precautions to ensure that their health and well-being is critical,” he said.

“AFL will work with clubs to ensure that their members are well-informed and clubs will continue to communicate with their members during this temporary suspension of the season.”

AFL Fans Association President Gerry Eeman said supporters want clarity.

“Fans don’t want a refund, they want the option to get a refund,” he said.

“Because many fans realize that their clubs are in danger of folding but if you don’t have money alone, it’s a luxury they can’t afford to treat them like a donation.

“Some will do it … but people who have just lost their jobs and don’t have much money to feed their family need the option to get a refund.”

In a memo to members, Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett said yesterday that he doubted that the AFL season will resume “before July soon.”

“This therefore means that the revenue generated by the competition and the clubs has been drastically reduced,” he said.

“For Hawthorn, we continue to receive revenue from registrations and some sponsorships.

“I thank all the members who promised their support for the club, it is more crucial than ever.”

It comes when the Yarra Junior Football League reconsidered its decision to start its season before the AFL recommended start date of May 31, in response to fears of the coronavirus.

The Picola and District Football Netball League has decided to “postpone” his season until May 2nd and to reconsider his position on April 17th “subject to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic” “.

– Peter Rolfe


Politicians in Italy, where nearly 60,000 people have coronavirus and 5500 have died, are going crazy in an attempt to beat their rebel components to obey a national blockade amid the coronavirus.

“I receive news that some would like to organize graduation parties. We will send the police – with flamethrowers,” says Campania president Vincenzo De Luca in a video.

You can see four other Italian mayors and politicians agitating people for breaking the rules during the global crisis,

In a country famous for being overrun with tourists and party-goers, the new normal – blocking and being safe – is obviously not reaching many people easily.




WHY YOU MUST NOT lie to your children about CORONAVIRUS



Coronavirus: Australian hospitals running out of masks

  • 15 million Australians could catch the virus in a few months
  • Shock therapy of angry teachers in the fight against viruses in schools

The multi-billion dollar Coronavirus economic response package received the final tick of approval in the House of Representatives around 11pm Monday evening.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that the economic measures, described as the most significant since wartime, were designed to build a bridge to recovery from the other side of the virus.

“We know that the economic situation has deteriorated over the days,” he said at a late night press conference in Parliament.

“The Australian people can be sure that their parliament has reached political division tonight.

“We face an enemy who has no flag and has no face.

“We must deploy every weapon in our arsenal to defeat it.”

The treasurer said he expected around one million Australians to receive the coronavirus supplement.


Eighty Catholic hospitals that supply 10% of the nation’s public hospital beds are running out of masks, gloves, clothing and other protective equipment, while COVID-19 extends the system.

Catholic Health Australia calls on the Morrison government to urgently release stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospital staff – some of whom have a supply of less than a week – as the stocks in its network reach extremely low levels.

People lined up for coronavirus tests at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Image: Tim Carrafa
media_cameraPeople lined up for coronavirus tests at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Image: Tim Carrafa

The Catholic network employs tens of thousands of nurses and clinical staff.

“Requests from Catholic hospitals to access stocks of clothing, masks and gloves have been met with confusion, the passage of dollars between states and the Commonwealth and even a diktat that supplies supplies will only be released to publicly owned hospitals” Pat Patcia, CEO of Catholic Health Australia said.

The COVID -19 clinic at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty Images
media_cameraThe COVID -19 clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Image: Getty Images

Nearly one in ten public hospital beds are in Catholic hospitals, but because they are not directly owned by the state, they are denied access to supplies, he said.

In some cases, stocks of personal protective equipment in Catholic hospitals would run out in less than a week, prompting Mr. Garcia to write to state, territorial and federal health ministers warning of the impending shortage.

“We can’t have a situation where thousands of doctors and nurses treat unprotected people – it’s a shocking situation for patients, staff and the community in general. We need every weapon in our arsenal to fight coronavirus and masks, clothes and gloves are the bases. It would be like sending our fireworks to fight fires without trucks. “

Garcia said that Catholic hospitals are conducting clinical trials, treating COVID-19 patients and increasing the capacity in their emergency departments and departments to relieve pressure on public hospitals.

“We are working with all members of the wider healthcare network to combat this virus. All we ask for is the same access to the public network and a clear and efficient way for our staff to obtain supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment) in a timely manner. ) “.

