Mars: study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on the red planet – Science – Life

Exposure to acidic fluids on the surface of Mars “enormously complicates” the preservation of organic compounds in the clays of that planet, according to a study led by Spanish scientists published by Scientific Reports.

Clay minerals discovered in Gale crater on Mars by the rover Curiosity from NASA are very interesting, since they can preserve organic compounds for long periods of time.

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However, a team led by the Centro de Astrobiología (CAB, INTA-CSIC) has evaluated whether this ability can be influenced by a brief exposure to fluids, both acid and alkaline, which could serve to more precisely direct future efforts in the search for life on Mars.

If there ever was life on Mars, which would have been single-celled, it probably had the best chance of thriving during its first 1.5 billion years of history, when it had large amounts of water on the surface.

“Finding the traces of this possible primordial Martian life is not an easy task,” indicates the CAB, since the surface and subsurface of Mars are not the ideal places for the preservation of organic compounds that can retain information about possible past life forms.

The radiation is intense, absolute dryness and also contains significant amounts of oxidizing compounds. However, the rover Curiosity has managed to identify some organic compounds in clays analyzed in the Gale crater, which housed a small lake for a few million years.

But the team has identified a new conditioner for the preservation of organic compounds on Mars that has gone unnoticed until now: exposure to acids.

Once Mars lost its seas, lakes and rivers, there were small amounts of water that continued to seep between the rocks, in specific episodes separated by millions of years of absolute dryness, according to Alberto G. Fairén, a researcher at the CAB and director of the study.

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The chemical nature of these fluids that circulated between the rocks has largely determined that organic compounds have been preserved on Mars until today.

The study describes how exposure to acidic fluids “greatly complicates the preservation of organics in clays,” according to Fairén. This type of study will undoubtedly help scientists in the design of future strategies in the search for life on Mars, adds the CAB.

Furthermore, the main author of the study Carolina Gil-Lozano, a CAB researcher, considers that the results of this work “corroborate once again the importance of carrying out similar experiments in planetary simulation chambers to support the search for signs of life in Mars”.



The DR-Congo, the president Tshisekedi in trouble

The agitation has gained the outskirts of the people’s Palace, the seat of both chambers of the congolese Parliament, in the commune of Lingwala in Kinshasa. Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 June, opponents of the judicial reform proposed by the platform close to the former president laurent desire Kabila – the common Front for the Congo (FCC), the majority in these two rooms – have mobilised to express their disagreement against three law proposals on the justice, forcing the police to intervene on two occasions. Eighteen people were injured, including 15 policemen and 3 protesters, according to a press release published on Thursday 25 June by the oic, provincial of the police national congolaise (PNC).

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The reform brought by the FCC would allow the executive to further control the judicial power by authorizing the attorney general to report a fault committed by a magistrate. The protesters are relatives of the Union for democracy and social progress (UDPS), the party of origin of the president Tshisekedi.

A political context of increasingly explosive

If they are mobilizing to defend the separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary, they prey mainly, without saying it openly, the control of the FCC on the DR-Congo. Two weeks earlier, the first vice-president of the national Assembly, Jean-Marc Kabund (UPDS), was curtly deposed by the elected representatives of the FCC.

Worse, the own chief of the cabinet of Félix Tshisekedi, Vital Kamerhe, was sentenced this Sunday, June 24, to 20 years hard labour for embezzling more than $ 50 million (44.7 million euros) for the erection of 1 500 prefabricated houses the emergency programme of 100 days of the new president. A hard blow for the latter because it loses, with the conviction of his chief of staff, his main ally within the Mikado congolese. Here it is, now, very much alone in facing the political superpower that is the FCC of Joseph Kabila.

Hostage of Kabila

As a reminder, the president Felix Tshisekedi was forced to build a partnership with the party of Joseph Kabila not to be placed in a minority in Parliament. An agreement which forced him to give him positions many and important within the government. A choice that has led to frustrations in his own camp. And who questioned his real margin of manoeuvre as president : for a lot of Congolese people as its main competitor, Martin Fayulu, Félix Tshisekedi, is held hostage and puppet of Joseph Kabila. A reproach if, as it is itself obliged to deny the existence of as recently as September, during his first trip to Belgium :” I am not the puppet of Kabila but its ally “, if it is defended in front of journalists of the VRT.

Attacked on the costs of running the State

While the country is in full economic recession, the report of execution of the budget in the first quarter, points the share of State revenues to the financing of its institutions : 63 %.

