Why right-wing Americans see the virus as an attack on their freedom

Richmond The noise of dozens of horns fills the spring air. The car parade encircles the seat of government of the governor of Virginia at walking pace. Flags flutter in the sun from the side windows of the SUVs and from the loading areas of the pickup trucks. “Trump 2020” is on some. In between, you can always see a black rattlesnake on a yellow background: the symbol of the Tea Party – the libertarian protest movement that a few years ago ideologically shifted the Republican Party far to the right.

David Britt has set up a black folding armchair on the sidewalk and looks at the bustle. He is happy, “more than happy”, as he says himself. He would never have expected so many to respond to his call to protest the lockdown in Virginia’s capital, Richmond, against the corona-related restrictions on US public life.

Virginia, Wyoming, Ohio: People in around two dozen US states have been going against the corona restrictions for about two weeks. Most of the time, the protest against regional governments led by democratic governors is less against Republicans.

On the surface, there is a question that many citizens in Germany are asking themselves: How can you prevent the economic consequences of the pandemic from ultimately being worse than that of the epidemic itself? But underneath that, the old cultural struggle breaks out, which has divided the USA for around a quarter of a century: Right-wing despisers sense an attack on their freedom behind the lockdown.

With his goatee and melancholy eyes behind round glasses, Britt doesn’t look like the spokesman in an ideological argument. Only his shirt reveals that something is burning inside him. On the right side it is blue with white stars, on the left red-white-striped – Britt has the US flag on his body.

A bizarre parallel world is revealed

“Our only concern is that the people of Virginia can work again,” says the spokesman for the protest movement “Reopen Virginia”. He has no doubt that the corona virus is contagious. That’s why he called for a car demo so that no one gets too close during the protest.

In Richmond, an estimated 1,000 people followed Brit’s call on Wednesday. The atmosphere is peaceful, even happy, when the many drivers and the few demonstrators cheer each other on the sidewalk. A dozen police officers on mountain bikes are enough to keep things tidy.

Auto demonstration

In Richmond, Virginia, about 1,000 people took part in a protest while sitting in their cars.

(Photo: Reuters)

But under the carefree surface, a bizarre parallel world is revealed. Dominique Kostelac, who came to the demo with his three teenage children, speaks of the “corona dizziness”. “Covid 19 is a biological weapon that originated in Fort Detrick,” the architect and contractor is convinced.

The U.S. Army once researched biological weapons at the military base in the State of Maryland. The government is now using the fear of the virus to restrict citizens’ freedoms.

Even the elegant lady in black BMW X3, the latest model, is certain that the virus “escaped from a laboratory somewhere”. The convinced Republican would rather not read her name in the newspaper, she fears disadvantages for her husband, who gets “a nice pension” from the US Army.

Billy Healy, blue blazer over the Carhartt dungarees, argues with the case numbers: “A large proportion of the corona deaths occurred in New York and New Jesey. You can’t treat 48 states like these two now. ”He is a forest entrepreneur, Healy says. In his trade, he noticed the lockdown by the fact that the demand for timber fell.

Why is he wearing a button on his lapel that says “Save lives” during a demonstration against lockdown? “Oh,” Healy says, “I almost always wear it if I happen to meet a member of parliament.”

Against the lockdown, against restrictions on weapons law

Resentment about the lockdown is increasingly intermingling with everything that right-wing Americans have always hated, such as the gun restrictions that the Democratic governor of Virginia is currently trying to enforce.

For a few weeks, it seemed that Corona could help bridge ideological gaps in the United States. One would like to think that deaths and infection rates cannot be discussed on the basis of the usual left-right criteria.

In the Senate and House of Representatives, where Democrats and Republicans usually sit next to each other in celebrated hostility, the parliamentarians have now reached a record pace on four Corona aid packages. Suddenly the US has continued sick pay and generous unemployment benefits – both limited to the corona crisis, but at least.

Sure, Trump was still offensive against unpopular politicians, shameless boast and adventurous about-turns. But at the same time the president seemed to want to prove himself as a corona crisis manager. On the advice of his team of medical experts, Trump extended the White House’s corona recommendations until April 30.

The exit plan that Trump presented on April 16 also sounds unideological and reasonable: The White House provides clear medical criteria for when and what restrictions can be lifted. The decision and implementation then lies with the governors. On top of that, Trump is smart because he can shift any responsibility onto the states if the epidemic flares up again somewhere in the United States.

Trump resumes cultural struggle

But as soon as Trump had announced this exit plan, the president opened the new round of American cultural struggle on April 18 and attacked three democratic governors who, in his opinion, were not pushing ahead with the opening quickly enough. “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” Trump tweeted in loud capital letters, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA”, and “LIBERATE VIRGINIA”.

To add in the case of Virginia: “… and protect your 2nd amendment. It is under threat. ”The second constitutional amendment guarantees US citizens the right to own firearms. A right that the man in camouflage clothing, who is demonstrating in Richmond with an assault rifle over his shoulder, apparently does not want to be taken for granted. “The punishment for betrayal is death,” says his poster.

The culture struggle is fueled by the fact that the devastation of the virus has so far been particularly evident where the majority of Democrats are at home: in the metropolitan areas along the east and west coast and in major cities such as Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans.

The republican-dominated rural regions of the south and mid-west have so far not noticed the epidemic. Of course, there are also good reasons for the corona restrictions there. The virus spreads more slowly in sparsely populated regions, but if it spreads, even the few hospitals are overwhelmed more quickly.

But in many parts of the United States, such horror scenarios look far away. When citizens in Wyoming’s capital Cheyenne demonstrated against the restrictions on Monday last week, one of the posters read: “Quarantine means restricting the free movement of sick people, tyranny means restricting the free movement of healthy people.”

