Jor-Joran Spends Money Even though Many of the People Live in Poor, Timor Leste is Predicted to Bankrupt in 2027, The Country Is Called Dependent on Brittle Roots

Sosok.ID – Timor Leste was seen as one of the most favorable prospects for a developing country.

It has abundant natural resources, a comprehensive legal framework governing their extraction and oil funds.

But launch Forbes, the country predicted it would broke in 2027, according to research Think Thank by Dili activist La’o Hamutuk.

Known, Ministry Finance Government Timor Leste always optimistic about forecasting funds finance and their fortune could be extended to 2032.

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However, in reality there was confusion from the high level ministers.

This point is highlighted by East Timor graduate student at the Crawford Australian School of Public Policy Guteriano Neves in his essay Are We The Victims Of Our Own Fantasies?

As a whole the country has a very worrying future.

Financial sources that are considered to be not strong, and are said to depend on fragile roots.

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Why was the Neymar-Nike relationship broken? | More Content

Neymar is no longer part of the famous Nike team. The American brand confirmed the end of the relationship after 15 years of association. What boots will the Brazilian star wear this year? Why is this divorce occurring?

(Lea: The economic blow that Barça receives with the departure of Messi)

Chasing the mastodons Nike and Adidas, the German Puma could have achieved a great blow by attracting the Paris Saint-Germain striker, if what the Brazilian press publishes is confirmed.

(Lea: How much is the signing of Messi worth?)


“We will never know precisely the underlying reasons for the rupture,” says Christophe Lepetit, an economist at the Center for Law and Economics of Limoges (CDES), in France. “Without a doubt during the negotiations it seemed that Nike was not prepared to make the efforts demanded by Neymar,” he adds.

(Lea: Does the departure of Messi benefit or harm Barça economically?)

The context of the covid-19 pandemic, in which companies, even the most successful, are monitoring their investments, has been able to play an important role. “Nike’s share of the market dedicated to football equipment has been slowly declining in the last three to four years, before the coronavirus crisis. Nike must curb spending and exercise caution,” says Peter Rohlmann, German sports marketing expert. .

Without a doubt, the situation must be analyzed through the history of Neymar, who left Barcelona because he was in the shadow of Lionel Messi. If the contract is confirmed, Puma “should make him the cornerstone of their strategy, the star,” says Lepetit.


Puma counts among its main assets the Italian national team, Manchester City, Milan or Antoine Griezmann, after having counted on the legend Diego Maradona.

But at € 5.5 billion ($ 6.5 billion), the brand lags behind rivals Nike ($ 46.3 billion) and Adidas ($ 23.7 billion). Until now, with the exception of Usain Bolt, Puma did not have the same strategy as Nike, based on the “incarnation and identification of the athlete,” says Jerome Neveu, co-founder president of the Advent agency, which measures and analyzes the image of personalities.

Since the retirement of the athletic legend, the German firm had been orphaned of a planetary ambassador. The perfect place that Neymar would occupy. “Puma would be gifted a headlining hit that would blow up the counters in the
world, “says Neveu.

“It is the same type of transfer as Federer or Jordan. We are in a market of superstars, the supply is very scarce and few players have such marketing potential,” says Lepetit.

“It would be a huge blow for Puma”, underlines Virgile Caillet, general secretary of the Union Sport et Cycles, “it would make him change his dimension”. “It marks her willingness to be very present. And this movement would install her in the trio for a long time,” explains Caillet. “Her contract can be estimated at 9.5 million dollars (per year)”, Peter Rohlmann ventures to calculate.

It would be twice less than what Cristiano Ronaldo charges with Nike, according to the Football Leaks investigation.


For PSG, finalist of the last Champions League, the divorce of its star with Nike, official sponsor of the club, the situation is complicated. “It’s clearly not good news for them,” says Caillet. Obviously, Neymar is not the only player to have a contract with a brand other than his club. As an example, Lionel Messi, the image of Adidas, unlike Barcelona, ​​with Nike.



Party in Chapelco: Justice will investigate the skiers who broke the quarantine

From the ministry they reported that eight people have already been identified through the video broadcast in which the breach of the sanitary protocol regarding the use of face masks and the maintenance of social distance is repaired. Those involved may be fined with prison from six months to two years.