In question, the army of ministers, vice-ministers and State councillors, appointed by the president Tshisekedi, have to distribute positions to its partners, in the first place to those of the FCC. The revelations that are in addition to those of the case Kamerhe : a case which showed, at best, little control of the congolese president on the disbursement of public funds. Good news, however, for the Congolese people, in this troubled context : the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared the end of Ebola outbreak in the provinces of North Kivu and of Ituri, on Thursday, June 25.


The subject of ” the difficulty to bring back teachers “

In the article of 8 June on the commitment of the teachers, moreover, tend to be realistic and objective, I cannot agree with the title “the difficulty in bringing back teachers “followed by the remarks of Mrs. Agnes Brown, a spokesman for the Association of mayors of France, who claims that the minister of national education, would have left the choice to the teachers to return to class or not. This shows a lack of understanding of the situation : indeed, on the one hand, the choice is left up to the parents to put their children in school, and, on the other hand, the health protocol does not accommodate all the students. Therefore, in the schools, the teachers split the work between their presence on the premises to students who can be accommodated, and monitoring them from home for all those (students), or who do not wish to go back to school, or who cannot for lack of space. Each school chooses the organization that seems most appropriate, or the same teachers are at school, they organize a ride. The only teachers who are authorized to work at home are those who have a fragility proven to them or a member of their family, or those who need to keep a child who cannot be upheld, that is to say, the same rules as in any public service or business. I regret all the more that part of the article, in its entirety, provides a very realistic view of the situation of teachers without falling into the exaggerations usual in one way or the other (or one of his admirers, either they are all lazy).

Danielle Badia


Maria Poroshina showed her stretch

Maria Powder is a participant in the 11th season of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” People’s favorite pleases the audience with unusual images. She was already a glamorous diva of the 20s of the last century, and an oriental beauty, and even incendiary danced cha-cha-cha in bold mini and pantyhose in a net. This time, the mother of five children appeared on the floor in the image of a charming policeman.

Maria Poroshina and Evgenia Raeva enjoy wildly popular with the audience of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. The partner of the actress is a titled dancer and choreographer. Of course, without incidents on the floor is not complete. But stars cope with all difficulties for the sake of one goal – victory on the project.

Maria posted a series of photos on her blog. In the frame, she and her partner are captured during the performance of an incendiary number. Poroshina appeared as a policeman, and Raev – in the image of a biker.

Maria Poroshina fell during the show “Dancing with the Stars”

“Having fallen on the floor, I believe we did not fall before your eyes. We are preparing something interesting …”, the 46-year-old actress signed the pictures. In one of the photos she famously threw her foot at Eugene.

Stretching the star of the series “Always say” always “” made a splash. Fans were delighted with what they saw. They supported the star mom and daughters. Seraphim and Agrafena went live to express their admiration for Mom’s talent and convince the judges not to give her low scores.

“It was wonderful! I really liked how my mom suddenly threw her leg up. The stretch is good! Give her good marks … Mom is trying hard!”, One of the daughters said.

By the way, raher Poroshina admitted that very worried before agreeing to participate in the show. But she took up this challenge with her children. “I have five of them. All this is done for them and for their sake. Therefore, I went to dance. Not everything works out, but I tried,” said the actress. In a marriage with actor Ilya Drevnov, she gave birth to three daughters – Seraphim, Agrafen and Glafira. From the first husband of Gosha Kutsenko, she has a daughter, Polina. And in January 2020, the artist had the long-awaited son Andrei. She does not advertise the name of the boy’s father.

Maria Poroshina struck on the spot with her banner


An era of difficulty, a prelude to great progress

On March 19 Bankinter held its Shareholders’ Meeting in a non-face-to-face way, since the Covid-19 pandemic was already spreading in a generalized way. Everything I had prepared for my intervention expired in a matter of hours, and I had to forget about the multiple challenges that Bankinter had before him, many of them shared with the sector, to focus on three main focuses of attention: health, work and service.

Since then, there have been multiple initiatives that we have established to protect these three priorities, both the health of employees and the defense of their jobs, and the most demanding and impeccable response to requests from our clients in these difficult days, because what we now have to do is correctly resolve an overflowing situation.

I am by nature optimistic and defend the proposals that convey confidence and enthusiasm. Among other things because the psychic phenomenon of self-fulfilling prophecy works magic in the outcome of many initiatives. But in counterpoint to the above, it is also convenient to analyze the risks that we may incur, because only by accepting their possibility can we launch initiatives to avoid them.