African Americans particularly at risk

The split between city and country comes between ethnic groups. A handful of African-Americans, all wearing respiratory masks, are sitting at a stop in Richmond on Wednesday and are waiting in vain for the bus. It doesn’t get through because of the car parade. The protesters in the cars, on the other hand, are almost exclusively white and none of them wear a mask.

Covid-19 kills African Americans particularly frequently in the United States. In Chicago, for example, their share of the population is just under a third, and their share in the number of corona deaths in the city was a good two thirds at the beginning of April.

African Americans often work in high-risk jobs, such as supermarket salespeople, and are often dependent on buses and trains. For these people, the breathing mask is life insurance.

For the white demonstrators, it is the symbol of a policy that aims to make people compliant with the fear of the virus. In Richmond, 17-year-old Summer Kostelac reduces this attitude to the shortest possible denominator. “Covid-1984” is on the poster that the architect’s daughter holds up.

This conflict even runs through the middle of a city 800 kilometers southeast of Richmond. In Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp (white, Republican) pushes aside all medical concerns.

According to the politician, restaurants, as well as theaters, hairdressers, gyms and massage practices, will be allowed to reopen in Georgia on Monday – although the state by far does not meet the White House criteria for relaxing the restrictions.

The Mayor of the capital, Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms (black, democrat) considers this opening to be much too early. She received unexpected support from the White House on Wednesday evening. Even Donald Trump advised his republican party friend to take it a little slower when opening it: “It’s too early.”

A sentence that the demonstrators at Richmond do not like to hear.

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Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: Nordine Labiadh’s strawberries make spring

Happy who like the cook always makes us travel. On the moleskin bench of a chic brasserie as on the wobbly chair of a boui-boui, bectance ignores borders. Obviously in these times of confinement, you will tell me macache, nada, impossible to go bang the bell in our favorite canteen. All the more reason to connect to the Planet + channel on Sunday March 29 at 9:55 p.m. where we will find cook Nordine Labiadh as part of the documentary series. Planet Chefs (1). From Paris to Zarzis in Tunisia, the director Stéphane Carrel set out for a month in the footsteps of the chef of the restaurant A mi-chemin, in Paris, to recount his journey as singular as it is moving.

Taste passer

Who better than Nordine Labiadh can take us to the end of our dreams of adventurous taste buds with his “cuttlefish chorba”, his “simmered milk-fed veal dumplings, fine dill semolina”, his “rice with coconut milk cardamom, served lukewarm “? We will never stop repeating it, Nordine Labiadh is a ferryman of tastes and flavors between his native Tunisia and France where he landed one winter evening in 1999. He first learned the canons of French gastronomy, the dishes of these regions which made him dream of France when he was a child, he followed the Tour de France from Zarzis, a port city in the south-east of Tunisia.

Beef bourguignon

In the kitchen, it took this humble and generous man time to free himself from what he thought was a one-way trip to France and its tricolor cuisine. It also took all the love of his wife Virginie, a Breton expert in natural wines, to convince him that he was going to overcome the tension between bourguignon and couscous and revisit all these dishes by putting his own creativity and sensitivity of the child who contemplated his mother washing the spices in a palm sieve. He could have contented himself with hanging up the wagons between France and Tunisia by jiggling a bit of both in the ambient air of the fusion kitchen. But he did much more than this shortcut, he invented his own score according to the seasons, his meetings. Take his mayonnaise eggs. There is no more French bistro than this entry. Nordine Labiadh revisits them by flavoring mayonnaise with ras-el-hanout, a blend of sunny spices from across the Mediterranean. And he grates a little poutargue over it, these dried mullet eggs prepared by a Corsican fishing friend, an island of which Nordine and Virginie have become true ambassadors. We come to their restaurant, without guide or compass, motionless traveler but nourished by all the dreams of an extraordinary magician cook. In Stéphane Carrel’s documentary, he finds an old fisherman in the port of Zarzis whom he knows well and who says to him: “The fish always leave and come back.”


For Release, he concocted a dessert around the strawberry, simple and tasty: you need two trays of gariguette strawberries; 500g of cottage cheese; a grapefruit ; a tablespoon of brown sugar. Wash and dry the strawberries and grapefruit thoroughly. Hull the strawberries and marinate them for five minutes in the squeezed grapefruit juice. Place the fromage blanc in the center of a large plate. Sprinkle with a little grated grapefruit skin. Surround it with strawberries and their juice on which you will have sprinkled the brown sugar.

(1) Planet Master on Planète +, a documentary series by Stéphane Carrel. Sunday March 29, 8:55 p.m .: first part, chef Beatriz Gonzalez; 9:55 p.m., second part Nordine Labiadh.

Replay on April 3 at 11:05 a.m., on 4 at 11:25 a.m. and on 9 at 10:35 a.m.

Jacky durand


Coronavirus Melbourne: Victorians warned of life under the coronavirus blockade

This coronavirus article is unlocked and free to read in the interest of community health and safety. For full access to Herald Sun / Leader journalism, sign up here.

Victorian selfish parents have been lashed out for ignoring social removal after the start of the school holidays, while state coronavirus cases continue to grow.

The number of Victorian cases has increased by 56 overnight, with 411 people so far positive.

Schools have been closed from today, but for now the childcare facilities and kindergartens remain open.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews this morning said that these numbers would continue to rise if Victorians continued to “live their lives normally” and ignore the strict rules of social estrangement to stop the spread of the “deadly” virus.

“Cases keep growing,” he told Triple M.

“I can inform you that there will be up to 411 cases, or 56 new cases overnight and will continue to go back and forth, particularly if some people in the Victorian community don’t start taking it seriously.

“There are people out there who don’t distance themselves, who live their lives normally.