The disposition was dictated by the chief prosecutor Fernando Rubio this Thursday as a result of the meeting that hundreds of people kept violating the isolation in a ski resort.

In addition, the provincial Ministry of Tourism he closed down the gastronomic establishment and fined him 200,000 pesos for not respecting current regulations.

In this way, the local “Torino Bar Bistro”, located in the Cerro Chapelco Ski Resort, in San Martín de los Andes, was closed for “non-compliance with the corresponding protocols and the sanitary measures dictated by the national and provincial governments before the health emergency declared by Covid-19 ”.

“Did you realize that in Europe and in San Martín de los Andes there is no longer a quarantine?“Says a man in the video that went viral on social networks.

“There is no quarantine here. There is no coronavirus “he adds.

For his part, the Minister of Tourism, Marisa Focarazzo, He assured this Friday that “there was irresponsibility of the people who have been at that time, at the end of the day at the ski center, for which we are working with the municipal government and the prosecution, establishing the responsibilities.”

“We have already disabled the gastronomic establishment. They will have to comply with the sanction that is established in decree 478, in which there is a fine of more than 200,000 pesos and the people who were graciously raising the issue of non-compliance with national and provincial decrees will be identified “, said.


How to get a discount when making car insurance

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules and was not involved in an accident, you can count on preferential terms.

Photo: the insurance policy, source:

The introduction in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, which significantly impact on people’s lives, has led to a drop in demand for new and used vehicles. In turn, this phenomenon has led to lower demand for CTP policies and hull, which in the foreseeable future, may decrease the cost of the insurance certificate for motorists, annually insuring their vehicles.

Experts portal Naavtotrasse told how to get a discount when applying for insurance on the car. According to analysts, in case of extension of validity of the insurance policy motorist benefits in the amount of from 5 to 15% of the cost of the hull. The discount is provided only for those drivers that do not violate the regime of isolation and did not commit an accident in this period of time. Such measures will allow insurance companies to retain customer loyalty.

As noted by the experts Naavttotrasse, other countries invented different approach to addressing this question. Foreign authorities suggested motorists to get the money back that they spent on the issue of insurance. But the representatives of the Central Bank emphasize that the Russians can not wait for such benefits, as the country does not exist the necessary conditions, so motorists will have to settle for the discounts offered by insurance companies.

Photo: Hyundai, source: Hyundai

The police said that in the first days of the regime of self-isolation decreased significantly the number of accidents, but after the lifting of restrictive measures the drivers again began to violate traffic rules. This in turn can cause failure to discount the issue of insurance to individuals who are guilty of committing a traffic accident or other traffic violations.


Anastasia Volochkova made the twine from the hatch of the car (PHOTO) –

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Assumption collects stars to the salvation of Ephraim

News. Society

19:40, 14 June 2020


66-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya stood up for the 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident in Central Moscow.

The singer said that the actor “does not need punishment and treatment”, writes “cosmopolitan”.

Queen of chanson admitted that he cried after the video message of repentance of Ephraim. The assumption stated that he after the death of its artistic Director of theatre of Galina Volchek was in depression, and recently was sick.

“I was recently in the “contemporary” on his show — he alone pulled the whole show – told Love Zalmanovna. When Vysotsky was a birthday, we had a concert, he was then already sick. He sat there, not smiling. He then said, “I Have depression, because I have died, Galina Volchek”. Mikhail Olegovich — the person who now wants to switch places with the deceased. He did it in the heat of passion. I have no doubt that he lost consciousness. Two days before death he told me that he had a sore heart.”

The artist was outraged by the behavior of close relatives of Michael. According to the assumption, the wife was supposed to treat him.

“We have to understand that Yefremov does not need punishment and treatment, – said the singer. – Where were the people who feed, live by him?”.

The pop star said that she was shocked by the public outrage that caused the fatal accident involving the actor. The singer of the hit “Convertible” decided to create a petition in support of it.

“Today I will only stand by him, noted the assumption in an interview – Today I will gather all colleagues. Actors, musicians, folk artists: Vinokur, Leshchenko, Babkina. I gather all the people. We sign the papers with the request that we have lost such a great actor”.

Recall, 8 June, Mikhail Efremov sasatani intoxication caused a car accident in which killed people.


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