But it is pointless to list the great problems that can await us at the end of the pandemic. On the contrary, let’s go to the positive, which is much more exciting and probable. Knowing that it is impossible that desired scenario in which everything will continue more or less the same, knowing that there are no similar experiences in history to make predictions, we can anticipate that the changes that were on the way to take place in the next 5 or 10 years will accelerate vertiginously. We are going to see great progress in medical research, when done collaboratively from anywhere on the planet; there will be no going back to teleworking; robotization will be applied to multiple sectors; incipient digitization will gain strength and widespread implementation; A multitude of current jobs will disappear or be substantially modified and countless new occupations will appear, as has happened in other times in which transformations have taken place.

What about banking? For banking is always the last containment dam for financial situations derived from economic crises. Everything that occurs upstream, in companies and citizens, ends up in the final reservoir, which is the banks. The tragedy of unemployment comes to us in inability to repay loans. The ups and downs of any company, its disappearance or transformation, end in the inability to return investments for which they anticipated exciting returns.

As the function of any dam is to resist the push of the waters, that will be one of our main roles in the coming months. It will require great strength, and a special flexibility and sensitivity towards a situation of unknown hardness.

In the past, Bankinter’s strength, flexibility and resistance allowed it to set an example and overcome the difficult tests to which the sector was subjected. Again it is time to resist again, with more solidity, with more flexibility and, above all, with more sensitivity than ever. An easy combination, by the way.

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Who gets the most credit: Brady or Belichick? – NBC Boston

From 2001 to 2019, the New England Patriots have won the AFC East 17 times. The other two years ended in a tie in first place.

In that time frame, they went to 12 AFC championship games and nine Super bowls. Six have won.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together for the entire race and – thanks to the past two decades – are now recognized as the best coach and quarterback in NFL history respectively.

Trying to share credit for a race never seen before the NFL domination and perhaps the most incredible trait in the history of professional sport – to some extent – is missing the point.

Did the ancient Egyptians stand in front of the pyramids and discuss whether the architect or builders deserved more credit? Did Mrs Wright analyze which of her children – Wilbur or Orville – was primarily responsible for the invention, construction and flight of the first plane?

There is something to be said just to close and appreciate the realization, isn’t there? Yup.

And we will get there.

But right now, with the engines going down Route 1 to pack Tom Brady’s remaining stuff and take him out of Foxboro forever, the question hangs on everything. Which man was most responsible for creating the story we’ve seen written in the past two decades: Belichick or Brady?

Results may vary. In fact, I know they will. But here’s how I see it.

If it hadn’t been for Belichick, there would never have been the mini-dynasty that they became in the decade 2000-2009.

If it weren’t for Brady, the Patriots would never have become the Super Dynasty that they became from 2010 to 2019 when they blew up the 60s Packers, 70s Steelers, 80s Niners and 90s Cowboys to become the only franchise that has dominated two decades.

Bill gets the first decade

The moment Mo Lewis cut an artery in Drew Bledsoe’s chest in September 2001, he is touched as the history of the NFL has changed. It wasn’t. It will only speed up a trial that began when Robert Kraft decided to hire Belichick to succeed Pete Carroll in January 2000.

Belichick took a look at the team’s register and management and started fumigating and renewing. In the end – despite the heavy contract that the Patriots gave Bledsoe in January 2001 to help strengthen public confidence and private investment in building CMGI Field (possibly Gillette Stadium) – Belichick was wary of being tied to a quarterback that the coach was able to routinely undress whenever he trained against him.

Especially a quarterback who had to be paid as the top of the market, as Bledsoe and his agent David Dunn made clear.

Brady was not enlisted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft as Bledsoe’s successor, but in September it became clear to Belichick that he had something. And it became obvious during the 2001 offseason and the training camp that – although not better than Bledsoe in all – the child who made $ 298,000 was more mobile, more precise, more ready in his pocket and destined to be more suited to handling a Bledsoe game.

Mo Lewis accelerated the process and – with a painful stroke – made the transition relatively painless. But the credit goes to Belichick for seeing what he had, promoting it and having the decision to pull the trigger.

The fact that the Patriots went 14-5 under Brady after starting 5-13 under Bledsoe is persuasive evidence that Brady was the missing piece. But Belichick created the register, built the culture and hired the right people – from managers to coaches – to put the team in a position to succeed. It deserves more credit.