“They don’t respect the fact that this is fatal and if it continues to spread and people don’t do the right thing, then people will die.”

Yesterday a cyclist passed Flinders Street station. Image: Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images
media_cameraYesterday a cyclist passed Flinders Street station. Image: Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images

Mr. Andrews also affected parents who were still allowing play dates and social activities after school closed.

“Children can’t go to the mall, children can’t stay in the place of their mates,” he said.

Andrews has three children aged 13 to 18 and has claimed to be self-insulating.

“They are experiencing the best part of three weeks when they don’t see their friends, they don’t go to the Chadstone mall.

“They are not doing all the usual things … because there is nothing usually in this situation.”

It comes when Victorians are asked to cancel barbecues in the courtyard, think twice about traveling to the hairdresser and shop online while authorities try to strengthen the state’s unprecedented blockade.

The National Coronavirus Cabinet will meet tonight to consider a second phase of closings after pubs, clubs, gyms, cinemas and churches have all been forced to close for the first time in history Monday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Andrews have warned the community, warning that a wider arrest will come unless people respond to measures already in place to stop the rampant spread of the virus.

It comes as the Gold FM Breakfast show was not broadcast this morning due to a COVID-19 scare.

Conductor Christian O’Connell said the radio station suffered a blockage, preventing them from airing.

People toured the streets outside Centrelink Abbotsford on Monday.
media_cameraPeople toured the streets outside Centrelink Abbotsford on Monday.

“The station had to suffer a 24-hour emergency crown freeze,” he said on Twitter.

“Building evacuated and station stopped for 24 hours. The show will return tomorrow. “

He said the show that aired this morning was a “recorded special” that had been pre-recorded in the event of an evacuation.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that a NAB employee had falsified the results of coronavirus tests, causing hundreds of employees to be evacuated from Bourke St’s NAB office and fear of their own health.

On March 17, the NAB management was informed that a staff member who worked at the 700 Bourke St office had tested positive for COVID-19, at which point the staff were asked to work remotely and the office was cleaned in pandemic way.

Subsequently, it was determined by management that the test information provided by the employee was falsified.

In a note to NAB staff, it was noted that the hiring of the staff member had been interrupted.

“Reflecting on the gravity of the matter, the colleague will not return to the NAB,” said the note.

“We certainly regret the uncertainty that this has caused to our colleagues in 700 Bourke St, especially those who work closely with the colleague in question.

“Of course leaving the house was the right decision with the information that provided us with a precautionary measure to protect the health and well-being of everyone who works at 700 Bourke St.”

The headquarters of NAB Bourke St, which has been evacuated.
media_cameraThe headquarters of NAB Bourke St, which has been evacuated.


Tonight’s National Cabinet will also consider renter support and workforce and supply chain issues affecting the healthcare system.

Morrison said that coronavirus was an economic and public health crisis “once every 100 years”.

“For many, young and old, 2020 will be the most difficult year of our lives,” he said.

“We are a strong nation and a strong people, but in the coming months this will test us all like, at no time since the Second World War.”

Andrews yesterday detonated “selfish” Victorians for putting vulnerable people at risk by ignoring the request to stay 1.5m away from others to minimize the spread of the virus.

“There are many Victorians who act selfishly. If this continues, people will die, “he said.

“You won’t be able to go to the pub because the pub is closed. That doesn’t mean you can have all your mates at home and get the beers up.”

“Whether you want to call him a partner, or be a good Australian, or respect your civil duty, I don’t care what you call him, just do it.”

“If you don’t, then will people die and do you know who dies? The most vulnerable people in the Victorian community. Do the right thing, do the smart thing, do the decent thing.”

“If you don’t, you have every reason to believe that Victoria Police will catch you and you will be punished.”

The dean of St Paul's cathedral, Heather Patacca, is preparing to take online services. Image: Mark Stewart
media_cameraThe dean of St Paul’s cathedral, Heather Patacca, is preparing to take online services. Image: Mark Stewart

Fines of $ 20,000 for individuals and $ 100,000 for businesses are pending for those who have been caught breaking the new coronavirus rules – such as holding mass meetings or failing to isolate themselves after returning from abroad.

There will be random checks on the road, with 5000 policemen specially deployed by the Victoria police in a special coronavirus task force.

Disruptions are likely for many months due to the crisis as the number of reported cases continues to increase.

Andrews said he has no plans to follow Queensland, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory and to close state borders, but this could change if the threat to life increases.

School holidays are already in chaos, with families urged to download nonessential plans.

“The fact that more steps may be needed does not diminish the magnitude of a change: we have never done this before in any of our lives,” said Andrews.

But a Victorian Christian school snubbed state government directives, refusing to carry on the Easter school holidays and telling families that God is not surprised by the coronavirus pandemic.

And in the United Kingdom, the British public is allowed to leave their homes only to buy food, medicine or to do essential work, given that the country is completely blocked.


Doctors and nurses who endanger their lives to save their own ask the Victorians to stay home and obey the vital rules of social distancing of the coronavirus.

As the state is stuck due to concerns that the Victorians are not taking their responsibilities for isolation seriously, staff from the Royal Melbourne Hospital made a candid appeal which they hope will strike at home:

“We stayed at work for you. So stay home for us. “

Needed on the front lines in certain roles to put them in touch with COVID-19 in the coming weeks, medical staff don’t have the luxury of taking social removal measures to protect them.

But Mark Putland, director of emergency medicine for RMH, said that simply staying at home and limiting the spread of the infection is a matter of life or death – thousands of times – for ordinary Victorians.

“People can really save lives by doing this,” said Putland.

“We can do extraordinary things for a certain number of people, but there is a certain limit beyond which we can no longer help people if they all arrive at the same time.

