Can physical activity regenerate neurons? | Science

There is some controversy on this matter. Classically, and due to animal studies that is mainly where this hypothesis has been tested, it was believed that in the young brain, from 0 to 2 years, there was a possibility of neuronal regeneration, that is, what would be known as neurogenesis would occur , the appearance […]

Detected the largest stellar collision in the universe | Science

One of the most precise scientific instruments ever built on April 25 detected a slight deformation of spacetime. The two laser light rays of the LIGO detector, in the US, moved a distance less than one thousandth of the size of a proton. After months of analysis, those responsible for the experiment have just announced […]

Search for human fossils, and what is that for? | Science

We Spaniards have a somewhat reluctant attitude in recognizing the benefits that scientific culture generates. From the classic “Let others invent”, to the disbelief of the average citizen who asks himself and asks us: “… and what are you doing, what is it for?” Collectively, we are not very clear about the need to invest […]