Protective clothing business: “Everyone tries to enrich themselves”

In the wake of the Corona crisis, companies apparently increasingly trying to take advantage of hospitals’ need to get protective clothing. WDR, NDR and SZ show how, above all, respirators are trying to do business. By Lena Kampf, Markus Grill, Arnd Henze, Georg Wellmann, Florian Flade and Christian Baars (NDR / WDR) There is chaos […]

Fighting Corona in Europe: how long are the restrictions valid?

Staying at home, borders tight, the economy in lockdown – due to the corona pandemic, almost all European countries have shut down their public lives. How long are the restrictions – an overview. Suffers in Europe Italy especially under the corona pandemic. The exit restrictions came into effect on March 10 and will initially apply […]

At the request of the party leadership: AfD “wing” dissolves

The “wing” within the AfD, which is classified as right-wing extremist, has decided to disband itself. The group explained in a message. The party executive had previously requested the move. The group wants to dissolve the leadership of the “wing” classified as right-wing extremist in the AfD. “With a heavy heart, we decided today that […]

How Berlin prepares curfews because of Corona – B.Z. Berlin

Does the capital stumble upon the curfew? Berlin’s Senate is still arguing, the left is braking – but according to B.Z. information, supermarkets AND authorities are already messing with their heads. They are preparing for a curfew. The Job Center Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg announces in a letter: In the next few days, all employees will receive a […]

Corona virus: curfews in several US states

The corona virus is also spreading in the United States. Several states impose curfews. A Trump Vice Pence employee is infected. And the citizens stock up on weapons and ammunition. The spread of the corona virus not only unsettles many people – in the United States, the crisis also leads to a rush for weapons […]

Corona virus: Strike against “irresponsible behavior by company management” at companies in Linz Online since today, 09:51 Linz. In Linz-Bindermichl-Keferfeld, shift workers struck Wednesday morning for around two hours in front of the company premises against what they considered to be “irresponsible behavior by the company management”. Despite the ban on meetings, the company’s employees protested in front of the company premises against the actions of their […]