Royal Melbourne Hospital staff gather outside the main entrance to urge people to stay home. Image: David Caird
media_cameraRoyal Melbourne Hospital staff gather outside the main entrance to urge people to stay home. Image: David Caird

“We must ask everyone else not to put ourselves at risk anymore, not to make our work vain. We are here to do this job, but we need others to do their part too, so it is possible for us to do ours ”.

While efforts focus on building the capacity of state hospitals, dr. Putland said that great encouragement was taken from the results of nations such as Korea and Germany, where early spacing measures have been very effective in slowing down COVID-19.

“We are ahead of much of the world here in Victoria by taking these measures and keeping the state frozen before we actually had a Coronavirus death in Victoria.

“Many other places left him much later than that and therefore didn’t benefit from it.

“It gives us the only chance we have of making a difference on how much this disease affects our community.

“We are very grateful to have the privilege of being able to do something truly constructive and to be on the front line and try to fight this thing.

“But I don’t want other people to think that they can’t do something too – they can, just by sitting at home. By isolating themselves, they can make a really significant contribution.”

– Grant McArthur


The Melburnians are already queuing outside Centrelink offices across the city, attempting to access new stimulus payments.

Some people facing unemployment for the first time in their lives lined up more than four hours before the doors opened.

In Prahran, some are lined up from 4.30 in the morning when the doors don’t open until 8.30 in the morning.

It comes as the MyGov website crashed yesterday while over 95,000 jobless Australians attempted to apply for coronavirus income support.

People lined up outside a still open Centrelink office in Heidelberg. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
media_cameraPeople lined up outside a still open Centrelink office in Heidelberg. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
Centrelink's offices in Australia have been flooded with people trying to register for unemployment benefits following business closings. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles
media_cameraCentrelink’s offices in Australia have been flooded with people trying to register for unemployment benefits following business closings. Image: AAP Image / Stefan Postles


Victoria courts will be shut down on Tuesday with an automatic three-month update to hundreds of listings.

In a statement to lawyers on Monday evening, chief magistrate Lisa Hannan said that all criminal hearings through state magistrates’ courts, with the exception of filing hearings, mentions for commissions and hearings for commissions, will be updated until to June 15th.

Defendants in court or on bail will no longer have to attend filing hearings, provided they are represented by a lawyer.

In civil matters, lawyers and stakeholders were asked not to participate in the court.

The disputed commission hearings and Koori judicial matters have already been suspended across the state.

Four practical instructions for lawyers have been posted on the court website.

The indications, which go into effect on Tuesday at 9 am, have been widely praised by lawyers as a reasonable step to protect users of the court.

Chief magistrate Hannan said the move was made due to health and safety concerns for COVID-19 and the need to reduce the number of people attending the court.

Learn more about Victoria’s partial closure.


A “passive gap gap” vaccine for COVID-19 will see the collection of antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered from the virus injected into vulnerable individuals.

It comes as losing your sense of smell emerged as one of the first signs of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Queensland are looking for 100 healthy volunteers to take part in clinical trials of a candidate vaccine for COVID-19 mid-year.

Melbourne’s Doherty Institute is working on a new COVID-19 rapid test which takes just 30 minutes to get an improvement over the three hours needed now.

Royal Melbourne Hospital's COVID-19 screening clinic, nurse ED Robyn Lindsay, has seen the number of people getting tested go down. Image: David Caird
media_cameraRoyal Melbourne Hospital’s COVID-19 screening clinic, nurse ED Robyn Lindsay, has seen the number of people getting tested go down. Image: David Caird


Victoria’s new blocking rules will change lives as we know it across the state.

From hairdressers to weddings, children’s birthday parties, and bike rides, we’ve asked the state government 50 questions about how Victorians face their lives during the coronavirus crisis.

We have compiled their responses, which assume that people are healthy and have not been abroad or in contact with any confirmed coronavirus cases.

Read the full list here.

Do you have a question we haven’t asked ourselves? Email it to news@heraldsun.com.au


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were reportedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound has confirmed that the Games will be held at a later date, most likely in 2021.


Any Victorian who thinks to escape for a vacation to escape the coronavirus block can rethink.

Premier Daniel Andrews has issued a monotonous warning that traveling unnecessary means not traveling for holidays.

Stay home is the message. Or the community could face “a rather surprising tragedy,” he said.

And Lisa Neville, minister of police and emergency services, warned that roadblocks could be used to prevent people from ignoring the council.

Campsites and trailer parks were “highly contagious” when there were shared toilets and showers, Neville said.

“We are very careful about camping and caravan sites. There are potentially high risks for people who share showers and toilets etc.”

Yesterday, the campsites, including Walkerville Foreshore in Gippsland, were closed or closed, but the trailer parks with long-term and permanent occupants, most of them in independent cabins or caravans, were still open to the public.

Discovery Parks said that as a housing provider, its parks have been an essential service at a time of crisis.

Parks Victoria closed the lodging and camped in Tidal River at the Wilsons Promontory National Park on Sunday.

Parks Victoria closed the lodge and camped at Tidal River in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Image: James Lauritz
media_cameraParks Victoria closed the lodge and camped at Tidal River in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Image: James Lauritz

Further updates on access to other campsites in the state were expected in the coming days.

But Andrews said families shouldn’t be leaving now that the kids are on vacation.

“It’s going to be a very different school vacation,” Andrews said.

“And it must be. Because if we don’t start taking these things seriously, we’ll talk about a rather surprising tragedy. “

Travel warnings come when regional airline Rex says regional flights to Victoria will stop on April 6.

Rex operates services from Melbourne and Mildura in six locations in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

The fixed-wing fleet Ambulance Victoria, operated by the subsidiary Rex Pel-Air Aviation, will continue to operate.