People are seen in a long line outside a Centrelink office in Melbourne's Abbotsford. Image: AAP
media_cameraPeople are seen in a long line outside a Centrelink office in Melbourne’s Abbotsford. Image: AAP

The general manager of the group of San Giovanni di Dio, dr. Shane Kelly, who runs 17 hospitals in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, said time is running out.

“Starting today, if I can’t get more PPE titles, some of my hospitals will end in a week. To protect nurses, doctors and other health care workers and help reduce infections, we need sufficient supplies of gloves, clothes and masks to continue operating and we are not getting the right information on how we can access the inventory.

“We have tried to do everything we can to manage supplies, but we cannot and will not compromise the safety of our staff and ultimately of our patients,” he said.


Two of Australia’s leading gyms will freeze member payments after the federal government has expanded its blockade.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Sunday that non-essential services, including hospitality venues, places of worship, cinemas and gyms, would be closed in an attempt to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In a Facebook statement, Goodlife Health Clubs said that its gyms would be “temporarily closed” nationwide and that an “automatic block” had been placed on members. He said it would provide members with “a whole range of online training content”.

Fitness First also used social media to warn that customer signups had been blocked, adding that it would provide members with home training materials.

News Corp asked Fitness First, Goodlife Health Clubs, Jetts Fitness Australia, Anytime Fitness, Zap Fitness, Virgin Active and F45 directly about whether members will have the option to cancel their contracts in advance, if a refund will be offered to members. who paid in advance and whether clubs will face permanent closure if the ban lasts at least six months.

Mount Waverley's Muscle City gym is seen empty after the gyms are forced to close. Image: Getty
media_cameraMount Waverley’s Muscle City gym is seen empty after the gyms are forced to close. Image: Getty

Fitness Australia is seeking clarifications on the time of the closings, which will remain in effect until midnight on April 13th, but may be extended.

Fitness Australia is seeking clarifications on the time of the closings, which will remain in effect until midnight on April 13th, but may be extended.

Simon Thompson, an executive officer of the collective wellness group that is responsible for the Anytime Fitness franchises, told News Corp that he was working with clubs to find a solution.

“Yesterday, the government announced a temporary shutdown of non-essential services, including gyms, starting at noon today, Monday 23 March 2020, which subsequently led to the temporary shutdown of all Anytime Fitness Australia clubs,” said Thompson. in a note.

In light of this, we are working closely with our individually owned and managed partners to find the best solution for our 560,000 members. At this stage, our priority is to inform our members directly and we hope to confirm the next steps as soon as possible. “

Earlier, the CEO of Fitness Australia, Barrie Elvish, said in a statement: “It is not yet clear whether the services offered in the fitness sector can continue to function.

“For example, can a PT (personal trainer) continue to train a client indoors in a 1: 1 environment provided that all social distance measures are in place? Or can these services only be offered outdoors? “

The sector body is also looking for clarifications on the closure deadline, which will remain in force until midnight on April 13th, but could be extended.

It was vital that people continue to remain active during social distancing, he said.

“Staying active during a period of isolation and uncertainty is extremely important for our mental health and as an industry, it is our mission to ensure that people can continue to exercise safely,” he said.


The hunt for potentially infected passengers aboard Princess Ruby was handed over to the military with Defense personnel sent to COVID-19 civilian coordination centers across the country.

The cruise ship Ruby Princess obtained permission to dock and disembark in Sydney last Thursday, despite the results of ongoing tests on those showing coronavirus symptoms.

Passengers were allowed to disperse nationally and it has since been confirmed that there were 2,700 infected people on board; it is one of the five cruise ships that docked in Australia with the crates they could land on board.

Defense confirmed that staff from the reconnaissance and planning support teams have been incorporated into COVID-19 civilian coordination centers in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

They are tracking passengers on those ships in each state with additional staff waiting for a call.

Cruise ship passengers disembarked from Princess Cruises' Ruby Princess at Circular Quay on Thursday. Image: AAP
media_cameraCruise ship passengers disembarked from Princess Cruises’ Ruby Princess at Circular Quay on Thursday. Image: AAP

The deployment adds to the dozens of staff who provide clinical and epidemiological support to national health operations and even to the production of facial masks and hand sanitizers.

Defense Minister Linda Reynolds said the teams are contributing to the “overall strength and resilience of the Australian health system in this difficult time”.

“These ADF teams will provide logistical, transportation, healthcare and general planning assistance as the workload of civilian medical teams continues to increase as more Australians are diagnosed or affected by COVID-19,” he said. Senator Reynolds.