Brady may have helped them get where they did, but the Patriots were undoubtedly headed in the right direction and the fruits of Belichick’s designs were collected in 2003 and 2004.

Those Super Bowl wins – the first at the end of a season that started with the shooting down of lawyer Milloy in favor of Rodney Harrison; the second thanks largely to a dice throw on Corey Dillon – they were the victories for “culture”.

Disinterest imposed. All done for the greatest good of the team. Everything ego in your pocket. The most impressive aspect of the patriots was therefore their stamina and mental endurance. Brady was an important part. But so were Tedy Bruschi and Harrison, Matt Light, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel and so on.

Fifty-three very intelligent and capable players row together in the hold of the big ship while Belichick was over the bridge to trace a route. It was from 2001 to 2004.

The dips in 2005 and 2006 began the process that would have led Brady to become, largely on Belichick’s design, the engine.

The 2005 Patriots were hit by injuries – not a hindsight surprise when you consider the nine extra games played in the previous four seasons and the difficulty of staying on top. They started to see some friction to grow old – Troy Brown was 34 then – and the ongoing game was marked as well as their defense on the run. They went 10-6 and lost in the division round.

The following season, a protracted squabble over the contract led to the Deion Branch being swapped with Seattle shortly before the season began. Reche Caldwell led the team in receptions followed by Ben Watson, Troy Brown and Kevin Faulk. However, they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl, but lost on the road to the Colts.

That season, Brady got a toy he had never had in Randy Moss and a Troy Brown replica model named Wes Welker. The entire set of record sets went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

Which brings us to 2008. This is the season that many are aiming for when they say that it is Belichick’s genius that is most responsible for twenty-year success. The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel starting in quarterback. Hadn’t he been a beginner from high school, yet the patriots still went 11-5?

Cassel was exceptional, better than anyone could hope for. But it’s still a sharp drop from 16-0 to 11-5.

In 2009, the central defense core was expelled or withdrawn: Vrabel, Bruschi, Seymour and Harrison. Belichick complained to Brady on the sidelines during a defeat for the Saints that season that “I just can’t get these kids to play the way I want them. So frustrating.”

The season ended with an ignominious home defeat against the crows in the AFC division playoff round.

Brady gets the second decade

The patriots renewed in the off-season and, in my opinion, Brady was at the forefront of finding their places where they had no business at that stage of their reconstruction. In 2010, the Patriots went 14-2, they were seed no. 1 and Brady was the unanimous MVP.

The offense, moving away from the narrow final position, enlisted two – Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez – and their production would become historic in 2011 when the Patriots arrived at the Super Bowl and lost again to the Giants. Brady launched for 5,235 career yards with 39 touchdowns and 12 picks.

In the 2012 season, he launched 637 times, a career high and one of three times in four seasons that attempted more than 600 passes. With a defense that too often seemed to resist better teams, it was Brady and the offense to score and score and score a little more. They were the first, third, first and third in points marked from 2010 to 2013. Defensively in that period they were eighth, 15th, ninth and tenth.

Even in 2013, when Hernandez was jailed for murder, Gronkowski was grounded due to back surgery and then with an ACL, Brady still ran by hitting the ball with Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and – to a lesser extent – Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Shane Vereen.

They won the Super Bowl in 2014, winning a shootout against the Ravens in the Divisional Round, 35-31, and then overcoming a 24-14 deficit against the Seahawks in the fourth quarter when Brady moved to a completely different level in the fourth quarter.

The previous April, Belichick had enlisted Brady’s aspiring successor, Jimmy Garoppolo, in the second round. Brady, perhaps remembering the shrug that Drew Bledsoe had encountered Brady’s arrival 14 years earlier, would not have fallen asleep on the move with the team that ran Garoppolo.

Brady went on to launch 69 touchdowns and 16 predictions in 2014 and 15. He lost four suspension games in 2016 – Garoppolo overcame six quarters of Brady’s relief before hurting himself and giving way to Jacoby Brissett – but he still threw 28 touchdowns and two interceptions before ending that season with a 43- record. by-62, 466 yards in the Super Bowl when the Patriots canceled out a deficit of 28-3. Brady did it at 39.

At 40 in the AFCCG, without Edelman, without an injured Gronkowski, Brady and Amendola joined together to push the Patriots beyond the Jaguars and in the Super Bowl against Philly where he would have launched for 505 yards.