Melbourne’s trains and trams and the V / Line network are still operating during normal hours.

Extra cleaning has been introduced and passengers have been urged to stagger travel times to help with social distances.

The Victorian parks operated by Discovery, Top Parks and Big 4 were still open for business, although many guests had returned home.

In a statement, Discovery Parks said that changing travel restrictions meant that some people needed to find accommodation.

“We also have caravan communities that are currently traveling and require a safe place to stay,” says the note.


The multi-billion dollar economic response package to the coronavirus received the final tick of approval in the House of Representatives around 11pm Monday evening.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that the economic measures, described as the most significant since wartime, were designed to build a bridge to recovery from the other side of the virus.

“We know that the economic situation has deteriorated over the days,” he said at a late night press conference in Parliament.

“The Australian people can be sure that their parliament has reached political division tonight.

“We face an enemy who has no flag and has no face.

“We must deploy every weapon in our arsenal to defeat it.”

The treasurer said he expected around one million Australians to receive the coronavirus supplement.

– Tamsin Rose


AFL players voluntarily offered a 50% cut, with immediate effect.

On one of the darkest days of footy, the 850 players in the game decided to halve their wages until May 31 – the restart date proposed by the competition.

If the 2020 season is abandoned, players will agree to even more drastic reductions in wages.

It came when entire football departments were eliminated under Fair Work provisions. Some will likely be fired in the coming days.


Wall Street fell on Monday (local time) when the U.S. Congress quarreled over a massive stimulus package as the Federal Reserve unveiled new emergency plans to revive the economy, even with the unlimited purchase of bonds.

The scale of the Federal Reserve’s moves has impressed investors, but in the first few minutes of trading the shares have still dropped as concerns continue to rise over the economic pain caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Central banks are doing everything they can to support the economy as other states and communities close, but investors also want to see the United States government do its part.


Footy fans will have to wait to see if registrations they paid for will be refunded after the AFL season has ended.

While AFL and clubs are facing the fallout from the already shortened season put on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, the league has yet to decide what to do with regards to enrollment.

In a statement, AFL said it was working last night.

“The main concern of AFL and the clubs is that members and supporters continue to take the relevant precautions to ensure that their health and well-being is critical,” he said.

“AFL will work with clubs to ensure that their members are well-informed and clubs will continue to communicate with their members during this temporary suspension of the season.”

AFL Fans Association President Gerry Eeman said supporters want clarity.

“Fans don’t want a refund, they want the option to get a refund,” he said.

“Because many fans realize that their clubs are in danger of folding but if you don’t have money alone, it’s a luxury they can’t afford to treat them like a donation.

“Some will do it … but people who have just lost their jobs and don’t have much money to feed their family need the option to get a refund.”

In a memo to members, Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett said yesterday that he doubted that the AFL season will resume “before July soon.”

“This therefore means that the revenue generated by the competition and the clubs has been drastically reduced,” he said.

“For Hawthorn, we continue to receive revenue from registrations and some sponsorships.

“I thank all the members who promised their support for the club, it is more crucial than ever.”

It comes when the Yarra Junior Football League reconsidered its decision to start its season before the AFL recommended start date of May 31, in response to fears of the coronavirus.

The Picola and District Football Netball League has decided to “postpone” his season until May 2nd and to reconsider his position on April 17th “subject to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic” “.

– Peter Rolfe


Politicians in Italy, where nearly 60,000 people have coronavirus and 5500 have died, are going crazy in an attempt to beat their rebel components to obey a national blockade amid the coronavirus.

“I receive news that some would like to organize graduation parties. We will send the police – with flamethrowers,” says Campania president Vincenzo De Luca in a video.

You can see four other Italian mayors and politicians agitating people for breaking the rules during the global crisis,

In a country famous for being overrun with tourists and party-goers, the new normal – blocking and being safe – is obviously not reaching many people easily.




WHY YOU MUST NOT lie to your children about CORONAVIRUS



63 new coronavirus cases in Virginia, now 221 total cases

RICHMOND, Go. – As of March 22, there are 221 “presumptively positive” cases of coronavirus in Virginia.

[Where are Virginia’s coronavirus cases? The latest from the health department]

Sunday’s 221 cases mark an increase from 158 on Saturday, 124 on Friday, 101 on Thursday and 67 on Wednesday.

The 219 Sunday cases reported by the Virginia Department of Health do not include a Lexington woman in her sixties or a 40-year-old man in Danville who is hospitalized.

Here is a breakdown of Virginia’s 63 new cases:

  • A new case in Albermarle county
  • Four new cases in Arlington County
  • A new case in Bedford County
  • A new case in Charlottesville
  • A new case in Chesterfield County
  • Two new cases in Culpeper
  • A 40-year-old man in Danville currently hospitalized
  • Nine new cases in Fairfax County
  • A new case in Fluvanna
  • A new case in Goochland County
  • A new case in Henrico County
  • Twelve new cases in James City county
  • Two new cases for Lee
  • A new case in Loudon County
  • A new case for Louisa
  • Four new cases in Prince William County
  • A new case in Spottsylvania County
  • Three new cases in Stafford County
  • Thirteen new cases in Virginia Beach
  • A new case in Williamsburg
  • Two new cases in York County

[Interactive map from Johns Hopkins shows how coronavirus is spreading in real-time]

These cases are “presumably positive” in the sense that they are awaiting confirmation tests by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As of Sunday noon, the Virginia Department of Health reports that 3,337 people have been tested.

Copyright 2020 by WSLS 10 – All rights reserved.