“The defense continues to follow the advice of the Australian health authorities in prioritizing its support arrangements.

Nine Defense staff members have been diagnosed with COVID-19 including six in New South Wales.

The death toll rises in Europe

Spain extended its blockade until after Easter as the country’s death toll rises, with health workers representing 12% of the total coronavirus cases.

The Spanish government warned that the worst was “yet to come”, as nurses and doctors are bearing the brunt of the outbreak there, which has reported nearly 30,000 infections.

Further tests were expected to increase that number again, with Spain becoming the new epicenter as it followed Italy’s deadly path.

A conference center in Madrid was being set up as a makeshift military hospital, with images showing structures similar to some of the hospitals used during the Spanish flu in 1918.

A man wearing a protective mask collapses in Rome. Image: Getty
media_cameraA man wearing a protective mask collapses in Rome. Image: Getty
Medical staff assists man. Image: Getty
media_cameraMedical staff assists man. Image: Getty

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said: “Unfortunately the number of diagnosed cases will increase in the coming days.

“The worst is yet to come and is pushing our capabilities to the limit.”

The death toll in Italy rose yesterday with 651 more deaths, bringing the total to 5476, while the country desperately tries to extend its blockade to prevent further outbreaks.

Health workers facing the coronavirus crisis cheer in exchange for police cheers outside Bellvitge hospital near Barcelona. Image: AFP
media_cameraHealth workers facing the coronavirus crisis cheer in exchange for police cheers outside Bellvitge hospital near Barcelona. Image: AFP

The death toll announced on Monday in Australia (Sunday local time) was less than nearly 1000 dead on Saturday local time, but it was too early to tell if the virus had peaked.

The head of the Italian civil protection service Angelo Borrelli, who manages the country’s response, was cautious that the blockade in progress since March 8 was starting to work.

“The figures announced today are lower than yesterday’s,” he said.

“I hope and we all hope that these figures can be confirmed in the coming days. But don’t let your guard down. “

The UK will appeal to the army to deliver parcels of food to up to 1.5 million people while asking sick, vulnerable and elderly people to stay home for 12 weeks.

The UK was sending letters to people over 70 and others considered at risk asking them to stay home.

Passengers stop on an underground Central Line train at Stratford station, East London, despite guidelines for social distance. Image: AFP
media_cameraPassengers stop on an underground Central Line train at Stratford station, East London, despite guidelines for social distance. Image: AFP

He will also be offered help with army-coordinated food and medicine spills if they don’t have a support network to keep them going.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK must step up its measures, but stops at a complete blockade with police patrolling the streets.

French army soldiers set up tents while building a military hospital in Mulhouse, eastern France. Image: AA)
media_cameraFrench army soldiers set up tents while building a military hospital in Mulhouse, eastern France. Image: AA)

In France, the first doctor died when the toll hit 674, with nearly 16,018 cases in which the terrible toll rose 112 in one day.

The country has ordered 250 million masks as it tries to slow the epidemic.

There were 1,746 coronavirus patients in intensive care, with 35% of those under the age of 65, who had broken theories that it was a disease that only affected the elderly.

Germany has banned meetings of more than two people, with the exception of families, since her chancellor Angela Merkel entered quarantine after being treated by a doctor who has the coronavirus.

Passengers at a subway station in Shanghai. Image: AFP
media_cameraPassengers at a subway station in Shanghai. Image: AFP

Merkel was told of her doctor’s positive test after holding a press conference, raising concerns that she might have spread the virus if she had also been infected. Hairdressers in Germany will also close now, with new penalties in place for at least two weeks. Germany has almost 24,000 cases but a mortality rate of only 0.3 percent.

India has 396 cases, but it is feared that up to 300 million will contract the disease if it manages to take over the second most populous country in the world.

In Pakistan, telephone companies exchanged ringtones when people called for warning messages on COVID-19, while doctors and nurses posted images of bruises on their faces from protective equipment during patient treatment.

Pakistan has 730 cases so far, but there were concerns about a higher death toll due to the country’s already struggling health system compared to western hospitals.


Chris Hemsworth releases free workouts via the fitness app

Fitness junkies will understand that there is nothing more frustrating than being taken away from “home away from home”.

To date, life as we know it will become very different as gyms, along with pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and indoor sports venues across the country closed indefinitely under extensive restrictions designed to stop the spread of the cornonavirus.

