this is how it will go

Standard – FC Bala Town, Thursday, having been decreed behind closed doors, Liège supporters will be able to make their comeback in Sclessin on Sunday (4 p.m.) against Kortrijk. But they will not be 10,000, as was envisaged in the agreement concluded at the end of August between Willy Demeyer, the mayor of Liège, and Bruno Venanzi, the president of Standard. The plan was a little too ambitious and was revised downwards, on the basis, as desired by the competent minister, of bubbles of 400 people per (sub) event. As a result, 7,500 fans will take their seats in the stands of the Maurice Dufrasne stadium, including in the two blocks usually reserved for visiting supporters (who will not be there). This means, on the basis of the 22,000 subscriptions passed, that a subscriber will be able to attend one in three matches. Or a little more if the Ultras and the PHK maintain their refusal to go to the stadium in the name of the principle of “everyone or nobody”.

In the meantime, in consultation with the Rouches Family, a procedure has been organized, which those who wish to attend Standard-Kortrijk will have to follow to the letter (see on What to remember? That each subscriber benefit from a priority period, from this Tuesday 8 p.m. to Thursday 8 p.m., in order to reserve his seats. Clearly, the principle of first registered, first served will prevail, knowing that during Zulte Waregem’s visit the following week, priority will be given to those who could not attend Standard-Kortrijk. Even if the figures will be reassessed according to the evolution of the health situation.


how to spot a simple cold from the Covid?

A runny nose, a little fever, and it’s a whole process that gets carried away. We worry. Currently, there are many testimonies from parents forced to pick up their child from school for a simple cold and doctors, consulted to establish non-covid certificates, are overwhelmed.

> Similar symptoms

In fact, what is it? At the very least, the symptoms are not easy to distinguish. “
This is precisely the problem with the coronavirus, its symptoms are very similar to those of the flu: a runny nose, sore throat, body aches, fever. Sometimes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting too. But nothing that really distinguishes it from other viruses
», Confirms Stéphane Moniotte, head of the Pediatrics department of the Saint-Luc University Clinics to the newspaper The evening. Some professionals put forward the loss of taste and smell to spot the coronavirus. Except that in some cases of colds or flu, these are also symptoms that can appear.

> An order in the appearance of symptoms

American researchers have established an order in which symptoms of Covid-19 are more likely to appear. ” We hypothesize that the order of symptom onset could help patients and healthcare professionals more quickly diagnose and distinguish Covid-19 from other respiratory illnesses “, They indicated, in the scientific journal Frontiers in Public Health.

And according to them, in the order of symptoms related to Covid-19, fever appears first, then comes cough, muscle pain, nausea and diarrhea. Which is slightly different from the flu or cold, where the fever comes after a cough, muscle aches, and headaches and / or throats.

> Wait three days

Fever is also not a marker to differentiate Covid-19 from the common cold. ” The nasopharyngitis gives fever, in general it resolves very quickly, in 48 hours. While for covid-19, we see everything », Warns Anne-Claude Crémieux, professor of infectious diseases at Saint-Louis hospital in Paris and member of the National Academy of Medicine, questioned by the site Doctissimo.

The best is not to panic and wait. On Twitter, a doctor advises to wait three days if there is a fever.

A number of days that land website of the French Association of Outpatient Pediatrics for parents confirms.

> How to avoid the common cold?

To avoid catching a cold: the first advice to follow is to cover yourself up and make sure that you never get cold on your feet, your head, your neck, or your back. It is also generally recommended to play sports, and eat well.

> Take a first test online

As a reminder, the site, referenced by the Ministry of Health, allows those who think they are infected to take an anonymous and free “test”: 24 questions on their symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties, muscle aches, etc.) but also on their medical history, their age.


Coronavirus: Usain Bolt is positive for Covid – Sport

Usain Bolt tested positive for the coronavirus. With a video on Twitter and Instagram, the fastest man of all time announced that he was positive in the Covid-19 test. From his bed, in isolation, the world record holder of 100 and 200 meters wanted to make a comment confirming the news that had been anticipated by the Jamaican press. Last Friday, Bolt turned 34 and it cannot be excluded that the infection may have arrived at his birthday party: a party with many illustrious guests, some belonging to the world of sports such as compatriot Leon Bailey, 23-year-old forward of Bayer Leverkusen, and Raheem Sterling of Manchester City.