Chaos, inconsistency Marks the launch of the Drive-thru Virus – NBC Los Angeles test

Drive-thru sites have been opened in the United States to make testing the new coronavirus faster and safer. But just like the rest of the United States’ response to the pandemic, the system has been characterized by inconsistencies, delays and shortcomings. Many people who have symptoms and a doctor’s order have waited hours or days for a test.

More than a week after President Donald Trump promised that states and retail stores such as Walmart and CVS would open drive-through test centers, few sites are active and are not yet open to the public. Some states are leaving the test sector open to the private sector; others are coordinating efforts through state health departments.

Patients complained that they had to jump through bulky red tape and wait for days to get tested, then wait even longer for a result. The test centers were opened in some places to be closed shortly afterwards due to the shortage of supplies and staff. And while the drive-through test centers that have been opened are generally sorted, in some there have been long lines.

The slow increase in COVID-19 tests and the unpredictable nature of the system make it difficult for public health officials to track the spread of the disease and bring it under control.

“We need to do more extensive testing to fully understand the scale of the public health situation we are facing,” said Joseph Wendelken, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Dr Brett Giroir, the federal health officer in charge of overseeing the tests, said on Saturday at a White House briefing that approximately 195,000 people have so far been tested in the United States. This figure does not include some people who have been tested in private laboratories.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover from the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illness recover in about two weeks, while those with more severe illness can take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks to recover.

Drive-through test sites have sprung up in places in over 30 states: in state parks and parking lots, near medical centers and universities, the Mississippi state fairgrounds, and near where the Jacksonville Jaguars play. The governor of Maryland last week ordered the stopping of vehicle emission inspection programs across the state, so that the offices could be used as drive-thru centers to test the virus.

But as of Friday, there were no open drive-through tests available in Maryland inspection centers.

The Utah health department said it is not responsible for the sites and is not monitoring them. The North Carolina health director said the state is leaving the tests to the private sector and declined to say how many sites there are. In contrast, in Rhode Island, health organizations manage the sites in collaboration with the state health department.

On Thursday, cars lined up for more than a mile outside a hospital in Houston when the first drive-through test site was opened. U.S. representative Sheila Jackson Lee said she administered fewer than 200 tests in the first six hours.

Elsewhere, at various sites visited by Associated Press reporters, the scenes were well controlled and sometimes quite silent.

Dozens of people waiting by car in a downtown Homestead, Florida on Wednesday waited for their turn to speak with a screener who was wearing a suit and mask and carrying notes. Some were apparently removed. Others were stirred, checked their temperatures, and swabbed for the samples.

But the shortage of supply has stopped the thrusters in several states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina and Utah. A Las Vegas site was shut down because it didn’t have enough workers.

New York state opened several centers with great fanfare on Tuesday. By Friday, however, the New York City health department issued a warning saying that only people requesting hospitalization should be tested, due to a shortage of protective equipment such as face masks. Drive-thru sites in New York State remain open, but only to people who meet certain criteria.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said he had asked the federal government for additional test kits and supplies, but the state received a warning Thursday that all of its requests for drive-through test pods and test kits “are undefined arrears, without any estimate of a timeline for delivery. “

“This is our unfortunate Nevada reality. It depends on us, “he said.

The sites themselves are dotted with tents and traffic cones. The most important features are medical personnel who wear masks, gloves and protective vests or other clothing. They take nose and throat swabs from people sitting in their cars or help people get in for the test.

Some states have only one drive-thru site. Montana’s only site is in Billings, the largest city in the state. Others have a dozen.

Security guards have been reported on many sites, but an AP survey of states did not reveal any security concerns. In Rhode Island, the National Guard was on hand to set up the state’s three drive-thru sites and even to buffer patients.

The vast network of drive-thru sites in retail chains that Trump claimed was coming over a week ago has not materialized yet. CVS has opened a site in Massachusetts that defines a “test model”. Walmart launched two sites on Sunday and Walgreens said it will launch one, all three in Illinois. Only healthcare professionals and first responders are allowed, and Walmart said that a maximum of 150 tests per day could be performed on its federal sites.

The patchwork of approaches has caused confusion for patients. Caroline Mauldin was sentenced to get tested by her doctor in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday after suffering from pain and chills for several days.

To make an appointment at a center in a medical center, she had to fill out a long online questionnaire and spent two days calling a number that went to voicemail and did not answer messages. He resorted to tweets in the hospital several times just to get things going.

Finally, on Thursday, he had an appointment for Monday. And she was told that the results would not return until after 4-5 days. The visit will cost you $ 25, he said. Complicating things, he doesn’t have a car and has to borrow it from a friend.

“Here we have a lot of older, low-income people who don’t have Internet access and who don’t have access to transportation. And since they’re the highest risk population, how are we testing for them?” She asked.

In urban areas such as New York and Philadelphia, some sites offer “walk-up” dating for people without cars.

At the Penn Medicine test site in West Philadelphia, two security agents were late on Thursday to make sure that people arriving by car or on foot had an appointment. For about 40 minutes that evening, the line of cars never grew to more than six or seven. But Patricia Sullivan, Penn Medicine’s quality manager, said every morning last week, 25-35 cars were lined up and six or seven standing patients were 6 feet apart on a porch waiting to be seen.

The 20 sites in Greater Philadelphia are testing around 1,000 people a day, but that hasn’t eliminated pent-up demand.

Rosanne Tanner’s 79-year-old mother has been suffering from fever and chest pain since returning from a visit to Tanner’s brother and wife, who had recently been on a cruise ship.

His doctor ordered a test on Tuesday, but when he tried to make an appointment at a drive-through site in a hospital outside of Philadelphia, he was told that “they are overloaded, they are bogged down,” Tanner said.

Medical staff told her that they are scheduling 15 minutes apart, so there are no bottlenecks on the test site.