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Some of your favorite fitness influencers, personal trainers and gym studios now offer multiple workouts at home and record a lot of training posts via social media platforms.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is one of many who try to help us stay active during these difficult times by giving free access to workouts on his health and fitness program,

From 23 to 31 March new customers who register through Centr.comwill get six weeks of free access to the program.

“We have been incredibly inspired by the delivery of support and positivity from the Centr community during this difficult period,” said Hemsworth.

“We hope that by making Centr available to everyone for this long period, we can help even more people stay strong, healthy and find a sense of calm at a time when we all need it most.”

In the world of gyms, F45 Australia has accelerated the release of its home program, which can be accessed through the app and the F45 Challenge website.

Jetts Fitness has also just launched its online home service, Jetts at Home, which offers members training tips, nutritional training ideas and general tips to support well-being.

Celebrity fitness trainers Tiffiny Hall and Sam Wood have made changes to their home programs by offering more workouts without equipment, while other fitness stars reveal their best tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in these difficult times.

“The fitness industry like many others at the moment has been decidedly shaken, but the important thing to focus on is that we continue to train,” said personal trainer and graduate Sam Wood.

As Rhian Allen, founder of The Healthy Mummy says – “The coronavirus epidemic is very disturbing even for the most dedicated gym junkies” and while there is no current ban on gyms, some people are looking for other stimulating ways to stay in on top of their fitness.

We have put together a list of home training programs currently offered to Australians.

F45 has now launched a home workout that can be accessed through the F45 Challenge app and website.

The launch pack is free for all existing F45 members and offers daily workouts without equipment, based on the “Gravity” studio class led by Face of F45, Cory George.

“F45 aims to make fitness accessible to communities around the world and has adapted to support its members in these unprecedented times,” an F45 spokesman told


TV personality and professional dancer Sonia Kruger has just left a free dance workout for everyone who is self-isolating.

The mom behind the dance-based fitness and nutrition program, Strictly You, said it was “for all my ladies out there who might go crazy being forced home and losing their usual workout.”

He also added that the image he used to announce the free workout on Instagram was taken before the social distance day.

Her fitness model is based on choreographed movements and healthy food offerings.

Free training can be found here.


Tiffiny Hall, ex The biggest loser coach said that now more than ever is the time to stay healthy.

He said that exercise strengthens the immune system and helps lower anxiety by increasing endorphins and lowering cortisol.

“So, it’s critical that we now move to combat the high level of uncertainty in our lives and to help us feel good and have a legendary immune system. We are in survival mode. It’s not about how we look, not about having abs, losing weight or looking buff. It’s about survival: surviving stress, isolation and disease by healing our mental health. “

The founder of the online health and fitness program,, said that in times of high stress like this, mental health must be a priority.

“At a time when we can’t control what’s going on in the world, we can control the controllable; helping our mental state with deep breathing, mediation, exercise, obtaining the right nutrients, self-care and self-management “.

The mother said that the workout increases the intake of magnesium and said that you could reduce anxiety by eating green leafy vegetables, cereals and nuts.

“I’m here to help you in any way, so follow me on Instagram @tiffhall_xo regarding the health, fitness and awareness tips you can do today.”


Australian fitness models Steph Claire Smith and Lauren Henshaw are behind the Keep It Cleaner wellness app.

The girls have announced that during these trial periods, they will allow free KIC workouts at home.

Best friends will offer KIC’s workouts on Facebook and Instagram Live followed by a moment of meditation.

“With recent events taking place around the world, we understand that moving your body and calming your mind could be more challenging,” Laura told

“We want to offer ways we can continue to stay virtually connected, but we also want to encourage mental health and well-being during this difficult time.”

The girls’ free online workouts will be held every Wednesday and Friday morning at 7am via their social media platforms.

“We will also incorporate a moment of meditation at the end of the workout that will aim to charge us with positive energy to overcome these difficult days and weeks,” said Steph.

“Our physical and mental health has never been so important and we want everyone to have access to the KIC program.

reported: Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw on how they launched their global fitness app


Personal trainer and ex Short degreeSam Wood recommends constant, moderate-intensity exercise, saying it is a great way to increase immunity.

“And now we need it more than ever,” he told

“It will also be a great way to increase your energy and mood in these difficult times. So if you’re stuck at home, be sure to try some home workouts or go for a walk, and if you’re going to the gym, be smart about hygiene practices.