So let’s tell here. From 2010 to 2017, the Patriots have reached seven consecutive AFC Championship Games and the year they didn’t, Brady was the unanimous MVP. He wrote the filming of the playoffs against Ravens and Seahawks in 2014, the Falcons in 2016, the Jaguars in 2017 and led the team to two Super Bowl wins.

In 2018, Edelman was exiting an ACL and was therefore suspended for the first four games. Gronk was injured for a large chunk of the year. Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan were the main gimmicks for a while until the team faced Josh Gordon. It’s still? The team went 11-5, Brady put them on his back in the fourth quarter and overtime in Kansas City in the AFCCG and then the Patriots defense checked against the Rams and delivered a Super Bowl to Brady – apart from the shot at Gronk which led to the game’s winning touchdown – he just had to play OK to win the team.

The final verdict

So, see what my answer to this debate is now. Bill gets a bigger share of the first three Lombards. Tom gets a higher share than the second three.

So many people over the years have speculated that Belichick wants to prove that he can win a championship without Brady. I don’t know if it’s true.

I think if Brady was gone, Belichick would appreciate the opportunity, but I never thought he would have wanted to get rid of what he thinks is a quarterback capable of giving him a title that the others couldn’t.

Maybe that’s why we’re here. Belichick doesn’t see Brady as special as he once was. Great? Sure. Are there other guys who can do things they can’t do now? Belichick seems to think so. Brady has apparently survived its usefulness here.

Bill will do what he has done to so many other players. Go ahead. But this is the life cycle of the NFL.

From what I’ve been told and what I’ve collected, Brady agrees. He hoped to be special and to be able to write a different ending here, but to realize he couldn’t shock him. For a legend, it is rather well established.

Playing for Bill Belichick will help keep a player that way. And maybe even for that, Belichick deserves a lot of credit. He allowed Tom Brady to become Tom Brady because he was eternally and exasperatedly Bill Belichick.

Every. Single. Year.


Rob Kardashian’s ex Blac Chyna’s accountant ordered to deliver financial information – NBC Los Angeles

A judge on Tuesday ordered the accountant of three companies owned by the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter, who could prove if he lost money after canceling the ex-couple’s reality show, “Rob & Chyna”.

Los Angeles Supreme Court judge Randolph Hammock has granted a motion by lawyers for the Kardashian / Jenner families to force J. Walter Michael & Associates to comply with a defense summons to produce information regarding three companies owned by the actor Blac Chyna. In addition to the objection of Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani, the judge said that the documents must also include tax returns.

The judge said he would delay the start of the trial scheduled for May 26 if necessary, if the defense is not satisfied they have all the documents they need from Chyna’s companies.

“I know your client is desperate just to have her day in court,” Hammock told Ciani. “He wants to get his justice against the Kardashian clan. ”

Chyna’s real name is Angela White and filed her lawsuit in November 2017. Her claims against Rob Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner include defamation and interference with potential economic benefits. Chyna claims that the four women falsely claimed to have physically abused Rob Kardashian while they were a couple.

In her lawsuit, Chyna claims to have suffered significant damage and that the scandal resulted in the cancellation of her reality show with her ex boyfriend by E! She claims that the network allegedly granted a second season of the show, but for false statements made against her, including the alleged comments from the four women accused of E! representatives in late 2016 and early 2017 that Chyna physically abused Rob Kardashian.

In their court documents supporting their motion, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorneys said that the accountants’ documents could show whether Chyna is sincere when she claims to have lost money in appearances and endorsements after the show’s cancellation. They asked for company records for Blac Chyna Inc., 88 Fin Inc. and Lashed LLC for the years 2014-19.

Ciani told the judge that she was trying to obtain the documents required by the defense from the accountant, who is based in Michigan, and that she had difficulty in doing so. He repeated his previous court statement that Chyna no longer claims damages in connection with that company.

However, Kardashian-Jenner’s attorney Todd Eagan has said he still wants to examine Lashed’s documents to see if the company has lost or made any money since the show ended. In his court documents, Eagan stated that the summons to the auditing firm was duly given to Walter Mosley, who performs unrelated legal activities for Chyna and is identified on the entity’s website as head of the Los Angeles office. Angeles.

Chyna, 31, and Rob Kardashian, 32, started dating in January 2016 and had a daughter, Dream, in November. They broke up in the summer of 2017 and
he sued Kardashian, his mother and three of his sisters in October of that year.

In July 2017, he used social media to publish images of Chyna’s naked breast, back and genitals. He also accused her of sleeping with another man in the “same bed where Chyna and I made our baby.” He later removed some of the photos.