Finally on Thursday his mother made sure of an appointment for the following Tuesday. Then, he will have to wait another five days for a result.

“The delay in these tests is putting people at risk,” said Tanner.

In Rhode Island, state officials said they are testing 100 to 200 people per day at all test sites, including three drive thrusters.

Governor Gina Raimondo said they want to perform 500 to 600 a day, but they don’t have the supplies they need.

“It is our top priority to reach a place where everyone who needs it can be tested and you will get results very quickly,” said Raimondo during a press conference held on Facebook Live on Friday on Friday. “So if you’re positive, we can quarantine you.”


Associate press writers Michelle L. Price in Las Vegas, Lynne Sladky in Homestead, Florida, Claudia Lauer in Philadelphia, Chris Ehrmann in Hartford, Connecticut, Brady McCombs in Salt Lake City and Jonathan Drew in Raleigh, North Carolina and Anne D ‘Innocenzio and Mike Sisak in New York contributed to this report.


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Fairfax County man dies from Coronavirus – NBC4 Washington

In Fairfax County, Virginia, a sixty-year-old man is the third person to die in the state from the coronavirus novel.

The patient acquired COVID-19 through contact with a previously reported case, Fairfax County Health Department said in a statement. His cause of death was respiratory failure due to the disease.

Two other men died on the Virginia Peninsula.

“We are saddened by the first confirmed death of a Fairfax county resident from COVID-19. Our hearts go to your loved ones, “said Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu, director of health at the Fairfax County Health Department.” The health of our residents is our top priority and we ask everyone to do the own part to slow down the spread of the virus in our community: practice social estrangement, wash your hands and cover coughs and sneezes “.

On Saturday night, there were 152 cases in Virginia and 22 of them were in Fairfax county.

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Virginia lifts ban on swearing and having sex without being married | Global World Blog

Saying a bad word in public in the State of Virginia (USA) has so far been fined $ 250 (223 euros), at least on paper. This is established by legislation dating from 1792 that penalizes “profane profanity” that is pronounced in public in the territory. The state governor, Ralph Northam, signed on March 6 the repeal of a law that most congressmen considered outdated.

It is not the only legislation that has been abolished in recent months. The same fine of 250 euros could be imposed on people who had sexual relations outside of marriage, a restriction that, although it was not put into practice, was still in the Virginia legal system and that which the Supreme Court of the State had considered unconstitutional in 2005.

“No one should think that he can be prosecuted for such common practice,” said Congressman Mark Levine, who put forward the proposal to repeal a rule he called “Victorian.” Levine added that although no one is convicted of fornication, the crime could be added to other crimes in force, such as public exhibitionism. “That the crime that has occurred is imputed, and that it is not accumulated with others that should not be,” said the congressman, according to the website of the NBC network, and that he had already submitted the repeal proposal on two previous occasions, without success.

JoAnne Sweeny, a law professor at the University of Louisville, has detailed that anti-fornication laws date back to the time when the East Coast was still a British colony and that they were still applied in the 1960s, although they declined two decades later. Nonetheless, There has been no unanimity to withdraw the law in the Virginia Legislature: Seven Republican congressmen voted no, and one Democrat abstained.

Legislation penalizing profanity in public is also abolished, albeit with less consensus: 76 congressmen voted to repeal it compared to 24 who chose to keep it despite the fact that it had already been declared unconstitutional.


Coronavirus Australia live updates: NRL 2020; AFL 2020; Covid-19 news, restrictions, round 1, round 2, Scott Morrison

Fans must be stuck for at least six months since Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced severe new restrictions to combat the growing coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Morrison said that all non-essential internal meetings of at least 100 people will be banned in Australia.

Morrison said it is now up to the NRL and AFL to decide whether the comeptition would go ahead under the restrictions, which should be in place for “at least six months.”

“Whether it’s the AFL, the NRL or any other, it’s a decision they have to make in accordance with the established rules,” he said.

Turn 2

“No gatherings of over 500. No internal gatherings of 100 or more – and there will be others. So they have to make their own decisions on how to handle it.

“We will focus on our responsibilities as prime ministers, prime ministers and prime ministers. And the CEOs of AFL and NRL can make decisions about what’s best for their game.

“But they obviously have to comply with all established health rules and guidelines.”

Outdoor gatherings of 500 or more people have been banned over the weekend as the federal government tries to curb the spread of the disease.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was up to the NRL and AFL to decide whether to continue with their seasons.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was up to the NRL and AFL to decide whether to continue with their seasons.Source: AAP


AFL LIVE: PM says onus on AFL to make calls on RD 1

LIVE NRL: the small town that could save the NRL

The Prime Minister’s comments would appear to mean that blockades of the NRL and AFL crowds will remain the norm, while the new ban on over 100 indoor matches could throw clubs, pubs and sports facilities into disarray.

The NRL and AFL were forced to respond to Morrison’s comments last Friday when he prefigured indefinite restrictions on non-essential meetings of 500 or more people.

Both leagues announced that all matches for the foreseeable future would be played in empty stadiums. Indeed, this week’s AFL opener between Richmond and Carlton will be forced to block up to 100,000 fans for the annual MCG blockbuster.

While the main Australian football codes remain open, administrators have faced a number of challenges and the situation changes hour by hour.

The NRL is considering a number of options after a biosafety expert has recommended players and teams to isolate themselves as much as possible, while the Warriors are in limbo as they face the prospect of staying indefinitely on Australian soil.

A small town in Queensland has emerged as a potential savior for the NRL if further restrictions restrict player movements.

The central city of Calliope, Queensland, has taken a step at the NRL to host all 16 clubs if they decide to move the competition north. And the NRL is seriously considering it.