Wood is the creator of 28 of Sam Wood which offers a variety of workouts including HIIT (5 different fitness levels), low impact, yoga, pilates – all less than 30 minutes away – all from home.

For those who expect, it also includes pregnancy and postnatal home programs.


Luke McLoud, founder of Soulalive, which offers live streaming online meditation lessons, said it is now the perfect opportunity to try meditation.

“It’s something you do on your own and has been shown to help with stress and anxiety,” he told

“Write three things every day that you are grateful for. This practice takes your mind away from any worries you may have and directs it to what you are grateful for right now.

“Take a few minutes to pause and take a few long, slow and deliberate breaths. Inhale through your nose for a count of eight. Then hold your breath for a count of eight and then release the breath through your mouth for another count of eight. Repeat three times. “

He therefore recommended taking five minutes to get some sunlight.

“This increases the levels of serotonin in the body, which is a hormone associated with helping you feel calmer and happier.”

reported: How Rachel Dillon’s fight for fitness and success helped create Rachel’s bodies


Australian entrepreneur Rachel Dillon, who is behind Rachel’s Bodies transformation brand, agrees that health and well-being are paramount, especially in difficult times like these.

“Between strict regulations and blockages, it may not be possible to stick to your usual fitness routine – however, there are always ways to stay active,” he tells

“I believe that every movement does not beat any movement. Training can be something positive that you have complete control over, shifting your focus from factors that unfortunately you cannot control. If you are in a complete block, exercise can also help you avoid boredom and contribute to a meaningful and satisfying routine.

“No equipment? No problem, “he adds, adding that you have to be a little creative with what you have available to create an improvised home gym.

“Fill bottles of water or use books for weights, use a sturdy sofa instead of a bench or simply perform body weight movements. Even if circumstances aren’t ideal, you can definitely make the most of them. “

While his program offers workouts both in the gym and at home, he said even under normal circumstances, many clients choose to train at home.

“Either because they don’t like gyms, they have very tight schedules or commitments like taking care of small children at home,” said Dillon. “Life-changing results can be achieved anywhere.”

“These are difficult times, but remember: we are all together.”


Emily Skye, who boasts 12.5 million followers on social media, said she is always asked if you can train at home.

The answer? Yup.

“Now people will see with minimal equipment or only body weight that you can seriously sweat,” he said.

The Gold Coast personal trainer, known for his successful online fitness program Emily Skye Fit, recommends that if you spend more time at home building a routine for yourself, you should set aside 30 minutes.

“If you’re not ready to add a workout to your routine, put some fitness around the existing routine,” he told

“Do 10 squats in the kitchen before breakfast, 10 midway squats and 10 squats before eating. Do 20 calf raises in the sink while brushing your teeth. Use lots of flour as a weight for squats or lunges. “

“You’d be surprised at how many things the average home has that can mimic gym equipment. It’s time to put those extra bags of rice you bought to work.”


Rhian Allen, founder of The Healthy Mummy, a platform that offers a variety of home workouts, said for those who still want to have a good training session and feel uncomfortable attending the gym, they can still remain active.

“Working at home is a great solution and today more important than ever for mental health and physical benefits,” he tells

“If you’re stuck at home, fitness apps are a great way to stay on track and all you really need is a mat.”

Allen’s, the Healthy Mummy app, is dedicated exclusively to mothers and offers over 350 full-length workouts HIIT, yoga, tabata and boxing.


NRL 2020: ban on Kalyn Ponga’s shoulder charge, Nathan Brown’s knees, Luciano Leilua

Newcastle superstar Kalyn Ponga can accept a ban on a match for a shoulder charge in Sunday’s big Wests Tigers win.

It was in the 72nd minute that Ponga crossed the field to play defense on Tigers full-back Corey Thompson.

But Ponga flew against his opponent without any attempt to wrap his arms around him, and was penalized.

Place banished for a blow to the shoulder

Place banished for a blow to the shoulder


Round 3

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On Monday the game review committee issued a Grade 1 shoulder charge. The charge involves 200 basis points, but Ponga can take 180 points with an initial reason.

If he challenges and loses, he will be canceled for two weeks.

Parramatta striker Nathan Brown can accept a one-week suspension for dangerous contacts on Dale Copley.

The Eel padlock plunged into Copley using his knees while the Titans’ wing was making an attempt.

Gold Coast forward Moeaki Fotuaika can accept a match for dangerous contacts on Mitchell Moses, while the tigers recruit Luciano Leilua will not miss any game if he accepts the first appeal with a dangerous contact charge against Ponga.


