Migrants: 28 positive on the Moby Zaza – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – AGRIGENTO, 24 JUN – 28 migrants, saved in
international waters by the ship’s Sea Watch, and embarked on the
ship-quarantine Moby Zaza, which is in the harbour of Porto Empedocle
(Agrigento), that were positive to the Covid-19. The pads
rino-pharyngeal on 209 non-eu citizens present on the Moby Zaza
were made in the morning of yesterday. And in less than 24
hours arrived the outcome. Just yesterday evening he had been made known
that one of the migrants landed from the Sea Watch was
hospitalized to the infectious Diseases hospital “Sant’elia” of
Caltanissetta. Initially, it was a case of suspected tuberculosis.

Then the outcome of the swab he had done clarity.