AFL is ready to make a call on whether to play or delay Round 1 by the end of Wednesday. Paul Marsh, CEO of the AFL Players Association, said that the union is pushing AFL to reconsider its decision to reduce the season to 17 weeks, compared to 22.

Perceiving part of the motivation of the players behind the push was to make sure they didn’t lose 20% of their wages, Bulldogs legend Bob Murphy said it was a worrying sign.

“I am baffled by this. Staggered. It completely disagrees with the way the rest of the world is trending,” Murphy told Bob and Andy of SEN.

Meanwhile, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has revealed that he has recently been tested for coronavirus and received a negative reading.

McGuire revealed Wednesday morning that he had been tested as a precaution last week after being exposed to many people through his footy and media roles.


2nd Man dies of Coronavirus in Virginia – NBC4 Washington

A second Virginia man in his 70s died of the coronavirus novel in the state peninsula region, health officials said Monday.

The man got the virus through an unknown source and died of respiratory failure following COVID-19, said the Virginia Department of Health.

On Saturday, another 70-year-old Virginia man hospitalized for COVID-19 died on the occasion of the first coronavirus-related state death.

Respiratory failure following COVID-19 was also the cause of human death.

The peninsula covers Williamsburg, Newport News, Poquoson, James City County and York County in southeastern Virginia.

The man lived in James City county, where there was “limited” community spread, county officials said on Saturday.

“Pam and I were deeply saddened to learn that a Virginian died of COVID-19, and we are saddened by everyone that this virus has touched the world,” Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said in a statement.

“On behalf of the entire Commonwealth, we express our deepest sympathy for the family and loved ones of the patient who died, as well as the families of all those affected by this outbreak,” State Health Commissioner M Norman Oliver, MD, MA, said in a statement.

Virginia health officials reported Saturday that 41 people in the state tested positive for coronavirus.

“This is a public health crisis – we must all treat it as such,” Northam said. “Again, I urge the Virginians: take this seriously. Take basic health precautions, avoid large-scale meetings, telework if possible, and stay home if you are sick. This will prevent the spread of the virus.”

On Sunday, Northam banned all public gatherings of over 100 people across the state and ordered a two-week shutdown of municipal offices in the peninsula region.

Stay with News4 and NBCWashington.com for updates on this developing story.


Scott Pendlebury test results, first round

AFL should decide today whether its season will start in time with Thursday’s Richmond and Carlton game at MCG.

Here are the latest news as the coronavirus epidemic continues to upset the footy world:


Ranked panelist Footy Caroline Wilson slammed Australian President Peter V’landys of the Rugby League Commission after his failed grab for his shit code in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Vlandys has filed a passionate request to the federal government for funding as the NRL addresses the financial pain caused by the games in empty stadiums and a potential suspension of its season.

“Our money will last so long and once it is extinguished we are in big trouble,” said V’landys.

“An Australia without a rugby league is not Australia. The government must help us in this crisis because it is not on our initiative. “

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded by saying that the NRL was not high on the list of priorities for public funds, but Wilson went even harder on Monday night.

“Peter, it was scary in its absolute worst,” said Wilson. “I know that NRL clubs don’t have the associative support that AFL has, but that wasn’t an excuse.

“At a time when people get sick, potentially die, companies go into crisis and people lose their jobs, to open the conversation asking for public money has shown a lack of grace.

“Your behavior reminded me of those selfish panic merchants who stripped the shelves of supermarkets and highlighted Australia’s worst response to this terrible plague.”

“He opened the conversation by asking for public money at a time when … Australians are terrified of the financial results that will occur on them,” he added. “It made Gillon McLachlan (CEO of AFL) look like an impressive leader.”


Scott Pendlebury is one of four Collingwood players experiencing flu-like symptoms as AFL faces the oncoming coronavirus crisis. Captain Magpies has been tested for COVID-19 with expected results for Tuesday.

Any AFL player who tests positive for coronavirus will force the competition to close for at least 14 days, possibly longer, meaning that plans to play this weekend could be immediately shelved today.

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley said he expects more players to be tested for the coronavirus soon.

“(Pendlebury) is one of three or four of our boys who have had cold symptoms and who have had a checkup,” said Nine’s Footy Classified.

“I would say it would be a coherent scenario among the 18 clubs.

“In practice Pendles had a little runny nose and was diligent in presenting it to the doctor and there was enough to justify the exam.

“While the focus is on a player at the moment, I have little doubt that there are other people in football programs who are in the same situation.”


AFL players will be forced to cut wages as the whole sector prepares to “tighten their seat belts”.

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan said all sectors of the league will suffer financially from COVID-19. Reportedly, players will be asked to take cuts of up to 20% during a short season.

“Obviously we had those discussions with the PA (AFL players association) to say there will be a lot of pain to be felt across the industry,” said McLachlan.

“Everyone will have to tighten their belts. They are the clubs, they are the AFLs and of course they include the players. “

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley said he would be happy to give up part of his salary for the sake of the AFL.

“We should find a fairly consistent skim … any percentage from the top that helps fill the hole,” Buckley told Nine’s Footy Classified.


AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan announced on Monday that the 2020 tournament would be cut from 23 to 17 rounds.

Richmond and Carlton are expected to open the season behind closed doors at MCG on Thursday night, but this remains in limbo.

McLachlan said that if a player tests positive for coronavirus, the AFL will completely shut down for at least 14 days, probably longer.

State leagues, including VFL, SANFL, WAFL, NEAFL and TSL, as well as associated women’s competitions, have been postponed to at least May 31st.

AFLW has two rounds to go before the final and the future of its season should be decided on Tuesday.

All 18 teams will play once in the program affected by the coronavirus, with the first four game rounds to be run as scheduled, before a new draw is created for the rest of the competition.