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COVID-19 NRL UPDATES: the latest news on how coronavirus is affecting the NRL

“NOT UP TO SPEED”: Joey says Latrell isn’t ready to be a full back


Coronavirus: tourist dies of COVID-19 in the crowded Bali street

Bali authorities confirmed that a French tourist who was found slumped on a motorcycle in a busy street died of coronavirus and was not a “drunk tourist” as initially suspected.

Gerard Philippe Follet’s death was initially thought to have been alcohol poisoning or a heart attack after being found unresponsive in a busy Denpasar street eight days ago.

A day after the Frenchman’s death, Bali governor Wayan Koster denied the 72-year-old coronavirus after a photo emerged on social media of Mr Follet drinking alcohol in a bar.

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“It is not related to coronavirus, I have a photo, he was drinking tuak (alcohol), maybe he was dizzy while driving, he fell,” said Koster.

But a Saturday post mortem test confirmed Mr. Follet as the fourth case of coronavirus on the holiday island.

An almost empty beach in Kuta on Sunday. Image: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP
media_cameraAn almost empty beach in Kuta on Sunday. Image: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP

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“It was confirmed after a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that was coronavirus positive,” said Sanglah I Ketut Sudartana hospital official. The Jakarta Post.

A tourist who saw Mr. Follet collapse on the handlebars of his motorbike and raised the alarm with the police said that initially the agents thought they were a “drunk tourist”.

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“I thought it was a hit. I parked the bike and went over to him. I saw that he was breathing. Then I was thinking about the coronavirus, so I shouted at him but got no answer, “said the tourist, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

There have been suspicions of the low number of coronavirus cases in Bali. Image: AP Photo / Firdia Lisnawati
media_cameraThere have been suspicions of the low number of coronavirus cases in Bali. Image: AP Photo / Firdia Lisnawati

“So I went to a police station about 60 meters away and talked to them. At first they were reluctant to help, they thought he was just a drunk tourist.”

The man said the agents called an ambulance after evaluating Mr. Follet.

“I said this could be a coronavirus case. They agreed. They called a coronavirus response team,” said the tourist.

“He was breathing with shorter breaths, he was becoming increasingly pale, his lips were turning blue and then he stopped breathing. He had died before the coronavirus response team arrived. “

The death of the French tourist comes amid concerns about an underestimation of coronavirus cases in Bali, with experts calling his low number of “scientifically odd” cases, The Jakarta Post reported.

Bali has now confirmed four cases, none of the local broadcast. The rest are British and two Balinese citizens who recently returned from Italy and Jakarta.

Originally published as Tourist, he dies of viruses in Bali street


Qantas, Virgin Australia, multiple domestic flights by land

Virgin Australia will make even more cuts to domestic flights after the federal government has warned against interstate travel and states have blocked their borders.

The airline said this morning that it “expects a substantial reduction in its internal capacity” in light of federal and state government measures to crack down on the spread of coronavirus.

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Virgin said more information on the cuts will be provided in the coming days.

Qantas is expected to make a similar move.

It comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Australians to avoid non-essential domestic travel, which will further reduce the demand for domestic flights.

“What we are saying is that non-essential travel should be avoided and particularly when we talk about interstate travel and longer distances, the type of travel that would not normally be part of your normal life,” he said. Morrison Sunday.

“So it means that those holidays that you may have planned to take from one state to another during the school holidays cancel them.

“This is what it means. It is regrettable and I know the impact it will have on many people in those communities where the holidays would take place. “

Interstate travelers are expected to plummet further with four states and territories – Tasmania, Northern Territory, Southern Australia and Western Australia – effectively closing their borders and requiring interstate visitors to self-quarantine for two weeks at the entrance.

Airlines have already made drastic cuts to their services as travel is limited due to the pandemic.

Last week, Virgin Australia said it would ground the entire international fleet and reduce the internal capacity of Virgin and Tigerair by half.

Qantas will also suspend its international operations and reduce Qantas and Jetstar’s internal flights by 60%, temporarily eliminating 20,000 staff members in the process.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest airline for international travel, Emirates, said it would ground most of its passenger flights and reduce staff wages by up to 50% as it is btriggered by a “sudden and painful arrest” from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Emirates will continue to operate passenger and freight flights to the following countries and territories until they become aware as long as the borders remain open and you are required to: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, the United States and Canada, “said the airline in a statement.


the bride is going to lose $ 100k for “non-essential meeting”

Planning a wedding can be stressful at best – minus a global pandemic.

With an ever smaller number of people admitted to non-essential meetings, future brides and grooms were left groping.

Amidst fears of spreading the coronavirus en masse, couples were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone, cancel or soldier with what was to be the happiest day of their lives.

For a Western Sydney couple, that decision is still pending – and $ 100,000 hangs in the balance.

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reported: People have called for suspending marriages amid fears of COVID-19

Dina, 26, and her boyfriend Chafic, 28, were to get married on June 7th.

The couple planned the wedding for 15 months. All sellers are booked, her high fashion dress just needs some finishing touches and if the event continues as planned, the couple would pay $ 48,000 for their reception alone.

“If we go ahead with it, the cost of the combined wedding and honeymoon would reach $ 100,000,” says the bride.

This includes the European honeymoon of their dreams – which they have already paid in full.

“Flights, accommodation, everything. That’s about $ 20,000 in total, “said Dina.

Now trapped in an intricate network of travel bans, Emirates offers to credit its flights and the couple’s travel agent has said that some hotels may be willing to refund.

But at this stage, there are no guarantees.

“Most of my sellers have been fantastic. They said we can put it off for free, “explained Dina.

“But in terms of recovery of deposits, each supplier is different. I haven’t asked this question yet, because we don’t really want to cancel. It is literally a once in a lifetime thing to do. “

Family and friends have promised to support whatever decision they make, but Dina says it is “highly unlikely” that they end up canceling.

“We could lose deposits. And then if we decided to get married later, I would have to plan the whole wedding from scratch again. But then the question is: how long do we postpone? Because if we have to wait another year, I don’t know if we can to do it. “

reported: For all the latest coronavirus updates

For this young and in love couple, their future is now uncertain.

“The thought of having to wait another full year to get married and start our life … Bring back our travel plans, put the children back, put everything back.”

Dina and Chafic had 470 guests to attend their June wedding.

With the Prime Minister applying stricter social removal measures, Dina says they would not be able to downsize even if they wanted to. “We can’t have only 100 people at our wedding because our venue is huge. We would be out of pocket $ 30,000. And they wouldn’t book your wedding if you didn’t have a minimum of 350 guests.”

Aside from all the logistics, the future bride says that the atmosphere at their wedding would surely be sad if they went on.

“It will be in the back of everyone’s mind. Everyone will be tired, nobody will embrace or dance. There would be none of this.

“I feel less and less optimistic every day.”

Over a dozen family members were planning to travel to Australia from abroad (mainly from America).

Now, it is impossible to do.

In an attempt to stop the spread and curb the global number of virus cases, the government closed Australia’s borders with foreigners last night.

The Sydney photographer Henryk – the brain behind Image Haus – was among those who hurried home. He flew back from New Zealand last night after filming a wedding for a couple who had moved the date forward.

“On the day New Zealand said it would close the borders within 24 hours, I got a call from the bride saying,” Hey, we’ll either cancel or fly everyone early. “

Henryk didn’t think twice.

He and the videographer jumped on a flight the next morning. “Both of us literally, at the last minute, when a hat fell, we changed everything and flew out. I didn’t have the luxury of disappointing a customer. “

The couple’s wedding went on – their original guest list of 60 has now shrunk to 35 – but on the same day she couldn’t escape the virus.

“On the wedding day, the driver of the rental car tested positive for the coronavirus,” said Henryk.

But he found the atmosphere rather optimistic, all things considered.

“Everyone was still hugging and kissing the bride,” he said.

“They actually had a game, where if someone mentioned the word coronavirus or COVID-19 or pandemic, they have to drink three fingers of their drink,” he laughed. “Everyone had fun, had a fantastic evening.”

His clients’ weddings usually outnumber over 100 guests on average. However, Henryk insists, “I have not seen anyone downsize it. Everyone has moved the date.

“All the weddings I have until June are changing their dates. Everyone is looking to book September, October, November. Some people even moved in 2021. And of course, I didn’t charge anything for the move, “he explained.

Henryk, who is now making all his meetings with FaceTime and WhatsApp, has blocked an influx of reservations while couples hurry to set a new date.

“Just in the last week I have had four reservations. Paid and confirmed. So now I’m starting to organize weddings on Friday.”

His advice to couples considering referral is simple: do it sooner rather than later.

“If you can’t get the desired date, consider a wedding on a Friday or Sunday. And when you return, start with your venue and then quickly go through the rest of your suppliers. Because the dates are booked so quickly.”

Clothes are also a problem for some.

Brides promptly pay out thousands for a high fashion dress signed by the Petersham-based designer Leah Da Gloria, who has spent the last few days reassuring some very anxious brides.

“We had three months of customers who had to reprogram,” he said.

“For us, it’s more about redistributing our production schedule, but everyone is still getting married. Some people are downsizing – instead of having 300 people now they have 90-80 people. But I think the couples themselves are probably in a worse position. our.

“I have already contacted all my customers to make sure they are well and this is my main goal.”

Not unrelated to a large ethnic marriage, Leah Da Gloria predicts that the new restrictions on social distancing could be a problem.

“Weddings are like people’s biggest day and my clients in particular tend to have really big weddings. It’s a very familiar event and they have huge families – by the hundreds – so the thought of scaling down from 500 to 80 people is unthinkable. it’s not even a wedding for them. It’s a Sunday barbecue. “

Does your advice to couples face a touch decision? “Postpone, don’t cancel. And resize if you can.”

With growing virus cases in Australia and elsewhere, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly warned Australians to observe social exclusion measures wherever possible.

On Friday, the PM announced new space restrictions, stating that there will be a maximum limit of “four square meters provided per person in an enclosed space”.

The new measures could see weddings, birthday parties and other mass-canceled personal events.

And in the world of marriage, most sellers already feel the tension.

A number of major wedding halls in Australia have detailed COVID-19 policies on their websites. Navarra, the industry’s leading venue in Sydney, which organizes weddings with over 500 guests, has already decided to postpone book events until April 13, 2020.

“The safety and well-being of our guests and employees have always been and will remain our top priority,” said Navarra Venues in a statement.

“We will contact all of our customers individually and will do our best to satisfy our customers who have pre-existing reservations during this one-month phase.”

Earlier this year, the iconic venue hosted this season’s wedding Married at first sight Elizabeth and Sebastian couple.

Despite the growing number of restrictions that force people to put it off, most suppliers remain optimistic.

“I hope it will be nothing more than a technical problem; a bump, not a stop sign,” said Leah Da Gloria.

Others are preparing for the worst.

“I think the whole world will have bleeding for at least six months after this,” said Henryk.

“Everyone will participate together and we will all bleed together. But customers, suppliers … I think it will affect everyone.”


Ben Cousins ​​opens in the new “explosive” documentary, Nat Fyfe

Ben Cousins’ dark past will be highlighted in a brand new documentary that sees the game’s ex-superstar open to the tiniest detail.

Drug and law issues plagued the former West Coast Eagles star in his final league years and continued after moving away from the game.

Are you a fan of AFL or NRL? Compete for $ 2 million in cash prizes in Australia’s best competition. Everyone can play, anyone can win

He reached the pinnacle of the footy world with the Eagles when he won the Brownlow medal in 2005, before claiming the Premier glory in 2006.

Now in a revealing revealing interview, Cousins ​​has opened up on his time spent behind bars and facing a drug problem.

Basil Zempilas of Channel 7 sat down with Cousins ​​and insisted with the former star on how everything had fallen apart with the level of detail leaving him completely shocked.

“I am close to the story of Ben Cousins ​​and have been a long time now,” said Zempilas.

“I didn’t think anything he could say would surprise me, but I was shocked. It’s explosive, compelling and emotional.

“With everything we’ve seen and read, the natural inclination is to erase Ben.

“But despite his struggles he remains extraordinarily resistant. It’s a battle but I wouldn’t bet against him. “

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Cousins ​​has found himself in the news over and over again in recent years, but never for good reason and knows he is responsible for all this pear-shaped.

“I filled things royally,” admitted Cousins.

Current AFL superstar Nat Fyfe appears in the next documentary with the two playing a game of tennis, according to the Cousins ​​game which helped him a lot during his time in prison.

Fyfe asked Cousins ​​a series of questions about his past, but in the end Captain Fremantle said that whatever happened, you couldn’t take away the results obtained on the field.

“Benny, he’s the best!” Fyfe told Zempilas during the filming.

“You don’t win Brownlow’s medal unless you’re the best in the country.”

Ben Cousins ​​- Coming Clean, will air on Sunday 29 March at 19:00 on Channel 7 and 7plus.